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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Recently I was hired to do a ghost busting in an apartment complex. During the last six years there had been two stunningly strange residents there. The manager shared only this information with me. I’ll walk thru it as I experienced it.

When I am scheduled to do a cleansing of a unit I do some preliminary work first. During the previous few days I had sensed, felt and worked with the energies there inside AND outside the unit. Like aromas, energy doesn’t just stop at the door or wall but permeates a larger area. The extent of that area depends on the strength of that energy, just like aromas. Think of bread baking and you’ll see what I mean.

The unit was on the top floor of a two story building. The manager was aware of energy or she would never have contacted me. I told her she could be there while I worked if she wished. It turned out she was very sensitive and aware. Such a person is a big help in these situations. One more energy to assist and support and strengthen a focus to cleanse.
You know the old adage, “where two or more are gathered together…”;it certainly compounds our potency.

Immediately upon walking in the doorway I was aware of a formidable presence, like an armoured warrior, tall, hulking, arms crossed, feet spread apart, defensive, but not really threatening, just stalwart. I was surprised by the immediacy of the connection. Usually leftover spirits are in the building somewhere but rarely ‘greet’ you at the front door! So I asked silent permission to enter the apartment. This was simply a request. I am a strong personality and so it was not a meek request. The spirit stepped back and I entered.

In the work I had done prior to this appointment I was told by inner guidance to bring several tools. So I brought things that represented Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These are the four elements that create balance and grounding. Each one can become a doorway for a lost spirit to exit the premises. I had brought sage and cedar to burn. These things are ancient ways that in their burning reflect the shift of energies into smoke (transformation) and that smoke is offered as prayer and cleansing and a way out for the spirit. It is a very Native American way to use. I had also brought sea salt to be used in a glass bowl. Salt is of the earth; so is glass. Its dissolution in water is another form of transformation… another doorway out. Salt water also acts as a magnet for energies. After clearing the bigger energies, it would collect the ‘breadcrumbs’ that might be left over.. residual echoes.

I immediately surveyed the tiny apartment and saw there were four or five spirits in there: the guy at the door, one in the Living Room up on the wall; one in the bedroom cowering back in the corner and one in the bathroom. The kitchen was clear. Ultimately it turned out there were only four, because the guy in the bedroom was frantically running back and forth to the bathroom. It is unusual to have so many, no wonder they’d called me. It must have been very difficult to live near all that. To relate, think: noisy neighbors, activity at odd hours all night and weird, chaotic behavior.

I placed the salt in the glass bowl and filled it with water from the kitchen there (water and earth combined). Then I put that bowl at the front door, between the legs of that big guy I’d first met. The intent was sort of like the genie returning to the bottle… sucked in, so to speak. He was gone by the time I left without doing anything more. I actually feel he was a guardian for those other spirits, giving them a space to exist and simultaneously, unfortunately, keeping them there. When they were gone, so was his job. Poof, genie back in his bottle, or salt bowl!

Then I lit two small candles I’d brought and placed them per inner guidance; one in the Living room on the baseboard heater and one likewise in the only bedroom. (fire, air and earth combined). My conscious mind wondered why on the heaters? It would be revealed in its own good time. My job is to trust my guidance and stay focused on connecting and healing. It doesn’t matter that a physical person isn’t there; the energy is in need of healing; so that is my task. I was placing the candles to anchor the healing energies.

Then I lit the small cedar bough in a shell ‘ashtray’. I used a feather to waft the resultant smoke all over the apartment. Occasionally I’ll chant and felt a need to do so here. I used a Native chant and later a Sanskrit chant. Two very different energies were there and required different applications. The voluminous smoke affected the spirit in the bedroom mostly. Cowering in the corner he was yelling “Burn! Burn! Burn!” I asked the manager why he’d be saying that; had he started fires? “Yes”, she replied once in this apartment and once in another one there. Ah, that’s why the candle on the heater… all about heat and fire. In a strange way, it seemed reasonable, sort of like an underscore of hot, and anger and fire. He was very afraid, but not of me. I sensed he’d been cowering in that bedroom many times. He was very mentally ill. He darted into the bathroom. I followed and he ran back and forth, bedroom, bath. I kept wafting the feather and cedar smoke cleansing in that corner. I talked with him, like you would a child, soothing, loving, caring; telling him he could let go now, he could leave, he needed to leave. More smoke, more talk, more chant, more focus.

