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Monday, December 28, 2009

Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis

Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis

A Different Way
No matter what happens, there is a different way to see things. You can broaden your perspectives. If you first understand how you create your own reality, you will be much more powerful in creating the experiences you prefer. No one "does it to you"….. you are creating "it" by what you choose to focus on, mentally and emotionally. In truth, everything is done for you as a reflection of your personal growth. You can tell what's happening within you, your emotional thermometer, by what's happening in your world.

How You Create Your Reality
Thought and feelings combined make your world of experience. What you focus on and what you feel are a powerful alchemical mix that is out-pictured as your reality. Emotions deep in your subconscious are the operating system of your life. Your thoughts and emotions give form to all that occurs in your world.

Everything is a trigger to your potential emotions. Your interpretation of those triggers, based on your emotional operating system, determine your perspective. If you feel injured, you are. If you don’t feel injured, you aren’t. If you love a flower, it triggers a feeling of beauty and appreciation. If you determine that same flower to be a weed, other emotions are triggered. Same triggers, different interpretations.

Let me acknowledge those reading this who have had crises in their lives: rape, wrongful imprisonment, abandonment, abuse, floods, famine, earthquake, fire, disastrous health or lost a loved one, be it a mate, a sibling or a child.

My crisis was merely financial. It gives you a perspective, doesn't it?

Crisis Defined
When we are children, great drama is a skinned knee, being picked last for the team or not making the team at all. As we grow up, our dramas become larger and larger, yet within us is still the small child who skinned a knee. Crisis isn't defined by the externally applied test of severity, but by the internal gauge of our own emotions.

Losing the football game because you fumbled the ball on the tie breaking last three seconds of the game may be equally as devastating as if you had made a bad business decision that resulted in losing your job. We categorize levels of trauma; but to the emotional self, it's all pretty much the same: a massive blow to self worth, lovability, connectedness, abundance or control.

My Story
I had been a real estate investor. The Feds changed the law so I was unable to get loans and I needed many. Then I heard "In any moment we can choose joy. It is always a choice." I was being served with hundreds of lawsuits. I chose to be happy as the postman delivered a container full of more foreclosure notices. Instead of my embarrassment, I focused on him as he began telling me of his anniversary surprise for his wife. He was so happy I became happy. I was amazed. Choosing joy worked, for real.

How It All Shifted
When I stopped asking "Why me?" and began asking "Why did I create all this?" I began to heal. This led me to many discoveries about how to choose and what choices were available. I read hundreds of books, studied thousands of hours and sought out extraordinary masters, only to be redirected to myself as the source of all that was occurring in my life. I learned how I was that source, how I was creating what was in my world and finally how and why I had collapsed my financial world so completely. These answers didn't come all at once. It was the journey that made the difference. All the reading and all the teachers didn't give me answers so much as they gave me pointers so I could rediscover those answers for myself.

Ten Pointers: The Secrets I Learned to Choosing Joy
1. MAKE A JOY LIST. This gives you scheduled time to focus on joy. This is so incredibly simple that most of you reading this will think it’s too silly to do. But it is one of those life-changing things that is incredibly effective.
2. BEGIN APPRECIATING ANYTHING. This little thread will become a lifeline to joy. When you decide you’ve had enough of an undesirable feeling, you can begin to shift immediately by changing your focus to appreciating anything. Appreciate one thing, anything, then more things, until you all you feel is the vibration of appreciation.
3. LOVE A THING ‘TO DEATH’. When you are hurting and finally decide you’ve had enough you can love the pain to death. Once you make the determination to be done with the pain you can use any method possible to shift your awareness into one of love. It may be music, poetry, spiritual books, walking in nature meditation, or journaling. By shifting your focus, you allow yourself to move into an altered state, altered from the downward spiral you were in. You literally step into a clear space in which you choose your next feeling.
4. GIVE AWAY WHAT YOU NEED. When you’re hurting and in pain find someone else to whom you can give what you need. When we give away what we need, physically or emotionally, we have recognized at a deep internal level that we already have it within ourselves, or we wouldn’t be able to give it away. Eg. Give away loneliness by sitting with a stranger in a park or coffee shop.
5. SHIFT YOUR FOCUS. Whatever you focus on you get more of. This is the Law of Attraction. Attract what you’d prefer. Focus on joy, love, health or abundance!
6. CREATE A WELLNESS PLAN. Plan for your health on all four levels of your being: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.
7. CREATE A PERFECT DAY. Choose a day that becomes Christmas like in its expectation of joy and perfection. My day is April 21st.. every year!
8. REMOVE THE LABEL. Whatever you call the energy: anger, guilt, fear or something else, tear off the label you have given it. Beneath it is pure raw energy. Use it to feel good, heal yourself or get energized.
9. BECOME A SCREEN TO EMOTION. Allow them to pass through you. When you feel a wave of emotion coming toward you, choose not to clamp down and hold your breath but become pliant, like a tree in the wind. Open to the experience and imagine your whole self becoming like a screen door. Let the emotions sweep through you without attaching to them and without getting stuck in them.
10. CHOOSE JOY. It is always available as an option. Choose it by first remembering times of joy in your life. Then become it. Feel it. Be it. Exult in the feeling.

These secrets are expanded in greater detail in my book “Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis” available through my website.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Doing Nothing

It’s frosty. It’s cold and I’m lazy. But I’m really happy. Doing nothing suits me perfectly!

Lack of Energy
I know many of you are feeling the lack of energy too. It’s that time of year when plants and trees stop to take a break. They have ceased their growing for the season and have retreated into a long nap. Oh yes, there is life still going on, but at a much reduced rate. So copy nature. It’s down time! You can still be happy without having to achieve anything.

It’s OK to relax
Don’t be hard on yourself for just wanting to relax a bit. It’s ok. You don’t have to be the achiever of the year, but I bet you are to someone. We all need a break, but we forget to give ourselves time off. If you have children, what kind of an example is that for them?

