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Friday, October 24, 2008

Excellent Indigo Link

I just came across this excellent resource for you Indigos out there. Happy hunting!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Indigo, the Vulture and the Skunk

An Indigo Kid is the new wave, genetically, of psychic, intelligence and spiritual advances happening to the human race. Visit my blog at blogspot.dollymae.com to learn much more. Oct 2008 articles will give you much, much more info and links.

The Indigo boy of my blog postings emailed me writing: "I was off-roading with my dads truck last night and I came across a dead vulture near the gates to this trail. I just found it bizzare that it was on the dirt trail in the middle of nowhere. Any suggestions of meanings( I left my books at home)."

Animal Totems
Every Animal represents a character or personality trait in the Native traditions. Learning about that aspect of character becomes a teaching for you and is called its 'medicine'. It doesn't matter how you come across the animal, it's the impact on you that counts. The animal thus becomes a Totem or metaphor for that trait and it teaches you about its medicine. If it impacts you several times, it is YOUR totem and is teaching you its specific medicine in this lifetime or at this stage in your life. That's why it has shown up for you.

Info Source: A favoite book is "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews. If you don't have a great book about totems, then go on line to http://www.sayahda.com/cycle.htm. It's alphabetized and very good.

The Vulture
The vulture is a member of the raptor family. They feed exclusively on carrion and perform a very useful function by disposing of potential sources of disease. The Pueblo Indians saw the vulture as a sign of purification and the Greeks considered it to be a symbol of transformation. As old decayed flesh was removed new life emerged. These amazing birds are vital for the health and well being of mankind and all other life forms.
Vultures trust in the creative force to provide for them is unshakable. This trust is one of the main teachings they offer those that hold this medicine.

Although the vulture is a somewhat homely bird in appearance they are magnificent in flight gliding through the heavens with a grace unsurpassed by most other birds. They know how to use what is available to them to the fullest extent and teach us how to be resourceful and innovative with what we have.

When this medicine is fully developed those with this totem can accomplish great things in life. Resourceful and patient they have the ability to stay focused on their goal despite influences that try to distract them.

Many people don't like vultures because of an impression that, since they feed off carrion, they must be unclean birds. The truth is that vultures are actually quite clean, and they perform the valuable service of eliminating the remains of decaying animals. This is one of the gifts the vulture holds for us, the cleaning up of messes. Many times we create physical and psychic messes that we don't want to deal with. The vulture can guide us to the efficient and joyful resolution of such problems.

If vulture has flown into your life you are being asked to remedy a messy situation and turn it into something positive. If however, messes seem somehow to always be around you, eventually you will end up with a reputation for attracting and creating problems. This can put you in a bad light, like the vulture. Learn from vultures example and clean up your act to avoid getting an unfavorable reputation.

Earlier this year when I was driving w/ this Indigo, we came across a dead skunk. Now that is really strange since we were in the middle of a giant US city. So I knew it was an important Totem.

The 2nd time it happened while with him, 6 months later, same huge city, I was blown away by its importance. So I began studying Skunk.

The following month, while in Colorado, two more dead skunks on the road and the aromatic proof of another one! So skunk medicine was for me too! Ok, here's what it means in a nutshell.

Skunk medicine has to do with reputation, as in the last word above about Vulture. It has to do with how you attract and how you repel others. You must learn to assert, without ego, what you are. Respect then follows. You have the ability to attract others and be charismatic. Just do it all without ego. Don't put on airs and dont' be phony. Be authentic and ego free. A great teaching to us all.

The Durango Skunk
In Durango, CO, I had an opportunity to see skunk medicine at work at its worst. One of the vendors at the expo was very know it all, officious, talked down to me, smart-ass. But he sold books and I desperately needed to look up Skunk Medicine in Ted Andrews' book. Attempting to shift his overbearing attitude, I asked him if he knew about Skunk. "It's my Totem" he said. Well, DUH! After I read the part in 'Animal Speak' on Skunk, I understood a lot more. He was using Skunk in its negative way, repelling others and being very ego oriented, letting you know he was much better in everything than you could possibly be. Quite a demonstration for me. A reminder to stay out of ego and how unattractive it is. I silently thanked him for the lesson and vowed to apply it to my daily life.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Indigo Kids link up

I just came across this great link up for Indigo kids. http://www.indigonetwork.org/MeetOthers.htm#USPacific

Good way to get in touch w/ others who have your talents, issues and questions.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Got back from Canada.. had wonderful time in Calgary. We ate at my favorite restaurant, The Sultan’s Tent, a Moroccan family owned Mid-Eastern gourmet place. They have a chicken ‘pie’ for an appetizer that I would fly there just to eat. My mouth is watering thinking of it! Spices and sweetmeats in a filo dough ‘shell’. Dinner with good friends from different parts of Canada made it like home. The dessert was homemade ice cream with mango puree over it.

My god that city is abundant! I had 2 or 3 clients quitting $90,000 a yr jobs to go on contract and make $180,000 yr!!! doing the same work! I love it! They are truly an abundant province and country. Alberta leads that nation’s economy.

Real estate sales and values are down there too... as much as here, slow slow slow sales. I had advised a client to sell their home immediately some months ago saying there was a small window of opportunity before they couldn't. I didn't know it was the whole real estate thing... this was way before the mortgage problems... but they didn't sell and now are stuck. But it does mean that the place they want to move will have lower prices too when they can finally sell and buy.

My friend, Val, lives in Atlanta but is here on a contract job for 3 months. She was called back to deal with issues in her previous job, caused by the sudden quitting of her replacement. She manifested well. She had just quit a hateful job in Atlanta. She was doing her manifestation work… focusing on what she really wanted, making a list, putting the energy out there. The very next day after quitting, voila!!.... the old job called and she jumped on a plane and came here. She was my best friend for a long time and I miss her. So it's really cool to have her back for a while.

Her Atlanta neighbor called telling her you can't get gas in Atlanta. Apparently the refinery that provides the gas to them was in Houston and it's down due to Ike, the hurricane. What a mess. I feel this kind of thing will go on sporadically world wide, but especially in the 'land of plenty', the US and probably England too... tho they have such good public transit. The lack will be in disrupted supply: food, money, loans, jobs, etc. Many areas MAY have lack and whether or not it affects YOU will be determined by your fear level... that alone... YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE. What you focus on you will get more of. So, hey, focus on abundance! Feel it, think of it, but mostly FEEEEEEL it! that's the real creative power.!! See http://www.dollymae.com/articles/17%20Seconds.html to learn how to create... for real!

Anyway it really is fascinating about how we will/are each creating our own realities. Val is here being very abundant. Her fear based friends and family in Atlanta, are in distress, creating chaos due to lack (of gas, etc.).

This is how the worlds shift to create Terra (the next dimensional place) and Earth (the old fear based reality). If you are not affected or much less affected, you've got more of your being in Terra. We are truly in the 'end times', that is, the time of the ending of being stuck in fears. There will be challenges, but the way we ride through them, IF they occur to us, determines our path. What we have been privileged to have been taught makes us teachers by example, thought, word and deed.

Isn't it exciting!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Recent Client in great Resistance

The lady came for just one question: She asked "What is blocking me? I was the highest ranking person in my industry. I was a successful, sought after speaker. I've written a book. I can't get it published. I've run out of money. My speaking engagements have all died out." She was intense. She sat back, separate and distant. She was a take charge person, a problem solver, an intelligent woman. So what was her problem?

She resisted hearing anything she didn't want to hear. She resisted that someone might have information for her. Yes, she came asking questions but her real agenda was to validate no one knew anything but her. She needed desperately to validate she was doing the right thing when all along she was going in the wrong direction but wouldn't listen to herself.

Many times I've come across people who are so committed to their own way of doing something even if they know it's not getting them where they want to go. They stand in their own way and they are not ready to hear about it. They are getting ready or they wouldn't have come. Sometimes we can get through. Sometimes we can't. When the time is right, she'll be able to see and hear the new truth. We needed lots more time, to sort of sneak up on the fish just under the surface, lazily swimming just out of reach. The answers are always there. It's just that sometimes the sun is at the wrong angle or we are creating a shadow ourselves and cannot see.

