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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Upward Spiral

Recently a client wanted to know how to best deal with his constantly negative and overwhelming thoughts. They seemed to be running amok and spiraling out of control. They interrupted sleep, caused stress and ultimately physical discomfort.

Many people have a similar question. What to do about stress. How to handle the overwhelming horrors they see in the news. How to deal with personal and societal crises. 

The single thing you have control over is how you respond to a situation. You cannot always control the actual event but you can always choose your response.

Your conscious mind is not in control. Your subconscious is. Most let it run willy-nilly continually pouring negative and fear based thoughts into the consciousness. 
That way creates a downward spiral leading to stress, depression and ultimately physical distress. That is only one way.

You are in charge of your thinking. So take charge! How? By paying attention to what you are thinking and choosing a different thought. Yes, really. It’s that’s simple. Peacefulness is a thought away. When you are in the midst of the downward spiral of thinking, pay attention; see what you are doing. It is then you choose to insert a happy thought. But what? It seems tricky. It can be, but here is one surefire thought: Love your downward spiral! That’s it, just that one thought and the feeling of love attached to it can change everything.

Love and fear cannot exist in the same space. It’s either one or the other. Keep finding something to love and you’ll begin to lighten up. Find things to appreciate all around you: the heat, a roof over your head, friends, clothing, nice hair, a computer, a library. There are myriad things to appreciate. Once you start looking, thoughts spiral upward. Once you begin loving your frustrations, downward spiral thinking instantly shifts. Thus it begins. It is then up to you to create more appreciation and loving thoughts and feelings.

Right now begin writing down thoughts that bring you joy. You might write about things you have done, will do, would like to do, things you can never do but sound wonderful. Every hour, on the hour, for five minutes write about what brings you joy. You will begin to train your mind. Then when you catch yourself in that downward spiral, you will have a list to refer to for instant shifting into joy and the upward spiral.

Events such as the Merrie Monarch Festival, the Seahawks celebration parade, the Olympics festivities, Mardi Gras Carnival, birthday parties and anniversary galas all serve the Light in Love and Joy. These massive outpourings of unity consciousness, happiness and Love create such strong global vibrations they lift the consciousness of all. To share in such joy as an observer or participant moves you along that upward spiral.

When you laugh, give a compliment, help another, pet a kitten, play in the great outdoors, happily read a book or feel joy watching the sunrise, you affect the vibrations of the earth. You help create that upward spiral for all conscious beings. Indeed, you are much more than you think.

It is not necessary to delve into your fears because whatever you focus on you get more of. So you don’t want more fears. Instead, just replace the fearfulness with joy, appreciation, gratitude and love. Just love the fear!  That shifts it all. 

When you diet, if you focus on not being able to have that delicious apple pie, you feel lack, another word for fear. But if you focus on fresh apples and fresh pears and maybe try a melon or a new kind of fruit you seek out, the new focus becomes joy and again you shift it all. Yes there may still be desire for that pie AND there is joy in the new fruit. 

You are so much more than a negative thought. You are so much more than you think you are. Any negative or fearful or unhealthy or angry aspect of you is only one teeny tiny aspect of you. It is not the whole of you. You are so much more. Your true essence is Love. So love your fear. Love your anger. Love your indecision. By choosing to Love, the upward spiral is yours.

In every spiral is an upward and downward direction. It's up to you!

Choose Joy. It’s always an option.