Make Every Moment Count
Relax into whatever you are doing. If it’s the dishes, be focused on just doing dishes. If you’re reading, be focused on reading. Be present; then you are the present for your family this year. The most authentic and fascinating people I have ever met are those who are totally present when they speak with me. It is the gift of their attention bestowed on me. Give that gift to others. It’s free and is always the right size; just what they wanted.

Happier not Busier
Over achievers don’t necessarily have happier lives, just busier. On your deathbed you’re not going to wish you’d worked harder, but that you’d taken more trips or spent more time with loved ones.

If You Had Your Life to Live Over
What would you do? So, do it, because this isn’t a rehearsal. This is your creation.

Erma Bombeck
Humorist and columnist, Erma Bombeck, said it best in her poem after a diagnosis with terminal cancer.
If I Had My Life To Live Over
by Erma Bombeck
If I had my life to live over, I would have talked less and listened more.

I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained and the sofa faded.

I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.

I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.

I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains.

I would have cried and laughed less while watching television - and more while watching life.

I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband.

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.

I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, "Later. Now go get washed up for dinner."

There would have been more "I love you's".. More "I'm sorrys" ...

But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute... look at it and really see it ... live it...and never give it back.

Other Famous People Quotes on Living Life Over


Empaths and Feeling

Empathy is being able to feel feelings: your own and what others are feeling. Sometimes this is overwhelming and we get lost in someone else's stuff. Here's an idea.

What to Ask
Ask yourself "Is what I'm feeling coming from inside me or outside me?"
This will let you know if it's your stuff or someone else's. If it's not yours, dump it...let it go. You don't have to process it and it doesn't help anyone for you to do their stuff anyway.

Names ending in 'A'
If your first name (that you're called by regularly) ends in an 'a', then you are an empath. It means you wear your heart on your sleeve, can be easily hurt or overwhelmed and you feel other people's feelings.

Teach Kids to Ask
Children feel easily. When they are overwhelmed by feelings, many times from others, they tend to become shy and hide from groups. They have no tool to handle all that overload. So teach them to ask themselves if what they're feeling is coming from inside or outside of them.

Just by being aware that what you're feeling isn't yours is sufficient to break the emotional journey it puts you on. You can just say "Oh, that's not my stuff." and let it go. It really is that easy. The trick is to remember to ask yourself the question. Tell others about this and have them remind you to ask yourself.

My Sister
My sister is very empathic. Of course her first name ends in an 'a'. She was forever being in a mood that was not hers.. Now she asks herself the question all the time and things are much easier for her..

It couldn't be more simple. Try it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welsh Christmas Song

This is one of my favorites! Just found it on the internet. I've been looking for this a long time.. heard it years ago. Sung by a Welsh choir.

Stop The Cavalry by The Cory Band With The Gwalia Singers. Nov 29, 2006

Click on this post's title above (Welsh Christmas Song) to listen.. and enjoy.

Here's the lyrics by Jona Lewie

"Stop the Cavalry"

Hey, Mr. Churchill comes over here
To say we're doing splendidly
But it's very cold out here in the snow
Marching to win from the enemy
Oh, I say it's tough, I have had enough
Can you stop the cavalry?

I have had to fight, almost every night
Down throughout these centuries
That is when I say, oh yes, yet again
Can you stop the cavalry?

Mary Bradley waits at home
In the nuclear fall-out zone
Wish, I could be dancing now
In the arms of the girl I love

Dub a dub a dum dum
Dub a dub a dum
Dub a dum dum dub a dub
Dub a dub a dum

Dub a dub a dum dum
Dub a dub a dum
Dub a dum dum dub a dub
Dub a dub a dum

Wish, I was at home for Christmas

Bang, that's another bomb on another town
While the Czar and Jim have tea
If I get home, live to tell the tale
I'll run for all presidencies
If I get elected I'll stop
I will stop the cavalry

Dub a dub a dum dum
Dub a dub a dum
Dub a dum dum dub a dub
Dub a dub a dum

Dub a dub a dum dum
Dub a dub a dum
Dub a dum dum dub a dub
Dub a dub a dum

Wish, I was at home for Christmas

Wish I could be dancing now
In the arms of the girl I love
Mary Bradley waits at home
She's been waiting two years long

Wish, I was at home for Christmas

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shift of the Ages!


There is much Hullabaloo about 2012, the Shift of the Ages. It will come and go and life will be different.

Different will be better! We’ve been asking for those psychic gifts we think we need. So we’ll get to actually see auras and energy movement and know answers to mysteries. We’ve wanted to communicate more easily because those pesky words now keep eluding us in conversation. So we’ll get telepathy. We’ve wanted to know if ETs are real and how to talk with them. So we’ll find out they’ve been here all the time, look like us for the most part and come from our future to help us.

Media Wolves
There is much disinformation and fear mongering on the internet and in the media by wolves with an agenda of keeping the sheep clueless. Choose balance and question everything passionately. Much more will be revealed to us. Already science and technology have increased so rapidly that 100 yrs ago seems like the dark ages by comparison. We will take an unprecedented technological leap within the next year. The fascinating thing is that we can know this ahead of time. The universe is preparing us for this giant genetic, spiritual and technological leap.

Key Factors
Key factors point to the imminent shift of the ages. There will be a spectacular alignment of the planets and the sun into the direct center of the Milky Way. When this happens, Light, with a capital L, will shine on this planet with a light wave vibration that causes a genetic jump so huge future investigators will refer to it as another missing link.

Light is the fundamental unified field of creation that Einstein was looking for and that science has now proven. We only see approximately three percent of the entire light spectrum, so we are essentially blind to ninety seven percent of Light, among them laser, x-ray and ultraviolet. Unseen Light such as auras and energy fields is visible when we shift into our higher dimensional selves and perceive from that perspective. The Light that is coming through this December 21st, 2012 alignment is the catalyst for a shift of our DNA to enable us to recalibrate our human vibrations into ‘superhuman’. We will still be us, but better.

As to mundane things like money, economics, country borders and world economic order, they too will shift based on this Light. The changes will be aided by the sheer numbers of humans with stepped up vibrations shifting simultaneously. No longer will greed and power for control be tolerated for they will be recognized as a disease that needs treatment. Even now these dysfunctional behaviors are held in consciousness as simply an imbalance.

