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Monday, December 8, 2014

Reading the Other Self

Recently a client was in tears when I told her she was judged as not being focused on anything, but in truth she saw the higher vibration in all the emotions as they passed by her, seeing them as metaphors for their true spiritual meaning. It was like someone finally acknowledged her.

This work of doing readings is endlessly rewarding because when you base it on love, it is effortless and just pours light on people. What could possibly be better.
What I do before a reading is simple. I surround myself with the highest vibration of white light possible through intention and imaging.
Then I open my heart and connect it to the heart of whomever I’m reading. This is the ‘other self’ since we are all One.  All this is done thru intention and imagination. Thus, open hearted readings occur. How can we be small spirited if we do this all the time?

I’m sure men and women from all walks of life that are truly heart connected have felt the same thru the ages: St Francis, Neem Karoli Baba, Michelangelo, Quan Yin, St Theresa, Marcus Aurelius (yes a Roman Emperor… read his meditations some time); and so many others that come from the heart. I have to remember to make my life about living from the heart.

You can do it too. It’s very simple.
Imagine yourself bathed in the highest vibrational Light or Love.
Open your heart.
Silently, within you, ask the other person to open their heart.
Connect to the other self you are thinking of or whomever is there before you.
An everyday image of some kind will pop into your mind. Pay attention to it.
See the image as a snapshot of something meaningful to the other self.
Know that you are able to interpret that image. It’s just like dream image meanings.

If you are unsure what the image means, look in a good dream book or meditate on it or ask the other self. They will interpret it as it will be highly relevant to them. Let your mind flow like when you are watching a movie or creating a story for a child. This way you stop editing the seemingly unreal portions of your imagination; for your imagination is a truer guide in this work.

Try it with a friend. Ask them to hold a question in their thoughts. Then follow the process of opening, imagining and connecting. You will be thus connecting with the subconscious portions of you and them. This is our true place of knowing.

A long time ago I was the one who held a question in mind. The ‘reader’ used this process and imaged my Father speaking to me but my back was turned to him. A reader can put various interpretations on this picture. Just by telling me what the image was, my own heart knew what it meant. It was a meaningful connection to my own subconscious. And it had all happened because we opened ourselves to the process.

Practice. You’ll be amazed.