What goes on around you reflects you. If things aren't going per your bidding, you might want to look at what you are truly creating, what your focus is, where your intent is, where your resistance is.

Everyone is a mirror for me. So I must look at this situation and ask myself, "Where is my resistance? What in my life has results that are not what I'd prefer or planned?" By constantly checking within, we redirect ourselves back onto our highest path.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's Name per Nameology

Obama’s Name
I was lecturing on Nameology, see www.dollymae.com/Whatisnameology.html . Someone in the audience asked me to do a name reading on Obama and that became very interesting! In essence here it is.

Vowels on Both Ends
The vowels on both ends mean he is very open to feelings… he walks through the world with heart, not head.

The ‘A’ on the end of his name means he is empathic, he senses into other people’s feelings and wears his heart on his shoulder. In other words, he’s not your typical shut down, left brain sort of person.

The ‘O’ means family is important; not just personal family, but the extended family of friends, associates and neighbors. He will make community at a grand scale, connecting globally. People will feel included.

The ‘B’ means he is interested in connecting one on one with others. The ‘A’ in the center of the name means he has a healthy sense of himself, a good perspective. He relates to others easily and to work easily seeing who he is through those connections.

The ‘M’ is his nurturing self. He is not here to rescue or to simply be someone’s puppet… he is clear about who he is and who others are. Very interesting man. A rare one in having more vowels than consonants in his name; and those vowels well placed.

First Names not Last Names
Ordinarily I use first names, unless one is called by one’s last name as he is.

Durango Trip

Altitude and Durango
Just got back from Durango, CO. Gorgeous place near Four Corners in S Colorado. I learned altitude and I don't do well... 6,512 feet and the place I stayed was considerably higher. I had a problem breathing well and terrible headaches beginning shortly after arrival. I didn’t realize what was happening until next day when someone told me. You must drink loads of water (and take Excedrin!!). I kept thinking my back needed adjustment having been pulling luggage through airports all day. Silly me.

Pretty Little Town
The scenery was beautiful. Many buildings were turn of the century. The weather was stupendous: 78 daytime; 43 at night. Lovely for sleeping.

Poverty Consciousness
There is an amazing poverty consciousness in Durango. I find this especially weird in view of the fact that millionaires abound. There are many 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 million dollar homes for sale in the area and very few lower price homes. I often overheard “I can’t afford that.” In all my travels I have never heard it as much as in Durango.

Usually I take daily walks. Working all day, it had to be in late evening, but I couldn't walk at dark because of numerous black bears that roam the housing areas! If the altitude hadn’t gotten my breathing, the bears would have!

Ate excellent food at a great Nepal/ Himalayan restaurant. I had traditional Nepal yak stew... very good. Wonderful garlic and cilantro Naan (bread) too. The food and spices are similar to East Indian and the chef was excellent.

Walking the talk
Had nice time with my new friends there: the young lady who hosted me and her other house guests. They were conscious in their thoughts, actions, attitudes, conduct and conversation. Rare is the group of people like them who ‘walked their talk’; it was a delight to be around them.

Obama's Name
Read the next post about doing a Nameology reading on Obama's name while lecturing.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

17 Seconds to Create the Reality You Want!

(I wrote this as an article for an ezine. Thought it might be interesting in blogland. )

If you want Health, Love, Joy and abundance, here’s how. It’s really simple…. Really!

This is the next best thing to Instant Manifesting!!
It only takes 17 seconds to shift your Auric field. So why is that important you ask? Because your auric field is the electromagnetic YOU! You are energy in motion, appearing as solid. We already know as quantum physics teaches us that there is more ‘space’ inside us than solidity. We’re just vibrating in a way that we appear solid. That vibration energy is magnetic, just like any other magnet. The only difference is that instead of spoons and metal objects sticking to us, emotions stick to us. Those emotions are what magnetize situations, experiences and opportunities to us. Thus we magnetize whatever is in our auric field emotionally. Ok, in English, please!

The simple steps

1. What you think PLUS what you feel creates your aura.
Witness: pregnant women glow. Lovers exude love and joy.

2. What you think AND feel for more than 17 seconds shifts your aura.
Witness: Depression begets depression. Depressing thoughts of: events, emotional experiences like rejection, anger, low self worth and hate, and especially self loathing are a viscous cycle that begets more of same… Because we give such huge energy to feeling these self damaging feelings, guided by our thoughts… we wound ourselves over and over. We increase our depression. But we can change all this.

Likewise, Witness: Lovers and happy people create loving and happy situations, experiences and emotions that keep happiness and love in their field of experience… That is the energy they are vibrating.

Both instances are sort of unconscious… the mind running amok… unconcontrolled, unfocused.

3. What can you do about it?

Pay attention! The key is in simply being aware of what you are thinking and feeling. Paying attention is actually the first secret of manifesting… Just pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Now don’t drive yourself nuts about this… It will seem odd at first but train yourself to be aware of YOU.


Every 20 minutes, if you want to create real change… be aware of what you’re thinking and feeling. Decide if what you are thinking/ feeling is ok for you. If not, DO NOT JUDGE yourself for it.

Simply choose a new feeling you’d like to have.

My four personal choices are Love, Joy, Abundance and Health. So if you want to feel Health, think about when you’ve felt healthy. This is why we have a mind… to do our bidding. Not to go off willy-nilly creating and focusing on unhappy thoughts; but to respond to our real desires. So think of when you just jump-roped as a kid and it felt so good. Think of running a race and feeling your heart pump and the warmth as your blood pumped through your body. Think of doing that great walk through the primeval woods and the fresh air filling your lungs. Ok, enough thought… now, FEEEEEEEL it! This is the key… This is what causes the great Health feeling and thus makes it happen in your real world. Just think it and feel it. If you stay in that exhilarating healthy feeling for 17 seconds you shift your auric field.

The more you stay in that feeling, past the 17 seconds, (keep bring up more healthy thoughts to inspire you) the more your auric field will become magnetic to health. You will actually bring situations to you that will help create health. Don’t try to figure out what situations.. the universe will assist you because you are now in control… your will, your consciousness, your emotions are now in alignment and your order goes straight to the Universe… BRING HEALTH! Health is my choice… Health is my focus. Health is my desire. Bring it now!

Your joy, if you choose to accept this mission, is simply to feel and focus on health. The universe will do the rest. Remember your thoughts about illness, your health ‘issues’, and your fears all interfere with this focus. Just bring your focus back to healthy thoughts and feeling. Train your mind to shift per your bidding. You are in control, really.

The same is true with Love, Joy and Abundance. Use your mind to bring up memories, dreams, instances, possibilities of times you have, might or could feel these feelings. Imagine it, create it, play with the thoughts. Then FEEEEEEL them!

That’s the SECRET!
1.Pay attention.
2.Use thought to direct your choices into preferences.
3.FEEEEL them.

That’s all. That’s it. It’s not hard. It’s just a matter of exercise (I know, I don’t like that word either), perhaps discipline, maybe play, maybe self love. Whatever you need to do to trick your mind to get yourself magnetic and begin creating the world you really want.

This is the Law of Attraction. What we focus on we get more of. The choice is yours. The ability to focus is yours. You are a powerful being. Look around you and see what your life is like… you are creating it with an undisciplined mind. Take control… give that amazing mind a new direction and focus.

Your life will thank you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Layers of Effect

Several Layers
An aquaintance of mine had a near death experience. In it he was shown how his actions had affected others who in turn affected others. This effect was shown seven layers deep. Can you imagine! It really is just a play we are all in "strutting and fretting our hour upon the stage" as the old bard said.

A smile reverberates through the universe. So does hate. We really must remember we create the universe a drop at a time.

We Never Know

We never know how much we affect people. At a charming psychic fair at Ocean Shores recently my friend's 20 yr old daughter showed me a tatoo on the inside of her wrist. In beautiful flowing script it read "Choose Joy". How lovely I thought. We have the same focus. My first book was "Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis". I'm not a tatoo fan, but this was discreet and lovely. I was delighted. This young lady had thought enough of making happiness a permanent part of her life and most especially the conscious choosing of it and she had created a permanent reminder.