Much fear surrounds money and possessions. What if money became even more valuable, not less because the greed element has been removed? What if possessions became instantaneously manifest, eliminating lack? All this and more will be the norm, because we have willed it to be that way, since we will be creating from Love not Fear.

There are many ways to heal these divine imbalances and the greatest is Love. We talk about forgiveness as being divine. As we shift and become more en-Lightened, forgiveness will be second nature. Love will be primary. Hate, anger, war and disease will become loved into balance. Love will be the overriding energy on this planet. Hence those that currently practice unimaginable acts of imbalance cannot have power, nor even survive in an environment of Love.

If you wish to prove this to yourself, simply take two plants. Put one in a room and ignore it. Water it, but don’t interact energetically with it. Lavish the other plant with attention and Love. Talk to it, notice it and thereby feed it with the indefinable essence. You will see the difference. So too it is with people. Nurture them, lavish them with love and see the difference it makes.

Light Effects
This Light will give us a simultaneous uplifting in consciousness so we can simply release the old darkness called Fear with its expression in hate, control, greed, victimhood, lack and lovelessness. In fact, we will not even need to release the Fear. It will simply evaporate, absorbed into Love; balanced.

Two Rooms
If you have two rooms side by side, one totally dark and one light filled, and you open a door between them, the light instantly fills the dark room. It did not lose its darkness, it simply received the Light. So too will we be free of the lower vibrations of Fear because this Light will immediately raise our vibrations.

Cellular Shifts
Scientific experiments prove that laser light shone intentfully through an egg cell of one species to another species’ egg cell will change that receiving cell to the DNA of the first. Amazingly this means that if a frog’s cell is the first one and a mouse cell is the second, the mouse will become a frog instead. Light of this kind changes everything. It is the way our universe helps us to shift. It is what we have been calling ascension. Think of the applications! Instant healing will occur if you shone a laser thru a healthy cell and the unhealthy cell would be changed; instant transformation into understanding and using more of our brain; instant spiritual knowing and shifting into higher intuition. This 2012 Light will change our DNA.

This forthcoming shift is full of hope and Light. It is what we have been waiting for. All is takes for you to participate is to be intentfully loving just a little more than you are not… only 50.1%!!! You don’t have to be monastic, vegan, yogic, psychic or super scientific. Love is the key. Just keep choosing it. Keep your intention on Love. If you falter, choose again, don’t judge yourself, just choose again. Light of this kind will not fail you. It cannot. All we need do is embrace it.

The Shift of the Ages is truly upon it. Full of love and Light, it will empower the best that humankind has to offer. We are in the birth canal of the shift. The birth is immanent. Many are here as midwives to assist: guides, ETs, spirits, ascended masters, interdimensional beings and loving humans. You will not go through this alone. You will be well supported.

After the Shift, most of the population will be gone, but not dead. They will have completed the genetic ascension and co-exist in a dimension parallel to this one. Things will look the same essentially but all the meanness, war, anger and fear will be so gone that bliss is the only way to describe it. It will be like long term jubilation after the end of a war. We will have come home to ourselves.

I've enclosed a link so you can check out the super website by David Wilcock called Divine Cosmos. His info is superb! His youtube videos are amazing!

Dolly Mae

Friday, November 13, 2009

Portland Expo experience

A really intersting thing happened at the Portland expo. A client who said she'd had a terriffic reading from me 2 yrs ago, couldn't wait to book another reading at the expo.

Later I received an email of her intense disappointment in that reading. Now the most interesting thing was, I felt no need to defend my consultation with her. I know that from her perspective she is completely and totally right and I support that 100%.

It was a very, very interesting space to not need to defend. It was ok for her to be upset and to tell me. That's all. Very cool.

I need to thank her for her gift of this experience!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cough Relief, Sore Throat Relief, Sinus Clearing

This is a repeat from a May posting, but we need it now several are doing sore throats etc.

Instant Relief from Coughing... no meds!
My amazing sister, Patricia, is a Master in Jin Shin Jyutsu, a healing technique. It is defined by Wikipedia:

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese technique for energy healing, using deep breathing and the placement of one's hands on specific areas of the body, called Safety Energy Locks (or SELs). It was rediscovered in Japan in the early 1900's by Master Jiro Murai. He taught the techniques to Mary Burmeister in the late 1940s, who brought it to the US.

Patricia knows all these easy hand placements for immediate healing. She was taught by Mary Burmeister. She's taught me a few of them which I use, but I always call her to get new ones. She can easily tell me by phone.

Like Magic
Recently I returned from Canada with a sinus thingy and a cough. Couldn't stop coughing. She did the Lung flow to clear my lungs; but I was still I was wracked with coughing. Then she did the sinus flow and within 2 seconds, no joke, 2 seconds, the 5 hour coughing bout stopped! Relief for my totally raw throat.

Since then, several people have told me they have gotten this ridiculous cough thingy (technical term!). So here's the easy method to stop. You can do this on yourself, your kids and anyone else. The cool thing is it's totally safe and there's no side effects like from meds.

Other Uses
Pat says it's also used for relief of:
Sinus congestion.
Diabetes (also just hold your thumb. I know, weird, but it works)
Excessive Talking
Stomach problems
Lips (dry cracked lips are a sign of stomach /sinus flow need)
bi polar disorders
and a bunch more things.

The Method
Touch fingers of Right hand to just below the left cheek bone. At same time, put fingers of Left hand just under the same side collarbone. Hold for one to twenty minutes, whatever is comfortable.

Then reverse and touch fingers of Left hand to just below the right cheek bone, and Right hand fingers to just below the right collarbone.

No pressure, just contact, completing a circuit. Sometimes you can feel the pulses.. when both are the same, voila! Open circuit, no longer stuck.

If you need to know more or want a session. Patricia is in Edmonds, WA, just north of Seattle. You can contact her at 360 259-5367 or email at gigglekwik@comcast.net.

