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Monday, April 28, 2014

Unintended Perfection

I made a really embarrassing mistake with humbling repercussions. A private email was forwarded in error. I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, but it wasn’t my first time. You’d think I’d learn. Then again, maybe it was really unintended perfection.

Unintended perfection knows nothing is an accident. We may not always know why something occurs and it may still bring pain unintentionally. If we don’t stop the experience and slam the door, we may just achieve personal growth.

As Lightworkers it is imperative that we stay conscious and know it is all perfect; that we are already healed; that there is no real separation; that All is One already; and that events were prearranged by us for a larger purpose. Before we ever incarnated, we agreed to be each other’s angelic reminders; to offer opportunities to surmount hurts and grasp unity, love, allowance and forgiveness. On the human level this may cause pain at first but the ultimate rewards can be astounding, even unto awakening.

Compared to violent abuse this incident is a small thing indeed, a mere awkwardness. If we as Lightworkers cannot love such small errors into perfection, how can we expect the planet to achieve peace, balance and harmony? This is our real job. It must begin with us; with whatever shows up on our plates. Chaos and drama are not my preference. I prefer small discomforts in my growth. I need to remember to always ask for this growth assistance in the vibration of peace and joy.

I learned long ago healing does not have to be in person. A friend rebuffed my three attempts to heal a thorny situation.  The unintended perfection that subsequently unfolded was so stunning it changed my life forever. So many amazing miracles and happy coincidences occurred, I felt carried away in a tide of wonder.

We are under immense pressure to shift and change, shake up and let go in response to energies coming onto this planet right now. The lunar and solar eclipses of April and the astrological Grand Cross in the heavens have had huge effects on us; specifically the bringing light to secrets: personal, governmental, religious and global. Ultimately nothing will remain hidden.

It is time to shine our personal light of awareness into the dark corners where secrets live. Thus we assist in raising the vibrations of this planet. Use your light to look into the dark places of secrets. Great gems are hidden there. Be grateful to the discomforts that lead us there.

As Lightworkers it is our job to create and hold healing space; to be loving; to see from a higher perspective; to find the good in all things; to remember all is One; and to look deeper to find the profound truth.  
I do not see victims in this scenario and my human self so wishes I could reach the hurt person’s heart to heal us and our friendship.  I can only hold the consciousness of Oneness and send love. In loving space there is no separation, so I simply love.

When ideas no longer resonate with you, know that gems are hidden within. Each situation on your plate holds the seeds of unintended perfection.

O Lightworker, will you seek it?

Dolly Mae