The next day I asked her Mom about it. "She got it from your book!" was her response. I was truly stunned. This young woman tatooed herself with an idea handed down from the master I studied with. Those concepts were "Choose Joy, Drink Water and Stay in the Now". And here it was on the inside of her wrist. Some things just blow you away.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crazy Business

In the course of a psychic expo, all sorts of people come for consultations. Some stand out.

The Client
One young woman seemed very fragile, emotionally brittle. In a consultation she asked about two men. It was apparant she was trying to decide which man to be with. One was her husband who wanted a divorce. The other a new lover. Her husband's business was bankrupt so in order to get money she'd begun selling hard drugs, meth, cocaine, ecstasy, and pills of all kinds. When he told her he was done with the marriage and was leaving, she attempted suicide by putting the drugs in a blender with some liquid and drinking it. She was rescued somehow, but did not tell me how... that was not the direction of the reading with her.

Help Without Rescuing
She needed help. Counseling. Housing. Stability. The real issue wasn't which man to be with. It was her need for being taken care of. The new man was a user of people and drugs, so that offered no stability. Counseling, welfare program, YMCA housing or something similar was her REAL need. So that is the direction we took.

The Challenge
So often people at a crisis point of their lives cannot think through to a clear path for themselves. They rush headlong into the arms of more chaos thinking it will rescue them. After getting upset with one of my responses to her she was going to leave but I engaged her further in conversation. At this point she was crying continually. She was very vulnerable and I simply wanted to be present for her. Someone willing to totally listen to her was more important than anything else. Full focused attention of really hearing her and being present for her let her experience her own self worth. Each of us is god within expressing and experiencing.

The Outcome
By the time she left she was calmer and understood that in spite of her nightmare, she was a worthy person with talents that could bring her stability. Her vulnerability could be used in her massage work to be so in touch with her clients it would alomost seem like magic that she would feel exactly where their bodies needed massage most. Her vulnerability could be seen as a gift, not a curse.

All emotion is simply energy-in-motion. It can be focused and applied to healing, loving, joy, clarity, abundance or any of a hundred positive outcomes. It does not have to be turned inward upon the person in a self destructive way.

The gift to herself
She left uplifted, seeing she had worth, possibilities, direction, options. That is the work we do. We are not here to save people or to fix them. They are not broken. I repeat. They are not broken. We must see each of them as a creator. They have created a reality that brings them to their present state. They can change that direction, because, deep within, they are still that creator... the god impulse within.

This is a crazy business, but I can't imagine doing any other kind of work.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

25 Indigo Characteristics

Here's a link from a lady, Reverend Annie, who lists the characteristics of Indigos.
http://www.reverendannie.net/crystal_and_indigo_children_and_adults Here's what she says:
::::::Indigo Adult Characteristics:::::::

-Are intelligent, though may not have had top grades.
-Are very creative and enjoy making things.
-Always need to know WHY, especially why they are being asked to do something.
-Had disgust and perhaps loathing for much of the required and repetitious work in school.
-Were rebellious in school in that they refused to do homework and rejected authority of teachers, OR seriously wanted to rebel, but didn't DARE, usually due to parental pressure.
-May have experienced early existential depression and feelings of helplessness. These may have ranged from sadness to utter despair. Suicidal feelings while still in high school or younger are not uncommon in the Indigo Adult.
-Have difficulty in service-oriented jobs. Indigos resist authority and caste system of employment.
-Prefer leadership positions or working alone to team positions.
-Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity.
-May be extremely emotionally sensitive including crying at the drop of a hat (no shielding) Or may be the opposite and show no expression of emotion (full shielding).
-May have trouble with RAGE.
-Have trouble with systems they consider broken or ineffective, ie. political, educational, medical, and legal.
-Alienation from or anger with politics - feeling your voice won't count and/or that the outcome really doesn't mattter.
-Frustration with or rejection of the traditional American dream - 9-5 career, marriage, 2.5 children, house with white picket fence, etc.
-Anger at rights being taken away, fear and/or fury at "Big Brother watching you."
-Have a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world. May be stymied what to do. May have trouble identifying their path.
-Have psychic or spiritual interest appear fairly young - in or before teen years.
-Had few if any Indigo role models. Having had some doesn't mean you're not an indigo, though.
-Have strong intuition.
-Random behavior pattern or mind style - (symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder). May have trouble focusing on assigned tasks, may jump around in conversations.
-Have had psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghosts, out of body experiences, hearing voices.
-May be electrically sensitive such as watches not working and street lights going out as you move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning and lights blowing out.
-May have awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities.
-Sexually are very expressive and inventive OR may reject sexuality in boredom or with intention of achieving higher spiritual connection. May explore alternative types of sexuality.
-Seek meaning to their life and understanding about the world May seek this through religion or spirituality, spiritual groups and books, self-help groups and books.
-When they find balance they may become very strong, healthy, happy individuals.

!!!Please note, anyone could have a few of these traits, but Indigo Adults have most or all of these 25 characteristics.

11 yr old Indigo in Action

This is one of the 'new' kids. See this Indigo in action at age 11. Totally amazing. He's now almost 18.


For more info here's his website http://www.declangalbraith.de

Saturday, July 26, 2008

At Last, PROOF!!!! That We Create Our Own Feelings

We hear it said constantly that we are responsible for our own feelings, but our environment teaches us differently. We hear phrases all the time like “She makes me so mad….”, or “My boss makes me feel so stupid.” or “That movie made me so unhappy.” These things are triggers with NO power but what WE give them.

Let’s say you come to me for a consultation. While we are sitting across from each other at my table, you get kicked on the shins. Your reactions are “Ow!”, “Why did you do that to me?” “What’s wrong with me?” “I’m angry!” All these thoughts and feelings are nanosecond fast. All of them are valid by virtue of the fact that you felt them. Then when you look under the table, you see my Great Dane puppy asleep and kicking in his dreams. You realize it was all an accident. Unintentional.

Magically, there is no more shin pain, no more anger. Where did it go? Why was it there?

It's your journey
You reacted to triggers. You took an emotional ride that matched your self worth issues, or rather, your lack of self worth. Feeling lack in your self-worth, you took a journey aligning with that internal program.

Triggers exist everywhere. They are really all there for us to see and then work on our own issues. They are gifts to us. It is always a choice as to how we use those gifts.

You have green hair!
In another example, if I told you you have the ugliest green hair I’ve ever seen, you wouldn’t react because you know you don’t have green hair. There was no self worth target. The trigger hit nothing. You might think I was nuts, but your self worth wouldn’t be engaged. With the dog example, your lack of self worth programming was the target and the trigger hit it.

You are the source
In all of this you have been the source and author of all your own feelings. So next time you react to something, look to yourself. Look inside. What is unloved within that connected with a trigger. Then just love it. That's the answer to everything. Just love the anger, the lack of hope, the victim feeling, the hate, the fear, the depression.

Love changes everything. It's an option.

You are loveable just like you are. Don't change a thing. Just love yourself.

A simple little shift

The secrets to choosing joy are simple and easy to do. Because we get stuck in a rut, it seems to take great effort to move out of stuckness, even though we are desperate to find happiness. It can be done in a simple little shift.
Happiness is an inside job. It comes from within.

Moving from the unbearable place of stuckness is easier than you would think. It's just a tiny little shift. When you are in the middle of a non loving emotion: anger, fear, hate, resentment, frustration, depression or sorrow, first remember you have a choice. Knowing you have a choice, what can you do?

Begin appreciating anything! Anything!

That's the secret! Begin appreciating anything! It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be the fact that it’s not raining or that you have comfortable shoes on. It could be that the vehicle you are in has a working heater, that your coat is warming you, or that you have a cup of tea to drink.

One thought of appreciation attracts another and that slim lifeline of the first appreciation thought becomes a firm and solid handhold shifting your perspective and depression’s hold on you. You didn’t move physically, yet you are shifted totally.

You stood in a place of anger or frustration and now you stand in a place of gratitude. Everything in your perspective changes because you have changed from within. It’s a little thing, but use it next time you’re in a long line at the checkout. It works anywhere, anytime.

You have the power within to create great change in your world with a simple little shift. Make joy an option.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Who would we be without our memories?

