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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Current Energy Shifts

from http://www.crystalinks.com/navysky.htm
Are you feeling it? More synchronicity. More awareness. People waking up. Mixed office groups coming together in unification of intent. Surprising groups seeking alternative healing and healthier eating. McDonalds profits falling. Chipotle restaurant chain saying no to GMO foods. Things feel lighter, like waking up to a beautiful clear morning after an intense thunder and lightening storm.

Notes in the Corners

It’s here. A real shift is occurring. My friend lives in an area with lots of water around her, and underground springs and streams. Rains and snow melt as well as others’ moods result in constant shifts in the energy and magnetics around her. She keeps small papers with loving intentions like peace, love, balance, health, gratitude and joy written on them and placed in the corners of her house. She needs to make adjustments more often now due to the frequent shifts simply by rewriting and thus renewing those energies and intentions.

When she has unsettling dreams she knows it’s time to reinforce the notes in the corners. Then an eagle swoops down in a flying bypass at window height! Aaaah, clearly the energies are renewed and balanced. Thus she moves through shifts with grace and ease. Her rebalancing the energies affects all those around her too. Energy doesn’t stay contained and limited. Happy and balanced, she is a gift to the neighborhood, though they don’t even know it. But on a subtle level, they are positively affected.

Growth and Change
Another friend is highly sensitive and open to energy and vibrations. As she changed her personal world with herbal teas and organic foods and dealt with her dairy and food allergies, she came to understand health in a new way. Next she came across homeopathics and realized extreme value in their subtle energies and powerful results.

Health Scare Does It
Then she had a health scare and was taken by ambulance from work to hospital.
Many medical tests and doctors appointments later, there was no improvement. They had no clue what was happening. They did however prescribe pills and made untold additional Dr appointments.  Dizziness and heart palpitations prevented her from driving for over two months, greatly incapacitating her. A nurse drawing blood caused an additional month’s pain in her arm and hand. She was determined to get healthy and find a better way. She did not take the pills and stopped the hamster wheel of Dr appointments.

She went to a Chinese herbalist and a chiropractor. After one session with the chiropractor who specialized in Axis work, her dizziness was 50% reduced. Two more sessions and it was gone. She was simply out of alignment. Being as sensitive as she is, it was very pronounced. Her body was shouting to get her attention to get it rebalanced. And so she began her new journey from natural herb teas to homeopathics to the sister therapies of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.

Healing Tools
Now she’s healing her allergies, headaches, arthritic knee and whatever else appears out of balance. Following ancient recipes and her own intuition, she’s preparing salves, oils, personal balms, hot flash remedies, dry skin creams, dandruff preparations and many more natural solutions for herself and her family.

She works in a male dominant heavy construction company and has brought her Celtic Salt and herbal teas into the office. At first just for her, but she offered it freely to all to try and brought many other new tastes and choices for them. No one there had ever had Bilberry Tea for better eyesight, or feverfew tea for headaches or Rooibos non caffeinated flavored teas or Comfrey for ‘what ails you’ or even Earl Grey tea that wasn’t in a tea bag and tasted so different that co workers exclaimed how fabulous it was. They tell her when they’re out of teas or the Celtic salt because they don’t want that ‘regular stuff’.

Make It Personal
She bought special mugs and tea infusers for them. She made it personal and fun. Then she began using her ointments and creams. When she made a roll-on preparation that heals her arthritic knee, another in the office asked to use it. And so another knee was helped. A male co-worker asked for a skin cream for his eczema; another for a cough, flu, colds and all manner of things. Her whole office is now involved and seeing results.

Follow Your Passion
All this happened because of a personal passion for health and a willingness to share. She doesn’t charge for any of this. She gifted the cups and infusers, brings  many varieties of teas and freely gives what’s asked for. Each one has received a personalized gift of essential oils, specifically designed for them and based on one specific scent they selected from her many essential oils.

These are the old ways, natural, free of man made chemicals, available to everyone at minimal cost, like homeopathic remedies.

The Used-To-Be Grumpy Boss
A few years ago her boss came in very grumpy. She told him “You have a choice every day when you get out of bed. You can say wow, it’s a new day and I’m going to be happy or I’m unhappy and angry.” She began noticing a difference in him. Just yesterday, years later, he was telling the story to a group at work saying “I don’t remember who told me this, but you have a choice every day when you get out of bed…..”. My friend was there, silent and smiling.

Everyone Wins
She is giving the gift of expanding perspectives to everyone in her office. Everyone’s vibrations are uplifted. We make a difference anywhere and everywhere. We are much more than we think we are.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Awake and Aware

An email friend asked if I knew what was going on in the world. She asked because all the emails I seem to send are jokes, pretty pictures and spiritual messages.

So let me say, yes, indeed I know what’s going on in the world… from my perspective.
On some level everyone does. Everyone has a perspective.

More and more people on this planet are awake. They are awake to truths. They use their inquiring minds to ask hard questions and seek answers. They go beyond the carefully orchestrated media offerings and anchor Light, Love and Knowing in their homes and work places.

When we know truths, we are not required to expose them. It’s not a matter of secrets, but a matter of discernment. You disclose information in appropriate places and ways without creating fear. This column is a good place to discuss some of these issues. Always it must be done in the vibration of love.

Each will arrive at truth when the timing is right. As more of the new Light comes onto this planet our vibrations increase and truth will be recognized. It can’t be avoided.
This planet’s vibrations are increasing and with it truth, joy, love, peace and light. Even these words themselves have the highest vibration of all words.

