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Monday, May 26, 2008

Having Fun

Yesterday my friend Janis and my sister Pat and I were at the Mall. We were having such fun. Everywhere we went men wanted to join in to our laughter. Waiting for my sister who was in a dressing room, Janis and I were being silly, joking around. A guy waiting for his wife who was in the dressing room too, said "Now you two learn how to play nice with each other!" Then he said "I’ve always wanted to say that!" We were all joking. He didn't like shopping. I told him about my ex-husband who used to love to go shopping with me. He'd install me in a dressing room and bring me clothes. The store would bring him espressos. He loved it. I loved it. Thinking out loud, the man said if he learned to love shopping, maybe his wife would learn to love tying fishing flys!!!

Then sitting at the Starbucks drinking coffee, we were laughing so hard, the solitary guy next to us says "You're having WAY too much fun"... I just knew he wanted to play too.

Then the two men at the shoe store wanted to join in the fun too, and we were all making jokes about different races, etc. One was Black, one Pakistani, and one was Japanese, Asian and something more. No one was insulted. It was obvious it was all in joy. It was such fun all day.

Many times I've found that when you're having fun, others want to join in. Sometimes in restaurants they stay longer, just to listen to the laughter and hang out in the fun energy. Try it some time. You can’t lose. You just end up laughing.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spontaneous Visions by Ordinary People

My fantastic massage guy is having spontaneous visions. They scare him. His wife told him to talk with me about it. This is happening more and more nowdays. Ordinary people are 'seeing' beyond the veil of this seemingly solid, 3 dimensional world. They are having experiences they can't understand.

No Background
Relatively few people have a background that allows them to understand supernatural or paranormal events. Most go into fear instantly, thinking they are nuts. They are not.

The Visions
For him, the visions open up just like a dream, but he is wide awake, perhaps walking on a beach with family or in the middle of a massage. They come over him unbidden, spontaneously. Think of it like a memory that just surfaces. When we can relate to seemingly odd or new experiences in a way that shows us it is not all that wierd, we can more easily understand them and let go of our fears.

So, just like a memory, he experiences himself standing in a doorway of a large building. It's like a one story ancient temple with no doors, just doorways, huge tall ones with rounded tops, like the old Palladian windows in architecture. There is no glass, they are just openings. The floor is level, perhaps stone, terrazo or marble. There are 6 or so tall columns holding up the ceiling and they (after many queries and discussion with him) seem to be arranged in a hexagon; which is an ancient and sacred way of construction, allowing for a flow of spiritual energy in a way that assists awareness and consciousness.

There are many people in the building, coming and going, mostly young men, around 25 yrs old. They are all dressed in light flowing robes, tho not like Roman or Greek, just simple ones that fall from a t-shirt type neck to ankle length, with 3/4 sleeves. Interestingly they were not white garments, but were beautiful yellows, ochres, beige, gold, orange.. earth tones and Fall colors. One particular fellow in a lovely yellow flowing robe begins gesturing to him and speaking in a language that my friend called jibberish... He couldn't understand it at all. Upon further query, he realized he could intuitively, internally understand what the man was saying. He wanted my friend to come with him to see something. At that point, my friend was overwhelmed and broke off the vision, returning to this now time-space.

Frequency and Control
He has had this vision several times, going back into it. He always has the same feeling or sense prior to it's happening. Knowing it is about to occur, he can choose to stop it from happening.

Altered States
Just like a dream, much is going on that can be interpreted. And yet, more is happening. First, he is awake when this occurs, so he's experiencing a spontaneous altered state. Now don't go wierd, here... altered states happen many times during the day for everyone. When you're driving and you zone out and miss your exit! When you fall asleep. When you watch TV.. they've shown you can't really stay focused for more than 60 seconds and that during that time you've shifted into some altered state. In conversations when your mind wanders and goes into what you are going to say or what you'd like to say. So altered states are quite normal.

