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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Car problem

Long ago I had a Jaguar XKE. I loved that car. I learned to drive it based on the RPMs, aligning with the fine machine it was. Thus I knew when my little Mazda was running at 5,000 RPMs I had a problem. I was 100 miles from home with still 100 miles to go. I’d picked up my girlfriend, another psychic, on the way to do an Expo event in Portland.

We were having a great time laughing and chatting when I noticed the excessively high RPMs and I freaked. The gauge hadn’t red-lined yet but I had!  Massive fear. Oh NO! We might not be able to get to the expo.  I’d have to deal with a broken down car?  What did I have to do? Could I fix it and limp into Portland? I was in the middle of a stretch of freeway far from big cities.

I called the transmission man I’ve used before. I’d left a message for him two weeks prior but got no reply. Thankfully he was in. After explaining, he suggested I go to a gas station and add transmission fluid.  Ok. So I took the next exit showing a gas station. We were in ‘Nowhereville’! Then the sign said 3 miles to the gas station!  WHAT? Never before was a gas station so far from the freeway exit.

On that three mile road I asked my companion if she thought this was the right thing to do. We were headed into back country, tiny town world. She didn’t answer yes or no; just talked about the odd distance.  She just held the space. She wasn’t panicked.  I was. I felt responsible for not following up on that transmission question from two weeks before when I was told the fluid was leaking.

If you knew how much car problems panic me, you’ll get how stressed I was. All sorts of imaginings were going through my mind. Prepaid booth at the Expo wasted. Cost of towing. Lost time. Anger at the secretary not forwarding my message/inquiry to the repair person. Disappointing my friend. Responsibility. The looming unknown and my continual  throwing of fuel on my burning fire of fear.

Then on that very long three mile road to the unknown my brain woke up. “Wait a minute” I shouted. “I can create a different outcome! Oh my god, what am I doing?  I’m going to envision some attendant at this gas station who probably isn’t really a mechanic but who loves cars and knows all sorts of things about them.  He’s going to be able to do everything I need and make it all OK. That’s the reality I want!”  I was passionate. I visualized. I KNEW I could do this. I KNEW I was the creator of what would happen. I was shocked at the road I was traveling down with all my fears. That long three mile road gave me the opportunity to shift. (get it?  Shift is what a transmission does!)

We drove into the little two pump ‘station’ with the ever present snack food grocery store. Parking right in front, I went in to find my white knight; the person who knew it all. The clerks were the owners and there was no help there. A young man was checking out with his purchase and I asked if he knew where I could get my transmission looked at as the RPMs were excessive. He said I could go back to the nearest town some 20 miles away. I said “Thanks.” and went back to my car.  No white knight… but I’d shifted, so something would turn up.

I didn’t even know where exactly one added the transmission fluid or what kind to get.  My friend was calling her husband and he was giving her instructions. I got the car manual out and was reading. The same young man came out of the store and passed my car. He then stopped and turned around “Is THIS your car?” he asked. “Yes” I replied.  “Pop the hood for me.” he said. He knew where, how, what. He got a paper towel from the dispenser to clean off the dip stick. He read the manual and then went back inside the store and got the right fluid. I didn’t even know such stores sold transmission fluid. I paid for it. He grabbed a funnel. I never even thought of a funnel. I was going to pay for the funnel too and discovered it was paper and free! Standard in such places. So he poured enough fluid in my transmission, rechecked the dipstick and closed the lid.

It was all done. I wanted to offer money so I did and he put his arms up in the air, palms outward to stop me and said “NO!”  I asked his name. It was Tim. I’ll never forget Tim. I introduced my self and shook his hand thanking him so very much. He turned and walked away. My friend said he had a huge grin on his face.

So did I.

We are in a time of super fast creating. I was offered an experience to demonstrate it to myself. I loved the shifting metaphor. We are so much more powerful than we realize. We can shift our fears in a moment if we’ll pay attention, make a decision to do it differently and then create what we want.

Aren't these amazing times!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trusting Yourself

Following a girlfriend in my car, she stopped to tell me my right headlamp was out. Yikes, no wonder I’d been having a problem driving at night. I knew it was an easy fix. I’d go to the parts store and get a new bulb.

In the back of my mind I kept thinking it was too soon to have to replace that bulb.  It had only been a year. They should last longer. You know that nagging feeling. You need to listen to it.

Got the bulb and couldn’t get the dang thing in. Replacing it myself should have been easy, but there was this obnoxious little metal clip that you either needed a special tool or a Schwarzenegger to remove. I didn’t have either one. Ok, I’d get help. I stopped in a collision repair place that had been so helpful before. He offered to replace the bulb for free.  Wonderful; I knew this would be easy!

The light bulb receptacle was fried; this wonderful man was preventing me from having an electrical fire in my car. He sent me to the car dealership to get the part.

Fish on the Line
The parts man says the little plug part isn’t separate from the entire headlight and costs $495.00!  I was shocked.  It didn’t feel right. It didn’t make sense. I didn’t need new; I’d just get a used part.  The nice parts man suggested a place and gave me the number. That man tried to reel in a big fish, me, telling me it was $250.00 and that he might be able to cut some piece out of an old car and only charge me $75.00.  This fish wasn’t biting. It still didn’t make sense. I was stymied. I needed more information.

Tracking it down
I called my car repairman. He sent me to an auto parts store where it was solved and my entire bill was $7.50.  Yup, a teeny fraction of the quoted costs by the big boys, the ones who know and the ones whom we thought we could trust and who should have known.  Stupidly or set up; it doesn’t matter. My car repairman installed it all for $20.00. All this was resolved within a couple hours.

We create
It’s up to us to use our heads, stay in touch with our sense of things and keep searching. I won’t waste my time speculating about their motives; none of them was complimentary. I know I get to have the reality I feel reflects me.  If I felt like a victim all the time, I’d have created a different outcome.  But I don’t feel like a victim.  I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can have a reality based on fairness, love, harmony and joy.

I know I can trust myself. That is the point nowadays; learn to trust yourself, no matter what or who is telling you anything. If you trust yourself, you don’t have to trust others. You will be in charge, in alignment, in synch with all that is. This is your divinity. Learn to trust yourself. If something feels loving, it’s in alignment. If not, let it go. Get more information. Trust yourself to know.

Moral of the story.
You don’t have to do everything yourself; others can often do it better.
Getting stymied can be a good thing. Stop judging a situation; it needs to be played out in full.
Don’t trust the first diagnosis. Trust yourself.  Keep asking questions
If you can’t make a decision, you probably need more information.

Just a car
My friend recently survived breast cancer treatment only to learn she didn’t have breast cancer. Second opinions are essential in a world where most are overwhelmed and overworked. This was just a car and just a headlamp, but it could have been a medical diagnosis or an expensive home repair. Make sure you take your power back when someone seems to know it all and apply your intuition and common sense to any situation. Learn more. Trust yourself.