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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Cold

Before enlightenment, having a cold meant ten days of misery, getting through the details of congestion, stuffiness and breathing difficulties, seeing a doctor and taking prescribed meds.

After enlightenment, having a cold means ten days of trying to figure out what emotional difficulty this dis-ease was caused by. It means guilt for not being the perfect enlightened being or spiritual enough to have prevented it. It means trying to figure out what’s wrong with you. It means having ones enlightened friends suggest reasons for your emotional distress. It means taking herbs and following non traditional healing modalities in addition to allopathic medicines that seem appropriate.

It means friends offering healing tips and tinctures. They are very kind and very well intentioned. They recognize we are all one and can help each other to heal. It feels loving and nurturing. It reminds me of my wholeness.

We have come a long way from those pre-awareness days and still need to go a bit further. Enlightened colds mean I just say yes to the process; just relax into it. We are probably quite aware of the reasons for the emotional congestion causing the cold as its basis is very recent, not like some illnesses that take months or years to develop.

I came back from a holiday with a lovely cold. I know its causes. There are several. It’s not just one simple thing. We are complex beings and the source of this congestion is complex too. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult to figure out, just that it has many sources. So I cancelled appointments and get-togethers and simply stayed home, slept, took herbs, drank liquids and nurtured myself. At these times my body craves good foods: greens, wholesome liquids, and complex carbs like nuts and grains. I listen to my body. I nurture it and feed it those things it needs. I don’t always follow exactly what it says; I still have my preferences and little food addictions, but I do listen more closely. I ask myself, do I want this food or herb and then wait for my body and subconscious to answer. For the most part I pay heed.

The most important thing is that I relax into the experience and don’t resist it. I no longer do the angst thing berating myself for not being more spiritually aware. My body is just talking to me and I listen. The manifestation of a cold has occurred in the physical body since I didn’t listen well to my spiritual and mental messages beforehand. The body wants me to finally get it and pay attention. I must remember I created this experience, not because I’m dumb or unenlightened, but because I am choosing to go through it and get a message from my higher self. Now here comes the interesting part; I don’t have to know why. I don’t have to analyze it. I just get an opportunity to be aware, conscious and loving to myself. I get down time. It is a time for me to focus on me.

The more I love me during this experience, the more love emanates from me, surrounds me and helps heal me. I love me by taking herbs and remedies that will strengthen my body’s immune system and help me move through this experience in the best way. I love me by simply aligning with the experience. I do not resist it. I refrain from getting angry or upset with my body’s responses.

I remember that I am not my cold. I am much more than my cold and I bring those higher aspects of myself into me. I focus on the healing color green and visualize it entering my body, healing me. I visualize the highest possible, perfect remedy, not even knowing what it might be. I see that remedy infusing my body, healing it. I let go and relax. I can just be with this thing I have created. What an interesting journey to watch it as it moves through my body. I know on every level of me that it is just perfect. I don’t have to know why, just align with knowing that it is.

This is my second cold in two months. Prior to that I hadn’t had a cold in years. I thought I was pretty good, had gotten it; understood how to stay healthy. Oops! So two colds in two months is a big sign for me. I know we are living in a time of massive energetic shifting. Our DNA is changing. We are becoming the missing link that future archeologists will wonder about. Viruses are one way we change that DNA, so I like to think that I’m using a gentle virus, just a cold virus, to do that shifting. I like my little story line; it makes me feel better. I get to see my cold in a positive light and that’s the best way to heal.

I don’t have to know THE reason for these colds. Perhaps it was just so I could write this article. It doesn’t matter. We all know it’s the journey that counts, so it’s how I move through this experience that adds love to the world or fear.

I choose love. This is a great cold. I must remember to thank it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Passionate Anger

The following is an email exchange when ‘Kate’ responded to a recent article I wrote describing my personal financial failure. I have changed the name and certain small details for obvious reasons. All emails took place the same day. More is revealed as you keep reading. Spelling and punctuation are retained in tact. I was already having a horrible email morning when this arrived in my inbox.

