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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Language of Love

This month is the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hawaii.  The honoring of the Hula and its history.

Hula is a language of love. Using graceful and precise body language, feelings and heart it speaks its stories. You can feel the love it spreads when you see it or do it. It is a marvelous way of many ways to spread love. We are reminded of our ability to continue to spread Love in thought, word and deed. For Love is all there is. I know it doesn’t look like it. But it’s true. Everywhere you look you can see evidence of both love and the lack of it but in the end, it’s still all about Love. The Hula speaks the language of Love.

For many years its forbidden traditions hid fearfully underground, alive and well, just waiting. Its jubilation and heart finally reemerged into the Light of the world.

These islands and many others of Micronesia are the last remnants of Lemuria, the land where Love was Queen. That Love is reemerging world wide.

Many sacred teachings like the Hula have been kept in secret until the time was right, and a receptive climate for Love allowed more overt expression

Love and Joy, sister emotions lead the way. Forgiveness is close behind. We will eventually learn Forgiveness is not really needed because since all is One, there is no need for one part of ourselves to forgive another part of ourselves.  It would be like your knee forgiving your little toe for stumbling and causing your knee to hurt.

It is time for you to lead; to show the way to Love. You will find extraordinary support as the magnetic energy field that encompasses Planet Earth is now vibrating with Love. The dark energies that were so prominent in that band for 5000 years has shifted as promised. It now aids those who allow, nurture, love, forgive and hold the space saying ‘No, you cannot continue your dark ways.”

So much is happening now. Your job is to spread the word that Love has reoccupied the planet in full force. Your acts of kindness count. Your resolution of resentments and injuries count. Your choices to let go of fear make a huge difference in the overall shift of Gaia, Mother Earth. Circumstance will arise to offer you a choice between Love and Fear (anger, resentment, revenge, hostility, aggression, greed.. etc, etc!) You get to choose over and over in order to anchor Love and Light onto this planet with each choice. Little by little we have changed the direction this Earth has taken. Our little decisions have moved it onto its path towards Light.

In truth you don’t have to DO anything to spread the word of love. It is really about BEING love. “If it’s compassionate energy, it is from God. If it is not, it is from you.” (Kryon quote from http://the2012scenario.com/2012/02/kryon-the-recalibration-of-the-human-being/ .  We have no better guide than our own hearts.

Dance has always been an expression of energy. Hula speaks the energy of Love best.

Together we make a difference in this world by our choices to empower and sustain the vibration of Love.

At the Post Office today a young and passionate woman was promoting impeachment of a government official. An elderly lady and I spoke with her. It became apparent the elderly lady held a consciousness of love and told the story of how she met her first black man in Germany when she was four years old.  She was so excited. It was new and fascinated her. She glowed as she spoke. Yet the young woman was quick to turn the conversation to hate, revenge and righteousness….at least in her perspective. 

Such activist dynamics are commendable for their passion but they are misdirected toward the old dynamics of duality: hate, fear, anger, hostility, resentment and revenge. All that passionate direction adds to the sum total of fear on this planet. It aids the darker interests that have kept this planet in a sort of prison of limitation and fear.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore that passion, but I would love to see it offered in understanding, forgiveness and allowance. Our energies are doing more and more to create an outcome in our world, our planet, our universe. Science has proven that how we think/feel affects planetary consciousness, most especially the magnetic band surrounding Earth.

This month, in Hawaii, so much energy is being put into Love through the Hula that mass consciousness will be assisted into generating more compassion and more love. There will be many hours of intense public joy and love. Let’s focus these energies, simply by intent, to heal mother Earth, her people, her animals and her plants. Let’s make miracles come true. What a gift.