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Monday, December 5, 2011


Consider that we envision guides and angels and dimensional beings in a certain way. Those imaginings are the result of art from past centuries and from others. Consider such concepts are merely a cloak used to grant us less fear. Some of these beings have humanoid forms under their cloaks. Some do not.

We ourselves are wearing such a cloak. We begin now to see our own true natures. Some of us have humanoid forms under our own cloaks; some do not.

The humanoid form is the most prevalent template in all the universes, though it has variations. Some have enlarged heads due to increase in brain capacity. Some forms are hairless. Some have more or less digits: toes and fingers. Some are different colors. Eyes may be larger or smaller. Noses, ears and mouths may be non existent or merely slits. Some have no form at all but are globes or arcs of swirling or static energy and light. Some are simply sensed with no visible form.

So much of our imaginings are images imposed by external sources: art, conversations, religious training, misinterpreted ancient scripts or modern graphics.

To create original thought we must put away old ideas and simply allow for new ones to appear. Original thought is not isolated or unique in consciousness. Many inventions appeared simultaneously worldwide by those able to draw in the energy to make them real, to give form to their impressions and insights.

Use your internal eyes and peel off your cloak.

You did not originate from this planet. Your star brothers and sisters will remind you as they soon put in their long awaited appearance. We are to be welcomed into the arms of the greater universes as our consciousness rises above the third dimensional cloud of unloving behavior. We are being welcomed back into Love, compassion and Unity. We will be more aware of our multi existences without being overwhelmed. Simply compare these coming times to your dream states. Things aren’t sequential. Many disconnected things happen as you rapidly shift your focus in your dreams. We get along just fine in our dreams. It’s easy because our dreams allow us to experience our real multidimensional selves.

Because you are multidimensional, you exist in other places right now, in our waking state. We just don’t give it our focus, or belief. Nevertheless, it is real. You may not understand physics or microwaves or photosynthesis of plants exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide, but they are real. They exist here now and are processes going on without your need to focus. Your body is running without your paying attention to it. Soon we will take charge and direct our bodies how we want them to run. Right now many of us are directing our DNA to repattern itself to copy its unconsciously remembered perfect pattern. Simply acknowledge there is a perfect pattern of your DNA existing somewhere, somewhen, somehow. Then instruct your current subconscious to reach out, and overlay that perfect pattern on your now DNA. You can. You are multidimensional. You exist everywhere, everywhen, everyhow. Don’t argue. There is nothing to lose by the imagining of it. We are moving into the place of creation by choice. We thus step into our true power as galactic beings.

So take off your old cloak and see one of your galactic selves that exist simultaneously under it. We are so much more than we yet think.

Don’t worry. You can put your old cloak on if you scare yourself and pretend you are limited. It’s an option. But the imaginings to be explored are mind boggling. We are creators in creative universe. Create. Play. Uncloak. It’s an option.

These are truly exciting times to have chosen to be here.