Did you know that memory is due to the earth's magnetics? It actually holds our memory function in place.

Did you know that the earth's magnetics is decreasing, drastically? It's true. Look it up on the web. As it decreases we have more and more difficulty speaking without losing our train of thought or not being able to find a common word like 'house'. We can see the house in our minds, but the word just won't form.

We have attributed such experiences to dementia or altzheimers. It's similar, but each has different triggers. We are learning how to communicate in a new way called telepathy. Actually it's the old way, before language and the written word. We've just forgotten how to do it from lack of use over hundreds of generations, but the ability is still available in our bodies.

We say things like "If you could just see the picture in my head you'd know what I mean". And truly we begin to project the image. If there is a good energetic connection between the speakers, the image will very likely be transmitted and the receiver will say "Yeah, I see the building, it feels like a house."

We are learning to be more than we are. We are learning how to navigate in the next dimension, which is already here. This is what it is like. We can either go forth in frustration because we are trying to hang on to the way it was or we can relax and let it happen. We are being given the opportunity to learn a new way. Laugh at yourself. It's happening everywhere.

Who are we if we don't remember?

I once asked my Mom who she was if she couldn't answer "Mother" or "Wife". After a moment's pause, she said "Nothing, I'm a nothing." Wow, lets talk depression and lack of self worth!

We've determined who we are based on two things: What we do and who we are connected to. But these are very misleading. We are much more. If you aren't defined by your job or your relationships, who and what are you? You are still here. You still function. You still have purpose. What can it be?

It is a bit different for each of us, but it is related to our life's purpose; the reason we came here, to this planet, in a human body.

Give it some thought. You'll be surprised at how amazing you really are and it has absolutely nothing to do with your job, your status, your friends or family. They are just the means we use to accomplish our life's real purpose.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Indigo Dealing With Crisis

As bankruptcy looms, this Indigo child, 24 yr old man, faces the collapse of all his upstanding principles. He will have to think differently henceforth, a daunting perspective. The Osho Zen Tarot deck has some stunning insights. I came accros one that seemed appropos. I quote:

You are not accidental. Existence needs you. Without you something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it. That's what gives you dignity, that the whole existence will miss you. The stars and sun and moon, the trees and birds and earth - everything in the universe will feel a small place is vacant which cannot be filled by anybody except you.

This gives you a tremendous joy, a fulfillment that you are related to existence, and existence cares for you. Once you are clean and clear, you can see tremendous love falling on you from all dimensions.
Osho God is Dead: Now Zen is the Only Living Truth Chapter 1

I am going through some tough times, which I really don't want to be going through. I think my family still thinks I might be a little crazy because my brother called with some fancy labels for me and why I should go see a psychologist, I think they are concerned about the whole spiritual thing. I know by the Law of Attraction I must have attracted all these wrong things that are happening to me, yet by knowing that I feel even more worse because I don't understand why I have attracted all this to me. I really went through allot of hardships the last year, I thought after getting out of the hospital everything would be getting much better. I had a goal from a young age to be a self made millionaire by age 25, well my 25th birthday is July 1st and it looks like I will be celebrating my first bankruptcy. When it comes to business I am trying to get deals done, yet they all seem to be falling apart. I feel myself slipping back into a depression and I don't want to go there again. I want things to be better, I am just tired of my current situations.

We've all been in that place of depression. That's because we're focused on the negative causes and thoughts that accompany depression. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Take charge of your thinking and choose to think about something happy. Negative thinking gets you more depressed... it doesn't help. Positive thinking lets your mind breathe. You wouldn't make a 5 yr old stay in the punishment of constant negative thinking... low self worth, bad me, I'm wrong, I screwed up, I need to be punished. So don't do it to yourself!

Congratulations!!!! Your first bankruptcy. Now you are a man!!!

The only thing that is certain is change.... this means your stuck place right now will get unstuck. The depression will change into something else. You have no idea YET how freeing bankruptcy is. I know. we were both raised to honor our debts, etc, etc. Well... things change. Thank god/goddess. I feel if life had gone in the direction I was headed, I'd have missed the best parts....

You are sooooo young; just beginning... and you have an early chance to start over. If you think of this as a graduation from childhood, a rite of passage, you will see it in its truer perspective. Clear away the old cobwebs including self judgment.. that's a biggie. We both know you can. YOu are intelligent. Begin to acknowledge the good things.
You got a huge kick in the ass to move in a spiritual direction. Now you and the universe have cleared the playing field. It's all yours to begin to create what you want. YOu know the drill... what you focus on you get more of. Get through and past the bankruptcy. Go home to get new bearings, or not. Just start over like you were getting out of college. You're throwing off old shoes and clothes and parts of yourself that no longer serve your higher self that just came on line ... you're like the butterfly emerging out of its cocoon... Be tender with yourself, you're still a vulnerable infant in your new self.

Congratulations on your TRUE BIRTHDAY! Celebrate the way of Spirit!

Look at it as 'you had the party' (the visions in the hospital).
Now you have to do the work. (move thru changes of self and all that is and was you).

You are Indigo. Begin!

Love, light and joy to you on your having created a breath of fresh air and a restart to your life!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Indigo in Crisis

Here is another correspondence with the Indigo Kid of earlier blogs. He's frustrated with his personal and global view.
He writes:

Why is God doing everything he or she is doing? I try to look at all the positive in the world, yet all I see is things getting worse. I mean this from a natural aspect, everything seems to be falling apart. I felt awesome and unstoppable when I got out of the hospital, yet now I feel as if I am going into a depression and everything is falling apart, on a global level and a personal level.

My reply:

You are a facet of the Creator.
As a creator, you are doing all these things in concert with all the other Creator Gods.
Let go of needing to have a particular outcome.
Let go of all the shoulds and have tos.
Surrender, don't quit. Surrender and allow.
Say YES to it all.Both dark and light reflect God.

All this is happening because you are greatly loved and stand in the center of the storm of change.
You are a child of change. YOu came in to bear witness to the greatest change this universe has ever seen: the dimensional shift of an entire planet. You are here to help in that shift. Hanging on to your old way of living will not help you in this change. You are creating freedom.

Change your focus and change your life.
You are in charge, none other.
YOu get to choose what you focus on.
Begin focusing on what you prefer, even tho all seems to be crumbling around you. Let it crumble. Allow it to fall away. Let go.
This idea goes against all you have been taught. Let go of the need to rely on old teachings.
Allow yourself to stand and BE in the midst of chaos. Just observe and allow. Let it all fall away or change or disappear and allow the new to appear. It is part of the old paradigm. You will help create the new.

All that you / God are doing is being done FOR you, not TO you.
The pain you experience is not necessary. The pain is your fear as the old forms fall away all around you.
You can be negatively affected only to the degree to let yourself feel fear.
Love is letting go of fear. Let it go. Allow it all.

Begin by loving your fear.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Having Fun

Yesterday my friend Janis and my sister Pat and I were at the Mall. We were having such fun. Everywhere we went men wanted to join in to our laughter. Waiting for my sister who was in a dressing room, Janis and I were being silly, joking around. A guy waiting for his wife who was in the dressing room too, said "Now you two learn how to play nice with each other!" Then he said "I’ve always wanted to say that!" We were all joking. He didn't like shopping. I told him about my ex-husband who used to love to go shopping with me. He'd install me in a dressing room and bring me clothes. The store would bring him espressos. He loved it. I loved it. Thinking out loud, the man said if he learned to love shopping, maybe his wife would learn to love tying fishing flys!!!

Then sitting at the Starbucks drinking coffee, we were laughing so hard, the solitary guy next to us says "You're having WAY too much fun"... I just knew he wanted to play too.

Then the two men at the shoe store wanted to join in the fun too, and we were all making jokes about different races, etc. One was Black, one Pakistani, and one was Japanese, Asian and something more. No one was insulted. It was obvious it was all in joy. It was such fun all day.

Many times I've found that when you're having fun, others want to join in. Sometimes in restaurants they stay longer, just to listen to the laughter and hang out in the fun energy. Try it some time. You can’t lose. You just end up laughing.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spontaneous Visions by Ordinary People

My fantastic massage guy is having spontaneous visions. They scare him. His wife told him to talk with me about it. This is happening more and more nowdays. Ordinary people are 'seeing' beyond the veil of this seemingly solid, 3 dimensional world. They are having experiences they can't understand.

