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Saturday, July 26, 2008

At Last, PROOF!!!! That We Create Our Own Feelings

We hear it said constantly that we are responsible for our own feelings, but our environment teaches us differently. We hear phrases all the time like “She makes me so mad….”, or “My boss makes me feel so stupid.” or “That movie made me so unhappy.” These things are triggers with NO power but what WE give them.

Let’s say you come to me for a consultation. While we are sitting across from each other at my table, you get kicked on the shins. Your reactions are “Ow!”, “Why did you do that to me?” “What’s wrong with me?” “I’m angry!” All these thoughts and feelings are nanosecond fast. All of them are valid by virtue of the fact that you felt them. Then when you look under the table, you see my Great Dane puppy asleep and kicking in his dreams. You realize it was all an accident. Unintentional.

Magically, there is no more shin pain, no more anger. Where did it go? Why was it there?

It's your journey
You reacted to triggers. You took an emotional ride that matched your self worth issues, or rather, your lack of self worth. Feeling lack in your self-worth, you took a journey aligning with that internal program.

Triggers exist everywhere. They are really all there for us to see and then work on our own issues. They are gifts to us. It is always a choice as to how we use those gifts.

You have green hair!
In another example, if I told you you have the ugliest green hair I’ve ever seen, you wouldn’t react because you know you don’t have green hair. There was no self worth target. The trigger hit nothing. You might think I was nuts, but your self worth wouldn’t be engaged. With the dog example, your lack of self worth programming was the target and the trigger hit it.

You are the source
In all of this you have been the source and author of all your own feelings. So next time you react to something, look to yourself. Look inside. What is unloved within that connected with a trigger. Then just love it. That's the answer to everything. Just love the anger, the lack of hope, the victim feeling, the hate, the fear, the depression.

Love changes everything. It's an option.

You are loveable just like you are. Don't change a thing. Just love yourself.

A simple little shift

The secrets to choosing joy are simple and easy to do. Because we get stuck in a rut, it seems to take great effort to move out of stuckness, even though we are desperate to find happiness. It can be done in a simple little shift.
Happiness is an inside job. It comes from within.

Moving from the unbearable place of stuckness is easier than you would think. It's just a tiny little shift. When you are in the middle of a non loving emotion: anger, fear, hate, resentment, frustration, depression or sorrow, first remember you have a choice. Knowing you have a choice, what can you do?

Begin appreciating anything! Anything!

That's the secret! Begin appreciating anything! It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be the fact that it’s not raining or that you have comfortable shoes on. It could be that the vehicle you are in has a working heater, that your coat is warming you, or that you have a cup of tea to drink.

One thought of appreciation attracts another and that slim lifeline of the first appreciation thought becomes a firm and solid handhold shifting your perspective and depression’s hold on you. You didn’t move physically, yet you are shifted totally.

You stood in a place of anger or frustration and now you stand in a place of gratitude. Everything in your perspective changes because you have changed from within. It’s a little thing, but use it next time you’re in a long line at the checkout. It works anywhere, anytime.

You have the power within to create great change in your world with a simple little shift. Make joy an option.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Who would we be without our memories?

Did you know that memory is due to the earth's magnetics? It actually holds our memory function in place.

Did you know that the earth's magnetics is decreasing, drastically? It's true. Look it up on the web. As it decreases we have more and more difficulty speaking without losing our train of thought or not being able to find a common word like 'house'. We can see the house in our minds, but the word just won't form.

We have attributed such experiences to dementia or altzheimers. It's similar, but each has different triggers. We are learning how to communicate in a new way called telepathy. Actually it's the old way, before language and the written word. We've just forgotten how to do it from lack of use over hundreds of generations, but the ability is still available in our bodies.

We say things like "If you could just see the picture in my head you'd know what I mean". And truly we begin to project the image. If there is a good energetic connection between the speakers, the image will very likely be transmitted and the receiver will say "Yeah, I see the building, it feels like a house."

We are learning to be more than we are. We are learning how to navigate in the next dimension, which is already here. This is what it is like. We can either go forth in frustration because we are trying to hang on to the way it was or we can relax and let it happen. We are being given the opportunity to learn a new way. Laugh at yourself. It's happening everywhere.

Who are we if we don't remember?

I once asked my Mom who she was if she couldn't answer "Mother" or "Wife". After a moment's pause, she said "Nothing, I'm a nothing." Wow, lets talk depression and lack of self worth!

We've determined who we are based on two things: What we do and who we are connected to. But these are very misleading. We are much more. If you aren't defined by your job or your relationships, who and what are you? You are still here. You still function. You still have purpose. What can it be?

It is a bit different for each of us, but it is related to our life's purpose; the reason we came here, to this planet, in a human body.

Give it some thought. You'll be surprised at how amazing you really are and it has absolutely nothing to do with your job, your status, your friends or family. They are just the means we use to accomplish our life's real purpose.