All beings and all situations are spiritual. It is the nature of existence. So there is no topic, situation or subject that is not open to discussion in a spiritual way. That means looking at scary topics from a higher perspective. ALL that exists is already spiritual. There is nothing that is not! Spirituality is not isolated from life. They are most intimately entwined.

Therefore it is from a spiritual perspective that we look at Team Dark’s agenda to control this planet. Team Dark is an elitist hierarchy that has subverted media, medical, education, food, religions, government and finance; globally. This group of elitists has been the source of poverty, hate, war, starvation, mind control, lethal toxins both injected and sprayed and is now portraying itself as the global savior by offering to take the reins of unified, one world control.

The levels of deceit, truth twisting through controlled media, money thievery and crimes against humanity committed to accomplish this very, very, very, very, long premeditated plan are so insidious, it is easy to dismiss them as conspiracy theories. Indeed, they are not. The moves made through history remind me of a very intricate chess board where plays are thought out far in advance.

On the other hand, Team Light is in support of awakening, self empowerment, free will and enlightenment by working to end the entrenched toxification of our planet by these elitists. When people are deeply asleep, they are startled when first awakened. Thus to not engender fear, these loving beings with Team Light use gentle means to slowly wake us up. Little by little transparency is happening with alternative talk shows, internet whistle blowers and disclosure websites.

The internet is full of information…. and disinformation. You must be discerning. You are aware enough to be so, as long as you stay out of fear. If a website makes you anxious or fearful, STOP reading it.  Check inside with your gut, your intuition, and you will see the fear triggers. If a teacher or website or media person says ‘only’, ‘should’ or ‘have to’; please be aware these comments dismiss free will! There is always choice! (Ok, you may ‘have to’ eat to live, but then again, there are Breatharians who swear you can live on air… personally I can’t yet and don’t want to. I’m not giving up banana splits!)

Once you begin to unravel a single thread, the house of cards tumbles down, revealing the truth. It is overwhelming if taken in one gulp… so begin educating yourself with one   Just one. Track it down. Intuit the truth and extract the pieces that fit. It’s much like a jigsaw puzzle. You keep adding one piece at a time until you see the whole picture.

simple thing that just doesn’t seem right to you.

Taking a single topic in small bites is easier to understand it and then surround it with light. Yeah, sounds airy-fairy, but manipulation of energy and light are real. We are powerful when we use our light to enlighten things.

The children of this planet are the future and they bring our future in their DNA. They are a new breed genetically. They take in Light differently. They are free of many old ideas like karma, racial hate, have tos and shoulds. They are asking questions, seeking and providing new answers medically, environmentally, socially and politically. They have intentions to make the planet whole, healthy and peaceful. Look to them as leaders intent on global and galactic unity, not control.

As light workers what can we do? We can make sure that if we are upset with a neighbor or co-worker, we bring peaceful resolution to the situation. War, conflict and hate can end with us, in each sticky situation. When we find the way to peace, so will the planet.

You are the seed of a new vision. A whole world opens up when you begin to seek.
 Credit: http://partofthearth.blogspot.com

Create joy… it’s always an option.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Inspiration and Intuition: A Tarot Workshop

Dolly Mae is offering a Tarot Weekend Workshop January 23-25, 2015.
Friday night from 7-10PM. Saturday from 10AM -5PM and Sunday from 11AM to 5PM.

Tarot is the journey of awakening your consciousness into spectacular communication with Infinite Wisdom. The pictures on the cards, whatever deck you resonate with, are archetypal triggers to aid in your personal growth mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
There are no bad cards, just fear, asking to be moved through and overcome.

We’ll be learning the teachings of Ra as he taught tarot in the temples of Ancient Egypt.
Here’s a mini tarot reading about the experiences to be had in this seminar.
I’ve shown each card from three different decks so you can see variety and look them up yourself.

First card:  The Hierophant from 3 different decks     


This is the passing down of ancient wisdom. It asks you to choose between the absorbing of wisdom for yourself or the radiating of it as you, the Adept, move forward in your journey. Through just being yourself you offer what you have gained to anyone in your auric field.

Second Card: The Ten of Swords from 3 different decks


This is a mind bending shift in mental concepts about who you are. You are being asked to face your soul and overcome your greatest fears. This is a turning point as you freely open your mind to knowledge to make leaps in your personal growth. You let go of old concepts that no longer serve you. You no longer have to protect yourself from change.

Final Card: The Death Card from 3 different decks

This is Rebirth; transformation on a grand scale where you let go of the old ways of being and embrace a new you. You die an old aspect of yourself that no longer serves you.

Summary: In this Workshop as you gain the wisdom of the Hierophant card and move through the Dark Night of The Soul of the 10 of Swords, you transform yourself physically. Your DNA shifts to embrace more light and activates the pineal gland in the same transformation the ancient Egyptians experienced in the Pyramids.

Workshop info

Location: Olympia, WA (private residence info to be provided.)

Dates and Times: Friday night from 7-10PM. 
Saturday from 10AM -5PM and 
Sunday from 11AM to 5PM.

Details: Lots of handouts;  you'll use your intuition in class readings; learn card meanings, unveil the hidden aspects and symbols; learn ancient wisdom that shifts your consciousness; connect with ancient wisdom and make it new and relevant;  access and apply your own internal guidance.

Cost: $300. Cash, check or credit cards
Contact Dolly Mae dolly@dollymae.com or call 206.992.2074 to reserve your space.

Dolly Mae is passionate about Tarot and what it means way beyond predictions. She's been teaching and seeing clients all over the world for over 20 years. She is available for consultations by appointment.