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Friday, October 24, 2008

Excellent Indigo Link

I just came across this excellent resource for you Indigos out there. Happy hunting!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Indigo, the Vulture and the Skunk

An Indigo Kid is the new wave, genetically, of psychic, intelligence and spiritual advances happening to the human race. Visit my blog at blogspot.dollymae.com to learn much more. Oct 2008 articles will give you much, much more info and links.

The Indigo boy of my blog postings emailed me writing: "I was off-roading with my dads truck last night and I came across a dead vulture near the gates to this trail. I just found it bizzare that it was on the dirt trail in the middle of nowhere. Any suggestions of meanings( I left my books at home)."

Animal Totems
Every Animal represents a character or personality trait in the Native traditions. Learning about that aspect of character becomes a teaching for you and is called its 'medicine'. It doesn't matter how you come across the animal, it's the impact on you that counts. The animal thus becomes a Totem or metaphor for that trait and it teaches you about its medicine. If it impacts you several times, it is YOUR totem and is teaching you its specific medicine in this lifetime or at this stage in your life. That's why it has shown up for you.

Info Source: A favoite book is "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews. If you don't have a great book about totems, then go on line to http://www.sayahda.com/cycle.htm. It's alphabetized and very good.

The Vulture
The vulture is a member of the raptor family. They feed exclusively on carrion and perform a very useful function by disposing of potential sources of disease. The Pueblo Indians saw the vulture as a sign of purification and the Greeks considered it to be a symbol of transformation. As old decayed flesh was removed new life emerged. These amazing birds are vital for the health and well being of mankind and all other life forms.
Vultures trust in the creative force to provide for them is unshakable. This trust is one of the main teachings they offer those that hold this medicine.

Although the vulture is a somewhat homely bird in appearance they are magnificent in flight gliding through the heavens with a grace unsurpassed by most other birds. They know how to use what is available to them to the fullest extent and teach us how to be resourceful and innovative with what we have.

When this medicine is fully developed those with this totem can accomplish great things in life. Resourceful and patient they have the ability to stay focused on their goal despite influences that try to distract them.

Many people don't like vultures because of an impression that, since they feed off carrion, they must be unclean birds. The truth is that vultures are actually quite clean, and they perform the valuable service of eliminating the remains of decaying animals. This is one of the gifts the vulture holds for us, the cleaning up of messes. Many times we create physical and psychic messes that we don't want to deal with. The vulture can guide us to the efficient and joyful resolution of such problems.

If vulture has flown into your life you are being asked to remedy a messy situation and turn it into something positive. If however, messes seem somehow to always be around you, eventually you will end up with a reputation for attracting and creating problems. This can put you in a bad light, like the vulture. Learn from vultures example and clean up your act to avoid getting an unfavorable reputation.

Earlier this year when I was driving w/ this Indigo, we came across a dead skunk. Now that is really strange since we were in the middle of a giant US city. So I knew it was an important Totem.

The 2nd time it happened while with him, 6 months later, same huge city, I was blown away by its importance. So I began studying Skunk.

The following month, while in Colorado, two more dead skunks on the road and the aromatic proof of another one! So skunk medicine was for me too! Ok, here's what it means in a nutshell.

Skunk medicine has to do with reputation, as in the last word above about Vulture. It has to do with how you attract and how you repel others. You must learn to assert, without ego, what you are. Respect then follows. You have the ability to attract others and be charismatic. Just do it all without ego. Don't put on airs and dont' be phony. Be authentic and ego free. A great teaching to us all.

The Durango Skunk
In Durango, CO, I had an opportunity to see skunk medicine at work at its worst. One of the vendors at the expo was very know it all, officious, talked down to me, smart-ass. But he sold books and I desperately needed to look up Skunk Medicine in Ted Andrews' book. Attempting to shift his overbearing attitude, I asked him if he knew about Skunk. "It's my Totem" he said. Well, DUH! After I read the part in 'Animal Speak' on Skunk, I understood a lot more. He was using Skunk in its negative way, repelling others and being very ego oriented, letting you know he was much better in everything than you could possibly be. Quite a demonstration for me. A reminder to stay out of ego and how unattractive it is. I silently thanked him for the lesson and vowed to apply it to my daily life.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Indigo Kids link up

I just came across this great link up for Indigo kids. http://www.indigonetwork.org/MeetOthers.htm#USPacific

Good way to get in touch w/ others who have your talents, issues and questions.