No Background
Relatively few people have a background that allows them to understand supernatural or paranormal events. Most go into fear instantly, thinking they are nuts. They are not.

The Visions
For him, the visions open up just like a dream, but he is wide awake, perhaps walking on a beach with family or in the middle of a massage. They come over him unbidden, spontaneously. Think of it like a memory that just surfaces. When we can relate to seemingly odd or new experiences in a way that shows us it is not all that wierd, we can more easily understand them and let go of our fears.

So, just like a memory, he experiences himself standing in a doorway of a large building. It's like a one story ancient temple with no doors, just doorways, huge tall ones with rounded tops, like the old Palladian windows in architecture. There is no glass, they are just openings. The floor is level, perhaps stone, terrazo or marble. There are 6 or so tall columns holding up the ceiling and they (after many queries and discussion with him) seem to be arranged in a hexagon; which is an ancient and sacred way of construction, allowing for a flow of spiritual energy in a way that assists awareness and consciousness.

There are many people in the building, coming and going, mostly young men, around 25 yrs old. They are all dressed in light flowing robes, tho not like Roman or Greek, just simple ones that fall from a t-shirt type neck to ankle length, with 3/4 sleeves. Interestingly they were not white garments, but were beautiful yellows, ochres, beige, gold, orange.. earth tones and Fall colors. One particular fellow in a lovely yellow flowing robe begins gesturing to him and speaking in a language that my friend called jibberish... He couldn't understand it at all. Upon further query, he realized he could intuitively, internally understand what the man was saying. He wanted my friend to come with him to see something. At that point, my friend was overwhelmed and broke off the vision, returning to this now time-space.

Frequency and Control
He has had this vision several times, going back into it. He always has the same feeling or sense prior to it's happening. Knowing it is about to occur, he can choose to stop it from happening.

Altered States
Just like a dream, much is going on that can be interpreted. And yet, more is happening. First, he is awake when this occurs, so he's experiencing a spontaneous altered state. Now don't go wierd, here... altered states happen many times during the day for everyone. When you're driving and you zone out and miss your exit! When you fall asleep. When you watch TV.. they've shown you can't really stay focused for more than 60 seconds and that during that time you've shifted into some altered state. In conversations when your mind wanders and goes into what you are going to say or what you'd like to say. So altered states are quite normal.

So What's Going On Here?
Many possibilities:
1. He's experiencing a parallel life. This is a life currently lived, but one he is unaware of. Years ago my friend and I were in a meditation type session (an altered state) and experience having a conversation with a woman in South America. That woman told us she was asleep in her hut dreaming she was having a conversation with two women in the US. Now that was trippy!!!!
2. He's folding time and space and experiencing a past/future life.
3. He's peering through to another dimension and experiencing it. We currently exist in at least 11 other dimensions tho our consicousness as humans usually limits our focus to this one dimension called Earth and Third Dimension. Didn't you ever wonder why it's called Third Dimension? Yes, cuz of height, width and length: 3 dimensions. But what about time as a 4th dimension, and many others we do not yet see, just like we don't see xray light or most of the light spectrum, there are many other dimensions we don't see either.
4. A master teacher/guide has managed to connect with him.
This all means that his vibrations have changed in those moments and he has shifted in some way. Now this is not scary. We are always in a state of changing... Heck, we lose billions of cells every day and we don't freak out about that. Change is our only certainty, for nothing remains the same. Today life is speeded up anyway. You've felt it.. everything seems to be happening faster. It is. EArth's vibration itself has speeded up. I know this sounds strange, but it is proven thru physics.

Enough blah blah for now... I just want you to know there are regular people out there experiencing more of what this universe has to offer. If you're having what you think are 'wierd' experiences, there are people out here that can give you a perspective. Just ask.

PS. There are people that are psychotic, mentally ill, or any other number of things, but for the most part, much of those illnesses were caused by unexplained experiences, abuse or physical illness. Having said that, please realize, many, many of you out there are going to be having these odd experiences and it DOESN'T mean you're crazy. Just get a spiritual explanation and direction first.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Why is it easier to believe that a disaster will happen than not? My Indigo friend is struggling with an ancient question: Do you let your scientific mind (the left brained, thinking side) focus on how to survive in a potential, coming disaster? Or do you let your right brain (the feeling, allowing side) just go with the flow?

Your Focus Counts
We all know that what you focus on you will get more of. So if you focus on disaster and survival you will bring situations to you that require survival mode and will reflect disasters so you will validate your need for survival skills. Being an Indigo, his thoughts and consciousness are more attuned to the state of the universe. Indidgos came to this Earth to think bigger, to show us by example that the universe our thoughts affect is much bigger than our little personal worlds of job, home and family. Indigos remind me of a powerful scent that pervades a large area... like oranges for example. Walk into a lunchroom and you can smell the one orange that was just peeled. You don't smell the ham sandwich or the chocolate chip cookie. By their very nature, in this same way, Indigos affect more people.

The Answer to the Question
Fear is why it is easier to focus on negatives. Stop focusing on fear. Fear is a powerfull ally of those who want control: government and media are the biggest; but corporations, some friends maybe, those we are in relationship with and even ourselves. Fear is so easy to engender in someone. Start talking about disasters and voila! Fear appears instantly. Almost every ad on TV is fear based about getting sick with all the drug ads and about not being loved or included if you don't wear this perfume or brand of clothes.

The Challenge
The challenge is to remain calm in the middle of any storm, physical or mental. My Indigo friend asked "So what am I supposed to do, just hide my head in the sand like an ostrich?" Of course not. He loves to take things to extremes, an unfortunate mind game that makes him skip over the numerous potential solutions in between. I call it the Middle Path. He talks about moving somewhere 'safer' and having enough food stored, weapons for defense, etc. So I said "What if you do all that and while driving to your grocery store you are in a car accident and taken to hospital. THEN the feared 'disaster' happens and you are nowhere near your food or 'safety'. Besides, if you have a stash, it is simply a magnet for others to covet and attack. So now you are in the defense business.

What is the Worst that Can Happen?
You can die. Ok, next? We're all going to die. Big deal. Get over it. We've done it in many lifetimes already. Did you really think this was your first time here?
We are not our bodies. We are much, much more. We only put on this body for a short time, perhaps 100 yrs plus or minus. Our spiritual self that operates on multi-dimensions is totally aware of the investment of consciousness into this limited physical vessel called a body. When we die, the real self continues and does so with its full consciousness back in tact. There are way too many after death books nowdays to deny this. Ok, you can deny anything you want.

What is the Best that Can Happen?
You shift your consciousness and resonate with the highest frequency within you. You ascend within, as an internal process. You transcend your fears and feelings of limitation into a union with all consciousness on this palnet and in the galaxy and in the and all other universes. At-Onement and unconditional love. Heightened awareness. This is the crystal consciousness, the Christ-All consciousness. Personally I choose this option.

The Effect We Can Have
My Indigo friend keeps talking about the bad economy, an earthquake here, a bank failure there and every other thing to keep his very talented mind on the focus of 'need to prepare for disaster'. I suggest that if this is where your consciousness is, that you might want to change it. You can do nothing about the envisioned disaster. You have no control over a potential earth shift or any other grand scale disaster EXCEPT to not give it potential life by focusing on it! Your job is to choose what you prefer to have in your life and to focus on that!

So What can You Do?
You say "Yes" to it all. Yes to everything the universe and this planet and any level of awareness offers you. It is all creation. It is all illusion. It is all impermanent. It is all a part of God. It exists. So do you. Say yes to you, to your consciousness, to your choices, to your focus in each NOW moment. That is the real key. Only in the Now is there any power at all. The future doesn't exist, but your thoughts NOW help to create how YOUR future looks. Therein is the real power and in that there is nothing to fear. You are in total control. What you decide to focus on, to hold in your thoughts, will be the basis for your next now, your tomorrow and your future. So, monitor your thoughts and choose to actively, consciously focus on joy, love, health, abundance and the fullness of life. Let the rest go. This is enough on your plate to work with. It is the basis of the real 'future'. Each now is very powerful. Use it.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Instant Relief from Coughing... no meds!

