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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Perspectives

The energies of October put us in touch with our old unfinished stuff. We had a grand opportunity to revisit old situations that showed up front and center on our plates. We were being offered an opportunity to see those situations from a new aspect.

This is an understatement about what many experienced in these last couple of months.

We are revisiting old stuff that clearly isn’t finished yet, even if we thought it was. I kept wondering what the point was and I soon discovered many were in similar old business visits. Why?

One of the hallmarks of our further movement into the 5th Dimension (5D) is perception. We get to see things in the universal hologram from a new perspective. 

This may look like we’re repeating old bits and pieces of our lives but it’s with new knowledge and awareness and with different perceptions. It doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily do it well, but we’ll do it differently and certainly more consciously and eventually learn something about ourselves.

One of my greatest tools when dealing with drama is not to repeat the story line more than three times. When you tell a story more than three times, it owns you. You lock in the aspects of the experience in such a way that it becomes difficult to extricate yourself. It is so easy then to play a victim role.

Our journey becomes one of relating differently to the experience. I’m not saying it’s easy. I would hear others’ stories and know that in comparison mine was easier. But crisis is crisis and the pain of a joyful childbirth, for example, is not lessened by the knowledge it is a wondrous thing; it’s still extreme pain.

Another way to handle drama is these triangles. For over 20 years I have worked with and taught Triadic Creation: these two triangles showing how we create either from Love or Fear.

Most people either can’t Give to themselves or Receive or Accept an issue, a thing or a feeling and fall onto the Victim point in the lower Fear triangle. Of course we can play all three roles in each triangle simultaneously.

The universe has changed. We’ve moved into the 5th Dimension and I have now added a third Triangle.

In the first 2 triangles we see the duality of 3D with the either/or of Love or Fear.
In the third triangle we see the 5D Triality of Beingness. 5D is all about unity, wholeness, inclusiveness and things without opposites. In 5D opposition is resolved into wholeness. Hence we move beyond either/or into a variety of possibilities/perceptions. There can be no non-Being. Forms can change. Beingness does not.

5D means moving out of Duality into Triality. We move forward by taking these baby steps in our understanding:
First we think something is done To Me
Then we realize the universe is rearranging itself doing things For Me
Then we glimpse our oneness with the universe and see things are done By Me
Then we embrace wholeness and unity with all that is, and know the doer Is Me

So I applied these concepts to revisiting old business.
I cannot be a victim. Nothing was done to me.
I am an aspect of the Holographic Universe that is already at one with all that Is.
I am whole. I am creator. I am originator. I have done all this in order to grow.
No one did anything TO me; it is all Me; I am the true author of all that occurs in my universe.

I have been offered a gift (by myself) and choose to accept the growth within it.
I may not always understand the gift, the why, the subtleties; but if I know it is all in my highest interest and in my soul’s growth and that on some level, somewhere my highest self has created this and helped rearrange the universe just for me, I can begin to glimpse the perfection. I can align right now with knowing there is a jewel within and accept the gift of understanding it all at some future time.

In the first two triangles, the point is upward. Also the triangles are red in color. Historically, in Alchemy, that means Masculine and Fire.
In the third triangle, the point is down. The triangle is blue. Alchemically that means Feminine and Water.

We are accessing a return to Feminine energy dominance with 5D. That means more intuition, open heartedness, allowance, acceptance, receptivity and emotional availability. We get to feel more instead of staying in our heads thinking. All these things embrace rather than exclude and involve the heart.

For now it is enough to know I am on the path. All the rest will unfold.

For more information on the triangles, my book “Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis” explains in detail and shows concrete steps to move out of the Victimhood triangle into the Love triangle. Click on the book image on this blog to learn more.