So What's Going On Here?
Many possibilities:
1. He's experiencing a parallel life. This is a life currently lived, but one he is unaware of. Years ago my friend and I were in a meditation type session (an altered state) and experience having a conversation with a woman in South America. That woman told us she was asleep in her hut dreaming she was having a conversation with two women in the US. Now that was trippy!!!!
2. He's folding time and space and experiencing a past/future life.
3. He's peering through to another dimension and experiencing it. We currently exist in at least 11 other dimensions tho our consicousness as humans usually limits our focus to this one dimension called Earth and Third Dimension. Didn't you ever wonder why it's called Third Dimension? Yes, cuz of height, width and length: 3 dimensions. But what about time as a 4th dimension, and many others we do not yet see, just like we don't see xray light or most of the light spectrum, there are many other dimensions we don't see either.
4. A master teacher/guide has managed to connect with him.
This all means that his vibrations have changed in those moments and he has shifted in some way. Now this is not scary. We are always in a state of changing... Heck, we lose billions of cells every day and we don't freak out about that. Change is our only certainty, for nothing remains the same. Today life is speeded up anyway. You've felt it.. everything seems to be happening faster. It is. EArth's vibration itself has speeded up. I know this sounds strange, but it is proven thru physics.

Enough blah blah for now... I just want you to know there are regular people out there experiencing more of what this universe has to offer. If you're having what you think are 'wierd' experiences, there are people out here that can give you a perspective. Just ask.

PS. There are people that are psychotic, mentally ill, or any other number of things, but for the most part, much of those illnesses were caused by unexplained experiences, abuse or physical illness. Having said that, please realize, many, many of you out there are going to be having these odd experiences and it DOESN'T mean you're crazy. Just get a spiritual explanation and direction first.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Why is it easier to believe that a disaster will happen than not? My Indigo friend is struggling with an ancient question: Do you let your scientific mind (the left brained, thinking side) focus on how to survive in a potential, coming disaster? Or do you let your right brain (the feeling, allowing side) just go with the flow?

Your Focus Counts
We all know that what you focus on you will get more of. So if you focus on disaster and survival you will bring situations to you that require survival mode and will reflect disasters so you will validate your need for survival skills. Being an Indigo, his thoughts and consciousness are more attuned to the state of the universe. Indidgos came to this Earth to think bigger, to show us by example that the universe our thoughts affect is much bigger than our little personal worlds of job, home and family. Indigos remind me of a powerful scent that pervades a large area... like oranges for example. Walk into a lunchroom and you can smell the one orange that was just peeled. You don't smell the ham sandwich or the chocolate chip cookie. By their very nature, in this same way, Indigos affect more people.

The Answer to the Question
Fear is why it is easier to focus on negatives. Stop focusing on fear. Fear is a powerfull ally of those who want control: government and media are the biggest; but corporations, some friends maybe, those we are in relationship with and even ourselves. Fear is so easy to engender in someone. Start talking about disasters and voila! Fear appears instantly. Almost every ad on TV is fear based about getting sick with all the drug ads and about not being loved or included if you don't wear this perfume or brand of clothes.

The Challenge
The challenge is to remain calm in the middle of any storm, physical or mental. My Indigo friend asked "So what am I supposed to do, just hide my head in the sand like an ostrich?" Of course not. He loves to take things to extremes, an unfortunate mind game that makes him skip over the numerous potential solutions in between. I call it the Middle Path. He talks about moving somewhere 'safer' and having enough food stored, weapons for defense, etc. So I said "What if you do all that and while driving to your grocery store you are in a car accident and taken to hospital. THEN the feared 'disaster' happens and you are nowhere near your food or 'safety'. Besides, if you have a stash, it is simply a magnet for others to covet and attack. So now you are in the defense business.

What is the Worst that Can Happen?
You can die. Ok, next? We're all going to die. Big deal. Get over it. We've done it in many lifetimes already. Did you really think this was your first time here?
We are not our bodies. We are much, much more. We only put on this body for a short time, perhaps 100 yrs plus or minus. Our spiritual self that operates on multi-dimensions is totally aware of the investment of consciousness into this limited physical vessel called a body. When we die, the real self continues and does so with its full consciousness back in tact. There are way too many after death books nowdays to deny this. Ok, you can deny anything you want.