Best wishes to move through sinus, allergy and coughing and alot more, much, much more easily. It's like magic! And it's free when you do it for yourself!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


My friends want to go bankrupt. Their house has become a noose aroundtheir necks, mortgaged for more than they can sell it. Stress and worry are their daily practice. They can change it. Here’s how.

1000 Thoughts
It's the little things that count. You stress, worry and move into fear 1000 times a day. So you create fear and worry as a focus, so the universe complies and brings you more fear and worry. The law of attraction works perfectly. Wake up and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as often as you can every day. You will directly affect what happens in your life. Choose what emotion you would like to be in. Don’t let your mind run away into Negative-ville. Choose 1000 times a day. Those little things will add up to a wholesome, healthy and happy you.

The Now
Stay in the present moment as much as possible. Ask yourself: Am I safe NOW? Validate what you have, not what you don’t have: a roof over your head, food, health, cleanliness, safety, friends, and possibilities. This will become your focus: the now moment.

Worry’s Has No Value
Stop worrying that your house might burn down or you might be hit crossing the street. It does only damage to your mind, body and spirit. Worry cannot add one jot to your joy or length of life. It can only be destructive, trapping your mind in an endless loop of negativity. It is needless and extremely self abusive to let your mind run willy-nilly out of control into these polluted thoughts.

Take Control.
Decide what you will and will not focus on. Thoughts, fears and worries may come unbidden, but you can say to them, I'm not focusing on you today. I am choosing to bring joy into my life. I know where following these thoughts will lead me. I'm heading into joy. I'm choosing to walk in the light. I'm choosing to create my reality in the best way I know how.

This is NOT blissful ignorance or Pollyanna thinking. This is choice for what you desire. What you focus on you will get more of. Those little thoughts all day long are under your control. You can focus on fear of illness or focus on health. You can focus on lack of funds or on abundance. For surely somewhere in your life you can find and be grateful for health and abundance.

Freedom From Fear
The fastest way to change things is to be grateful for something and then feel the positive emotions of that gratitude. Focus on possible joys instead of possible problems. It’s an option! The more energy you put into being grateful now, this very moment, visualizing and feeling into delicious events happening, you will begin to create those things in your life. The choice is yours. What do you have to lose? Only your fears. Hang them up on the bedpost at night. They will be there in the morning if you really want them back. You’ll get a good night’s sleep, free of fears.

Choose! Joy is always an option!

P.S. My friends have decided to work through their money issues and reprioritize their spending habits. It will work. They now have the mind set for it. Their focus has become joy and abundance!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Indigo Youth Update

Surviving Tough Times
The young Indigo adult I wrote of in earlier posts has had some tough times. At one time very successful, his business took a nose dive. Deep in debt, he declared bankruptcy and moved back across country to live with his parents. He is young and will more easily survive this youthful wounding. He writes to tell me the following.

His Story
I thought you would find this story interesting. Over the weekend I went quad riding with some friends in the woods near my home. We were exploring new trails that we have never been on before. While taking a break with everyone in a little field, I noticed a beautiful butterfly land briefly on my quad, then fly away. I found it interesting that it landed on my quad and knew that a butterfly usually symbolizes change. Shortly thereafter I was leading the group down a steep trail. I began to loose control of my quad on the now rocky and loose terrain. I couldn’t regain control and I was picking up speed. I thought of the butterfly and decided it was in my best interest to jump off, before things got worse. After managing to jump off and get back on my feet, I watched as the quad rolled straight off a cliff, rolling 40-50 feet down the hill before coming to a stop. Other than a little bruise on my elbow I was fine. I like butterflies...

Having fun and being in joy is demonstrating our highest path. Being observant and paying attention are the first laws in consciousness. Trusting that knowing enough to take action is mastery!

Bravo for him!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Item #4 in Ten Secrets to Choosing Joy: Give Away What You Need

Sitting in Starbucks I overheard a foursome discussing business. Much of it was negative, eg “If we do that it’ll kill us”; or “If that happens our business will just die”. They began discussing whether or not to hire a new applicant. Their methods were absurd, horrific even. What they based their decision on could just as easily have been a dice throw. As a psychic, one of my specialties has been corporate consulting regarding employees, based on their names.

It got me to thinking, how each of us is a fount of wisdom having some hidden knowledge or talent that would surprise others. So I decided to ask people what theirs’ were. I wanted to be amazed and learn and connect.

Soon, a single lady replaced the foursome. I immediately began chatting and told her of the concept and asked her what her surprise was. “What is it that would surprise people about what you know or what you do or want? Her daughter, who had joined her in the midst of this, answered quickly for her Mom who had a blank look. “She volunteers everywhere for everything… She’s always helping people.” Then her daughter wanted a turn. She was passionate about her school interests and her love for children. She wanted to help people. In addition, a recent video she’d seen dovetailed with my comments to her about the wonderful organization Save The Children. It turned out the organization was discussed in that same video. Like an interesting confirmation, the universe was saying to her to take notice and take a second look. Who knows what that sparked in her. She was a dynamic young lady.

Next a young man sat in the armchair near me. He was quiet, kept to himself and seemed sort of shy. After two seconds of small chit chat, I asked him the same thing, telling him of the foursome. What was his surprise? “I’m in a rock band.” he said. He had been for years! You would never have even guessed it. That led to an intense conversation about his hopes and dreams, what was holding him back, creating the reality he wanted, the false dream for him called marriage and the Beaver Cleaver family he thought he’d been raised in until in his early 20s he woke up, the veil ripped away, replaced by a different reality. He’d thought every childhood was like his and that it was normal. He had thought it was normal to have a drunk daddy that mommy cracked open the beer bottles for all day while he drove them on the Cleaver family vacation. At least he did wake up. Many haven’t.

Next time you are alone but yearn for company or conversation in a bus, on a park bench, in a restaurant, at a coffee shop or in line at the checkout, ask the person next to you “What is your surprise? What would people be surprised that you do, think, have, want or know?”

It’s a lot more interesting than “Do you live nearby?” and “Isn’t it cold out?” You’ll be surprised!