Sent: 10:03 AM

Subject: Remove me from your god damn list

TAKE YOUR "$25 million loss" AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR A$$!!! I've never even had $10,000 at one time. I was born with nothing and never was even granted inheritance when family members with money died (every one in my family are selfish shitslaves) so why the fuack should I give ANYTHING to you aside from grief? Go float off a metaphysical pier!


10:43 AM same day

Dear Kate,

Thank you thank you for your wonderful email! In a nightmare morning your email got me over the top laughing hysterically till I coughed and sputtered! You probably hope I choked, but I rallied and am fine.

I have nothing to defend or prove. In the midst of my crazy destruction after 17 yrs of working 18 hour days, I found how to be truly happy no matter what is going on. You have essentially reminded me of that in my face! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My server had a problem this morning and 1400 emails have gone very haywire, multiplied over and over. No matter, it is just a part of the experience of living.

I truly do thank you and wish you well.

In grace and gratitude.

Dolly Mae

Sent: 1:47 PM same day

Subject: Re: Remove me from your god damn list

LOL.... Thank you for handling my scorpio (sting*sting*sting*sting) flair up with so much grace! You're obviously highly motivated and have a great spirit so for that I commend you. Life is just way frustrating for me right now. Thank you for handling me better than I think any one probably has in a very long time. Bless you. I'm sorry I was such a jerk. So cool you travel so much. Hopefully if I pick up my attitude and work with more sincerity I can do the same too some day. After all amid my financial adversity (I really am in a state of near-poverty and would be totally homeless if it wasn't for my boyfriend) I do work as a razzafraggin' clown.


Kate, I have blessed you all day,... I am truly delighted to hear back from you. All that passion!!! Verve!!! You must love life to express that way! Truly I was not offended as much as you popped my frustration bubble!

My server got stung and my 1400 clients got zapped with hundreds and hundreds of spam emails. I've been fielding calls and emails all morning.. But yours will always stand out and my most beloved! I saved it in my file called "Letters of Appreciation"... truly.

I do understand all that fear you are going through. I remember walking through a grocery store parking lot with my husband and being struck by the awareness we had no money for food and could starve. He stood facing me, grabbed my shoulders and said "We will always have enough money for food." He got thru/past my fears. Fear doesn't relate to how many zeros are on the sum of your loss: $25 or $25 thousand. Same fear.

You will get past this. See/feel/know.. but mostly FEEL what it's like to be safe, then feel abundant. It is the power in the feeling that will shift your world the most. Because right now you are feeling fear and it is creating more fear.

I truly honor your journey. Mine included real suicidal planning. My world is very different now. Yours will be too. Choose, choose, choose joy over and over. Start with feeling grateful for something, anything. Then something else, and then more. Your emails say you are strong, vibrant and full of life. You have someone who is there... you have already manifested well. Keep building on it.

Blessings and love to you on your journey.

In Grace and Gratitude,



I forgot to tell you, I'm a Scorpio too!!!

love and light,


fr Kate 2:28 pm

*crying right now* Thank you :)

You are soooo sweet! It's all these energies right now.

p.s. so do you want to stay on my email list now????

Laughter and tears... aren't they just the best!

Love and light,


ps. I'm crying too... because our connection reminds me we are all one.

Thank YOU!

Awww!! Sure, I'll stay on your list.. I was going to say that I will anyway. :)



Isn’t this the way it’s supposed to be???

Most assuredly, it is.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Using Failure

I recommend failure highly. It is something most of us will achieve in our lives. It’s like a huge makeover of years of accumulated ideas, beliefs, things, relationships and fears. And we all love makeovers.

I failed spectacularly in this life. In some countries bankruptcy means complete loss of respect and reputation. You are shunned. But in the experience, I learned so much.

