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Monday, July 8, 2013

The effects of Love and Light

The old ways just aren’t working any more. I had to do a small biography blurb for an upcoming event and the old one was just…. Old! I couldn’t even relate to it any more so I wrote a new one, more fitting to the current reality, more reflective of the Unity of all consciousness.

I know Love is always the answer.

Even the old stuff: the old knowledge and the old ways, the old religions and the old prayers, the old fears and the old hatreds all find balance and harmony in Love. Our job is simply to love these old things to death.

In every situation we can find something to love. I’m not talking here about loving a car crash, or the boss from hell or the abusive parent; though love will eventually be the result. I’m talking about loving what you can in such situations. Love that you have a sense of feeling, even though there was pain. You don’t have to love the pain. Love that you get a paycheck even though you dislike your job. Love that they gave you life, even though your parents frustrate you. The common elements in all these situations are imbalance and an offering to you to apply love where it is clearly shown to be missing.

There is always, always something we can find to love.
Maybe it’s not obvious, but it is there if you wish to seek it. The seed of love that you offer is the first step on your path back to balance. First find wholeness within yourself, then wholeness with others will be revealed. Balance is achieved. Unity consciousness begins.

Even if someone does not resonate with or respond to your offer of love, respect their choice and free will. Honoring the free will of others is one of the greatest laws of the universes. Each being chooses for itself. As creator aspects of God, our highest awareness is to honor all choices, even when those choices could harm us or others. Creator does this for us. Likewise we can offer this to ourselves and others.

This is the basis of finding love in some aspect of negatively oriented actions. Each of us is a creator. Choice lies in how we respond to such actions. If we feel lessened or victimized by someone else’s actions, then we have given up our Creator aspect and embraced victimhood. If we honor another’s choices, applying compassion, then we have honored the Creator within our own selves too.

Seek love in everything that seems unlovable.
Such love grows and encompasses more and more, transforming first you and then things and people around you. You are the source of that love and all because you chose consciously to plant your seed of love in one little thing. Your chance to seek love in a challenge and your resultant soul growth because of it was the whole purpose of your involvement in the incident in the first place.

When you offer love or light to a situation or a person, you create a judgment free zone. For yourself it is immediate by virtue of your choice of offering. For the other, it is a vibration surrounding them that presents a choice to their free will to accept the higher vibration or not.

Hindsight gives us 20/20 vision and we can finally see the point of it all. Simply hold awareness there is a point to it all and you have begun the journey to finding it. 

Eventually in the midst of a crisis, it will become easier to find the love within. Ultimately there will be no more crises and no need for hindsight vision because through us love will be present in each moment. Our light will shine forth on its own. Thus will we know we have ascended.

Poets have written, “Love conquers all,” so, be it.