So write to me and SURPRISE ME!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Are Awakening!

Consciousness is shifting, awakening and expanding today due to many factors: media, movies, internet; the same as negative disinformation methods... people are waking up!!

The entire universe watches us in anticipation for the next growth spurt.. which will be the 'missing link' of future retrospectives as we take a leap forward in consciousness and beging to create an amazing 'peace on earth'.

We are poised for tremendous growth and as the Light get lighter, the Dark gets darker. Those forces whose interests will be smashed due to our awakening are doing all they can to create fear.. for fear is their ally.

If you are in fear, choose something different to focus on. Fear is only one option. So is joy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Energy Cleaning

My sister didn’t like going into her bedroom. It’s beautiful and usually restful. She’d go to bed and then start to feel uncomfortable, mostly in her stomach area. Then she realized it wasn’t something she ate, it was coming from the horrible apartment building next door. Someone had moved out and the repairs were taking over three months. The repairmen had released some of the vacating tenant’s icky energy and it was loose in the neighborhood!

It’s easy to clean up the energy. We’ll talk about how to do it a little later in this article. That's what the cedar tree pix is about.

I wonder about those affected who had no idea what was affecting them or how to dissipate it. We are constantly impacted by the energies around us. This is not in a victim way, but in an interactive way. For instance, you can smell yummy odors wafting from a restaurant or bakery. You can also smell unpleasant things passing a public restroom.

My pet peeve is those ‘fresheners’ people tear off and throw in their dryers. Their scent is carried on the breeze and fills the area. These and indoor ‘air fresheners’ produce some of the most destructive allergens. They cause breathing difficulties in many people, especially youngsters, who develop asthma and COPD, a serious pulmonary disorder, from them. I wholeheartedly recommend throwing them away and finding a healthier way to clean odors. How about just opening a window or turning on a fan.

Pay attention to your moods and responses to surroundings. If you’re inexplicably depressed, feel upset, emotionally or physically, feel closed in, nauseous, antsy or excessively tired; you might look to your surroundings. Have you walked into someone else’s energy? Ask yourself “Is what I’m feeling coming from inside me or outside me?”

In either case you can help yourself feel better. If it’s coming from inside you, ask what you can do about it… ask your body what it wants or needs. It may be as simple as you’re dehydrated and need water. It may be you’re exhausted and ignoring it. You may have taken on disagreeable energies around you and need to clear them, simply by thought and intention. Sit down and run energy to clear yourself. The simplest way to run energy is to imagine golden light pouring down from above your head, falling like a waterfall, slowly down your whole body, cleansing it of any negativity. Let that waterfall of energy fall all the way to the ground and offer its unjudged energy to Mother Earth. You can do this daily in the shower too, imagining the water cascading over you cleaning you energetically too.

If it’s coming from outside you, see if you can locate its source, consciously, visually or intuitively, although that is not really necessary to know. Then block that source by putting up a visualized screen of loving energy all around you. In some cases, like my sister’s apartment, she put up a visualized mirror that faced the other apartment and the one below her, and just let those energies be reflected back to their source.

Advanced healing involves your accessing your own heart centered love and sending it to the source of your discomfort. In other words, love the energy you’re affected by. Remember, we really are all one, and what you feel as outside of you really is still a part of you. Love changes everything. It is the missing secret ingredient in all imbalance.

If the unpleasant energy has filled your room or home there are many easy cleaning solutions (no, not the ammonia or bleach kind!). My favorite way to clean a room is to imagine a huge vacuum cleaner above your ceiling. Make it the entire width of your ceiling. Now imagine take off the ceiling and vacuum the entire room. In one visualized pull of the vacuum, across the ceiling area, you suck up all the negative energy. Poof! Gone! I do this in hotels as there is often left over stuff in the room where all sorts of emotions have been dumped. Makes sleeping there much better.

Another way to clean an area, a room or yourself is smudging. You light some small, dried cedar boughs, or dried sage which you can purchase pre-bundled or loose. A third way is to light incense; though sage and cedar (see tree above) seem to cleanse an area much faster. If you have none of these things available to you, light a match! The sulphur in the match head is a cleansing agent too because of its intense odor. You’ll probably have to light a few of them. Waft the sage, cedar, matches or sweetgrass (sold in braids) around the room, paying special attention to getting the smokiness into the corners which trap energy. Remember you’re cleaning. So think of it as a high dusting cloth and just visualize its being cleaned by the smoke. Here’s a good link to know more about smudging http://www.asunam.com/smudge_ceremony.html . Remember, keep things simple. Sacred doesn’t have to be complicated.

It’s best to be a little more unobtrusive in cleaning one’s office, unless others are familiar with smudging. Therefore use a bowl of salt, yup, just salt. You can put it in your drawer, on your desk, on the floor. Salt collects negative energy. Throw it away once in a while, and voila, easy cleaning.

So think of the areas in your home or office that could use an energy cleanse. It’s easy and inexpensive. Happy cleaning of you and your surroundings.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Rethinking the God idea

I think of God differently.

I dont' think there's a God that puts us here. We are the same creator energy we attribute to God. God is neither external nor separate from us.

Therefore we actually chose these lives, cancer, hells, starvation, joys, abundance and all. We and our extraordinary spiritual advisor team drew up our life plan, tho not in intimate details, but in overall lesson plan we wished to experience and transmute in this life. Sometimes we get a little too confident in thinking we can bite off more than we can really chew. Our advisors try to guide us, but in our spirit form, we think more invincibly!!

So we get here and immediately forget who we really are (that enlightened spirit being) and think God did this to me. .. etc. So religions step in... and you know the rest.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Computer games teach me things about myself. I play many varieties of the less complicated games. I see myself getting stressed on the more challenging levels, so I just quit. Even a time out or stop to get a cup of tea puts me in a different breathing space. I can feel my body relax and tension flow out of me.

I find myself angling my torso to direct a shot or tensing when the timer is about to run out. Then I remember. It’s only a game.

Just like life.

