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Monday, June 29, 2009

Rethinking the God idea

I think of God differently.

I dont' think there's a God that puts us here. We are the same creator energy we attribute to God. God is neither external nor separate from us.

Therefore we actually chose these lives, cancer, hells, starvation, joys, abundance and all. We and our extraordinary spiritual advisor team drew up our life plan, tho not in intimate details, but in overall lesson plan we wished to experience and transmute in this life. Sometimes we get a little too confident in thinking we can bite off more than we can really chew. Our advisors try to guide us, but in our spirit form, we think more invincibly!!

So we get here and immediately forget who we really are (that enlightened spirit being) and think God did this to me. .. etc. So religions step in... and you know the rest.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Computer games teach me things about myself. I play many varieties of the less complicated games. I see myself getting stressed on the more challenging levels, so I just quit. Even a time out or stop to get a cup of tea puts me in a different breathing space. I can feel my body relax and tension flow out of me.

I find myself angling my torso to direct a shot or tensing when the timer is about to run out. Then I remember. It’s only a game.

Just like life.

Then I realize how silly we are to give so much tension to the game of life. I get so frustrated at some of the more difficult game levels. I think why can’t they make this achievable? Why is this so bloody hard? And then I remember. It’s only a game. I can stop any time I want.

It used to be that I’d admonish myself as being a quitter, not stepping up to the challenge. What useless, self worth rot! It’s only a game for god’s sake!

So now I play a whole game and get to the really difficult level, the last level and I become “She Who Starts Over”. I am no longer a quitter. I have stepped up to the challenge of allowing an easy life. It feels so much better.

I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt and had it repossessed too! I don’t need to prove myself anymore. I know I can face and overcome tall buildings and bankers. I can start over. God, what a relief!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Maybe you’ve heard of Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian Huna healing method.
Since human consciousness is so much higher than it was even ten years ago, we are able to align more with this simple, yet powerful way of healing.

Remembering we are all One is the key to Ho’oponopono. If you think of a hologram and how a single particle of it contains the whole of it, then you will see this concept clearly. Each of us is a particle of the entire hologram of the universe, with an emphasis on humanity in this dimension. So we thus have every single aspect of consciousness of everyone and everything within us. Though one particular aspect such as insanity or bliss may be completely unexpressed in you, it is still there, as a part of the entire hologram.

Recently a client learned Ho’oponopono and in a follow up session he said “I keep doing Ho’oponopono but I am having real difficulty forgiving my parents.” I replied “Tell me what you are saying.” “My prayer is to forgive my parents.” he replied. It was difficult to forgive his parents. He could benefit from doing it differently. Instead of asking looking to them for forgiveness his request is better served to ask for release of his own judgments and release from whatever it is within him that caused or created that situation with his parents. Nothing here is outside of you. That is the key. Do not seek forgiveness from others. The forgiveness you ask for is as a part of the whole, knowing that everything, including that situation with the parents, is all just a part of you, inside you, or perhaps you are inside it!

Again, that hologram concept: whatever appears to be outside of you is merely an aspect of the hologram that is now manifest in front of you. Thus it is appearing in your reality in some form, e.g. humiliation by his parents. It has shown up on your plate in this now to help release it from all of consciousness. This way you own your part in creation and in being a part of the ‘whologram’.

By raising consciousness in these seemingly infinitesimal shifts, we raise all the consciousness of the Universes. Yes, we ARE that powerful. This is the key reason this planet is the focus of Universal attention right now. Our small shifts have created a critical mass of change or the hundredth monkey concept if you like. We are at the threshold of shift. The universe knows it and stands in awe at the choices we’ve made to succeed this time. It’s done in little steps, one Ho’oponopono prayer at a time.

Currently I have created the experience of something that resembles poison ivy. Firstly I prefer not to give names to imbalances such as I have manifested. I prefer to leave it nameless and thus less focused and powerful, for names give form and energy to people and things. See http://www.dollymae.com/Whatisnameology.html So this experience I have created is perfect to work on with Ho’oponopono. Really everything is. It is up for me, on my plate, to add to the transmutation in all consciousness of such an experience.

So I do two things: First, my Ho’oponopono prayer. It goes like this;
“Creator, Father Mother God Goddess within.
Please remove whatever it is that has created this situation.
I am truly sorry and I ask forgiveness.
I thank you and I love you.”
(The short version is: “I’m sorry. I love you.”

It’s pretty simple, but amazingly multidimensional.
Ho’oponopono is really all about self, nothing is outside of me.
Notice we are addressing ourselves as the god/goddess energy within the whole.
We are the source of power and bringing it to a focus in this moment and this situation.
We ask simply for removal. Notice this is not death, war or killing of a situation. We are bringing something back into balance with this prayer by simple transmutation. We are removing the energy of a situation and that energy will be transmuted to a different form; perhaps newly healed skin or an infinite number of other possibilities. Energy never dies, it simply changes.

Secondly, I love the energy of this manifestation. Remember, anything out of balance is that way because it is lacking love. Love is the great equalizer, healer, balancer and aligner. So I simply love it to death. Loving a thing to death, meaning, back into balance which simply transmutes or changes its form. So I love its energy back into harmony. Loving such a thing as this which resembles poison ivy does not make it stronger. It makes balance stronger. I am simply applying the ingredient of Love which is lacking in the disharmony called poison ivy. Once applied, harmony begins to be restored and the manifestation will be released into a new energy form.

All we see is illusion anyway. Like our dreams, but we are awake. So dream it into something else. Here is where your subconscious, with you in control, makes the huge difference on our planet as we shift into the next dimension. We raise vibrations by acknowledging the illusion of the experience.

As Lightworkers, when we talk with people, in an acknowledged counseling capacity or in simple conversation, our job is to hold the consciousness of a person’s wholeness and non-separation. Our job is to do that work within ourselves. For in doing it within the self, you have done it in consciousness. Holding that higher vibration is like a magnet attracting others to the light. Their spirit remembers their wholeness and is desirous of rushing forward into that wholeness vibration. That is where the healing is done…. Within YOU. You hold the space for remembering we are all One and not separate.

When you make a distinction between 'this I am' and 'that I am not’ you have forgotten Oneness.

So as we acknowledge all of consciousness is within each of us and it is all a part of the whole, we serve the highest consciousness of Oneness. All is One and all is now. Whatever the story line of any conversation: drama, comedy, pain, loss, anger, hatred or grief, our knowing that it is still all part of the Oneness allows us to adjust the story line to see it from its higher perspective: the macrocosm of consciousness. It reminds of to see the bigger picture. In other words, we don’t get lost in the microcosm or small, human view, of the physical story that wishes to validate separatism and hierarchy. Instead, like listening to a dream and interpreting it, we must know the dream images are metaphors for a larger understanding of the macrocosm.

Recently my sister’s job involved changing parking slots for residents at a large complex. One man was terribly upset and raged and screamed at my sister for the change. She immediately did ho’oponopono work on the situation. Within an hour the man returned and humbly apologized saying “I don’t know what came over me. I’m so sorry. Please accept my apologies.”

In another situation, an upset client called because of a fearful diagnosis by her naturopath. We did ho’oponopono work on the situation. Two days later her naturopath called and there was no problem now.

Ho’oponopono releases the situation from consciousness. Since everything is done within us, it happens for all of consciousness.
Simple and powerful. Try it.

Joe Vitale on the left who wrote an excellent book on Ho'oponopono "Zero Limits " and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who was the Doctor who cured a whole ward of criminally insane in Honolulu using Ho'oponopono. For the whole story visit http://educate-yourself.org/zsl/hooponopono25jul06.shtml