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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Signs of the Fifth Dimension

I had taken notes during a great Fifth Dimension (5D) conversation / channeling session. The information was intense, detailed and magnificent. As I later transcribed them into my computer I had difficulty understand four sections of my notes. I could not even read my handwriting. I couldn’t make any sense of it. So I marked those sections and in our next conversation/channeling I began to ask what those parts meant. But as I looked, I could easily understand them. What happened?

I had been rushing to get the transcriptions done. I was tired. I was very Third Dimensional (3D); you know: shoulds and have tos, duty and obligation. Thereafter I made sure I was in 5D when I transcribed and never had another interpretation problem.

3D problems unravel themselves when we shift into a higher perspective. 
Assume you are already in 5D.  Look backward from your 5D perspective. All your 3D questions are resolved and answered, when seen from that higher perspective. 

We are here in these body/mind/spirit complexes (individuated selves) to bring forth the Unity offered by the 5D vibration of Light and Love. 

If we choose to remain involved in 3D situations and require 3D resolutions, we will miss the whole array of higher perceptions that will bring clarity to experience. Resolution of 3D concerns using 3D answers keeps us in 3D.

Seeking ‘fix me’ answers fixes you not. It simply keeps you wallowing in 3Dness. 5D energy will not offer you ‘fix it’ answers but will repoint you in the direction of higher perspective from within. In this lies all your answers. 

All is resolved when we apply the perspective of Love. All is resolved when we internalize the knowing that all-that-is emanates from the One Source. Thus all perceptions of light and dark are not opposites but aspects of the All.  Each thought, each experience, each feeling offers both light and dark. In 3D we choose between the two. We discern. We learn about duality. 

In 5D we embrace in unity and wholeness both offerings of light and dark. Everything is an aspect of us and we are an aspect of everything. We cannot hold a coin in our hand without also holding its reverse side. 

So too we cannot exist without our shadow side; and it is equal in value. Choose to embrace it, often, over and over. Love your shadow self into wholeness. If offers us perspective. It allows us to access and embrace learning/teaching and teaching/learning. Through it we achieve balance, Love and Compassion.

Those two faces of our personal self, like the coin, offer experiences and opportunities for choosing between ‘Service to Self’ or; ‘Service to Other Selves’. Absorbing or radiating the Light that we are and using it for our own aggrandizement (Service to Self); or Being the Light and radiating it outward (Service to Other Selves) are the 5D perspectives that resolve 3D questions. 

Use that filter to choose and we will know the action that lies before us. We will know how to resolve our 3D experiences. To move into 5D, embrace its perspectives. You will draw yourself and be drawn ever upward in a spiral towards your own higher vibration. 

We are much more than we realize.