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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Gun and the Indigo Boy

Ok, so the 24 yr old Indigo Child I spoke of loves hunting… or should I say, used to love hunting. He had the urge to hunt recently on a vacation, back at his old stomping grounds. He walked into a gun store and picked up a weapon. He loved, and I mean loved, the feel of it. It was a Zen moment as he calls it. The feeling was so amazing that he no longer wanted to kill anything, but chose to shoot target practice in order to interact with the weapon.
Here’s the cool part. Such love for a weapon of destruction transmutes it. Many people get that supercharged testosterone “gotta kill something” feeling when hefting a weapon. This is an out of balance feeling or energy. It’s just one side of it.

This boy loved the weapon wholly. He loved the feel, the beauty, the knowing, the testosterone, the old paradigms of what it used to mean and all the possibilities it could be and thus loved it into wholeness and balance. He no longer wanted to kill. The energy of the consciousness surrounding killing instruments became changed.

Love changes everything. Love is powerful stuff. So this young, focused, powerful spiritual being shifts the concepts around the act of killing an enormous distance toward the laying down of weapons. By allowing all the thoughts and feelings to be present, it all changed forever for him and such love/ power has a direct effect on the entire consciousness surrounding lethal weapons of any kind.

You gotta love these new kids. They came here to bring more light and to create balance. This was pretty awesome!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Indigo Kids, the New Consciousness

In San Diego I met an Indigo kid who just woke up to the fact that he is an amazing spiritual being. He contracted the flu virus, became seriously ill and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Many tests later, doctors couldn’t find any reason for his body’s discoloration and his breathing problems, etc. However in the course of the hospitalization, he had three amazing out of body experiences/ dreams/ visitations… call them what you want. They were so transformational for him, he had to find out what was happening. Angels visited him and ancient Aztec gods and wonderful guides and teachers. The showed him things metaphorically, like in a dream, but much more vivid, lucid. He was forever changed by the experience.

He was compelled to learn what it all meant. So he came to our psychic expo in San Diego and we met. We spent a whole day together. I know it was like getting food for him, because I remember when I met my first teacher, it felt like I could finally get fed and devoured the information at an amazing rate. He, too, is supercharged in his passion for devouring information. He wants it all, now. However, we do have to crawl before walking!

The main focus
The main teaching is choose Love and you’ll let go of Fear. All is One; All is Now. We are all connected. There is really nothing outside of us. Time is an illusion. Everything is really happening, happened and will happen NOW. There are so many books on these topics: ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, Mayan and Hopi Prophecy books; all the books by Dolores Cannon, who’s recorded 40 years of regression/ progression/ subconscious/ and higher consciousness interaction and information brought through in hypnosis. Email me I’ll tell you a gazillion more!

Ok, so what’s Indigo?

These ‘kids’, now in their twenties, are genetically and spiritually the new strain of humans. Eons from now, scientists will be wondering what was the missing link that happened in the beginning of the 21st century. Well these kids are it. And right behind them are Rainbow and Crystal kids. These are age newborn up to about 12, give or take.

Genetically their DNA is different. There are more switches turned on for these kids. These switches affect intelligence, ESP and the sixth sense, immunity and disease free living and aging. These kids are amazing! They were the first wave of new consciousness.

So what is this new consciousness?
Everything is vibration. Ultimately everything is a form of light. Think of the light spectrum, most of it we cannot see. We do not have the eye receptors or advanced sensors in the body to see those forms of light without assistance. Think ultraviolet or x-ray light. We can’t see them without special equipment. Well there’s an enormous amount of other band widths of light we can’t see either. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. But when a person begins to be able to interact or use these other band widths of light, they being to develop the new abilities that go with them.