My amazing sister, Patricia, is a Master in Jin Shin Jyutsu, a healing technique. It is defined by Wikipedia:

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese technique for energy healing, using deep breathing and the placement of one's hands on specific areas of the body, called Safety Energy Locks (or SELs). It was rediscovered in Japan in the early 1900's by Master Jiro Murai. He taught the techniques to Mary Burmeister in the late 1940s, who brought it to the US.

Patricia knows all these easy hand placements for immediate healing. She was taught by Mary Burmeister. She's taught me a few of them which I use, but I always call her to get new ones. She can easily tell me by phone.

Like Magic
Recently I returned from Canada with a sinus thingy and a cough. Couldn't stop coughing. She did the Lung flow to clear my lungs; but I was still I was wracked with coughing. Then she did the sinus flow and within 2 seconds, no joke, 2 seconds, the 5 hour coughing bout stopped! Relief for my totally raw throat.

Since then, several people have told me they have gotten this ridiculous cough thingy (technical term!). So here's the easy method to stop. You can do this on yourself, your kids and anyone else. The cool thing is it's totally safe and there's no side effects like from meds.

Other Uses
Pat says it's also used for relief of:
Sinus congestion.
Diabetes (also just hold your thumb. I know, weird, but it works)
Excessive Talking
Stomach problems
Lips (dry cracked lips are a sign of stomach /sinus flow need)
bi polar disorders
and a bunch more things.

The Method
Touch fingers of Right hand to just below the left cheek bone. At same time, put fingers of Left hand just under the same side collarbone. Hold for one to twenty minutes, whatever is comfortable.

Then reverse and touch fingers of Left hand to just below the right cheek bone, and Right hand fingers to just below the right collarbone.

No pressure, just contact, completing a circuit. Sometimes you can feel the pulses.. when both are the same, voila! Open circuit, no longer stuck.

If you need to know more or want a session. Patricia is in Edmonds, WA, just north of Seattle. You can contact her at 360 259-5367 or email at gigglekwik1@comcast.net.

Best wishes to move through sinus, allergy and coughing and alot more, much, much more easily. It's like magic! And it's free when you do it for yourself!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm off to BE the Wizard!

I can't believe ... no, change that ... I CAN believe how fabulous my 'job' is. I love what I do. I can't really even call it a job. When I do psychic fairs I always think "I'm off to BE the wizard!" I don't take myself too seriously, as you can see. People come to me for psychic and spiritual readings. These are really consultations applying spiritual and personal growth teachings. Most I have learned from fabulous teachers and from reading hundreds of books. Other information comes to me through meditations or as a download of information in a whole package. It's as tho I tie into an extraordinary pool of knowledge and literally download an entire teaching in order to deliver it in that single moment to that one person in front of me that has triggered its access. I always tell people I am triggered by questions. I have a contract with the Universe to be able to access answers for questions I am asked. Sometimes it just blows me away.

But even with all that, the most incredible thing that happens in a reading is that I get to see the Divinity within the person sitting before me. It blows me away. It doesn't always happen, but it happened a lot on my recent trip to Canada. I believe it is a function of combined raised vibrations, mine and the client's, as well as the general uplifting of Planet Earth's vibrations. You must have felt it too. It seems like everywhere there are people talking about God, or creating their own reality or choosing and taking responsibility. I look at newstands and TV shows and there are so many now about talking to the dead, or living hundreds of years, or psychics.

A lot of Light
Several times during the weekend someone would come and ask an ordinary question, and I could see a light coming from within them, a huge light. I didn't see it with my external eyes, but with internal vision... I just knew. The light would become brighter as I focused on it and here I was speaking to this stranger witnessing their Divinity with this all encompassing light. Then tears begin to fall down my cheeks and I cannot talk without my voice breaking up. It is such an openness, so loving that it surpasses all words. These people are a gift to our planet. There are many of them here. Maybe you are one of them. Maybe you don't know yet.

Wierdness in a Restaurant
Recently while sitting in a restaurant with a friend, I swear I could 'see' a huge Golden angel standing nearby. My friend said she noticed something, like a shimmer, too. We agreed that it was 15 feet tall. Can it be that the proverbial veil is thinning so we can see light and consciousness in a new way? I think so. We only see one percent of the entire light spectrum, so according to the rest of the universe, we are blind. I think we are beginning to allow our eyes to be opened. Be prepared to be amazed. Love and Light have arrived right on time.

What a wonderful playground Earth is.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Sultan's Tent Experience

My favorite restaurant is in Calgary. It's a fabulous Morroccan restaurant that like the phoenix, rose again from the ashes of a fire. They have relocated and it's as fabulous as ever. I've tried for 4 years to get back there. First it was totally booked due to the Calgary Stampede extravaganza, then it burned and was closed.

Tonite I had the most fabulous experience. Let me explain eating Morroccan. You eat with your hands. That's right, no utensils. They bring an ornate metal basin to your table and a matching water pitcher filled with lukewarm orange scented water. They pour the water over your hands and you wash them before eating; wiping them on the lovely big towel/napkin they provide each of you. The scent is delightful, not overpowering. You only eat the food with your right hand. This is traditional in most Eastern cultures.

They do provide a bread to pick up the bits of food by using your thumb to push the food into the bread and pinching it together and pop it into your mouth. Oh YUM.

The salad is actually four salads on one plate: beets, an incredible potato salad, a chopped tomato with herbs and a bean salad. They all were lightly oiled and spiced.

The soup was next... a delicious, full flavored tomato based vegetable soup with lentils, saffron and chickpeas and cardamom and cloves. It smelled as good as it tasted.

The next course was the most fabulous. It was an appetizer for two, b'stilla, a 'chicken pie'... a good name for it, but not your mother's pie. First the 'crust' is filo dough, that light flakey pastry dough. The pie was stuffed with crushed almonds, walnuts, pistaschios and many sweet spices, chicken from a roasted cornish game hen and it was about 6 inches around and cut into diamond shapes. Hot from the oven you didn't know whether or not to eat it or just smell the aroma for an hour or two.

The main course of tender, succulant lamb with sweet spices, cloves and saffron and plump apricots and prunes cooked into a delicious, tantalizing sauce with the consistency of honey.

During all this hedonistic extravagaza, I drank the lovely mint tea with just a hint of honey, poured into a glass cup with no handle. The pouring is dramatic, with the server raising the teapot four feet above the glass, showing her expertise in the art of tea.

Desert was similar to baklava, the mid-Eastern dessert, but not nearly as sweet, so it was lighter and drier... a lovely finish of crushed nuts, filo dough and orange essence.

My high esteem and my unmatchable memories of my many previous experiences at this amazing restaurant were totally exceeded again!

My hostess went there for her very first experience the day it reopened and loved it. You will too.

If you're ever in Calgary, Canada, give The Sultan's Tent a try.
You won't be disappointed!
I love Calgary!!!

So What's Up With Chaos?

In March I did readings at two psychic fairs in the Seattle area, one in Kent and one at the Seattle Center. The odd thing about the Seattle Center one was that the Tarot Card reflecting the dramatic changes and shifts of Chaos, known as the Tower card, showed up in almost everyone's readings. Now when themes and streams of connections happen at Expos and events and in groups of readings, I know to pay attention. The Tower card means cataclysmic change that shakes one's belief systems and the foundations that one has built one's life upon. It can mean a physical health problem, tho in this case that didn't seem reasonable since most had the card show up. It can mean earth related disaster, earthquake, fire, flood, etc. My sense is that it MAY only PARTLY mean this. I do sense that we are talking earthquake here, tho with minimal property damage and little or no loss of life.

My real sense is that it means a HUGE shift in consciousness triggered by a spiritual event that cannot be ignored. So what would that look like? I'm sure some of you out there have had strange events or coincidences or inexplicable happenings occur. The movie, The Secret, shifted a lot of people's thinking to align with the idea that we can create our reality. Now, Oprah is interviewing Eckhart Tolle live on her internet broadcast and over 30 million have downloaded the interviews!!!! Now there's a shift in consciousness that's cataclysmic!!!!!

