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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When is a Chair Not a Chair?

My friend was driving down the road and had an AHA moment and called me.  “I was thinking about calories in food” she said. “Someone just made this stuff up, didn’t they? I mean, it’s just a number! Why is everything someone else’s idea of how things should be? This is crap!”

I replied “This is default thinking.”

For example the chair in your living room is what you purchased as a chair because its creator designed it as a chair, the manufacturer produced it as a chair and you purchased it as a chair. You have chosen by default to retain the creation, purpose and idea of ‘chair’ in your ownership and use of it. Others coming into your home don’t have to recreate a chair from their own thoughts in order to use yours. (Your pets probably see it as a bed.)

Just Going Along
They go along with your presentation of your perception of ‘chair’, by default. In someone else’s home a chair could be an upended crate or a stack of books, or a fireplace hearth. 

Some default thinking has purpose. We don’t have to take time and energy to enter someone’s living space and create a chair for ourselves. It’s easier to default to their view.

As Applied to Art

When we apply this to art, we begin to understand how we can perceive other than by default. The art in your home is what you have determined to be art. But others may not see it so. They use their own perceptions to determine it as junk, worthless, valuable, and artistic, etc.       We acknowledge that everyone else may not view our wall hangings or ceramic pieces as art. No big deal. We’re used to individual perceptions in things requiring sensual interpretation. We are not used to individual interpretations of things we take for granted, like tables or chairs.

Someone Else’s Thinking
Once you realize you are in someone else’s thinking, like calories that may or may not have value to you to go along with, you can change it. That’s the big AHA! You simply tear off the label called calories and experience calories as energy (which is a perfect example since calorie means heat output converted to energy). So in that moment of conscious awareness, your AHA moment, you get to choose how you wish to apply the now unlabeled energy.
Contemporary Bean Bag Chair

Application Options
You have loads of options for applying the unleashed energy. Use it to lose weight or gain muscle. Use the energy to heal an old scar. Use the energy to enhance your psychic abilities, your senses, your abundance, your health and your relationships. To see, feel, hear or know more. Get the point?  It’s unlimited. Pure potential! And you just unleashed it.

Raw Energy
You’ve just touched into the basic creation force of the universes: raw energy. It has been laying there in front of you your whole life, just waiting for you to recognize it. It has always been offering itself to you for use in any way you see fit. Free energy is available all around you. Everywhere.

It’s Your choice
Stuffed Chair
Next time you look at a chair; decide if you want it to remain ‘chair’. It’s perfectly alright to do so. It’s your individual choice.

One day, as we move through the notes in the octave of Fifth Dimensional reality, we will create in each moment anything we desire. It will be as second nature as walking or breathing. It is just a thought away. Meanwhile, practice unlocking your default perceptions.

Things do not always have to be as they seem. The choice is ours. One day we’ll just use the energy in the moment to create our own perfectly comfortable chair out of that available energy, while we visit a friend.