These abilities are associated with their holding more light in their bodies and thus vibrating at a different rate than the rest of us. In that higher vibration, they can help heal others, sense others and know information that is easy for them but not for most of us. They are not to be feared because of these unique abilities. They are however in great need of understanding. They don’t fit in. Many are diagnosed ADD, etc. Here’s a good link for you to check out Indigos. There are now many books, links etc.
http://www.indigochild.com/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigo_children .

Lee Carroll and Jan Tobler first wrote about Indigos. A lady who could see auras began seeing indigo colored auras for the first time ever in young children. More and more she saw it and then began realizing their abilities were unusual. Others have now written about them.

In China
They were written about in China in a book called Psychic Children. It’s not well written, but gets the point across.

Back to the young man in San Diego
He’s learning at a rapid rate, integrating knowledge. It’s a matter of focus and monitoring one’s thoughts. Because we are fast approaching the time of Think-Manifest. In other words, our thoughts will be created right in front of us, immediately, based on our focus and intention. We must be in a place of love not fear so those thoughts will be created lovingly. Hate your body and you will create illness. Love your body and you will create health. Fight with your neighbor and you will add to the energy of war on this planet. Allow, love, and recognize your own resistances and fears by looking at your neighbor’s and you will add to the sum of Love on this planet. We get to choose.

We are very powerful and he is just beginning to see it. Little things manifest all around him, parking spaces, lights turning green (or red if you’re angry and out of sync with your best vibrations) and happier people around him as he lets go of fear. It is an amazing time to be alive. I can't wait to see how he develops his abilities, focuses and applies them to his personal and business life. He and those like him will change this world for the better. We have been waiting for them for a very long time.

Eating Ethopian in Chicago

How to find out about restaurants
You get the best leads for restaurants asking other travelers in the airport shuttle. This time the driver was a Hindu from India displaying Ganesh, a Hindu God that removes spiritual blocks, and Vishnu on his dashboard. It turns out he is also a cook and every morning cooks 300 samosas (a triangular stuffed small pastry filled with veggies or meat) for delivery to Indian restaurants. Then at 1PM he begins his taxi/ shuttle work.

One Other Passenger
The only other passenger, Cecelia, was an African American lady who works at Northwestern Universityi n Chi. She has a job I never even knew existed. She's the student behavior go-between for the criminal activities of students at NWestern. She deals with the parents, the legal system and the students for such crimes as arson, assault, rape, and all the normal ills of society. You have to think of this large Univ as a mini city with all the ills of a city. I was amazed.

Back to food!
She told me of a great Ethopian and the driver told me about a superb Indian restaurant, Mt Everest. The Hindu Driver heartily agreed that Addis Abeba (yes, that is how they spell it) was really good too. It turns out we pass the Addis Abeba and it's very close to my friend's house where I'll be staying. Leah and Russ have eaten there and it's really good they say. Now I'm really interested and we go there that evening.YUM YUM YUM!

The atmosphere is really kind of cool.. mud cloth fabrics are the tablecloths. How authentic is that! When I go to a new restaurant I want to try everything so I look for a combo type plate so I can get a taste of many things. Food is an adventure. Some people sky dive, I dive into food. So I ordered the 1 meat, 2 veggie combo.

Ordering Ethopian style
Now ordering is interesting. The waitress must take your order in your seating configuration. Why? Cuz when the food comes, it's all on one huge, round, pizza type pan. Everyone's order is on that pan, each person's order positioned right in front of them. Very clever! Oh one thing more. Thereare absolutely NO utensils of any kind used.

The Bread
They serve a kind of flatbread, crepe like, that is very spongy, called injera. You tear a piece ofit off and pinch some of the food on the big tray, and eat. Many culturesuse this method. Personally I love eating this way. And having it all as a big shared meal is very bonding for a group. I know in this day and age people freak out about germs. Well, then this style wouldn't be for you. But for the adventurers who are after the unusual, the flavorful and the fun, go there as soon as possible!

