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Monday, July 26, 2010

Cry For Happy

I just watched my umpteenth movie that makes me cry, but I figured out a little secret.

When you get to those amazing parts of movies and books that make you tear up or sob you have fallen in love with life. I am powerful in these moments; I feel it. So I seek them out now. I used to hide from any sentimental, tear jerker movies or books. I actually read them alone in the bath tub or anywhere else I would not be vulnerable to others’ judgments. Now I recognize their power and I don’t have to hide from it any longer. I can tap into it and use it to create joy.

When I am in those peak moments of feeling love, I seek out anything not loving in my world, personal or global and visualize it in the center of all that love. I surround it with love like a nurturing womb and the non-loving stuff simply disappears. I was doing this many times daily with the oil spill. That’s the big stuff. But I do it with a neighbor that has noisy pets or loud music. I do it with a pain in my ankle. I do it with anything my subconscious is drawn to.

It works like magic. Love conquers fear. We’ve all heard that phrase, but how does it actually work? Years ago I had a terrible scare that a loved one was going to be wrongly arrested. I used every technique I knew to overcome my fear. I read uplifting books; I meditated and I listened to spiritual music. It worked each time, but the fear returned. I spent an entire day moving from the low vibration of fear to higher vibrations but nothing lasted. Then I watched a late night movie. In the final scene the woman gives birth, the child is laid on her breast and she dies. Well, I lost it. Tears all over the place, the sobbing kind. I knew it was love and I put that giant fear into the middle of all that love. It simply dissolved. It was gone and I knew it was gone permanently. I knew the situation was totally done and we’d never be contacted with any other notice of outcome. It was a deep and abiding knowing.

So now I have discovered romance novels. I’d never read them until a month ago, but here I am, reading at least two a day, using the power that wells up. There are so many people reading these love stories and watching loving movies and having loving experiences of their own. Combined, we are very, very powerful. I tap into all those lights experiencing love and join with them directing my intention for this powerful, loving energy to heal the planet or take care of a conflict, personal, neighborhood or global.

So next time you Cry for Happy, tie into all those others who are feeling love and direct your intention to a healing of some kind. We are so powerful, so much more than we realize.

Go ahead. Cry for Happy.