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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Signs of the Fifth Dimension

I had taken notes during a great Fifth Dimension (5D) conversation / channeling session. The information was intense, detailed and magnificent. As I later transcribed them into my computer I had difficulty understand four sections of my notes. I could not even read my handwriting. I couldn’t make any sense of it. So I marked those sections and in our next conversation/channeling I began to ask what those parts meant. But as I looked, I could easily understand them. What happened?

I had been rushing to get the transcriptions done. I was tired. I was very Third Dimensional (3D); you know: shoulds and have tos, duty and obligation. Thereafter I made sure I was in 5D when I transcribed and never had another interpretation problem.

3D problems unravel themselves when we shift into a higher perspective. 
Assume you are already in 5D.  Look backward from your 5D perspective. All your 3D questions are resolved and answered, when seen from that higher perspective. 

We are here in these body/mind/spirit complexes (individuated selves) to bring forth the Unity offered by the 5D vibration of Light and Love. 

If we choose to remain involved in 3D situations and require 3D resolutions, we will miss the whole array of higher perceptions that will bring clarity to experience. Resolution of 3D concerns using 3D answers keeps us in 3D.

Seeking ‘fix me’ answers fixes you not. It simply keeps you wallowing in 3Dness. 5D energy will not offer you ‘fix it’ answers but will repoint you in the direction of higher perspective from within. In this lies all your answers. 

All is resolved when we apply the perspective of Love. All is resolved when we internalize the knowing that all-that-is emanates from the One Source. Thus all perceptions of light and dark are not opposites but aspects of the All.  Each thought, each experience, each feeling offers both light and dark. In 3D we choose between the two. We discern. We learn about duality. 

In 5D we embrace in unity and wholeness both offerings of light and dark. Everything is an aspect of us and we are an aspect of everything. We cannot hold a coin in our hand without also holding its reverse side. 

So too we cannot exist without our shadow side; and it is equal in value. Choose to embrace it, often, over and over. Love your shadow self into wholeness. If offers us perspective. It allows us to access and embrace learning/teaching and teaching/learning. Through it we achieve balance, Love and Compassion.

Those two faces of our personal self, like the coin, offer experiences and opportunities for choosing between ‘Service to Self’ or; ‘Service to Other Selves’. Absorbing or radiating the Light that we are and using it for our own aggrandizement (Service to Self); or Being the Light and radiating it outward (Service to Other Selves) are the 5D perspectives that resolve 3D questions. 

Use that filter to choose and we will know the action that lies before us. We will know how to resolve our 3D experiences. To move into 5D, embrace its perspectives. You will draw yourself and be drawn ever upward in a spiral towards your own higher vibration. 

We are much more than we realize.

Monday, October 29, 2012

What About Death

Another friend’s memorial is past. He has been birthed into a different reality.  It is however a reality we have experienced over and over between lifetimes. It seems many are deciding now is a good time to leave the planet. We all seem to know some who have transitioned. They’ve done their jobs. It’s time to go. They’ve played their parts on Earth stage in this crucial time of dimensional shifting.

My friend didn’t believe in life after death. He thought he had one shot at it and then it was over. Nothingness. He wasn’t sure though, because it was all so unknown. So his wake-up on the other side took a little longer, a week instead of just 24 hours.  When we die, a cornucopia of options can occur. It’s all based on the individual’s beliefs. What you think you’ll experience for a short while. We are, after all, magnificent Creators.

My friend’s death started out in darkness. Then a sort of window in his consciousness opened up and he began to see around him. He tried to touch people and things around him; and when he couldn’t, he realized he was dead. Then guides came to him within one week. This was the most beneficial experience based on his expectations and his fear of the unknown. He was scared of the unknown and had a ‘lets wait and see’ attitude.

In general for all who die, they experience being non physical first. That’s quite a shift since we’re so attached to our bodies. For most, within 24 hours, guides meet them and they access their own higher wisdom and choose from the following options for their next best path. We have four main options, though there are a few others that might be chosen too. 
a) Go right back on the same ride, i.e. redo a very similar life;
b) Take a different ride; i.e. go be a student, go teach, go prepare to learn a higher wisdom. At this point, the person’s beingness is opened back up by guides and their own higher self and they will not be heard from for a long time. (I know you want to be contacted or use a medium, but the departed are often very busy and focused on the other side. Loved ones become like distant childhood friends we only occasionally think of.)
c) Create something new. Guides teach you how to do this with a team of assistants just for you. You embrace your Creator abilities in this experience. You might even create a new universe!
d) Have fun just being in your new state of non physicality. Explore. Play. Experience.

Less than 1% are stuck behind, lost like ghosts, etc. It takes them longer to move on and sometimes they need help to do so. It’s fairly easy, just point them to the light and tell them they have options and people waiting for them there.

Sometimes they can talk to a medium or a psychic, if they are in their upper stages of awareness and know they are not physical and are able to make themselves heard. Often we hear only part of their communication as in ‘starts with a J’ because the deceased can’t use sound vibration well enough to make whole words. Often it takes six months for them to be able to contact/communicate with those left behind. Even then, it is more likely in a dream with a phone call in it or a meeting of some kind. One to two years after such communication starts, it will end. They are off to other experiences.

Life after death isn’t really all that mysterious. We play a fear game with it but it’s much like going to sleep every night in that we have a variety of experiences, meet amazing beings, download knowledge, go to school or just work out our daily lives a bit. Much of our dream state we have not tried to remember or think we can’t. But we can. Just try.
Next month I’ll write about interpreting your dreams, easily.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Core Essence

I cleaned my gutters removing a few months of leaf debris that had become a dried caked core in the gutter. Later I was removing the seed core of a very large zucchini while preparing dinner.

It occurred to me that we often think of the core of something as the best part, removing the rind to get at the juicy pulp. We think of people being good at their core. I’d like to think this is true.