Then I realize how silly we are to give so much tension to the game of life. I get so frustrated at some of the more difficult game levels. I think why can’t they make this achievable? Why is this so bloody hard? And then I remember. It’s only a game. I can stop any time I want.

It used to be that I’d admonish myself as being a quitter, not stepping up to the challenge. What useless, self worth rot! It’s only a game for god’s sake!

So now I play a whole game and get to the really difficult level, the last level and I become “She Who Starts Over”. I am no longer a quitter. I have stepped up to the challenge of allowing an easy life. It feels so much better.

I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt and had it repossessed too! I don’t need to prove myself anymore. I know I can face and overcome tall buildings and bankers. I can start over. God, what a relief!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Maybe you’ve heard of Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian Huna healing method.
Since human consciousness is so much higher than it was even ten years ago, we are able to align more with this simple, yet powerful way of healing.

Remembering we are all One is the key to Ho’oponopono. If you think of a hologram and how a single particle of it contains the whole of it, then you will see this concept clearly. Each of us is a particle of the entire hologram of the universe, with an emphasis on humanity in this dimension. So we thus have every single aspect of consciousness of everyone and everything within us. Though one particular aspect such as insanity or bliss may be completely unexpressed in you, it is still there, as a part of the entire hologram.

Recently a client learned Ho’oponopono and in a follow up session he said “I keep doing Ho’oponopono but I am having real difficulty forgiving my parents.” I replied “Tell me what you are saying.” “My prayer is to forgive my parents.” he replied. It was difficult to forgive his parents. He could benefit from doing it differently. Instead of asking looking to them for forgiveness his request is better served to ask for release of his own judgments and release from whatever it is within him that caused or created that situation with his parents. Nothing here is outside of you. That is the key. Do not seek forgiveness from others. The forgiveness you ask for is as a part of the whole, knowing that everything, including that situation with the parents, is all just a part of you, inside you, or perhaps you are inside it!

Again, that hologram concept: whatever appears to be outside of you is merely an aspect of the hologram that is now manifest in front of you. Thus it is appearing in your reality in some form, e.g. humiliation by his parents. It has shown up on your plate in this now to help release it from all of consciousness. This way you own your part in creation and in being a part of the ‘whologram’.

By raising consciousness in these seemingly infinitesimal shifts, we raise all the consciousness of the Universes. Yes, we ARE that powerful. This is the key reason this planet is the focus of Universal attention right now. Our small shifts have created a critical mass of change or the hundredth monkey concept if you like. We are at the threshold of shift. The universe knows it and stands in awe at the choices we’ve made to succeed this time. It’s done in little steps, one Ho’oponopono prayer at a time.

Currently I have created the experience of something that resembles poison ivy. Firstly I prefer not to give names to imbalances such as I have manifested. I prefer to leave it nameless and thus less focused and powerful, for names give form and energy to people and things. See http://www.dollymae.com/Whatisnameology.html So this experience I have created is perfect to work on with Ho’oponopono. Really everything is. It is up for me, on my plate, to add to the transmutation in all consciousness of such an experience.

So I do two things: First, my Ho’oponopono prayer. It goes like this;
“Creator, Father Mother God Goddess within.
Please remove whatever it is that has created this situation.
I am truly sorry and I ask forgiveness.
I thank you and I love you.”
(The short version is: “I’m sorry. I love you.”

It’s pretty simple, but amazingly multidimensional.
Ho’oponopono is really all about self, nothing is outside of me.
Notice we are addressing ourselves as the god/goddess energy within the whole.
We are the source of power and bringing it to a focus in this moment and this situation.
We ask simply for removal. Notice this is not death, war or killing of a situation. We are bringing something back into balance with this prayer by simple transmutation. We are removing the energy of a situation and that energy will be transmuted to a different form; perhaps newly healed skin or an infinite number of other possibilities. Energy never dies, it simply changes.

Secondly, I love the energy of this manifestation. Remember, anything out of balance is that way because it is lacking love. Love is the great equalizer, healer, balancer and aligner. So I simply love it to death. Loving a thing to death, meaning, back into balance which simply transmutes or changes its form. So I love its energy back into harmony. Loving such a thing as this which resembles poison ivy does not make it stronger. It makes balance stronger. I am simply applying the ingredient of Love which is lacking in the disharmony called poison ivy. Once applied, harmony begins to be restored and the manifestation will be released into a new energy form.

All we see is illusion anyway. Like our dreams, but we are awake. So dream it into something else. Here is where your subconscious, with you in control, makes the huge difference on our planet as we shift into the next dimension. We raise vibrations by acknowledging the illusion of the experience.

As Lightworkers, when we talk with people, in an acknowledged counseling capacity or in simple conversation, our job is to hold the consciousness of a person’s wholeness and non-separation. Our job is to do that work within ourselves. For in doing it within the self, you have done it in consciousness. Holding that higher vibration is like a magnet attracting others to the light. Their spirit remembers their wholeness and is desirous of rushing forward into that wholeness vibration. That is where the healing is done…. Within YOU. You hold the space for remembering we are all One and not separate.

When you make a distinction between 'this I am' and 'that I am not’ you have forgotten Oneness.

So as we acknowledge all of consciousness is within each of us and it is all a part of the whole, we serve the highest consciousness of Oneness. All is One and all is now. Whatever the story line of any conversation: drama, comedy, pain, loss, anger, hatred or grief, our knowing that it is still all part of the Oneness allows us to adjust the story line to see it from its higher perspective: the macrocosm of consciousness. It reminds of to see the bigger picture. In other words, we don’t get lost in the microcosm or small, human view, of the physical story that wishes to validate separatism and hierarchy. Instead, like listening to a dream and interpreting it, we must know the dream images are metaphors for a larger understanding of the macrocosm.

Recently my sister’s job involved changing parking slots for residents at a large complex. One man was terribly upset and raged and screamed at my sister for the change. She immediately did ho’oponopono work on the situation. Within an hour the man returned and humbly apologized saying “I don’t know what came over me. I’m so sorry. Please accept my apologies.”