Main Courses
I had ordered a sort of shredded spiced lamb which was very tender and flavorful. The spices were sweet, like cardoman,and nutmeg, not hot, tho I could have gotten it very hot spicy. HOT spicy is not my style. One veggie dish was red lentils w/ cinnamon and cardoman.. that was divine. The other veggie was cabage and carrots... interesting, again, sweeter spices and all went together very well. This was very easy to eat and very easy to digest. My friends had split peas, one had spinach with similar sweet spices... I must say that was wonderful too. Each of us had a little lettuce salad with a simple dressing on it, right next to our food choices. I'd definitely go back for more.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Taking the El in Chicago

The Elevated train, commonly called the El, as all crossword puzzlers know, was lots of fun. My good friend Leah and her very sweet husband, Russ, and I all went down to the Handcock Building, one of the tallest buildings in Chicago. What a perfect day to go to the observation deck on the 93rd floor. It was sunny, clear and almost 60 degrees after a horrible cold spell here. The building is only 3 blocks from the El station, The Lake, and a lovely walk. We were all hungry and passed the Devon restaurant on a corner. The menu looked good: upscale seafoods done creatively. We ordered the Chipotle shrimp burrito. It was heavenly. A lovely little jicama cold slaw with it. The biggest surprise was the incredible, hot off the cookie sheet, homemade baking powder biscuits... oh my god... they were just like my grandmother made. They had a whipped butter with lemon rind bits and honey. I just had to have a 2nd one! They were spectacular. On my way out I ran into the manager and THE cook of those heavenly homemades. I raved... oh my oh my. I want to go back and I recommend it to anyone!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

San Diego Trip

Feb 14th in San Diego
Wierd stuff is happening. Flight was much delayed and sitting on tarmac for almost an hour. The ride was really bumpy 1/3 of entire way, makes it hard to get up and walk around. I like flying though, no matter what. You get to go somewhere and get to meet fascinating people. There was a nice guy next to me. He kept coughing. He was an overworked med student who just came off 30 hr shift... brilliant ... certainly teaches Dr's about stress! but in such an unhealthy way. He was going to his grandfather’s funeral.

I remember a flight once where in the middle of the night the man next to me was really sobbing. He was going to his best friend’s funeral. His death had been so sudden and he never got to say goodbye. He was so heartbroken. Our hearts are fragile things.

The luggage seemed to take extra long to arrive on carousels. I always figure I have two choices. I can get mad or not. I usually decide not. That way I'm not standing in my own way and I can connect with people, learn things interesting and new and have a few laughs.

The promised free hotel shuttle doesn’t run after 9PM. I wish they’d told me that since it’s now midnight and I’ll have to take a cab. An old gentleman, an elderly man named Bill, who works at the airport offers to help me get my luggage to the taxi stand and we chat. It’s a long walk to the cab, heavy luggage to pull. He is really sweet. We talk about his many long term jobs, over 20 yrs at the airport. Now his wife has breast cancer and she’s angry at it and at him. He just allows it all. I thought he was maybe 65 ish; turns out he’s 86!!!. We hugged at cab. He was quite the little Buddha master, calm, reflective, happy from the inside. Very cool guy.

The cab driver was amazing. Ethiopian man, only here 3 yrs. I can only imagine what it must be like, going to a foreign country, learning the language and how to get around enough to drive a cab there? They use GPS systems to find any place. How cool is that! You don’t have to know the area, just how to spell in a foreign language!!!

The hotel has put me in a handicapped room altho there are many rooms open. I wonder why. There is no tub in handicapped rooms and I really want to relax in a lovely tub of hot water.
The chatty lady at check in is very helpful and pleasant. We chat about her Mom, family. She tells me the handicapped room has a view and surely I would want it.

An older man who did hotel security, was drafted to help me with luggage and helps/escorts me to my room. He tells me he's been clean and sober for 10 yrs now. YIKES.. the things people have to deal with. I see 'view' from room. It turns out to be of the elevator and the hallway, that's all... she just lied. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she had forgotten.
I ask to change room. No problem, he comes back up w/ new keys and we change. I call her and change the room. Now it’s 1AM.