Recently I renewed an acquaintance and realized her core seemed to be going bad due to poor choices. She had allowed herself to be drawn towards power and attached herself by choice to those who served themselves and used her to gain a foothold in influence over others. I am saddened at this awareness. I am also aware this is an exercise in Divine Free Will. I am also aware I am perhaps in judgment of her core. Perhaps it is only awareness or observation. I am also aware that my judgment holds that perceived reality in place making it harder for her to shift. In other words, I’m not helping.

I believe we bring experiences to ourselves in order to choose over and over between service to self or service to otherselves. With service to otherselves we recognize there is really no separation between any of us. Those others are our selves too.

Many of us have spent a lifetime trying to fit in. We have tamped down awarenesses, knowings and abilities. We were afraid of our power. We wanted to fix the feeling of separateness, difference. There are many who have spent a lifetime trying to be unique, different, noticed.

Most of that need was from a third dimensional point of view. As we move into fourth dimension (Love and Compassion) on our way to fifth (Unity Consciousness), it is time to claim our power, our uniqueness and our individuality within the unified field of consciousness. Let your light shine. Do this in awareness of the Light’s existence in all others. Enlighten the core essence of you. As you let your own beacon light up, others will see it and then allow their own to do so. Your example gives them permission to be who they truly are. Do this in humility, love and allowance of their choices. Some will choose to remain unlit, unaware or in full darkness. It is merely one moment’s choice. There will be other moments. We need not judge, but only allow. With these thoughts it feels better as I think of my friend’s core being.

As Light workers we must embrace darkness with full allowance. Each of us evolves at our own rate and we must not judge others' rate of evolution based on our own. As we shift we are able to send more and more light into the world.

Those who may have chosen to hide their Light are no less than those who shine a Beacon. There is no hierarchy involved, just choice. There is also the opportunity to choose again or even to hold oneself superior over another because of their choices. How we perceive shows us who we are at our own core. Our subconscious determines our intent and the judgments that rebound upon us due to any self importance or separatism (service to self). These are the roots of prejudice. We can eradicate them from within by lovingly embracing our judgments into wholeness. We cannot love and judge at the same time, but we can Love our judgments.

So I come full circle to the awareness that we are good at our core because Love is who we really are. We make choices. We sometimes err, but we can always choose again. If we cannot love others, we can love ourselves, our judgment, our mistakes, our differences.
Love is always waiting within ourselves, at our core.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Insert New Program

At age 54, life hadn’t turned out like it was supposed to.  Angelo was a handsome, successful, Hispanic male. (All info has been changed for privacy.) His pretty wife had given him both a son and a daughter.  They lived in a lovely home.  He was a pillar of his community.  Why had he been going into a depression for the last three years?  What was missing?  What was wrong? 
The Reality
In truth, his petite, non-Hispanic wife was passive aggressive and would use every interaction with him to play the wounded victim. He of course was made out to be the persecutor.  He had never wanted children and felt trapped in his responsibilities.  He was stuck in his job because it served his life style needs.  It owned him. 

He felt that his contemporaries had advanced further and succeeded to a higher degree.  He felt he was losing his touch and becoming introverted instead of the charming, self-confident extrovert who was capable of ‘working the room’ at any event.  He was in a constant verbal battle with his 16 year old daughter.   

He had no idea how to relate to her, except to avoid her. So he avoided his wife, his daughter and his 19 year old son who was already away at school.  He was becoming isolated, finding himself with a stranger across from the breakfast table with little or nothing in common.
Performing Life
Lack of self worth from years of practicing the fine art of putting oneself last; of making oneself responsible for others’ happiness, comfort, security, love, growth and safety had taken its toll.  He was burned out from performing life; no longer being authentic. When was it his turn?  When did he get to live based on his desires?  Who would give him permission?  How old did he need to be?  What circumstances or attitudes regarding his wife, children and job would have to be present to shift his life?
Time Out
Communication with his wife had deteriorated to agenda conversations and a few grunted yeses and nos with some sniping comments thrown in.  She didn’t like living in the heat and wanted to move back to Detroit.  He was a creature of the sun, loving Texas and California. Texas had been a compromise since she absolutely hated California. Sex was a thing of the past.  There was no feeling of nurturing, no sensuality, no love, no inclusion and no success.  If ever two people needed time out in their relationship, these were those two. Like many others, they needed breathing space free from the overpowering, confining, judgmental and restrictive energy of their partner.  
What’s Missing
Often we can’t even remember what it was like to have that space and freedom, but we desperately need it.  From such a vantage point, we get to re-experience ourselves.  It feels strange at first, because we aren’t used to making decisions that don’t involve how others will react. Simple freedoms happen. We can go to bed or get up at any time. We can stay out late without reporting in. We can turn TV and music on whenever it pleases us.  

Just think about all the things you would do if you were a-l-o-n-e.  How long would it take for you to feel comfortable in your own skin?  How much of your life’s actions, thoughts and feelings are determined by everyone else in your space?  Is there a you there at all?  This is what is missing in Angelo’s relationship and so many others.
Old Programming
Angelo isn’t broken.  Neither is his wife or his children.  His parents, spiritual leaders, associates and community had taught him that if he performed in a certain way, had the right house, the right job and the right attitudes, he would be happy.  Everything would be fine.  It wasn’t true, but was it too late?  He had no skills, no tools to shift a lifetime of responsibilities and teachings.  He doesn’t need to replay his problems in order to undo the teachings and refresh himself.   

You can stop beating yourself up when you realize that you are not broken. Realize you are just responding to a life filled with myriad fears. You are like a computer that has been programmed with faulty programming. You don’t have to delete the programming or throw the computer away; you can simply install a new program.  The old information can just sit there side by side with the new one and you get to choose which one to access.
New Programming
So how do you install the new program?  Make a new choice. It is as simple as that.  You have already been creating your life subconsciously based on your emotional states:  frustration, anger, depression, fear, joy, excitement, enthusiasm, abandonment or boredom. 