Then I lit the sage and using the feather wafted it everywhere too. In closets, cupboards, all over. I used the Sanskrit chant now. He was softening. In the bathroom I sensed the toilet as a huge problem. I asked the manager what was the story about the toilet, did the guy have terrible diarrhea or what, that there was a big focus on the toilet. She replied that he kept shoving things down it and they’d have the plumbers there regularly. Fetish perhaps or metaphorically, trying to get rid of aspects of himself.

To do this work, you need to realize that much of what you’ll experience is a metaphor for the spirits’ perceptions of reality. So I can interpret much like I would a dream. Look up toilet in a good dream book and you’ll see what I mean.

The cleansing of the bathroom, a focus on healing, the chanting and the two kinds of smoke seemed to be enough that he faded away and was gone.

The manager informed me the former resident was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. Ah, no wonder. His chaotic energies caused the whirlwind of dysfunction that still remained energetically here. Each of us leaves an energy trail… happiness, joy, anger, chaos or love in varying degrees based on intent and focus. This unhappy and ill man was severely focused and intentful and left his negative energy big time.

Next the entity on the Living Room wall appeared to be feminine. She was an adult but with the mind of a child, maybe 4 yrs old. I took the salt water in the bowl and dipping my fingers in it flicked water droplets up into the air, not on her. All the while I was talking with her. The water, which I had blessed, appeared to her as multicolored soap bubbles. I was connected with her and seeing from her point of view as well as mine. She was fascinated by the bubbles and relaxed enough to tell me her story. Now this isn’t in complete sentences, but in images. She whimpered “Pain! Pain!” She’d been gang raped and a knife had been used. She was wounded indeed on many levels. But she remained fixed on the ‘bubbles’ which I continued to flick with the water. I relayed this to the manager who asked “Would any of this be influenced by me, because I was gang raped and they held a knife to my throat.” Oh my, I thought. This was not her as the entity on the wall, but was an energy drawn in to this place by the chaotic forces at work. Because the manager had that personal experience she would be much more empathic to another’s. So a door was left open to magnetize such. Knowing this now, the manager can close that door to any future matching entity.

All the while the manager was wonderful. She was holding the space just simply being present and focused. She wasn’t in fear. She held the space of love and allowance. She was wonderful.

I had brought my favorite Nag Champa incense; lovely Tibetan stuff. I never felt the need to use it, but asked the manager if she needed it. She said it was her favorite and she’d just run out of it. Perfect.

So the woman on the wall was now gone, soothed as a child, and told to go to the light where they would love her and she would be safe.

The burn, baby, burn guy was gone from the bedroom, directed to the light and no longer needing to cower and fear. He was the entity in the bathroom too; so there’d only been three in the apartment.

The big guardian at the door was gone as there was no longer a need to keep the entities in the apartment.

I did a little prayer of thanksgiving and closing, removed the candles, and all my paraphernalia and we left.

Driving home I felt severely nauseous, like I’d need to pull over and throw up. Instead, I imagined that same, but huge lovely soap bubble. I move all the entities’ negativity that remained within and around me to the edges of that beautiful multicolored bubble and then burst it. POOF! All gone.

Later the manager emailed me saying she felt terribly nauseous and had severe diarrhea. I told her this not unusual and how to use that soapbubble to poof it away. She did and it was gone.

So now you know what it’s like doing a cleanse, commonly referred to as a Ghostbusting. It’s not spooky. Just open yourself and create a loving space for communicating. Turn them towards the light and give a little loving nudge. They are lost. Show them the way home. Mostly just speaking to and nurturing, loving and suggesting are your tools. Don’t forget to cleanse yourself after the connection. Very simply, command it “I am cleansed”. And so you are.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boundary Dispute

(After many years using a common gravel road access to their home, a neighbor has blocked it off.) In an email the client writes:
“Well we have NO rights.
They called the police, said I gave her the bird....I didn't, but basically we are in the wrong....we have NO rights.
The policeman was very nice, but had a copy of our NO rights...Basically our road stops at the house just before us.
Called title company, talk about B.S and no help.....basically we have no rights......and we can't pick and choose the way we want to get to our home. We talked with the manager; same story and so on and so on and so on.
I have diarrhea so bad, this is not going away....wish we had never bought this place.
I am so crying, and there’s no way out.....head hurts heart aches and I'm just plain beaten....We are talking to people on phone, but no one is saying we have rights.
The guy that told me I can't pick and choose a way to our home, also said the REALTOR should have had all this info...It just goes on and on and on...
I'm crying again, and I'm going to close....this is awful...just awful...”