Hey there’s 2 free, small, water bottles in room.. frig.. micro,coffee...big room nice... windows open.. but they DON'T LOCK in any open position! Can't open them all nite so I have to use the air cond. Noisy and too cold and no drapes, just the huge wooden blinds w/ slats. But at least I have a way to stay cool all nite. Didn't get to bed til 1:45. But the bed and pillow are really comfortable and I sleep like a baby. There’s free internet connection in the room so I’m a happy camper.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Endless Joys of Summer

I think back to my childhood, riding a bike to the little store in the trailer park where luscious, rounded top, Fudgesicles were a nickel and a big, fat, pink, Bazooka bubble gum was a penny. We’d bike there, my sister and I, and dream of all the lovely things we could buy with our 10 cents. We were rich.

So what’s changed?

Trailer parks are full of low income people and shady characters. Life taught us to be judgmental and afraid of such people.

We shouldn’t eat sweets. They cause tooth decay and diabetes. Life taught us that too. I don’t’ care how good they taste, you should choose something healthy. Besides I should be on a diet.

You have to have a bike chain to prevent theft, a helmet per the law, and special biking clothes to be cool.

It's too much effort to just go biking. Besides didn’t you hear about the guy that got hit by a car riding his bike? Safety and fear have crept in. We call it wisdom.

Money shouldn’t be wasted on frivolous things. There’s not enough of it to go around and we have to be on a budget. Lack is always around the corner. We bought that belief system hook, line and sinker. Can we just let go of that fear?

Where is our joy? Isn’t all of this just perspective? Can you jump on your bike or walk to the nearest corner mart and spend your dollar on something yummy … like joy? Can you take that dollar and go in the store and just focus of what you CAN buy with it? Wealth is a state of mind. What state is your mind in? What tapes do you play? Put in some truly old tapes, from the days of innocence and see the abundance you DO have. It’s just a shift of focus.

If you can’t ride that bike anymore, go take a walk. Try nature. It hasn’t changed. It’s still full of spring buds and life pushing up and popping out all over. It’s free. Can you just shift your focus to that?

Every action is new and interesting if we give it our full attention. We encounter people daily. Can we ‘spend’ the wealth of time with them? Who would receive more, you or them? A minute of real connection, a compliment, a listening ear, an eye contact, a smile; these are free and we both end up wealthy. Be present.

Now it’s your turn. Recall a time of your own innocence. Copy that emotional energy and bring it into this very now moment. It’s still there just under the surface. Give up worrying; it adds nothing. Act as if the world is your oyster and it will be. It is. It’s all in perspective. The endless joy of summer childhood is an option.

Off to Chicago soon

I’m off to Chicago soon. Should be a fun trip. I’m staying with my good friend Leah, and her family. Another friend told me I should go see the John Handcock building this time. Last time I went to the Field Museum and spent 8 hours all by myself.. if you can really be by yourself in a huge museum! It was great. The dinosaur display was impressive for its size. I had been to the famous Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum near Edmonton, Alberta a few months before and that was amazing. You walk on a see through floor so you can see the prehistoric sea life under your feet. That was cool.. but very weird to take that first step onto the ‘non-floor’ of thick plastic. This time in Chicago I’m thinking of going to the Planetarium and the Aquarium. I missed them last time… the Field Museum took all my time and was so worth it. Some of its displays were so static, rigid… rows of mannequins standing in costumes and huge glass ‘cages’ of taxidermy animals from all over the planet. A museum guide explained to me that when the museum was built, there were no TVs and the museum was basically phenomenal, equal to Discovery Channel and National Geo all rolled up in one. Duh.. why didn’t I think of that. It really is important to put myself in the shoes of others so I can see the real reasons for things and understand what's happening in a whole new way.