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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cough Relief, Sore Throat Relief, Sinus Clearing

This is a repeat from a May posting, but we need it now several are doing sore throats etc.

Instant Relief from Coughing... no meds!
My amazing sister, Patricia, is a Master in Jin Shin Jyutsu, a healing technique. It is defined by Wikipedia:

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese technique for energy healing, using deep breathing and the placement of one's hands on specific areas of the body, called Safety Energy Locks (or SELs). It was rediscovered in Japan in the early 1900's by Master Jiro Murai. He taught the techniques to Mary Burmeister in the late 1940s, who brought it to the US.

Patricia knows all these easy hand placements for immediate healing. She was taught by Mary Burmeister. She's taught me a few of them which I use, but I always call her to get new ones. She can easily tell me by phone.

Like Magic
Recently I returned from Canada with a sinus thingy and a cough. Couldn't stop coughing. She did the Lung flow to clear my lungs; but I was still I was wracked with coughing. Then she did the sinus flow and within 2 seconds, no joke, 2 seconds, the 5 hour coughing bout stopped! Relief for my totally raw throat.

Since then, several people have told me they have gotten this ridiculous cough thingy (technical term!). So here's the easy method to stop. You can do this on yourself, your kids and anyone else. The cool thing is it's totally safe and there's no side effects like from meds.

Other Uses
Pat says it's also used for relief of:
Sinus congestion.
Diabetes (also just hold your thumb. I know, weird, but it works)
Excessive Talking
Stomach problems
Lips (dry cracked lips are a sign of stomach /sinus flow need)
bi polar disorders
and a bunch more things.

The Method
Touch fingers of Right hand to just below the left cheek bone. At same time, put fingers of Left hand just under the same side collarbone. Hold for one to twenty minutes, whatever is comfortable.

Then reverse and touch fingers of Left hand to just below the right cheek bone, and Right hand fingers to just below the right collarbone.

No pressure, just contact, completing a circuit. Sometimes you can feel the pulses.. when both are the same, voila! Open circuit, no longer stuck.

If you need to know more or want a session. Patricia is in Edmonds, WA, just north of Seattle. You can contact her at 360 259-5367 or email at gigglekwik@comcast.net.

Best wishes to move through sinus, allergy and coughing and alot more, much, much more easily. It's like magic! And it's free when you do it for yourself!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


My friends want to go bankrupt. Their house has become a noose aroundtheir necks, mortgaged for more than they can sell it. Stress and worry are their daily practice. They can change it. Here’s how.

1000 Thoughts
It's the little things that count. You stress, worry and move into fear 1000 times a day. So you create fear and worry as a focus, so the universe complies and brings you more fear and worry. The law of attraction works perfectly. Wake up and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as often as you can every day. You will directly affect what happens in your life. Choose what emotion you would like to be in. Don’t let your mind run away into Negative-ville. Choose 1000 times a day. Those little things will add up to a wholesome, healthy and happy you.

The Now
Stay in the present moment as much as possible. Ask yourself: Am I safe NOW? Validate what you have, not what you don’t have: a roof over your head, food, health, cleanliness, safety, friends, and possibilities. This will become your focus: the now moment.

Worry’s Has No Value
Stop worrying that your house might burn down or you might be hit crossing the street. It does only damage to your mind, body and spirit. Worry cannot add one jot to your joy or length of life. It can only be destructive, trapping your mind in an endless loop of negativity. It is needless and extremely self abusive to let your mind run willy-nilly out of control into these polluted thoughts.

Take Control.
Decide what you will and will not focus on. Thoughts, fears and worries may come unbidden, but you can say to them, I'm not focusing on you today. I am choosing to bring joy into my life. I know where following these thoughts will lead me. I'm heading into joy. I'm choosing to walk in the light. I'm choosing to create my reality in the best way I know how.

This is NOT blissful ignorance or Pollyanna thinking. This is choice for what you desire. What you focus on you will get more of. Those little thoughts all day long are under your control. You can focus on fear of illness or focus on health. You can focus on lack of funds or on abundance. For surely somewhere in your life you can find and be grateful for health and abundance.

Freedom From Fear
The fastest way to change things is to be grateful for something and then feel the positive emotions of that gratitude. Focus on possible joys instead of possible problems. It’s an option! The more energy you put into being grateful now, this very moment, visualizing and feeling into delicious events happening, you will begin to create those things in your life. The choice is yours. What do you have to lose? Only your fears. Hang them up on the bedpost at night. They will be there in the morning if you really want them back. You’ll get a good night’s sleep, free of fears.

Choose! Joy is always an option!

P.S. My friends have decided to work through their money issues and reprioritize their spending habits. It will work. They now have the mind set for it. Their focus has become joy and abundance!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Indigo Youth Update

Surviving Tough Times
The young Indigo adult I wrote of in earlier posts has had some tough times. At one time very successful, his business took a nose dive. Deep in debt, he declared bankruptcy and moved back across country to live with his parents. He is young and will more easily survive this youthful wounding. He writes to tell me the following.

His Story
I thought you would find this story interesting. Over the weekend I went quad riding with some friends in the woods near my home. We were exploring new trails that we have never been on before. While taking a break with everyone in a little field, I noticed a beautiful butterfly land briefly on my quad, then fly away. I found it interesting that it landed on my quad and knew that a butterfly usually symbolizes change. Shortly thereafter I was leading the group down a steep trail. I began to loose control of my quad on the now rocky and loose terrain. I couldn’t regain control and I was picking up speed. I thought of the butterfly and decided it was in my best interest to jump off, before things got worse. After managing to jump off and get back on my feet, I watched as the quad rolled straight off a cliff, rolling 40-50 feet down the hill before coming to a stop. Other than a little bruise on my elbow I was fine. I like butterflies...

Having fun and being in joy is demonstrating our highest path. Being observant and paying attention are the first laws in consciousness. Trusting that knowing enough to take action is mastery!

Bravo for him!