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Friday, May 1, 2009

A Wedding at the Flower Show

At the Flower and Garden show this year I performed a wedding for my very good friends. They have been together 37 years. Due to government red tape and health, social security, etc issues, they finally decided to get married.

She is a fabulous artist and jeweler and has had a booth at the Flower and Garden Show for all 21 years of its existence. They wanted to be married on the anniversary of the day they met, but it was always during this show.

So they woke up 5 days before the event and said "Let's get married during the show, but only if Dolly can do the wedding then." I could! Everything in the universe conspired to creating its happening. NOTHING was planned.

No Bridezilla for my friend! Just go with the flow. And flow it did.

All the wedding vows were from inspiration at nite as I'd try to sleep. I'd mentally download (channel) a phrase and was compelled to write it down. Then I'd try to sleep... drifting softly another phrase would appear. And so it went til a lovely ceremony was framed. See vows below.

A couple at the same event, long time friends, aided and abetted. We walked around the show and found a delicious Balinese garden setting above. The owners of that beautiful space were deleriously happy we'd chosen them for the impromptu event.

They provided lovely fresh gardenia boutonnières for the couple and a stunning enormous spray of huge orchids for the brides bouquet! The setting alone was priceless, but those flowers were amazing... and orchids all over the 'set' too.

The groom does not own a suit. Many years ago when they first got together, the bride threw away his three suits.. they are hippies at heart! Raised in Hawaii, they still retain that Aloha spirit. Casual and authentic defines these two.

The abetting friend had aquired a tuxedo!! Yes, a tux. He guessed at the size, and it was pretty close, jsut a tad large. He spirited away the groom at the last minute, sprang the tux on him and got him dressed. In all the last minute haste, no one had remembered shirt studs! Again, the universe in the flow provided and in a most unusual way. The bride, artist that she is, makes these stunning little earings, single tiny flowers in colored metal. We swiped some for the studs!

You should have seen the look on her face as we walked to the Balinese setting and the groom was walking toward her. If her jaw had dropped any lower, we'd have had to call 911!!! She had never actually seen him in a suit!

We 'planned' the event for immediately after the show closed on day 2 of the several day event. There was concern that the guards would prevent our staying. Hanging out in the flow of life revealed NO guards anywhere and a wonderful event.

In simple ceremonies I ask the bride and groom to gather one element from each Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Because she is a metalworker, we added the Chinese element of Metal!

Earth was dirt from Whidbey Island, their home. Fire was a homemade beeswax candle. Water was a handblown glass piece that was watery in expression. Air was the scented air of the Flower show. The Metal was a lovely crystal and metal wand the bride had made.

The scene was set.

No one had thought of video cameras, tho one friend did have a camera, neither bride nor groom had planned for one. Voila! 2 video cameras show up and 2 others with great digital cameras took pix. There was an abundance of photo opportunities!

So here is that divinely inspired wedding from start to finish an example of staying in the flow.
Here are the vows without the names.

February 19th, 2009
Good Friends and Honored Guests,

We are gathered here in the Light of the God /Goddess I AM to proclaim the long standing love between you ****and you ****. Your love has already weathered many changes for better and for worse that come with life’s constant move forward.

You have demonstrated commitment and understanding of love. You have become Love and your two spirits have grown intertwined. They are an example for others to witness love in action. You have shown your love is an opportunity for growth; not an obligation. Together you lift your lives to their highest potential.

This ceremony is an outward expression of your deep and everlasting love for each other.

You have brought the elements of the universe here as symbols of your union with each other and with the universe as a whole.

Earth is represented by Whidbey Island soil, your home.
Air is the sacred air of this lovely garden setting.
Water is symbolized by the watery hand blown glass vessel and the water fountain in this courtyard.
Fire burns in the candle before us, beeswax from an Island beekeeper.
Metal is artfully expressed in this magical sword, combining the feminine and the masculine.
Wood is represented in the handcrafted wooden bowl holding the earth.
Thus the universe is represented in these well chosen pieces.

Are you, *****, willing to continue your pursuit, expression and demonstration of unconditional love for yourself and ******? (“I AM”)

Are you *******, willing to continue your pursuit, expression and demonstration of unconditional love for yourself and ******? (“I AM”)

May the blessings of God be upon you. May Hir peace abide with you. May god’s love illuminate your hearts; now and forever more.

By the Light of the God I AM I now pronounce you Lover and Beloved.

I have the honor of introducing Mr. and Mrs. ******************.

Dolly Mae, Minister, ULC