You get to choose which emotion you prefer to have.  You have simply been doing it unconsciously, letting yourself be overwhelmed by these feelings and your reactions to them.  When you begin to wake up, you see that you can choose the feeling you prefer.  You can choose the reactions you prefer.  You will no longer be a puppet and victim of the triggers all around you.   

You begin to notice that as you decide consciously what emotion you prefer to feel, that your world begins to draw experiences to you that validate and reaffirm that feeling.  For instance, as Angelo began feeling lack of self worth, he began to replay tapes of how his friends had surpassed him in business.  If he had felt good about his level of achievement, he would have played tapes to himself of people HE had surpassed or his own accomplishments.
A Chance to Talk
Just having a chance to express these nameless fears in a non-judgmental environment is a huge relief to many.  Angelo had seen his sister achieve a sense of self and break away from the early faulty programming.  She was now with a wonderful mate, happy and full of life.  But she had alienated her family in the process.  He didn’t want to do it that way.  For that matter, he wasn’t even sure what ‘it’ was.  But something had to change.  We discussed his creating change that was love based.  Thus he would not feel the need to create separation defensively as his sister had done.
Telepathic Communication
Angelo and I talked about getting focused and speaking telepathically, head to head, from his heart and soul, to the higher selves of his wife, daughter and son.  This kind of connecting has extraordinary impact.  It gets through.  It is our ancient form of communication and our bodies still understand it.  This kind of head talk is not agenda oriented.  It is simply passionately telling a loved one of your fears, your desires, your needs and your preferences.  It is not used to manipulate.  It has no goal, no conditions, no ego, and no separation.  It is an act of love, from your being to theirs.  
Altered State
It is best to achieve an altered and loving space before communicating this way.  Its purpose is to communicate your heart’s desire and your feelings, not to manipulate.  Obviously there can be no arguing, no backlash and no game playing.  This is about you, not your mate.  You are revealing the intimate you in your head talk. Achieving this loving space is really quite easy.  It begins with choosing to do it. Raise your vibrations by reading an uplifting book, listen to music that stirs your soul, meditate, pray or recall loving experiences and their accompanying feelings. Then speak from your heart to theirs.
Choosing Joy
We all make mistakes in life, but any mistake is merely a step.  Will you take the next step into conscious choice and shift your attitude, perspective and emotions? All of life is about choosing.  We go down wrong paths in our lives, usually unknowingly. Realizing we are not happy, we get to consciously choose again. There are tools out there to change your direction in the vibration of grace and ease. We do not have to do upheaval, create chaos or illness. 

Depression is only one choice.  Joy is another. Find the tools that work for you.  Begin making conscious decisions about feelings.  Practice being happy 17 seconds at a time, then 2 minutes at a time.  Do this several times a day and your seemingly ‘wrong path’ will change miraculously. You will have been the magician.  The magic pill of anti-depression is within you already: constant choice.
Your choices about which emotion you will focus on will lead you out of depression or further into it.  You decide.  You are the miracle worker in your life.  You are far more powerful than you know.
Joy is always an option!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Vision of the Future

Recently I did a meditation to see what the future would look like 1year ahead, 5 years, 10, 50 and 100 years.  And the good news is it’s fabulous, golden, lush, freeing, creative, peaceful and glorious. All these changes to come are achieved through critical mass of consciousness having increased to the tipping point to create peace, love and joy as our reality. Remember what we focus on becomes out-pictured in our reality as creation… our creation.  You will be as amazed as when the Berlin Wall came down. It will be all about peace and joy and love. So here’s what it looks like to me.

In one year
I saw much more light in people, more awareness; more presence. More knowledge has become available to us about our origins, the way things really work in the universe and on Earth. More truth is known about all things currently held secret. There is confusion in many; but many more are in joy. There seems to have been a release into a greater sense of freedom. There is much more education on more important things like how we fit into our galactic family and how to coexist more peacefully with neighbors, coworkers and countries. Dark intrigue, ulterior motive agendas and manipulation from ego seem to have fallen away for the most part.

Within five years
There seems to be no mega centralized things like governments or banks or conglomerates. Things are much more decentralized and more effective. Small local groups of nine to fifteen people handle things; though there were larger intergalactic meetings like those shown in the Star Wars movies. Think of these as an intergalactic United Nations.

Dress was simple skin suits, metallic like or long white robes or lovely African, geometric or Polynesian floral patterns and colors. All clothes seem simpler and many are close fitting like a skin.
Much more education happens. I don’t mean math and English. I mean the real origin of our species. The place our Earth holds galactically and the reason we are here on Earth now.

After five years
There were no huge cities. Don’t freak out here… it’s all done by choice and by our intention. All the big cities were gone, the buildings were ‘disappeared’ not left abandoned like skeletons, but evaporated and not needed. Just as in Detroit, there are many abandoned buildings. If they could just be ‘disappeared’ it would be better. No war or catastrophe caused it; it was a natural progression of a need for change. There is no need for money handling, thus no banks or investment places. Government as we currently know it was essentially gone so no government buildings are needed. There is no rule by the elitists who make convoluted, distorted laws for their own benefit.

Food was plentiful due to replicators (think Star Trek’s microwave type apparatus that reproduced a desired food in an instant). A replicator uses the natural creative energy fabric/matrix of the universe to produce unlimited food, tools and all other physical needs such as clothes, furnishings, herbs, etc. The replicators eliminate the need for farming other than for those who wanted to grow living foods in their yards. No pesticide manufacturers. No Monsanto!
Healing is more advanced with energy, light, naturopathic and homeopathic treatments along with some allopathic (current doctor methods). Trauma was handled differently. Broken bones and such are the realm of allopathic medicine for a while, but infection and other imbalances are handled using new techniques without pharmaceuticals and destructive drug side effects.  Many of these new techniques have been effectively hidden from us. The greedy manipulators having bought out the patents and shelved them, as treatment brings them huge profits and cures don’t. Other techniques will have been revealed by our friendly but distant Star family relations.

