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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welsh Christmas Song

This is one of my favorites! Just found it on the internet. I've been looking for this a long time.. heard it years ago. Sung by a Welsh choir.

Stop The Cavalry by The Cory Band With The Gwalia Singers. Nov 29, 2006

Click on this post's title above (Welsh Christmas Song) to listen.. and enjoy.

Here's the lyrics by Jona Lewie

"Stop the Cavalry"

Hey, Mr. Churchill comes over here
To say we're doing splendidly
But it's very cold out here in the snow
Marching to win from the enemy
Oh, I say it's tough, I have had enough
Can you stop the cavalry?

I have had to fight, almost every night
Down throughout these centuries
That is when I say, oh yes, yet again
Can you stop the cavalry?

Mary Bradley waits at home
In the nuclear fall-out zone
Wish, I could be dancing now
In the arms of the girl I love

Dub a dub a dum dum
Dub a dub a dum
Dub a dum dum dub a dub
Dub a dub a dum

Dub a dub a dum dum
Dub a dub a dum
Dub a dum dum dub a dub
Dub a dub a dum

Wish, I was at home for Christmas

Bang, that's another bomb on another town
While the Czar and Jim have tea
If I get home, live to tell the tale
I'll run for all presidencies
If I get elected I'll stop
I will stop the cavalry

Dub a dub a dum dum
Dub a dub a dum
Dub a dum dum dub a dub
Dub a dub a dum

Dub a dub a dum dum
Dub a dub a dum
Dub a dum dum dub a dub
Dub a dub a dum

Wish, I was at home for Christmas

Wish I could be dancing now
In the arms of the girl I love
Mary Bradley waits at home
She's been waiting two years long

Wish, I was at home for Christmas

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shift of the Ages!


There is much Hullabaloo about 2012, the Shift of the Ages. It will come and go and life will be different.

Different will be better! We’ve been asking for those psychic gifts we think we need. So we’ll get to actually see auras and energy movement and know answers to mysteries. We’ve wanted to communicate more easily because those pesky words now keep eluding us in conversation. So we’ll get telepathy. We’ve wanted to know if ETs are real and how to talk with them. So we’ll find out they’ve been here all the time, look like us for the most part and come from our future to help us.

Media Wolves
There is much disinformation and fear mongering on the internet and in the media by wolves with an agenda of keeping the sheep clueless. Choose balance and question everything passionately. Much more will be revealed to us. Already science and technology have increased so rapidly that 100 yrs ago seems like the dark ages by comparison. We will take an unprecedented technological leap within the next year. The fascinating thing is that we can know this ahead of time. The universe is preparing us for this giant genetic, spiritual and technological leap.

Key Factors
Key factors point to the imminent shift of the ages. There will be a spectacular alignment of the planets and the sun into the direct center of the Milky Way. When this happens, Light, with a capital L, will shine on this planet with a light wave vibration that causes a genetic jump so huge future investigators will refer to it as another missing link.

Light is the fundamental unified field of creation that Einstein was looking for and that science has now proven. We only see approximately three percent of the entire light spectrum, so we are essentially blind to ninety seven percent of Light, among them laser, x-ray and ultraviolet. Unseen Light such as auras and energy fields is visible when we shift into our higher dimensional selves and perceive from that perspective. The Light that is coming through this December 21st, 2012 alignment is the catalyst for a shift of our DNA to enable us to recalibrate our human vibrations into ‘superhuman’. We will still be us, but better.

As to mundane things like money, economics, country borders and world economic order, they too will shift based on this Light. The changes will be aided by the sheer numbers of humans with stepped up vibrations shifting simultaneously. No longer will greed and power for control be tolerated for they will be recognized as a disease that needs treatment. Even now these dysfunctional behaviors are held in consciousness as simply an imbalance.

Much fear surrounds money and possessions. What if money became even more valuable, not less because the greed element has been removed? What if possessions became instantaneously manifest, eliminating lack? All this and more will be the norm, because we have willed it to be that way, since we will be creating from Love not Fear.

There are many ways to heal these divine imbalances and the greatest is Love. We talk about forgiveness as being divine. As we shift and become more en-Lightened, forgiveness will be second nature. Love will be primary. Hate, anger, war and disease will become loved into balance. Love will be the overriding energy on this planet. Hence those that currently practice unimaginable acts of imbalance cannot have power, nor even survive in an environment of Love.

If you wish to prove this to yourself, simply take two plants. Put one in a room and ignore it. Water it, but don’t interact energetically with it. Lavish the other plant with attention and Love. Talk to it, notice it and thereby feed it with the indefinable essence. You will see the difference. So too it is with people. Nurture them, lavish them with love and see the difference it makes.

Light Effects
This Light will give us a simultaneous uplifting in consciousness so we can simply release the old darkness called Fear with its expression in hate, control, greed, victimhood, lack and lovelessness. In fact, we will not even need to release the Fear. It will simply evaporate, absorbed into Love; balanced.

Two Rooms
If you have two rooms side by side, one totally dark and one light filled, and you open a door between them, the light instantly fills the dark room. It did not lose its darkness, it simply received the Light. So too will we be free of the lower vibrations of Fear because this Light will immediately raise our vibrations.

Cellular Shifts
Scientific experiments prove that laser light shone intentfully through an egg cell of one species to another species’ egg cell will change that receiving cell to the DNA of the first. Amazingly this means that if a frog’s cell is the first one and a mouse cell is the second, the mouse will become a frog instead. Light of this kind changes everything. It is the way our universe helps us to shift. It is what we have been calling ascension. Think of the applications! Instant healing will occur if you shone a laser thru a healthy cell and the unhealthy cell would be changed; instant transformation into understanding and using more of our brain; instant spiritual knowing and shifting into higher intuition. This 2012 Light will change our DNA.

This forthcoming shift is full of hope and Light. It is what we have been waiting for. All is takes for you to participate is to be intentfully loving just a little more than you are not… only 50.1%!!! You don’t have to be monastic, vegan, yogic, psychic or super scientific. Love is the key. Just keep choosing it. Keep your intention on Love. If you falter, choose again, don’t judge yourself, just choose again. Light of this kind will not fail you. It cannot. All we need do is embrace it.

The Shift of the Ages is truly upon it. Full of love and Light, it will empower the best that humankind has to offer. We are in the birth canal of the shift. The birth is immanent. Many are here as midwives to assist: guides, ETs, spirits, ascended masters, interdimensional beings and loving humans. You will not go through this alone. You will be well supported.

After the Shift, most of the population will be gone, but not dead. They will have completed the genetic ascension and co-exist in a dimension parallel to this one. Things will look the same essentially but all the meanness, war, anger and fear will be so gone that bliss is the only way to describe it. It will be like long term jubilation after the end of a war. We will have come home to ourselves.

I've enclosed a link so you can check out the super website by David Wilcock called Divine Cosmos. His info is superb! His youtube videos are amazing!

Dolly Mae

Friday, November 13, 2009

Portland Expo experience

A really intersting thing happened at the Portland expo. A client who said she'd had a terriffic reading from me 2 yrs ago, couldn't wait to book another reading at the expo.

Later I received an email of her intense disappointment in that reading. Now the most interesting thing was, I felt no need to defend my consultation with her. I know that from her perspective she is completely and totally right and I support that 100%.

It was a very, very interesting space to not need to defend. It was ok for her to be upset and to tell me. That's all. Very cool.

I need to thank her for her gift of this experience!