In another situation, an upset client called because of a fearful diagnosis by her naturopath. We did ho’oponopono work on the situation. Two days later her naturopath called and there was no problem now.

Ho’oponopono releases the situation from consciousness. Since everything is done within us, it happens for all of consciousness.
Simple and powerful. Try it.

Joe Vitale on the left who wrote an excellent book on Ho'oponopono "Zero Limits " and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who was the Doctor who cured a whole ward of criminally insane in Honolulu using Ho'oponopono. For the whole story visit http://educate-yourself.org/zsl/hooponopono25jul06.shtml

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Wedding at the Flower Show

At the Flower and Garden show this year I performed a wedding for my very good friends. They have been together 37 years. Due to government red tape and health, social security, etc issues, they finally decided to get married.

She is a fabulous artist and jeweler and has had a booth at the Flower and Garden Show for all 21 years of its existence. They wanted to be married on the anniversary of the day they met, but it was always during this show.

So they woke up 5 days before the event and said "Let's get married during the show, but only if Dolly can do the wedding then." I could! Everything in the universe conspired to creating its happening. NOTHING was planned.

No Bridezilla for my friend! Just go with the flow. And flow it did.

All the wedding vows were from inspiration at nite as I'd try to sleep. I'd mentally download (channel) a phrase and was compelled to write it down. Then I'd try to sleep... drifting softly another phrase would appear. And so it went til a lovely ceremony was framed. See vows below.

A couple at the same event, long time friends, aided and abetted. We walked around the show and found a delicious Balinese garden setting above. The owners of that beautiful space were deleriously happy we'd chosen them for the impromptu event.

They provided lovely fresh gardenia boutonnières for the couple and a stunning enormous spray of huge orchids for the brides bouquet! The setting alone was priceless, but those flowers were amazing... and orchids all over the 'set' too.

The groom does not own a suit. Many years ago when they first got together, the bride threw away his three suits.. they are hippies at heart! Raised in Hawaii, they still retain that Aloha spirit. Casual and authentic defines these two.

The abetting friend had aquired a tuxedo!! Yes, a tux. He guessed at the size, and it was pretty close, jsut a tad large. He spirited away the groom at the last minute, sprang the tux on him and got him dressed. In all the last minute haste, no one had remembered shirt studs! Again, the universe in the flow provided and in a most unusual way. The bride, artist that she is, makes these stunning little earings, single tiny flowers in colored metal. We swiped some for the studs!

You should have seen the look on her face as we walked to the Balinese setting and the groom was walking toward her. If her jaw had dropped any lower, we'd have had to call 911!!! She had never actually seen him in a suit!

We 'planned' the event for immediately after the show closed on day 2 of the several day event. There was concern that the guards would prevent our staying. Hanging out in the flow of life revealed NO guards anywhere and a wonderful event.

In simple ceremonies I ask the bride and groom to gather one element from each Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Because she is a metalworker, we added the Chinese element of Metal!

Earth was dirt from Whidbey Island, their home. Fire was a homemade beeswax candle. Water was a handblown glass piece that was watery in expression. Air was the scented air of the Flower show. The Metal was a lovely crystal and metal wand the bride had made.

The scene was set.

No one had thought of video cameras, tho one friend did have a camera, neither bride nor groom had planned for one. Voila! 2 video cameras show up and 2 others with great digital cameras took pix. There was an abundance of photo opportunities!

So here is that divinely inspired wedding from start to finish an example of staying in the flow.
Here are the vows without the names.

February 19th, 2009
Good Friends and Honored Guests,

We are gathered here in the Light of the God /Goddess I AM to proclaim the long standing love between you ****and you ****. Your love has already weathered many changes for better and for worse that come with life’s constant move forward.

You have demonstrated commitment and understanding of love. You have become Love and your two spirits have grown intertwined. They are an example for others to witness love in action. You have shown your love is an opportunity for growth; not an obligation. Together you lift your lives to their highest potential.

This ceremony is an outward expression of your deep and everlasting love for each other.

You have brought the elements of the universe here as symbols of your union with each other and with the universe as a whole.

Earth is represented by Whidbey Island soil, your home.
Air is the sacred air of this lovely garden setting.
Water is symbolized by the watery hand blown glass vessel and the water fountain in this courtyard.
Fire burns in the candle before us, beeswax from an Island beekeeper.
Metal is artfully expressed in this magical sword, combining the feminine and the masculine.
Wood is represented in the handcrafted wooden bowl holding the earth.
Thus the universe is represented in these well chosen pieces.

Are you, *****, willing to continue your pursuit, expression and demonstration of unconditional love for yourself and ******? (“I AM”)

Are you *******, willing to continue your pursuit, expression and demonstration of unconditional love for yourself and ******? (“I AM”)

May the blessings of God be upon you. May Hir peace abide with you. May god’s love illuminate your hearts; now and forever more.

By the Light of the God I AM I now pronounce you Lover and Beloved.

I have the honor of introducing Mr. and Mrs. ******************.

Dolly Mae, Minister, ULC

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Programming Happiness

I was 40 years old and sat weeping, something I’d always tried to avoid. Why was this happening to me? I thought I was a decent, honest person. I couldn’t figure it out.

I was in the middle of a twenty five million dollar bankruptcy splashed all over the front pages of the newspaper. Over and over I asked myself what I had done wrong and why such public humiliation. I was a problem solver but I couldn’t solve a crackdown on investors, a bank failure and a law change all at once. But my story is just history now with the musty details on my website.

I tell you these things because many of you are facing similar situations. You might not have as many zeros after the twenty five, but the pain feels exactly the same. You are still a good person. You are still decent and caring. If you are spending your feelings on fear and failure, it is a luxury you cannot afford.

Your attitude is what will change everything for you. Your situation is a door opening as much as it is a door closing. An opportunity is before you as you step into the unknown. That’s the whole point; it’s unknown, so embrace it instead of fearing it. You have become a traveler in a foreign land. You can be scared of your new experience or you can enjoy the sheer excitement of travel.