Long ago Nostradamus predicted disasters UNLESS WE SHIFTED OUR CONSCIOUSNESS and learned to create out of love, not fear. This is the time. We are shifting. I feel we are on the verge of awakening to an awareness in which we are all connected as we begin to love ourselves and then cannot help but love our neighbors. This is the beginning of Peace. Awakened consciousness that focuses on love will tear down the old systems of hate and control and war.... the huge 'earthquake'that shifts may just be in our heads and it's a marvelous wake up call!!! Each person will create very individual realities that reflect their state of mind: fear or love. We are truly moving into a time of being able to communicate by telepathy, to communicate with interplanetary wisdom and to be able to see in new ways. Remember we only see 1% of the spectrum of light, so the rest of the universe sees us as blind! What wondrous things await our growth into than next awareness!

Welcome to the world of Peace! Let the chaos of transformational change bring about new thinking that embraces wholeness and Love. Let's hear it for this kind of Chaos!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Gun and the Indigo Boy

Ok, so the 24 yr old Indigo Child I spoke of loves hunting… or should I say, used to love hunting. He had the urge to hunt recently on a vacation, back at his old stomping grounds. He walked into a gun store and picked up a weapon. He loved, and I mean loved, the feel of it. It was a Zen moment as he calls it. The feeling was so amazing that he no longer wanted to kill anything, but chose to shoot target practice in order to interact with the weapon.
Here’s the cool part. Such love for a weapon of destruction transmutes it. Many people get that supercharged testosterone “gotta kill something” feeling when hefting a weapon. This is an out of balance feeling or energy. It’s just one side of it.

This boy loved the weapon wholly. He loved the feel, the beauty, the knowing, the testosterone, the old paradigms of what it used to mean and all the possibilities it could be and thus loved it into wholeness and balance. He no longer wanted to kill. The energy of the consciousness surrounding killing instruments became changed.

Love changes everything. Love is powerful stuff. So this young, focused, powerful spiritual being shifts the concepts around the act of killing an enormous distance toward the laying down of weapons. By allowing all the thoughts and feelings to be present, it all changed forever for him and such love/ power has a direct effect on the entire consciousness surrounding lethal weapons of any kind.

You gotta love these new kids. They came here to bring more light and to create balance. This was pretty awesome!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Indigo Kids, the New Consciousness

In San Diego I met an Indigo kid who just woke up to the fact that he is an amazing spiritual being. He contracted the flu virus, became seriously ill and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Many tests later, doctors couldn’t find any reason for his body’s discoloration and his breathing problems, etc. However in the course of the hospitalization, he had three amazing out of body experiences/ dreams/ visitations… call them what you want. They were so transformational for him, he had to find out what was happening. Angels visited him and ancient Aztec gods and wonderful guides and teachers. The showed him things metaphorically, like in a dream, but much more vivid, lucid. He was forever changed by the experience.

He was compelled to learn what it all meant. So he came to our psychic expo in San Diego and we met. We spent a whole day together. I know it was like getting food for him, because I remember when I met my first teacher, it felt like I could finally get fed and devoured the information at an amazing rate. He, too, is supercharged in his passion for devouring information. He wants it all, now. However, we do have to crawl before walking!

The main focus
The main teaching is choose Love and you’ll let go of Fear. All is One; All is Now. We are all connected. There is really nothing outside of us. Time is an illusion. Everything is really happening, happened and will happen NOW. There are so many books on these topics: ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, Mayan and Hopi Prophecy books; all the books by Dolores Cannon, who’s recorded 40 years of regression/ progression/ subconscious/ and higher consciousness interaction and information brought through in hypnosis. Email me I’ll tell you a gazillion more!

Ok, so what’s Indigo?

These ‘kids’, now in their twenties, are genetically and spiritually the new strain of humans. Eons from now, scientists will be wondering what was the missing link that happened in the beginning of the 21st century. Well these kids are it. And right behind them are Rainbow and Crystal kids. These are age newborn up to about 12, give or take.

Genetically their DNA is different. There are more switches turned on for these kids. These switches affect intelligence, ESP and the sixth sense, immunity and disease free living and aging. These kids are amazing! They were the first wave of new consciousness.

So what is this new consciousness?
Everything is vibration. Ultimately everything is a form of light. Think of the light spectrum, most of it we cannot see. We do not have the eye receptors or advanced sensors in the body to see those forms of light without assistance. Think ultraviolet or x-ray light. We can’t see them without special equipment. Well there’s an enormous amount of other band widths of light we can’t see either. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. But when a person begins to be able to interact or use these other band widths of light, they being to develop the new abilities that go with them.

These abilities are associated with their holding more light in their bodies and thus vibrating at a different rate than the rest of us. In that higher vibration, they can help heal others, sense others and know information that is easy for them but not for most of us. They are not to be feared because of these unique abilities. They are however in great need of understanding. They don’t fit in. Many are diagnosed ADD, etc. Here’s a good link for you to check out Indigos. There are now many books, links etc.
http://www.indigochild.com/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigo_children .

Lee Carroll and Jan Tobler first wrote about Indigos. A lady who could see auras began seeing indigo colored auras for the first time ever in young children. More and more she saw it and then began realizing their abilities were unusual. Others have now written about them.

In China
They were written about in China in a book called Psychic Children. It’s not well written, but gets the point across.

Back to the young man in San Diego
He’s learning at a rapid rate, integrating knowledge. It’s a matter of focus and monitoring one’s thoughts. Because we are fast approaching the time of Think-Manifest. In other words, our thoughts will be created right in front of us, immediately, based on our focus and intention. We must be in a place of love not fear so those thoughts will be created lovingly. Hate your body and you will create illness. Love your body and you will create health. Fight with your neighbor and you will add to the energy of war on this planet. Allow, love, and recognize your own resistances and fears by looking at your neighbor’s and you will add to the sum of Love on this planet. We get to choose.

We are very powerful and he is just beginning to see it. Little things manifest all around him, parking spaces, lights turning green (or red if you’re angry and out of sync with your best vibrations) and happier people around him as he lets go of fear. It is an amazing time to be alive. I can't wait to see how he develops his abilities, focuses and applies them to his personal and business life. He and those like him will change this world for the better. We have been waiting for them for a very long time.

Eating Ethopian in Chicago

How to find out about restaurants
You get the best leads for restaurants asking other travelers in the airport shuttle. This time the driver was a Hindu from India displaying Ganesh, a Hindu God that removes spiritual blocks, and Vishnu on his dashboard. It turns out he is also a cook and every morning cooks 300 samosas (a triangular stuffed small pastry filled with veggies or meat) for delivery to Indian restaurants. Then at 1PM he begins his taxi/ shuttle work.

One Other Passenger
The only other passenger, Cecelia, was an African American lady who works at Northwestern Universityi n Chi. She has a job I never even knew existed. She's the student behavior go-between for the criminal activities of students at NWestern. She deals with the parents, the legal system and the students for such crimes as arson, assault, rape, and all the normal ills of society. You have to think of this large Univ as a mini city with all the ills of a city. I was amazed.

Back to food!
She told me of a great Ethopian and the driver told me about a superb Indian restaurant, Mt Everest. The Hindu Driver heartily agreed that Addis Abeba (yes, that is how they spell it) was really good too. It turns out we pass the Addis Abeba and it's very close to my friend's house where I'll be staying. Leah and Russ have eaten there and it's really good they say. Now I'm really interested and we go there that evening.YUM YUM YUM!

The atmosphere is really kind of cool.. mud cloth fabrics are the tablecloths. How authentic is that! When I go to a new restaurant I want to try everything so I look for a combo type plate so I can get a taste of many things. Food is an adventure. Some people sky dive, I dive into food. So I ordered the 1 meat, 2 veggie combo.

Ordering Ethopian style
Now ordering is interesting. The waitress must take your order in your seating configuration. Why? Cuz when the food comes, it's all on one huge, round, pizza type pan. Everyone's order is on that pan, each person's order positioned right in front of them. Very clever! Oh one thing more. Thereare absolutely NO utensils of any kind used.

