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Friday, January 6, 2012


Thought becomes real because we anchor it to this reality. We do this by taking it out of the realm of thought and write it, speak it or express our feelings about whatever we’re thinking.

We anchor The Light, that which raises our vibrations, by writing about it, by repeating our thoughts in conversations; by emails, social networks and by internalizing those feelings and thoughts.  We are making Light real. We are anchoring it.

Even if you don’t think you are, you are letting your inner Light shine with just a smile. A simple little thing and it’s such a huge communication bundle. “Don’t wait for people to be friendly. Show them how.” ~Unknown A sincere smile comes from the heart, anchored there by authenticity and love. Currently, the heart chakra, one of the seven energy centers of the body, is the 4th or middle chakra. As we move through the shifts occurring now, into a higher vibration, the heart chakra will be the new base or 1st chakra.

Released from survival needs and bodily insecurities and fears which is the first chakra; and the issues of the 2nd and 3rd chakras, we will find ourselves rooted in Love and compassion.  We will be open to accessing the energy centers above our current physical body that await our awareness and attention.  These energy centers or chakras are our communication centers with our more aware selves and with our non-physical brotherhood and sisterhood beyond planet Earth.

Gaia, Earth herself, is ascending too. Her vibrations are rising as she prepares to give birth to this new dimension, a higher aspect of herself. She is releasing her low vibrational 3rd dimension aspect and we are rising with her.

Scientists are adjusting the Periodic Table of Elements to show the Carbon atom is changing its weight and thus its structure.  This is the actual proof  ou physical bodies are shifting. The ‘solid’ rocks and trees and all that is carbon based IS changing. We must do this in baby steps.  We began a slow change long ago and we are now moving very swiftly in our spiraling up out of 3rd dimensional density into 4th/5th dimensional heart chakra Love and Compassion.

Planetary consciousness was raised by the energies of 12/12/11. Each increment of energy beamed to us from the cosmos assists us and Mother Earth in our process. There have been and will be many more energy beam increments. There is nothing to fear. We came here to participate in this.  We have forgotten. It was part of the process to forget. Excitement and fear feel the same in the body.  It’s your choice how you interpret those butterflies in the stomach!  There’ll still be butterflies, but those changed caterpillars are about to become magnificent butterflies.

In 2012, LOVE will finally become the predominant force on the planet and anything or anyone in opposition to LOVE will fall away.  No one, no thing is exempt from this galactic upgrade.  
As we create our reality, sit down and ponder what you want it to look like. Imagination is the key to creativity and thus reality. In my vision I see world peace. I see plentiful and healthy food for all people.  I see instantaneous healing for all illness that wants healing.

I see Love to be the predominant emotion on Earth. I see abundance and plenty for all. I see us manifesting whatever we like in any moment. I see myself remembering to be the person Love sees me as.

I remember who I AM and feel it in each ecstatic moment. I see joy bursting forth everywhere and everywhen.

I smell fresh air and see pure water for all of Gaia. I see our galactic brothers and sisters revealing themselves to us bringing amazing technology to improve our lives. 

I feel compassion replacing greed. I see myself remembering that each person I greet is divine and I remember to treat them as such. I see humans in sync with nature. I see appreciation for all life.

I imagine a world where there is such abundance and immediacy of fulfilling of needs that there is no more struggle, no hunger, no thirst, no lack, no fear, no separation.

I imagine this world with Love reigning supreme and compassion and joy reflected in all that happens.

Let’s imagine together; for where two or more are gathered in thought, word or deed, the effects are multiplied many fold. We do not have to be physically together, but our powerful hearts and minds can create this by our intention, visioning and imagining. The only thing we have to lose is fear itself.  We will anchor it in to reality.

We are the 99%. Together we are doing this in all walks of life, all countries, all races.  We are One. The 99% all want peace, joy, love, abundance, health, respect and compassion. Together we can and are creating such a world.

Practice thinking of these things in your daily quiet time and whenever you remember to use your thoughts with intent. You will anchor these things into this Earth/ Gaia.

There is only energy and the manipulation of energy. We have only to learn how to manipulate it:  to create our reality. We will be taught more. Trust, believe, know what you desire, create a focus and give energy to it. Visualize it and set it in motion. Birth it in your mind, add creativity and passion. It will be anchored to this Now. It must then become real as this is a universal law.

May you be blessed a thousand times for having chosen to be here now.