In one way or another we have all experienced this kind gut wrenching fear. My reply seemed universally applicable so I include it here for you.

It's horrible feeling beaten.

The biggest thing to do now is to NOT do anything. It is very hard to give up the feeling of being victimized.

I know you want to do this all logically, and there truly are more avenues, but I recommend letting them go right now.

You are dealing with an irrational person.

Your goal here is to keep the standard access. Keep that in mind. Focus on seeing good access restored to normal. Focus. Visualize. Focus. The more you give free rein to negative thinking the more it increases. I know this is hard but you will get through it.

Every possible resolution already exists in your energetic field. Pick the one you truly want to have and give it all your energy, focus and visualization. Bring it out into the light and play with it, feeling, seeing, smelling and visualizing it. Breathe life into it. Make it as real as you can.

There is always a ‘way out’ of every situation. It may not be the one you thought of or wished for; it might even be better. The only way we can ever be disappointed is when we hold on to needing our own outcome. Surrender, let go, give it up to a higher power to create the best solution and then align with knowing in some way it really is the best.

August will prove to be one of the most challenging months... and you will live through it. Resistance will create more resistance, as you have seen with the lie about flipping the bird... just one more on top of his irrational behavior. Use the back way for now. It works for now. That is all you need to focus on. Stay focused on this now... this very minute. You are safe. You do have an alternative way to reach your home. You are all right NOW.

You are not alone. Right now there are boundary and border disputes going on all over; neighbor to neighbor, country to country. Your personal situation is a reflection of the irrationality of conflict, no matter how big or small the scale. Do not make this a war. It WILL be resolved but probably not until after the unsettling energies of this August.

Continue to do Ho’oponopono, pray and find anything to be loving about: your beautiful yard, you pets, your relationship, and your health... find anything to appreciate... it is the first law of shifting your perspective. Allow yourself: body, mind and spirit to breathe and you will find you have shifted just a tiny bit. Continue to pray, do Ho’oponopono and find things to appreciate. You will shift just a little bit more. Make that your focus: small steps. It will pay great dividends.

I have used these methods in dire circumstances. It's hard for you to just jump in here and believe it, but I know you believe in prayer and its power. Its purpose is to give you focus on love and gratitude... don't simply recite the problem. Use prayer to find peace and love. This is done by keeping a tight rein on your thoughts. Do not go where angels fear to tread! In other words, do not slush about, repeating the situation, dwelling on it, drowning in the problem. These things only give it energy, life and power. Pay attention to your thoughts. This is not denial; this is retraining your mind.

You are stronger than you realize. You have a fertile and powerful mind. Use it to create, allow, forgive, love, and peace. Be in gratitude. Let go of the war.
Miracles happen when you choose to give focus to these positives instead of focusing on negatives. They are still there, but you are refusing to empower and enlarge them. Use that powerful mind as God intended you to.

Now is always the time to do this.

Remember that the depth to which this is affecting you is the depth of love you are capable of. Tear off the labels of anger, hatred, and frustration. Recognize the raw power source that it is. Redirect it into healing, love, allowance, forgiveness and most of all into visualizing an amazing resolution.

You do not know how this will turn out... why wallow in thoughts of it's being bad. For all you know, the city could come in and build you a road! The universe and all the angels can figure this out and make an outcome much, much more amazing than you can even think of. Surrender it to them. You'll be in good hands.

Our problems really are universal. They say there are only seven plots in all the stories of the world. So I hope you can use this to put a happy ending on your story lines. We always have the choice of how we interpret and respond to every situation. Each of your choices creates of your reality. May you choose joy and love each time.