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Monday, September 3, 2012

Core Essence

I cleaned my gutters removing a few months of leaf debris that had become a dried caked core in the gutter. Later I was removing the seed core of a very large zucchini while preparing dinner.

It occurred to me that we often think of the core of something as the best part, removing the rind to get at the juicy pulp. We think of people being good at their core. I’d like to think this is true.

Recently I renewed an acquaintance and realized her core seemed to be going bad due to poor choices. She had allowed herself to be drawn towards power and attached herself by choice to those who served themselves and used her to gain a foothold in influence over others. I am saddened at this awareness. I am also aware this is an exercise in Divine Free Will. I am also aware I am perhaps in judgment of her core. Perhaps it is only awareness or observation. I am also aware that my judgment holds that perceived reality in place making it harder for her to shift. In other words, I’m not helping.

I believe we bring experiences to ourselves in order to choose over and over between service to self or service to otherselves. With service to otherselves we recognize there is really no separation between any of us. Those others are our selves too.

Many of us have spent a lifetime trying to fit in. We have tamped down awarenesses, knowings and abilities. We were afraid of our power. We wanted to fix the feeling of separateness, difference. There are many who have spent a lifetime trying to be unique, different, noticed.

Most of that need was from a third dimensional point of view. As we move into fourth dimension (Love and Compassion) on our way to fifth (Unity Consciousness), it is time to claim our power, our uniqueness and our individuality within the unified field of consciousness. Let your light shine. Do this in awareness of the Light’s existence in all others. Enlighten the core essence of you. As you let your own beacon light up, others will see it and then allow their own to do so. Your example gives them permission to be who they truly are. Do this in humility, love and allowance of their choices. Some will choose to remain unlit, unaware or in full darkness. It is merely one moment’s choice. There will be other moments. We need not judge, but only allow. With these thoughts it feels better as I think of my friend’s core being.

As Light workers we must embrace darkness with full allowance. Each of us evolves at our own rate and we must not judge others' rate of evolution based on our own. As we shift we are able to send more and more light into the world.

Those who may have chosen to hide their Light are no less than those who shine a Beacon. There is no hierarchy involved, just choice. There is also the opportunity to choose again or even to hold oneself superior over another because of their choices. How we perceive shows us who we are at our own core. Our subconscious determines our intent and the judgments that rebound upon us due to any self importance or separatism (service to self). These are the roots of prejudice. We can eradicate them from within by lovingly embracing our judgments into wholeness. We cannot love and judge at the same time, but we can Love our judgments.

So I come full circle to the awareness that we are good at our core because Love is who we really are. We make choices. We sometimes err, but we can always choose again. If we cannot love others, we can love ourselves, our judgment, our mistakes, our differences.
Love is always waiting within ourselves, at our core.