Essentially all of today’s big business now is non existent. Life is so much different that stores aren’t needed because we have replicators for clothes, etc. (Of course someone will have to make and sell the replicators, so there must be stores somewhere. Maybe they replicate the replicators?) Air, water and land are cleaned… much more green parks, open spaces with paths. Huge amounts of leisure time, more ease, graciousness and joy and so much light.  More awareness of Light too. No telephone wires. Instant communications without cell towers (perhaps satellite technology or higher kinds.) Telepathy has increased.
There is transparency on all levels of life: education, government, neighbors, intimate relationships, interstellar contact. Imagine there is a perfect HiDef recording of all history that can be replayed at will. There is. It’s part of the to be revealed technology. Imagine finally seeing the truth about historic events, not just the storyline from the winner’s point of view.
In addition to homes, people lived on huge 10 mile wide floating ‘disks’ ON the ocean, not in it or under sea. Not for lack of space, but choice, new and different experiences, etc.  It’s like living on an island.  There were no high rises. Three story buildings seemed to be the tallest. People didn’t live in congested areas. Inner cities were redesigned; the sense of a city is that of living in Central Park as what New York City becomes.

No fossil fuel dependence. No pollution. No factories. Transportation is by floating cars. Torus energy devices replace petroleum fuel. Interstellar travel is normal with way stations for layovers between Earth destinations and intergalactic ‘jumps’. Many other civilizations have settled here too, many types of beings, like in ‘Star Wars’ movies.  There is still variety in locations: heat, desert and others lush green; though climate seems to have become more temperate everywhere.
There is no ‘economy’, no need for money as we know it; not even gold or hard currency. It is simply exchange or create by replicator. One could manifest what they wanted, the mansion, the hut, jewels, etc. so money isn’t needed.  All was made out of the fabric of the matrix, so no need to earn a living, no need to pay for things, no need to settle for second class.  There are no class differences. One simply choses to live per one’s comfort level. All the big business of today was so not needed; thus no draw to relocate so one could earn more. Holograms, dynamic interactive learning, spiritual and wisdom teaching occur everywhere.

These things all seemed to be in place by 50-100 yrs from now, gradually happening.

100 yrs from now, looking back the only real problem as the changes began, were those who refused to advance and embrace the changes based on fear. The driving force was resistance in religious beliefs that still feared all that was new as being the devil or evil. Such fear based people taught their offspring and so backwardness and fear flourished in small enclaves, pockets of it throughout the world. Work was done to heal them by sending love and allowing them. They could be disruptive, but on the whole, remained separate. Eventually, when love was the predominant feature of life they would die out as they could not maintain their fear vibrations in all the Light that was present. They were in pain a great deal of the time due to their resistance and holding onto 3D which was dead and unsupported… like smokers using oxygen tanks to live because they had destroyed part of themselves. They would be taken elsewhere for healing or would just allow themselves to die and then be retrained/educated/awakened. Such fear and darkness cannot exist in a world of love and higher vibrations.

You can do this visioning yourself, thru meditation, intention. Relax and go ‘there’, even if you think it’s only in your mind. It doesn’t matter.  All creation happens by envisioning, daydreaming, meditating, drawing, creative writing and intention.

Start dreaming now. It’s your own fabulous, golden future you’re creating.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Gate

This is a story about one of my little vasanas. Vasanas are reactive habit patterns that lie in our subconscious and show up in our face to jog our awareness that it’s time to shift. It is easiest to do by just observing and loving that vasana.

My intention in my meditation was to open a gate in a fenced garden and go inside to greet healing energies: delightful flowers, fairies and earth divas. I envisioned a lovely fence with a gate and I flatly resisted opening it. I was shocked. I acquired a rash on a recent trip. I really wanted it healed, so why was I resisting. I realized I had that same fence around me, energetically; the one that says I can do it myself. I don’t need help. I am protecting myself doing so and I was disappointed in me. I thought I’d gotten rid of that energetic fence. I like me better when I’m not in that defensive mode. I wanted to go through the gate but I couldn’t open it. I’d run headlong into an old vasana.

I was aware of my hesitancy to open even my own front door at home if I don’t know who is there. Actually, I never do. I speak to them through the door asking “Who is it?” and then once I know who’s there, I either say “Thanks but I’m not interested.” or open the door and happily welcome someone in. I know it’s all about fear or control or the lack of control.

Then I wondered how it would have to look in my imagination for me to open that gate. I realized that when I open a front door, it always opens inward and I am required to step back. I am forced to step back! This single step causes me to lose my sense of being in charge by virtue of my ‘retreat’. 

I tried envisioning different fences and gates that I could see thru, but it was the sense of having built a fence around myself for protection that was surprising to me. I realized it wasn’t a see through fence that I needed to imagine to allay my fears. It was simply my need to control my environment and I might not be in control because I just didn’t know what was on the other side of the gate.

I decided to try opening the gate in different ways to create a comfort level for myself. Remember all this is inside a meditation. I first created a door that opened outward. That would force the guest to step back and be ‘disempowered’ in their retreat. That felt satisfying. (good grief, I felt petty in this ridiculous little superiority!)

Then I thought How can I achieve balance, that point between, a compromise so both parties felt good? So I looked at how the door could be opened to accommodate those on both sides of the door and if it would be easier to open (and lose or release my need for safety).   So I thought of those smaller louvered doors that were two half width doors, as in old French and European movies. You know, the kind you grab the knobs with both hands and fling open. Instead of flinging them out or pulling them in, I envisioned one of these half doors opening outward and one inward; hence inconveniencing both parties in that both had to step back. Well that didn’t seem gracious either.

So I envisioned a pocket door that slid into the side wall. That way no one was forced to step back. It felt better but I didn’t like the idea of a pocket door in my fence.