The Bread
They serve a kind of flatbread, crepe like, that is very spongy, called injera. You tear a piece ofit off and pinch some of the food on the big tray, and eat. Many culturesuse this method. Personally I love eating this way. And having it all as a big shared meal is very bonding for a group. I know in this day and age people freak out about germs. Well, then this style wouldn't be for you. But for the adventurers who are after the unusual, the flavorful and the fun, go there as soon as possible!

Main Courses
I had ordered a sort of shredded spiced lamb which was very tender and flavorful. The spices were sweet, like cardoman,and nutmeg, not hot, tho I could have gotten it very hot spicy. HOT spicy is not my style. One veggie dish was red lentils w/ cinnamon and cardoman.. that was divine. The other veggie was cabage and carrots... interesting, again, sweeter spices and all went together very well. This was very easy to eat and very easy to digest. My friends had split peas, one had spinach with similar sweet spices... I must say that was wonderful too. Each of us had a little lettuce salad with a simple dressing on it, right next to our food choices. I'd definitely go back for more.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Taking the El in Chicago

The Elevated train, commonly called the El, as all crossword puzzlers know, was lots of fun. My good friend Leah and her very sweet husband, Russ, and I all went down to the Handcock Building, one of the tallest buildings in Chicago. What a perfect day to go to the observation deck on the 93rd floor. It was sunny, clear and almost 60 degrees after a horrible cold spell here. The building is only 3 blocks from the El station, The Lake, and a lovely walk. We were all hungry and passed the Devon restaurant on a corner. The menu looked good: upscale seafoods done creatively. We ordered the Chipotle shrimp burrito. It was heavenly. A lovely little jicama cold slaw with it. The biggest surprise was the incredible, hot off the cookie sheet, homemade baking powder biscuits... oh my god... they were just like my grandmother made. They had a whipped butter with lemon rind bits and honey. I just had to have a 2nd one! They were spectacular. On my way out I ran into the manager and THE cook of those heavenly homemades. I raved... oh my oh my. I want to go back and I recommend it to anyone!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

San Diego Trip

Feb 14th in San Diego
Wierd stuff is happening. Flight was much delayed and sitting on tarmac for almost an hour. The ride was really bumpy 1/3 of entire way, makes it hard to get up and walk around. I like flying though, no matter what. You get to go somewhere and get to meet fascinating people. There was a nice guy next to me. He kept coughing. He was an overworked med student who just came off 30 hr shift... brilliant ... certainly teaches Dr's about stress! but in such an unhealthy way. He was going to his grandfather’s funeral.

I remember a flight once where in the middle of the night the man next to me was really sobbing. He was going to his best friend’s funeral. His death had been so sudden and he never got to say goodbye. He was so heartbroken. Our hearts are fragile things.

The luggage seemed to take extra long to arrive on carousels. I always figure I have two choices. I can get mad or not. I usually decide not. That way I'm not standing in my own way and I can connect with people, learn things interesting and new and have a few laughs.

The promised free hotel shuttle doesn’t run after 9PM. I wish they’d told me that since it’s now midnight and I’ll have to take a cab. An old gentleman, an elderly man named Bill, who works at the airport offers to help me get my luggage to the taxi stand and we chat. It’s a long walk to the cab, heavy luggage to pull. He is really sweet. We talk about his many long term jobs, over 20 yrs at the airport. Now his wife has breast cancer and she’s angry at it and at him. He just allows it all. I thought he was maybe 65 ish; turns out he’s 86!!!. We hugged at cab. He was quite the little Buddha master, calm, reflective, happy from the inside. Very cool guy.

The cab driver was amazing. Ethiopian man, only here 3 yrs. I can only imagine what it must be like, going to a foreign country, learning the language and how to get around enough to drive a cab there? They use GPS systems to find any place. How cool is that! You don’t have to know the area, just how to spell in a foreign language!!!

The hotel has put me in a handicapped room altho there are many rooms open. I wonder why. There is no tub in handicapped rooms and I really want to relax in a lovely tub of hot water.
The chatty lady at check in is very helpful and pleasant. We chat about her Mom, family. She tells me the handicapped room has a view and surely I would want it.

An older man who did hotel security, was drafted to help me with luggage and helps/escorts me to my room. He tells me he's been clean and sober for 10 yrs now. YIKES.. the things people have to deal with. I see 'view' from room. It turns out to be of the elevator and the hallway, that's all... she just lied. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she had forgotten.
I ask to change room. No problem, he comes back up w/ new keys and we change. I call her and change the room. Now it’s 1AM.

Hey there’s 2 free, small, water bottles in room.. frig.. micro,coffee...big room nice... windows open.. but they DON'T LOCK in any open position! Can't open them all nite so I have to use the air cond. Noisy and too cold and no drapes, just the huge wooden blinds w/ slats. But at least I have a way to stay cool all nite. Didn't get to bed til 1:45. But the bed and pillow are really comfortable and I sleep like a baby. There’s free internet connection in the room so I’m a happy camper.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Endless Joys of Summer

I think back to my childhood, riding a bike to the little store in the trailer park where luscious, rounded top, Fudgesicles were a nickel and a big, fat, pink, Bazooka bubble gum was a penny. We’d bike there, my sister and I, and dream of all the lovely things we could buy with our 10 cents. We were rich.

So what’s changed?

Trailer parks are full of low income people and shady characters. Life taught us to be judgmental and afraid of such people.

We shouldn’t eat sweets. They cause tooth decay and diabetes. Life taught us that too. I don’t’ care how good they taste, you should choose something healthy. Besides I should be on a diet.

You have to have a bike chain to prevent theft, a helmet per the law, and special biking clothes to be cool.

It's too much effort to just go biking. Besides didn’t you hear about the guy that got hit by a car riding his bike? Safety and fear have crept in. We call it wisdom.

Money shouldn’t be wasted on frivolous things. There’s not enough of it to go around and we have to be on a budget. Lack is always around the corner. We bought that belief system hook, line and sinker. Can we just let go of that fear?

Where is our joy? Isn’t all of this just perspective? Can you jump on your bike or walk to the nearest corner mart and spend your dollar on something yummy … like joy? Can you take that dollar and go in the store and just focus of what you CAN buy with it? Wealth is a state of mind. What state is your mind in? What tapes do you play? Put in some truly old tapes, from the days of innocence and see the abundance you DO have. It’s just a shift of focus.

If you can’t ride that bike anymore, go take a walk. Try nature. It hasn’t changed. It’s still full of spring buds and life pushing up and popping out all over. It’s free. Can you just shift your focus to that?

Every action is new and interesting if we give it our full attention. We encounter people daily. Can we ‘spend’ the wealth of time with them? Who would receive more, you or them? A minute of real connection, a compliment, a listening ear, an eye contact, a smile; these are free and we both end up wealthy. Be present.

Now it’s your turn. Recall a time of your own innocence. Copy that emotional energy and bring it into this very now moment. It’s still there just under the surface. Give up worrying; it adds nothing. Act as if the world is your oyster and it will be. It is. It’s all in perspective. The endless joy of summer childhood is an option.

Off to Chicago soon

I’m off to Chicago soon. Should be a fun trip. I’m staying with my good friend Leah, and her family. Another friend told me I should go see the John Handcock building this time. Last time I went to the Field Museum and spent 8 hours all by myself.. if you can really be by yourself in a huge museum! It was great. The dinosaur display was impressive for its size. I had been to the famous Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum near Edmonton, Alberta a few months before and that was amazing. You walk on a see through floor so you can see the prehistoric sea life under your feet. That was cool.. but very weird to take that first step onto the ‘non-floor’ of thick plastic. This time in Chicago I’m thinking of going to the Planetarium and the Aquarium. I missed them last time… the Field Museum took all my time and was so worth it. Some of its displays were so static, rigid… rows of mannequins standing in costumes and huge glass ‘cages’ of taxidermy animals from all over the planet. A museum guide explained to me that when the museum was built, there were no TVs and the museum was basically phenomenal, equal to Discovery Channel and National Geo all rolled up in one. Duh.. why didn’t I think of that. It really is important to put myself in the shoes of others so I can see the real reasons for things and understand what's happening in a whole new way.