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Monday, April 8, 2013

A Lemon Meringue Fable

The little girl woke up in the middle of a lemon meringue pie. At first she was so shocked. She couldn’t see very far at all. Was it a veil or a fog? She didn’t quite know. Then she began to open her senses and she smelled something tart and delicious. She stuck her tongue out and tasted lemon meringue pie!  It was so good. She ate and ate and was so happy. Then she got bored. She longed to know about this pie world and what was beyond it. She needed help.

She decided to contact a greater wisdom to guide her and asked a higher knowing to connect with her. A group of guides arrived immediately. But she didn’t see them. They sat on the edge of the crust. They waited, patiently, as they had for eons before her calling.

The little girl was confused, thinking they never responded to her. She thought she’d asked politely. She wondered if she’d done something wrong. Maybe she needed instruction to get them to come to her. She yearned to communicate.

Finally she got angry. She was locked in a pie fog. She felt abandoned. Her lemony world was dense but every now and then as she moved around she could glimpse light and it tantalized her. Finally in desperation and in great fear of being forever lost in this yellow denseness, she moved upward and the light got brighter. The lemon veil thinned.

Now she could see through slits in the crust. It was clearer and lighter from this higher perspective. Full illumination seemed just out of reach. Disheartened; she thought she’d merely been dreaming and that made the brightness seem further away. She doubted herself. The light she had glimpsed couldn’t have been real. She wondered why her guides didn’t come to help her. Every now and then she thought she heard wise words or felt a sort of guidance, but she ended up resolving it was just a trick of her mind. She wondered if there really were any guides for her and if so, why they hid.

One day she began to think differently. Thoughts just seemed to pop into her mind. It was amazing! She was imagining being free outside of the lemon universe. She thought about all the ways she could move beyond the lemony existence. Just thinking like this felt illuminating. She began wondering where these ideas had come from.

She realized if she just changed her perspective and got a bit more creative, it was within her own power to shift and make a true connection with that higher guidance and to really be free. She closed her eyes and envisioned herself on top of the crust. Outside. Free. And so she was.

From this new perspective, the pie was beautiful with its white fluffy meringue on top. She thanked it for having fed and nurtured her. Now she felt unlimited and a whole universe opened to her. Then she felt something strange and wonderful inside. She knew it was her guides. She knew they really were there and realized that words of encouragement had come from them all along. She wondered how she could ever have doubted them. She hadn’t been abandoned.  She was ready and could hear them now, to connect and to see differently.
Her new higher awareness told her the lemony veil was all a dream she’d made up. Her guides greeted her happily. She could easily understand them now.  She had paid attention to her thoughts and yearnings. She had doubts but her passion overrode them. The desire to be more and know more led her to her own higher wisdom, her guides.

That guidance felt so familiar. She realized it had always been there but she’d thought it was outside of her . Now she realized it was within her and she was more than just her human self. Her guidance was the best part of her; a higher aspect. She was amazed. Everything was different now she had awakened to this perspective. She had changed and so her world had changed.

Such is the wisdom within each of us.
Passion moves us.
Love and light guide us.
Trust shows us the way and we become our highest selves.