Then I realized this was all about my fears, ones I didn’t know I had and which were very simply presented.  Here I was wanting a healing and I was stuck in a fenced-in place of my own making and arguing with my self induced fears about entering the place of healing!
I know you want a resolution to all this; to hear the happy ending, but there is none, yet. I came out of the meditation knowing I had to write about this because I’m not the only one dealing with this. So my gift to you is this experience. If you relate to it, write your own ending. Have your own awareness and be amazed by it. We are Creators. I know the ending I want and I shall go back into my sacred space, meditation or daydream place and rewrite a new ending. I shall intend to fling open the doors without fear, walk in joyfully and greet my healing energies.

By surrounding yourself with the highest possible vibration before doing this, you will definitely succeed. Be Love. That’s all. Bring up the memories of loving experiences and flood yourself with it. Then open that gate and enter that healing garden and your love will be reflected back to you. No hesitation will occur before opening the gate. Your intention to rise above your third dimensional fears using Love as the key will unlock the gates in the walls of your mind. On many levels you will be healed.

Ok. Happy ending.  I went back and opened the gate. Very cool. Vasana satisfied.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Energy Labels

Recently I had an experience in the midst of a lecture. An audience member became disruptive. Instead of yelling, heckling or outright obnoxious behavior, this was much more subtle.  The person was playing energy games and directing them towards me. When I finally figured out what was happening, I had to decide where it was coming from. Having done that, I zeroed in on the person responsible. Now I had a choice of how to react. I simply stopped for a moment in the middle of the lecture. I chose to be unconditional love. I made eye contact and smiled at the person in full recognition of their conduct and sent them total love. The games stopped. The lecture continued.  It only took a few moments.

The real choices we have in life are how we choose to respond to our environment.  We can choose to react in anger, resentment, embarrassment, love or joy to name a few. These words are just labels on bundles of energy. Any emotion you can think of is just another label. We blame others for making us feel one way or another, but we are the ones in charge of choosing our reactions. They are just triggers. The triggers they send are just raw energy.

There is always a choice of how to respond. I will always choose joy and love. To be happy we must become conscious and make an intentful decision for Joy by choosing the path of Light. We become conscious by paying attention to our emotions and thoughts. When we pay attention we can recognize the energy and give it a name. Giving it a name lets us stand a little separate from it so we can take a moment to become conscious and ask ourselves how we wish to react. When we decide how to react we take the standard bundle of raw reaction energy and re-label it.  Tearing off that label and giving it a new name and direction is one way of being able to make a healthy response choice more easily. 

Tear the Label Off the Energy
People teach about protection from psychic attack. Psychic attack requires a sender and a receiver.  If you are the receiver of such energy, simply tear the label off it.  Stop calling it ‘attack’.  It is just raw energy.  Energy cannot be destroyed, simply changed.  Best of all, it can be changed just by your intention!  Use the energy and change it to Love.  Put your new label on it. Surround yourself and the sender with that Love. That is the truest ‘defense’. Be love, send it, feel it, acknowledge it, allow it and reflect it. 

If you send hate, anger or revenge back, you will indeed get more of same. You have engaged (received) the fear and forgotten to change the label on the raw energy.  If you believe that lighting candles, or doing a ritual, or blessing oneself works, then to the extent you play in that defense arena, you are already attacked.  Simply surround yourself with love and BE it, send it, feel it. Love is the true nature of the Self.

A wonderful lesson in A Course in Miracles  says "Your attack thoughts attack your invulnerability."  Very wise indeed.  We are truly invulnerable.  It is our fears that undermine us. They attach to that raw energy labeled attack.   Our deep internalized fears rise up to invalidate our natural state of love.  We can recognize our fears and love them. Re-label the energy to Love. It’s just like electricity, not good, not bad, but it’s how we apply that energy that helps or hurts.

No doubt there can be perceived attacks. It is up to us to decide to tear the label off and use the energy to help not hurt. We have the power to transmute such energy simply by intention. Engage love and overcome fear.  Joy is always an option. So is Love. Try choosing them.

Dolly Mae is a Spiritual Consultant, Author and Speaker residing in the Seattle area. She is available for consultations at dolly@dollymae.com  Visit her website www.dollymae.com 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Car problem

Long ago I had a Jaguar XKE. I loved that car. I learned to drive it based on the RPMs, aligning with the fine machine it was. Thus I knew when my little Mazda was running at 5,000 RPMs I had a problem. I was 100 miles from home with still 100 miles to go. I’d picked up my girlfriend, another psychic, on the way to do an Expo event in Portland.

We were having a great time laughing and chatting when I noticed the excessively high RPMs and I freaked. The gauge hadn’t red-lined yet but I had!  Massive fear. Oh NO! We might not be able to get to the expo.  I’d have to deal with a broken down car?  What did I have to do? Could I fix it and limp into Portland? I was in the middle of a stretch of freeway far from big cities.

I called the transmission man I’ve used before. I’d left a message for him two weeks prior but got no reply. Thankfully he was in. After explaining, he suggested I go to a gas station and add transmission fluid.  Ok. So I took the next exit showing a gas station. We were in ‘Nowhereville’! Then the sign said 3 miles to the gas station!  WHAT? Never before was a gas station so far from the freeway exit.

On that three mile road I asked my companion if she thought this was the right thing to do. We were headed into back country, tiny town world. She didn’t answer yes or no; just talked about the odd distance.  She just held the space. She wasn’t panicked.  I was. I felt responsible for not following up on that transmission question from two weeks before when I was told the fluid was leaking.

If you knew how much car problems panic me, you’ll get how stressed I was. All sorts of imaginings were going through my mind. Prepaid booth at the Expo wasted. Cost of towing. Lost time. Anger at the secretary not forwarding my message/inquiry to the repair person. Disappointing my friend. Responsibility. The looming unknown and my continual  throwing of fuel on my burning fire of fear.

