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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bumps and Bliss

Bumps are sometimes fun!

This email from a dear friend touches on so many of our own fears and feelings.

Dear Dolly,
I seem to be giving myself a bumpy time physically, mentally and moneywise!!!! I think I've sorted something out and something else pops out of the wood work. I am up and down like a yoyo very contented and almost blissful then down in a deep pool of treacle mud. Spiritually I have no idea how I'm doing or where I'm at.
Death is in my mind quite a bit but I think it’s more a fear of going into a hospital. We hear such horrid things about the neglect of the old. This all sounds gloomy as a re-read my writing BUT mostly I am very positive in my outlook. What I want is to release all blockages and go to my next adventure free of all baggage. Blessings E

Dear E,
Your journey through the muddy treacle is just one way of experiencing. We choose ups and downs in order to compare and experience extremes on the continuum of life. It makes life interesting. We might be bored otherwise. And we make more informed choices.

We each do this to some degree. Hence one person’s life seems dull and plodding. Others blaze through an incarnation like a fiery comet. Finding balance between the extremes is the point of the journey. Some choices are holdovers from prior lives influencing our desires for calmness or excitement in this one. Other times they are simply this life’s choices.

When you are in pain or feeling down in the dumps, it is imperative to continue your spiritual practice, even only ten minutes a day, but regularly. If you don’t see daily gain you may wish to quit; but the overall result creates both a safety net in times of distress and offerings of breakthrough and growth.

As to death, your thoughts seem quite normal to me. I do not know what I will think and feel when I am your age, but death might figure in my thoughts more often. We dream ahead, peeking in at a possible future: after college, after marriage and after life. They are important stages of transformation and it is natural.

I am intrigued by your desire to release all blockages, as if that were possible. Those on this planet who have attained something approaching that live apart, outside of the consciousness of the masses. They are Lamas, monks, or ascetics. 
Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Das
For me, occasional times of complete detachment suffice; rather than a steady diet of separation.

Movement away from blockages is achieved by movement towards inner knowing of ourselves as aspects of God. Thus conscious thoughts, words and conduct become our daily practice in self improvement.

We are both human and divine. We can choose to see ourselves as multi-dimensional, incorporating past life personality aspects as part of our consciousness now. As multi-dimensional beings we exist not only in our limited human body, but simultaneously as other selves with higher awareness. To live more fully and embrace these grander parts of us is the goal, rather than to release things as though they are holding us back.

To focus on releasing our problems keeps us focused on our problems. To embrace our divinity keeps us focused on bliss.

When we die we will naturally and automatically have ‘released’ our blocks! Such baggage will simply disappear in the light of our re-attained higher vibrations. If we choose to re-experience these limitations we can take them on again in another life or aspect. 

Whether in a physical body or in our spirit form, our focus is best applied in embracing our divinity. Love is the guide. Bliss is the result.

We are much more than we think.