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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Programming Happiness

I was 40 years old and sat weeping, something I’d always tried to avoid. Why was this happening to me? I thought I was a decent, honest person. I couldn’t figure it out.

I was in the middle of a twenty five million dollar bankruptcy splashed all over the front pages of the newspaper. Over and over I asked myself what I had done wrong and why such public humiliation. I was a problem solver but I couldn’t solve a crackdown on investors, a bank failure and a law change all at once. But my story is just history now with the musty details on my website.

I tell you these things because many of you are facing similar situations. You might not have as many zeros after the twenty five, but the pain feels exactly the same. You are still a good person. You are still decent and caring. If you are spending your feelings on fear and failure, it is a luxury you cannot afford.

Your attitude is what will change everything for you. Your situation is a door opening as much as it is a door closing. An opportunity is before you as you step into the unknown. That’s the whole point; it’s unknown, so embrace it instead of fearing it. You have become a traveler in a foreign land. You can be scared of your new experience or you can enjoy the sheer excitement of travel.

After her husband was laid off, my good friend wrote “Wahoo! A vacation!” Now that’s attitude! Such outlook will bring a speedy and happy resolution. She is creating her next now of joy by being in joy in this now.

Be calm. Be at peace. Breathe. Know you are so much more than this experience. It will pass. Know you can create the life you truly desire by filling your thoughts and heart with love and gratitude.

Shifting Fear
Gratitude is much undervalued. It is the surest and quickest way to shift your sadness and pain. In truth there is much to be grateful for: health, freedom, potential, options and a chance to start over. Remember when you finished school and the whole world awaited you? It still does! Recapture that feeling. Perhaps you’ve taken a path that had you boxed in, debt-ridden or drowning in responsibility. The loss is difficult, but you’re finally free again! You have created another chance. You are birthing a new you.

Reviving Joy
Even if you’ve never been in your crisis situation before, fear is only one option. If you’re facing bankruptcy, losing your home or been diagnosed with cancer, know happiness is still accessible and alive inside you. Choose it as your focus. It is a bottomless well forgotten for the moment. You can revive this well of happiness with tears and laughter. Let your emotions flow.

Tears are the diamonds of the universe. Spirits from all dimensions watch in awe when we cry, for they have not the ability to express such deep love. Your tears of sadness and pain are pure, liquid gems pouring forth deep, unstoppable love from within. You are the source of this endless and eternal well. You are love; and love is your true nature. There will be a payoff.

The Payoff
Your biggest payoff will occur when you stop asking why this is happening to you and begin asking how you created it. Knowing how you created it empowers you giving you the tools to create what you prefer. Nothing is ever being done to you, although it feels like it. In truth, it is all being done for you. There is a secret formula you can use that works every time to shift your perspective.

The Secret
How to program happiness step by step.
1.Listen to your thoughts. Ask if these are the ones you want to be thinking.
2.Don’t judge them. Judgment stops the flow.
3.Choose memories that recall delicious thoughts of abundance, joy, love or health.
4.Feel the feelings associated with those memories. This is the important part.
5.Stay in those feelings for 17 seconds and the magnetic field emanating from you shifts.
6.Stay in those feelings for more than 17 seconds and you draw more of those same feeling to you in new situations, people and circumstances.

Congratulations! You have made the shift. Miracles will begin to happen because you are now consciously programming your life.

This secret formula puts you back in control. Practice feeling the feelings you prefer for only two minutes every hour and watch how your life changes. It’s the most rewarding homework you’ll ever do. You’re already feeding emotions unconsciously. If you continue feeling depressed or victimized, you will create more of it. Choose empowerment by choosing your feelings.

Planetary Birth
The whole planet is moving through birth pains as we approach 2012. Together we are birthing something new, a higher consciousness we have only imagined. The excitement is powerful. The fear can be overwhelming. Change is simultaneously scary and exhilarating. The potential is no less than stupendous! Your choice to love and embrace the coming unknown reverberates through the planet and out into the universe. It will change everything and help bring about the Golden Age of Consciousness.

Move beyond your perceived limitations by embracing your fears and then choosing the feeling you prefer. It will move you through your crisis. You are more, much more than you yet know. You are a powerful creator. You have universes within you. You are radiant and light filled. You are love.

Love and joy live within you. So do fear and sadness. The one you feed will determine your life and the planet’s. Step into your power. Ride the crisis through the new doorway and embrace your potential. Then hold the door open for those who will follow you and together we will change the universe.