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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We’re Changing

Have you been feeling odd? Sluggish? Tired? Unmotivated? Aches and pains in odd places? DO you seem uncoordinated and can’t think clearly? Join the club! You are ascending! This is the ascension process we’ve talked about; it’s here. Now.

If you were going to devise a way to shift the human body to be able to have greater abilities intuitively, empathically, compassionately, healing-wise, you’d create some changes in the physical being. That is what is being done. Your vibrations are increasing. So are the planet’s. This isn’t just airy fairy new age mumbo jumbo. It’s scientific fact. As the planet shifts so will you. Great weather changes are occurring, in seemingly surprising areas. So too will your own physical body experience surprising shifts where you don’t normally have a discomfort. Perhaps a hip, or rib or tailbone or shoulder that suddenly has deep and intense pain, for seemingly no reason at all. In some cases you will see a direct external cause but don’t get upset about it or locked in to knowing each cause. Each discomfort is a wake up or a shake up to the body to rearrange itself into a better pattern. These are temporary discomforts. This new and better pattern holds more light, more love and more alignment with the higher purpose of why you came here to earth and took on a body at just this particular time in our history.

You are part of the change we are making into the next dimension. We are changing from a carbon based body to a silicon based body. Pay attention to the foods you eat (organic, humanely raised, healthy, green) to support that shift to hold more light. Silicon is more crystalline in its properties. Crystals reflect and refract light. They also capture and direct sound; hence their use in radios, TVs and computers. Of course it is your reaction to the changes that make all the difference in the world (pun intended). Your emotions: fearful, embracing, joyous, resistance, anger, compassion and hope all add to the sum total of love or fear on this planet.

These personal and planetary changes seem drastic and unexplained. Recognize that mother earth, Gaia, is in the process of birthing and she is having birth pains. Her contractions affect us all. She is also shifting in order to position herself in a higher vibration allowing those being who co-exist with her, us, the animals and plants, to draw the higher vibrational sustenance and energies from her that support these changes.

There are three eclipses happening in a short span this next 30 days, as well as the solstice. There is a reason these huge planetary astrological shifts were tracked by the ancients. They have great impact on us. Just like the phases of the moon affecting the tides of the earth and the reproductive cycles of all beings on the planet; heavenly bodies affect us and the Earth. Eclipses have always meant great and important changes. Traditionally eclipses mean endings and thus beginnings. We shall have to wait to see what specific changes occur, but we already know that governments and economies are changing all over. I know it looks like wars and civil unrest are breaking out here and there but that is the last gasp of a difficult birth. Peace is being birthed in many places too. Hold on to that thought and the feeling of peace; for your thoughts and feelings are directly affecting this planet now more than ever. Create peace with your neighbors, co-workers and family. It starts there.

The new energies are causing alignment between our thoughts so they affect this planet and our reality, our very existence, more immediately and more directly. What we focus on becomes manifest more and more quickly. It is now more important than ever to monitor your thinking. Are you in judgment, fear, anger, resentment? Then you will experience such things in your world for that will be your focus.

Your thoughts are orders to the universe. The universe recognizes your direct orders and if your focus/order to the universe is fear, then that is what your direct order will bring you. Now is the time to pay attention. It’s not hard. Just be aware. Choose 51% of the time to be in joy, to be loving, forgiving, happy and allowing. We are still human, but we are not limited. We are growing, learning and creating our next experience based on our individual thoughts NOW. If you would like peace, joy, abundance and love then focus on that now and it will be your next now too.

The more people choose these thoughts, the more effective and quicker the results. You think “My thoughts don’t do anything.” Look at the harmonic convergence August 16th, 1987. Those ‘few’ participants (numbered in the hundreds of thousands, not millions!) who consciously recognized it was a time to create change and to bring about lasting peace and love, changed the direction of this world. All the ancient prophets predicted annihilation of this planet around the year 2000; but those predictions were cast aside and overridden by the peaceful outpouring of the harmonic convergence intentions of a few hundred thousand. This ground swelling of intention continues to create a better world and to end destruction of this planet and conflict has grown to massive proportions.

We are part of an enormous movement to create a thousand years of peace and with it, a human body that is shifting and improving to be in alignment with that next step. We stand on the threshold of human species evolution. We are becoming the missing link to the next type of human. When science looks back, they will see a giant shift in consciousness that resulted in human adaptation to mind travel, psychic abilities, telepathy, community connectedness, peace, interstellar communication and a inclusion in the community of galaxies of non humans. We will take our well earned and rightful place among the peoples of the stars.

Our little planet and we on it are ascending into the embrace of the galactic union. Others have gone before us, the Mayan, the Incans, and other native groups who lived in spiritual awareness. Those Earth civilizations have joined non Earth cultures in a spiritual dimension of existence. Do not doubt they still exist, for energy does not die, it simply is transformed. The rest of the universes’ beings are present though many cannot yet see them, to witness this never before accomplished transition of an entire planet into its higher vibration.

One scientific principle states that a thing by observation is changed. These higher vibrational beings from many dimensions have come to witness our changes. They are in awe of us. By their observation they help change us for the better. So too, these grand beings are assisting us without interference. Much like when you go to a concert your love, joy and happiness are food for the performers and their performance changes based on the audience. So too our changes are assisted by these intergalactic observers.

We are supported by the new light that is beaming onto this planet now. Yes, our sun has changed. It is now putting out light different from before. Its vibrations and energies are creating prana that surrounds us and allows us to breathe in this ‘food’ that helps us shift.

We are changing. Thank heavens. Just don’t worry. Twinges, discomfort and shifts both of us and the planet are normal. If you add fear then that is your journey. If you add understanding, allowance and ease, that will be your experience. Stay calm. We are all in this together. It’s the best ride of our lives and we signed up for it before we came into these bodies. What a ride! Let’s make it amazing by focusing on Love. After all, it is a birth we’re witnessing!.