After her husband was laid off, my good friend wrote “Wahoo! A vacation!” Now that’s attitude! Such outlook will bring a speedy and happy resolution. She is creating her next now of joy by being in joy in this now.

Be calm. Be at peace. Breathe. Know you are so much more than this experience. It will pass. Know you can create the life you truly desire by filling your thoughts and heart with love and gratitude.

Shifting Fear
Gratitude is much undervalued. It is the surest and quickest way to shift your sadness and pain. In truth there is much to be grateful for: health, freedom, potential, options and a chance to start over. Remember when you finished school and the whole world awaited you? It still does! Recapture that feeling. Perhaps you’ve taken a path that had you boxed in, debt-ridden or drowning in responsibility. The loss is difficult, but you’re finally free again! You have created another chance. You are birthing a new you.

Reviving Joy
Even if you’ve never been in your crisis situation before, fear is only one option. If you’re facing bankruptcy, losing your home or been diagnosed with cancer, know happiness is still accessible and alive inside you. Choose it as your focus. It is a bottomless well forgotten for the moment. You can revive this well of happiness with tears and laughter. Let your emotions flow.

Tears are the diamonds of the universe. Spirits from all dimensions watch in awe when we cry, for they have not the ability to express such deep love. Your tears of sadness and pain are pure, liquid gems pouring forth deep, unstoppable love from within. You are the source of this endless and eternal well. You are love; and love is your true nature. There will be a payoff.

The Payoff
Your biggest payoff will occur when you stop asking why this is happening to you and begin asking how you created it. Knowing how you created it empowers you giving you the tools to create what you prefer. Nothing is ever being done to you, although it feels like it. In truth, it is all being done for you. There is a secret formula you can use that works every time to shift your perspective.

The Secret
How to program happiness step by step.
1.Listen to your thoughts. Ask if these are the ones you want to be thinking.
2.Don’t judge them. Judgment stops the flow.
3.Choose memories that recall delicious thoughts of abundance, joy, love or health.
4.Feel the feelings associated with those memories. This is the important part.
5.Stay in those feelings for 17 seconds and the magnetic field emanating from you shifts.
6.Stay in those feelings for more than 17 seconds and you draw more of those same feeling to you in new situations, people and circumstances.

Congratulations! You have made the shift. Miracles will begin to happen because you are now consciously programming your life.

This secret formula puts you back in control. Practice feeling the feelings you prefer for only two minutes every hour and watch how your life changes. It’s the most rewarding homework you’ll ever do. You’re already feeding emotions unconsciously. If you continue feeling depressed or victimized, you will create more of it. Choose empowerment by choosing your feelings.

Planetary Birth
The whole planet is moving through birth pains as we approach 2012. Together we are birthing something new, a higher consciousness we have only imagined. The excitement is powerful. The fear can be overwhelming. Change is simultaneously scary and exhilarating. The potential is no less than stupendous! Your choice to love and embrace the coming unknown reverberates through the planet and out into the universe. It will change everything and help bring about the Golden Age of Consciousness.

Move beyond your perceived limitations by embracing your fears and then choosing the feeling you prefer. It will move you through your crisis. You are more, much more than you yet know. You are a powerful creator. You have universes within you. You are radiant and light filled. You are love.

Love and joy live within you. So do fear and sadness. The one you feed will determine your life and the planet’s. Step into your power. Ride the crisis through the new doorway and embrace your potential. Then hold the door open for those who will follow you and together we will change the universe.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Power of Names

This is from a four year old:
'When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different.
You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.'
Billy - age 4

Ancient peoples knew names held power through their sacred and secret vibrations. The essence was and is held in the vowels. Many ancient civilizations did not write the vowels. They were too powerful. They held the secrets to a person's life directions and soul. They still do.

Not only the vowels, but the placement of all the other letters in your name reflects your innermost attributes. Letters are made up of sounds. These individual tones and combinations of letters form a vibration that is a soul picture of you. That's why the ancients had secret names and hid the vowels. They didn't want to give their power away by revealing their essence in saying their name.

In my book "If You Have a Name You Need This Book", some of the teaching is based on numerology, the hidden messages in number values of each letter. Most however is about letter placements and the sounds and vibrations each letter makes. I call this study Nameology. http://www.dollymae.com/Whatisnameology.html

We have heard spoken of the Celestial Choirs with their Angelic sounds. Angelic names are impossible for us to speak for they are of such a high vibration that we can only begin to experience their tones and quality, but are unable to reproduce it. Those tones and vibrations reveal the celestial qualities of each angelic energy. They are a higher overtone of our alphabet, using similar patterns of sound and vibration. Our sounds are watered down by comparison.

My book about Nameology is a sort of decoder so you can figure out what your name means, or anyone elses too.

I liked this little four year old's understanding of the power of names. It made me see yet again that children are brilliant and know much more than we credit them for.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

This week someone asked me what I see for 2009. There will be scattered pockets of joy and fear, abundance and poverty. This is the very real time of creating our own experiences based on staying conscious and open.

A dear friend’s husband was just laid off. She said “Wahoo! A vacation!!!” Now THAT’s attitude! It will bring another excellent job soon.

Recently I had a conversation about a mutual friend. Just by talking about things, I could see a custody battle and lawsuit coming up, an increase in income and many other surprises. Months later it all turned out to be true and our mutual friend now wishes he’d had a conversation with me too. Why? Because he wished he’d been prepared for what was coming.

The most personal information comes when you and I have just such a conversation. Mental pictures freely download into my consciousness with insights into the twists and turns of events to come. Nuances are shown to me in visions and metaphoric images.

Our own minds play hide and seek with information we are too afraid to look at. Not that it will be bad, we’re just afraid so we hide from knowing.
With me, you’ll get a reading from someone who is not afraid to look and who receives insights that help get you unstuck and prepared.
It’s like opening a window for fresh air. This new year and these amazing times of change are exciting.

Schedule your breath of fresh air and we’ll have a cup of tea too. We can talk over the phone or in my office. Fresh air is very healing.

I look forward to our heart to heart conversation with insights.

or toll free 877.246.9569