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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm off to BE the Wizard!

I can't believe ... no, change that ... I CAN believe how fabulous my 'job' is. I love what I do. I can't really even call it a job. When I do psychic fairs I always think "I'm off to BE the wizard!" I don't take myself too seriously, as you can see. People come to me for psychic and spiritual readings. These are really consultations applying spiritual and personal growth teachings. Most I have learned from fabulous teachers and from reading hundreds of books. Other information comes to me through meditations or as a download of information in a whole package. It's as tho I tie into an extraordinary pool of knowledge and literally download an entire teaching in order to deliver it in that single moment to that one person in front of me that has triggered its access. I always tell people I am triggered by questions. I have a contract with the Universe to be able to access answers for questions I am asked. Sometimes it just blows me away.

But even with all that, the most incredible thing that happens in a reading is that I get to see the Divinity within the person sitting before me. It blows me away. It doesn't always happen, but it happened a lot on my recent trip to Canada. I believe it is a function of combined raised vibrations, mine and the client's, as well as the general uplifting of Planet Earth's vibrations. You must have felt it too. It seems like everywhere there are people talking about God, or creating their own reality or choosing and taking responsibility. I look at newstands and TV shows and there are so many now about talking to the dead, or living hundreds of years, or psychics.

A lot of Light
Several times during the weekend someone would come and ask an ordinary question, and I could see a light coming from within them, a huge light. I didn't see it with my external eyes, but with internal vision... I just knew. The light would become brighter as I focused on it and here I was speaking to this stranger witnessing their Divinity with this all encompassing light. Then tears begin to fall down my cheeks and I cannot talk without my voice breaking up. It is such an openness, so loving that it surpasses all words. These people are a gift to our planet. There are many of them here. Maybe you are one of them. Maybe you don't know yet.

Wierdness in a Restaurant
Recently while sitting in a restaurant with a friend, I swear I could 'see' a huge Golden angel standing nearby. My friend said she noticed something, like a shimmer, too. We agreed that it was 15 feet tall. Can it be that the proverbial veil is thinning so we can see light and consciousness in a new way? I think so. We only see one percent of the entire light spectrum, so according to the rest of the universe, we are blind. I think we are beginning to allow our eyes to be opened. Be prepared to be amazed. Love and Light have arrived right on time.

What a wonderful playground Earth is.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Sultan's Tent Experience

My favorite restaurant is in Calgary. It's a fabulous Morroccan restaurant that like the phoenix, rose again from the ashes of a fire. They have relocated and it's as fabulous as ever. I've tried for 4 years to get back there. First it was totally booked due to the Calgary Stampede extravaganza, then it burned and was closed.

Tonite I had the most fabulous experience. Let me explain eating Morroccan. You eat with your hands. That's right, no utensils. They bring an ornate metal basin to your table and a matching water pitcher filled with lukewarm orange scented water. They pour the water over your hands and you wash them before eating; wiping them on the lovely big towel/napkin they provide each of you. The scent is delightful, not overpowering. You only eat the food with your right hand. This is traditional in most Eastern cultures.

They do provide a bread to pick up the bits of food by using your thumb to push the food into the bread and pinching it together and pop it into your mouth. Oh YUM.

The salad is actually four salads on one plate: beets, an incredible potato salad, a chopped tomato with herbs and a bean salad. They all were lightly oiled and spiced.

The soup was next... a delicious, full flavored tomato based vegetable soup with lentils, saffron and chickpeas and cardamom and cloves. It smelled as good as it tasted.

The next course was the most fabulous. It was an appetizer for two, b'stilla, a 'chicken pie'... a good name for it, but not your mother's pie. First the 'crust' is filo dough, that light flakey pastry dough. The pie was stuffed with crushed almonds, walnuts, pistaschios and many sweet spices, chicken from a roasted cornish game hen and it was about 6 inches around and cut into diamond shapes. Hot from the oven you didn't know whether or not to eat it or just smell the aroma for an hour or two.

The main course of tender, succulant lamb with sweet spices, cloves and saffron and plump apricots and prunes cooked into a delicious, tantalizing sauce with the consistency of honey.

During all this hedonistic extravagaza, I drank the lovely mint tea with just a hint of honey, poured into a glass cup with no handle. The pouring is dramatic, with the server raising the teapot four feet above the glass, showing her expertise in the art of tea.

Desert was similar to baklava, the mid-Eastern dessert, but not nearly as sweet, so it was lighter and drier... a lovely finish of crushed nuts, filo dough and orange essence.

My high esteem and my unmatchable memories of my many previous experiences at this amazing restaurant were totally exceeded again!

My hostess went there for her very first experience the day it reopened and loved it. You will too.

If you're ever in Calgary, Canada, give The Sultan's Tent a try.
You won't be disappointed!
I love Calgary!!!

So What's Up With Chaos?

In March I did readings at two psychic fairs in the Seattle area, one in Kent and one at the Seattle Center. The odd thing about the Seattle Center one was that the Tarot Card reflecting the dramatic changes and shifts of Chaos, known as the Tower card, showed up in almost everyone's readings. Now when themes and streams of connections happen at Expos and events and in groups of readings, I know to pay attention. The Tower card means cataclysmic change that shakes one's belief systems and the foundations that one has built one's life upon. It can mean a physical health problem, tho in this case that didn't seem reasonable since most had the card show up. It can mean earth related disaster, earthquake, fire, flood, etc. My sense is that it MAY only PARTLY mean this. I do sense that we are talking earthquake here, tho with minimal property damage and little or no loss of life.

My real sense is that it means a HUGE shift in consciousness triggered by a spiritual event that cannot be ignored. So what would that look like? I'm sure some of you out there have had strange events or coincidences or inexplicable happenings occur. The movie, The Secret, shifted a lot of people's thinking to align with the idea that we can create our reality. Now, Oprah is interviewing Eckhart Tolle live on her internet broadcast and over 30 million have downloaded the interviews!!!! Now there's a shift in consciousness that's cataclysmic!!!!!

Long ago Nostradamus predicted disasters UNLESS WE SHIFTED OUR CONSCIOUSNESS and learned to create out of love, not fear. This is the time. We are shifting. I feel we are on the verge of awakening to an awareness in which we are all connected as we begin to love ourselves and then cannot help but love our neighbors. This is the beginning of Peace. Awakened consciousness that focuses on love will tear down the old systems of hate and control and war.... the huge 'earthquake'that shifts may just be in our heads and it's a marvelous wake up call!!! Each person will create very individual realities that reflect their state of mind: fear or love. We are truly moving into a time of being able to communicate by telepathy, to communicate with interplanetary wisdom and to be able to see in new ways. Remember we only see 1% of the spectrum of light, so the rest of the universe sees us as blind! What wondrous things await our growth into than next awareness!

Welcome to the world of Peace! Let the chaos of transformational change bring about new thinking that embraces wholeness and Love. Let's hear it for this kind of Chaos!