Then on that very long three mile road to the unknown my brain woke up. “Wait a minute” I shouted. “I can create a different outcome! Oh my god, what am I doing?  I’m going to envision some attendant at this gas station who probably isn’t really a mechanic but who loves cars and knows all sorts of things about them.  He’s going to be able to do everything I need and make it all OK. That’s the reality I want!”  I was passionate. I visualized. I KNEW I could do this. I KNEW I was the creator of what would happen. I was shocked at the road I was traveling down with all my fears. That long three mile road gave me the opportunity to shift. (get it?  Shift is what a transmission does!)

We drove into the little two pump ‘station’ with the ever present snack food grocery store. Parking right in front, I went in to find my white knight; the person who knew it all. The clerks were the owners and there was no help there. A young man was checking out with his purchase and I asked if he knew where I could get my transmission looked at as the RPMs were excessive. He said I could go back to the nearest town some 20 miles away. I said “Thanks.” and went back to my car.  No white knight… but I’d shifted, so something would turn up.

I didn’t even know where exactly one added the transmission fluid or what kind to get.  My friend was calling her husband and he was giving her instructions. I got the car manual out and was reading. The same young man came out of the store and passed my car. He then stopped and turned around “Is THIS your car?” he asked. “Yes” I replied.  “Pop the hood for me.” he said. He knew where, how, what. He got a paper towel from the dispenser to clean off the dip stick. He read the manual and then went back inside the store and got the right fluid. I didn’t even know such stores sold transmission fluid. I paid for it. He grabbed a funnel. I never even thought of a funnel. I was going to pay for the funnel too and discovered it was paper and free! Standard in such places. So he poured enough fluid in my transmission, rechecked the dipstick and closed the lid.

It was all done. I wanted to offer money so I did and he put his arms up in the air, palms outward to stop me and said “NO!”  I asked his name. It was Tim. I’ll never forget Tim. I introduced my self and shook his hand thanking him so very much. He turned and walked away. My friend said he had a huge grin on his face.

So did I.

We are in a time of super fast creating. I was offered an experience to demonstrate it to myself. I loved the shifting metaphor. We are so much more powerful than we realize. We can shift our fears in a moment if we’ll pay attention, make a decision to do it differently and then create what we want.

Aren't these amazing times!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trusting Yourself

Following a girlfriend in my car, she stopped to tell me my right headlamp was out. Yikes, no wonder I’d been having a problem driving at night. I knew it was an easy fix. I’d go to the parts store and get a new bulb.

In the back of my mind I kept thinking it was too soon to have to replace that bulb.  It had only been a year. They should last longer. You know that nagging feeling. You need to listen to it.

Got the bulb and couldn’t get the dang thing in. Replacing it myself should have been easy, but there was this obnoxious little metal clip that you either needed a special tool or a Schwarzenegger to remove. I didn’t have either one. Ok, I’d get help. I stopped in a collision repair place that had been so helpful before. He offered to replace the bulb for free.  Wonderful; I knew this would be easy!

The light bulb receptacle was fried; this wonderful man was preventing me from having an electrical fire in my car. He sent me to the car dealership to get the part.

Fish on the Line
The parts man says the little plug part isn’t separate from the entire headlight and costs $495.00!  I was shocked.  It didn’t feel right. It didn’t make sense. I didn’t need new; I’d just get a used part.  The nice parts man suggested a place and gave me the number. That man tried to reel in a big fish, me, telling me it was $250.00 and that he might be able to cut some piece out of an old car and only charge me $75.00.  This fish wasn’t biting. It still didn’t make sense. I was stymied. I needed more information.

Tracking it down
I called my car repairman. He sent me to an auto parts store where it was solved and my entire bill was $7.50.  Yup, a teeny fraction of the quoted costs by the big boys, the ones who know and the ones whom we thought we could trust and who should have known.  Stupidly or set up; it doesn’t matter. My car repairman installed it all for $20.00. All this was resolved within a couple hours.

We create
It’s up to us to use our heads, stay in touch with our sense of things and keep searching. I won’t waste my time speculating about their motives; none of them was complimentary. I know I get to have the reality I feel reflects me.  If I felt like a victim all the time, I’d have created a different outcome.  But I don’t feel like a victim.  I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can have a reality based on fairness, love, harmony and joy.

I know I can trust myself. That is the point nowadays; learn to trust yourself, no matter what or who is telling you anything. If you trust yourself, you don’t have to trust others. You will be in charge, in alignment, in synch with all that is. This is your divinity. Learn to trust yourself. If something feels loving, it’s in alignment. If not, let it go. Get more information. Trust yourself to know.

Moral of the story.
You don’t have to do everything yourself; others can often do it better.
Getting stymied can be a good thing. Stop judging a situation; it needs to be played out in full.
Don’t trust the first diagnosis. Trust yourself.  Keep asking questions
If you can’t make a decision, you probably need more information.

Just a car
My friend recently survived breast cancer treatment only to learn she didn’t have breast cancer. Second opinions are essential in a world where most are overwhelmed and overworked. This was just a car and just a headlamp, but it could have been a medical diagnosis or an expensive home repair. Make sure you take your power back when someone seems to know it all and apply your intuition and common sense to any situation. Learn more. Trust yourself.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Language of Love

This month is the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hawaii.  The honoring of the Hula and its history.

Hula is a language of love. Using graceful and precise body language, feelings and heart it speaks its stories. You can feel the love it spreads when you see it or do it. It is a marvelous way of many ways to spread love. We are reminded of our ability to continue to spread Love in thought, word and deed. For Love is all there is. I know it doesn’t look like it. But it’s true. Everywhere you look you can see evidence of both love and the lack of it but in the end, it’s still all about Love. The Hula speaks the language of Love.

For many years its forbidden traditions hid fearfully underground, alive and well, just waiting. Its jubilation and heart finally reemerged into the Light of the world.

These islands and many others of Micronesia are the last remnants of Lemuria, the land where Love was Queen. That Love is reemerging world wide.