What is the Best that Can Happen?
You shift your consciousness and resonate with the highest frequency within you. You ascend within, as an internal process. You transcend your fears and feelings of limitation into a union with all consciousness on this palnet and in the galaxy and in the and all other universes. At-Onement and unconditional love. Heightened awareness. This is the crystal consciousness, the Christ-All consciousness. Personally I choose this option.

The Effect We Can Have
My Indigo friend keeps talking about the bad economy, an earthquake here, a bank failure there and every other thing to keep his very talented mind on the focus of 'need to prepare for disaster'. I suggest that if this is where your consciousness is, that you might want to change it. You can do nothing about the envisioned disaster. You have no control over a potential earth shift or any other grand scale disaster EXCEPT to not give it potential life by focusing on it! Your job is to choose what you prefer to have in your life and to focus on that!

So What can You Do?
You say "Yes" to it all. Yes to everything the universe and this planet and any level of awareness offers you. It is all creation. It is all illusion. It is all impermanent. It is all a part of God. It exists. So do you. Say yes to you, to your consciousness, to your choices, to your focus in each NOW moment. That is the real key. Only in the Now is there any power at all. The future doesn't exist, but your thoughts NOW help to create how YOUR future looks. Therein is the real power and in that there is nothing to fear. You are in total control. What you decide to focus on, to hold in your thoughts, will be the basis for your next now, your tomorrow and your future. So, monitor your thoughts and choose to actively, consciously focus on joy, love, health, abundance and the fullness of life. Let the rest go. This is enough on your plate to work with. It is the basis of the real 'future'. Each now is very powerful. Use it.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Instant Relief from Coughing... no meds!

My amazing sister, Patricia, is a Master in Jin Shin Jyutsu, a healing technique. It is defined by Wikipedia:

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese technique for energy healing, using deep breathing and the placement of one's hands on specific areas of the body, called Safety Energy Locks (or SELs). It was rediscovered in Japan in the early 1900's by Master Jiro Murai. He taught the techniques to Mary Burmeister in the late 1940s, who brought it to the US.

Patricia knows all these easy hand placements for immediate healing. She was taught by Mary Burmeister. She's taught me a few of them which I use, but I always call her to get new ones. She can easily tell me by phone.

Like Magic
Recently I returned from Canada with a sinus thingy and a cough. Couldn't stop coughing. She did the Lung flow to clear my lungs; but I was still I was wracked with coughing. Then she did the sinus flow and within 2 seconds, no joke, 2 seconds, the 5 hour coughing bout stopped! Relief for my totally raw throat.

Since then, several people have told me they have gotten this ridiculous cough thingy (technical term!). So here's the easy method to stop. You can do this on yourself, your kids and anyone else. The cool thing is it's totally safe and there's no side effects like from meds.

Other Uses
Pat says it's also used for relief of:
Sinus congestion.
Diabetes (also just hold your thumb. I know, weird, but it works)
Excessive Talking
Stomach problems
Lips (dry cracked lips are a sign of stomach /sinus flow need)
bi polar disorders
and a bunch more things.

The Method
Touch fingers of Right hand to just below the left cheek bone. At same time, put fingers of Left hand just under the same side collarbone. Hold for one to twenty minutes, whatever is comfortable.

Then reverse and touch fingers of Left hand to just below the right cheek bone, and Right hand fingers to just below the right collarbone.

No pressure, just contact, completing a circuit. Sometimes you can feel the pulses.. when both are the same, voila! Open circuit, no longer stuck.

If you need to know more or want a session. Patricia is in Edmonds, WA, just north of Seattle. You can contact her at 360 259-5367 or email at gigglekwik1@comcast.net.

Best wishes to move through sinus, allergy and coughing and alot more, much, much more easily. It's like magic! And it's free when you do it for yourself!