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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gulf Oil Response

Just as Mother Earth renews herself, we too are changing, renewing ourselves. Much that was repressed and forgotten, deeply buried within us is bubbling up. The oil from the depths that has the power to change a great deal is a metaphor for the great shifts within the human life form. We are changing to light beings that can handle 12 times more light than our original DNA could. To do this light will inevitably shine on our darkest aspects. Planetary hate, greed and abuse of people and power will come to the light, as we see daily happening. The oil spill, welling up from below, is its metaphor.

All is not lost. In fact, newness surrounds us; comes from deep within us.

Liken this to Mt St Helen's eruption. Scientists could 'prove' its devestation woul take aeons to recover. It took less than 2 yrs to begin; and 10 yrs it was astounding. Twenty five yrs later, we must be reminded it ever happened. Lives were lost, tho very few, but important to each one. The old man on the mountain, sitting in his lodge, represents the old way of hanging on no matter what the level of change being offered. He was resistance incarnate.

In this event too, there will be loss of life and other things of great value. The earth is birthing her own change….as are we.

You have a choice here to add to the sum of love on this planet or of fear. Love is simply letting go of fear. You cannot fear and love at the same time. Choose. We know our focus is an aspect of creation; so simply shift focus to what is loving. Know that our Mother Earth will heal. The animal life will recover. Things will change. Shift your focus to love. Love what is. Love what will be. Love the changes. Fear and judgment stop the flow and refuse to see any possibilities for positive outcome. We do not have to know what that outcome is. We have only to remain in loving trust that there is a greater story and that the larger picture is positive, for it is. Trust the process.

You have a choice before you. You can sit in the gut wrenching pain of fear; or you can take conscious control of your mind and find something to love and focus on that. Know that the Mother is having contractions prior to the birth. We are with her. As midwives to this miracle, we are attending the coming change. Nothing like it has ever happened in the universes. Humans are waking up, taking their own consciousness in hand and directing it into creation of the next step. Choose well. You are the co-creator of the next moment in this event.

Bless this birthing. Ho'oponopono prayer is easy and amazing.

Please remove whatever it is within me that has created this experience.
I am truly sorry.
I ask forgiveness.
I thank you.
I love you.

Always you have choice in your reaction.
You are powerful, not powerless.
Your addition of love to this planet is powerful.

Believe it or not, this experience is so much better than what would have been happening had consciousness not gotten to this point!
Still it is difficult to watch death and dying. Still it is only the illusion of the temporary physicality of us. We are so much more.
All life is sentient, some more than others.
Our job is to love.
The heart expands to take all comers.
Let your heart open...

The answers to the problem are not to be found at the level of the problem. You can connect with the problem from the level of your open heart; Love. It heals.

It is your powerful choice.
Hold steady in your truth.
Know your love heals.