Many sacred teachings like the Hula have been kept in secret until the time was right, and a receptive climate for Love allowed more overt expression

Love and Joy, sister emotions lead the way. Forgiveness is close behind. We will eventually learn Forgiveness is not really needed because since all is One, there is no need for one part of ourselves to forgive another part of ourselves.  It would be like your knee forgiving your little toe for stumbling and causing your knee to hurt.

It is time for you to lead; to show the way to Love. You will find extraordinary support as the magnetic energy field that encompasses Planet Earth is now vibrating with Love. The dark energies that were so prominent in that band for 5000 years has shifted as promised. It now aids those who allow, nurture, love, forgive and hold the space saying ‘No, you cannot continue your dark ways.”

So much is happening now. Your job is to spread the word that Love has reoccupied the planet in full force. Your acts of kindness count. Your resolution of resentments and injuries count. Your choices to let go of fear make a huge difference in the overall shift of Gaia, Mother Earth. Circumstance will arise to offer you a choice between Love and Fear (anger, resentment, revenge, hostility, aggression, greed.. etc, etc!) You get to choose over and over in order to anchor Love and Light onto this planet with each choice. Little by little we have changed the direction this Earth has taken. Our little decisions have moved it onto its path towards Light.

In truth you don’t have to DO anything to spread the word of love. It is really about BEING love. “If it’s compassionate energy, it is from God. If it is not, it is from you.” (Kryon quote from http://the2012scenario.com/2012/02/kryon-the-recalibration-of-the-human-being/ .  We have no better guide than our own hearts.

Dance has always been an expression of energy. Hula speaks the energy of Love best.

Together we make a difference in this world by our choices to empower and sustain the vibration of Love.

At the Post Office today a young and passionate woman was promoting impeachment of a government official. An elderly lady and I spoke with her. It became apparent the elderly lady held a consciousness of love and told the story of how she met her first black man in Germany when she was four years old.  She was so excited. It was new and fascinated her. She glowed as she spoke. Yet the young woman was quick to turn the conversation to hate, revenge and righteousness….at least in her perspective. 

Such activist dynamics are commendable for their passion but they are misdirected toward the old dynamics of duality: hate, fear, anger, hostility, resentment and revenge. All that passionate direction adds to the sum total of fear on this planet. It aids the darker interests that have kept this planet in a sort of prison of limitation and fear.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore that passion, but I would love to see it offered in understanding, forgiveness and allowance. Our energies are doing more and more to create an outcome in our world, our planet, our universe. Science has proven that how we think/feel affects planetary consciousness, most especially the magnetic band surrounding Earth.

This month, in Hawaii, so much energy is being put into Love through the Hula that mass consciousness will be assisted into generating more compassion and more love. There will be many hours of intense public joy and love. Let’s focus these energies, simply by intent, to heal mother Earth, her people, her animals and her plants. Let’s make miracles come true. What a gift.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Lightworker's Job

A Lightworker is one who is aware s/he is a beacon, a lighthouse, shining the light of love.  This light can be used to heal, to feel and to just be. It is the vibration of Love and Joy. It does not have to be pushed out or manipulated, though it can be. A Lightworker may seemingly do nothing, yet by virtue of being present, that presence calms, awakens, increases and shifts others in subtle and wonderful ways.  A lighthouse is simply light, shining. What others choose to do with that light is theirs to create.

A Lightworker's job is to be light. The result of which calms those not understanding what is going on in this ascension process: chakra (energy centers in the body) awakenings, sleeplessness in the extreme, odd joint or muscle aches, dizziness, memory lapses (no, it’s not dementia), and various heart palpitations, headaches and fleeting oddities. Those who experience these things are not sick. This is not a problem.

Clients call, worried about the specific group of things happening to them: joint pain, vision shifts, headaches, stomach discomforts, food and eating habit changes, sleep disturbances and dizziness. Their worry and fear is really the excitement of the new ‘movie’ we are in and we’re glued to the screen watching, seeing and being slightly freaked out.  Freaked out is an option.  Call someone and get answers, calm your fears and concerns. Better yet, go within and speak with your own higher guidance and be calmed. It’s really ok. You’re really ok.

You’re right on target with your original life plan/contract you created before coming into your earthen third dimensional self. You chose to be here at this time of Earth’s shift. Your body is literally shifting from a carbon base to a crystal base. Science proves this; they are watching it as the individual cells shift their DNA and the carbon element changes its atomic weight. 

Think about it. We are physically and energetically shifting into holding more light in our cells.  Becoming a crystalline light being is not going to happen all at once, but gradually so you can become used to it in body, mind and spirit. Your soul already knows where it’s headed.

Your energy body, the seven chakras centers running up the spine, direct much of these changes as they process the new waves of higher vibrational Light coming onto this planet.  Sunlight and moonlight are whiter, less yellow. The vibrations of the Light coming from these nearby celestial bodies and other distant ones too are what creates the shifts.  Those who resist, deny and reject these changes will not shift.  They will find themselves in a place that supports their perspectives. No need to fear. You are in control. Shift is why we came here. The train is leaving the station but some people don’t want to go… no problem!

So what’s the big deal about light? Science is beginning to understand that everything that exists is some form of light in the huge spectrum of Xray, ultraviolet, laser, dark holes, sunlight, radio waves, etc. Light makes things happen. It comes in waves. It is currently making this planet and this universe and all the beings in it change by shifting the entire vibrations of everything. Everything! We are becoming another missing link science wondered about long ago. The last shift was from animal to thinking human. This shift will be from human to galactic being with a sense of unity, peace, love and joy; our true nature, beyond duality, past good vs. evil into resolution of separation in the reunion with a galactic brotherhood of higher consciousness. Obviously this is not a little change!

