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About Dolly Mae

                         About Dolly Mae  

On the path for over 22 years I’ve picked up a few interesting bits of awareness.
I know you have too. Let’s share them.
I'm transitioning into the 5th Dimension. So are you.
Talks and articles are like a roadmap that shows what it's like.
Share your stories too.
This whole reality is now about Unity Consciousness.
We're in this together.
We're really all One; just aspects of the Great Oneness.
Hang on. It's quite a ride!
I'm glad you're here.

Everything below this feels like ancient history, no longer who I AM. I'm considering just deleting it. What do you think?
Dolly is a best selling author, a worldwide lecturer, a publisher, a TV and talk radio guest. She began her metaphysical journey during a $25,000,000 bankruptcy. She was an aggressive and successful business owner for 20 years, teaching thousands how to succeed financially. She was happy, but she didn’t know she was creating her life from her unconscious self until it all collapsed. In the process of seeking answers to “Why?” she unveiled her psychic abilities and ‘got the message’ studying with a marvelous master teacher.


Now, a full time spiritual intuitive counselor and lecturer, she teaches personal empowerment that integrates business and intuition. Her readings are introspective journeys that touch the heart and soul, unveiling deep-rooted belief systems that no longer serve the client or group. She teaches how to consciously choose joy in the midst of crisis.  Her work is about empowering one person at a time.


In 1974 Dolly started and operated a successful Real Estate enterprise acquiring housing in need of rehabilitation. She rehabbed hundreds of homes and apartments using her creative and intuitive abilities to redesign old buildings, cut costs and provide safe, comfortable, affordable housing in inner city locations. She created and operated hundreds of units for people recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, and many safe units for abused women and children. All this was done as a private investor without government assistance. At the peak of the business she owned several hundred units, ran a general contracting company and a property management team. For 18 years she trained and assisted thousands of people in the art of real estate acquisition, creative investing, financing and property management.


During the Savings and Loan fiasco of the 1980's when lending requirements were drastically changed by the Federal Government, her world crashed when several million dollars of guaranteed funds were withdrawn due to a bank failure. Nightmare years followed and were capped by bankruptcy where she lost everything. At her lowest point, there were 700 creditors demanding their money. Dolly began a focused and earnest search for a meaning to it all. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". And so hers did, a marvelous being of pure, unconditional love.


She chose to heal herself of fear’s anger and pain by practicing her teacher’s advice: "Choose joy, drink water and stay in the now." It was a baptism by fire, but one for which she is eternally grateful. She had been so busy working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, that there was little time for joy. The Universe had surely guided her to a new path. She came to understand in a most intimate way that in any moment you really can choose joy. Dolly chose not to play the role of a victim of her circumstances, but to recognize the gift in the situation, believing that nothing is good or bad: it just is.


Dolly has lectured and taught in Egypt, Bali, Greece, Peru, England, Ireland, throughout Canada and the US. She appears often on syndicated and cable TV. She lectures on a variety of topics including

Dimensions and their Octaves
Thinking Outside the Box 
Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis
Nameology, the Secrets in Your Name
Cracking the Dream Code
She lives near Seattle, Washington.