We’re being modified and upgraded as a species, as a planet as a universe and as all of creation is. We have agreed to help create this happening. This upleveling is not isolated to our world.  It is multi universal.  The big difference is this has not happened this way before. No other group of beings stayed in their bodies during the shift.  Hence so many non human beings are here to assist, watch, guide, direct and hold loving space for us to experience this first time event for the universes.

A Lightworker’s job is to be aware of darkness, but not drowned in it. A Lightworker will be aware of all the corruption, greed, fraud, abuse and serious bad behavior of the controlling 1% of the population and how they perpetrate their dastardly acts on us through media, politics, banking, food and religion. That awareness is for the purpose of bringing light to darkness. It reveals what has been hidden. Shining the light of awareness uncovers the shadow world that ran the now failing people of dark power. It not only makes them vulnerable but oftentimes gives them an opportunity to switch sides which personal safety may have prevented them from doing before this light arrived.

We get to decide who we are in relation to all this. We can be the Lightworkers who hold the space for forgiveness. We can become the persecutors who demand retribution, penalties, jail time and public humiliation. Lightworkers choose Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. We aren’t perfect but we try to remember we are all One and those scalawags agreed to play their roles in this lifetime for a purpose. It has all brought us to this hour of awakening. They get to show us the depths of the shadows within us all. Maybe in this life we did not do shameful deeds, but somewhere in our many incarnations or thoughts or anger, the shadows lived, if only for a moment.

Things are changing. It’s an exciting time to be here on Mother Earth. I sense Peace, Love and Joy just around the corner. Together we will make this real and this planet will go forward in its higher vibrations, cleansed, whole, loving, free of hunger and full of abundance and light. 

If you’re reading this, you too are a Lightworker. Welcome home.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Thought becomes real because we anchor it to this reality. We do this by taking it out of the realm of thought and write it, speak it or express our feelings about whatever we’re thinking.

We anchor The Light, that which raises our vibrations, by writing about it, by repeating our thoughts in conversations; by emails, social networks and by internalizing those feelings and thoughts.  We are making Light real. We are anchoring it.

Even if you don’t think you are, you are letting your inner Light shine with just a smile. A simple little thing and it’s such a huge communication bundle. “Don’t wait for people to be friendly. Show them how.” ~Unknown A sincere smile comes from the heart, anchored there by authenticity and love. Currently, the heart chakra, one of the seven energy centers of the body, is the 4th or middle chakra. As we move through the shifts occurring now, into a higher vibration, the heart chakra will be the new base or 1st chakra.

Released from survival needs and bodily insecurities and fears which is the first chakra; and the issues of the 2nd and 3rd chakras, we will find ourselves rooted in Love and compassion.  We will be open to accessing the energy centers above our current physical body that await our awareness and attention.  These energy centers or chakras are our communication centers with our more aware selves and with our non-physical brotherhood and sisterhood beyond planet Earth.

Gaia, Earth herself, is ascending too. Her vibrations are rising as she prepares to give birth to this new dimension, a higher aspect of herself. She is releasing her low vibrational 3rd dimension aspect and we are rising with her.

Scientists are adjusting the Periodic Table of Elements to show the Carbon atom is changing its weight and thus its structure.  This is the actual proof  ou physical bodies are shifting. The ‘solid’ rocks and trees and all that is carbon based IS changing. We must do this in baby steps.  We began a slow change long ago and we are now moving very swiftly in our spiraling up out of 3rd dimensional density into 4th/5th dimensional heart chakra Love and Compassion.

Planetary consciousness was raised by the energies of 12/12/11. Each increment of energy beamed to us from the cosmos assists us and Mother Earth in our process. There have been and will be many more energy beam increments. There is nothing to fear. We came here to participate in this.  We have forgotten. It was part of the process to forget. Excitement and fear feel the same in the body.  It’s your choice how you interpret those butterflies in the stomach!  There’ll still be butterflies, but those changed caterpillars are about to become magnificent butterflies.

In 2012, LOVE will finally become the predominant force on the planet and anything or anyone in opposition to LOVE will fall away.  No one, no thing is exempt from this galactic upgrade.  
As we create our reality, sit down and ponder what you want it to look like. Imagination is the key to creativity and thus reality. In my vision I see world peace. I see plentiful and healthy food for all people.  I see instantaneous healing for all illness that wants healing.

I see Love to be the predominant emotion on Earth. I see abundance and plenty for all. I see us manifesting whatever we like in any moment. I see myself remembering to be the person Love sees me as.

I remember who I AM and feel it in each ecstatic moment. I see joy bursting forth everywhere and everywhen.

I smell fresh air and see pure water for all of Gaia. I see our galactic brothers and sisters revealing themselves to us bringing amazing technology to improve our lives. 

I feel compassion replacing greed. I see myself remembering that each person I greet is divine and I remember to treat them as such. I see humans in sync with nature. I see appreciation for all life.

I imagine a world where there is such abundance and immediacy of fulfilling of needs that there is no more struggle, no hunger, no thirst, no lack, no fear, no separation.

I imagine this world with Love reigning supreme and compassion and joy reflected in all that happens.

Let’s imagine together; for where two or more are gathered in thought, word or deed, the effects are multiplied many fold. We do not have to be physically together, but our powerful hearts and minds can create this by our intention, visioning and imagining. The only thing we have to lose is fear itself.  We will anchor it in to reality.

We are the 99%. Together we are doing this in all walks of life, all countries, all races.  We are One. The 99% all want peace, joy, love, abundance, health, respect and compassion. Together we can and are creating such a world.

Practice thinking of these things in your daily quiet time and whenever you remember to use your thoughts with intent. You will anchor these things into this Earth/ Gaia.

There is only energy and the manipulation of energy. We have only to learn how to manipulate it:  to create our reality. We will be taught more. Trust, believe, know what you desire, create a focus and give energy to it. Visualize it and set it in motion. Birth it in your mind, add creativity and passion. It will be anchored to this Now. It must then become real as this is a universal law.

May you be blessed a thousand times for having chosen to be here now.