Failure is only a stepping stone. Failure only happens when you stop trying and believe that you are beaten. Failure is the foundation to your next step. It lets you sweep away the old and begin fresh again.

If you don’t already know about my personal failure, suffice it to say the now infamous Fanny Mae, the quasi-federal lender, issued a policy change around 1985 to stop lending to anyone owning more than five rental properties. I owned 650. I needed 40 more Fanny Mae loans. My life abruptly changed, ending in a $25 million dollar bankruptcy. I lost everything; owed the IRS $300,000.00; lost my home, my business, my income, my properties and my marriage.

Even in the midst of the ensuing chaos, hope dawned. Failure became the uncompromising foundation, hard and firm, to begin again. The question before me was “Do you want to repeat what you’ve already done?” I did not. I’d already done that business to death. I moved into and then fully chose a completely different path, one I never knew even existed. The gut wrenching loss allowed for that new opportunity. All the old had been swept away and I had a clean start.

Passing through that dark place of suicidal intentions, I moved on. Self worth destroyed; future in doubt in every way, survival was necessary once I chose life.

Now a clean slate can be a scary thing. I decided that I could either be scared or excited. Scared wouldn’t help and both feelings are like butterflies in the stomach. I chose to be excited. Remember when you were in school and couldn’t wait to be graduated? Everything was possible. The world was your oyster. You just needed to be set free to conquer it. It was exciting. You were filled with anticipation of the first job, being out in the real world and making your mark. Life after failure was the same thing. I knew I could either embrace that wondrous excitement or hang on to the fear of what I’d lost.

Many times one cannot see the possibilities, the reasons, the clean slate of opportunities when the muck and mire of failure and loss seems to drown you. My shift came through curiosity. I have always loved learning and researching; teasing out the solution to a puzzle; and I was certainly in the biggest puzzle of my life. I chose to read a book unrelated to my business. I was curious. I wanted to escape. That book piqued my interest to begin a quest to understand myself, the universe and those big questions about the meaning of life and my part in it.

I read voraciously, 450 books in one year even in the midst of the bankruptcy issues. I couldn’t stop. I was enthralled, fascinated. Half way through all that learning, I saw an ad for a lecture on one of the topics in those books and went. Finally I’d found real food for the soul. I was hooked. The financial crisis began to fall into a perspective and became more of a background to my life, instead of my whole life. The awareness I was grasping through the books and the teacher easily became more engrossing than the financial distress. What I was discovering gave me a new way to understand what had happened. It gave me an opportunity to think about my life in a new way and to see new and very different possibilities.

Because I pursued this new knowledge with passion, I fell down Alice’s proverbial rabbit hole deeper and deeper and found more passion, knowledge and truth and called it food for my soul. I found so many new interests I felt good about. My new love became Tarot, the ancient method of divination, self analysis, spiritual growth and the soul’s journey. It was complex, deep, comprehensive, multi-layered and fascinated me endlessly. After 20 years it still does!

I cannot imagine any journey being more exciting. I was grateful that I’d had that fulfillment of having had lots of money and the things money could buy. Though I was never truly what I call wealthy, the billionaire type, I certainly lived a life that was free from want and full of luxury. I often meet people that say “Gee I wish I could …. Live in a big home; drive a luxury car; take a trip; etc, etc. Been there done that and it was grand! But the point is BEEN there. I don’t have to revisit it. I am fortunate and grateful to have experienced it. I neither fear nor crave such a reality again. It is a nice balanced place to be.

No matter how far you fall into failure, no one can remove your knowledge. It is your self worth you must repair; that and your passion. One will lead into the other.

My passion for Tarot led me to begin doing readings for others. It became the next part of my life, these 20 years. You can bankrupt the entrepreneur, but you can’t take away the entrepreneurial spirit. So my business, metaphysical and right brained, took on an entrepreneurial flair.

Failure was my springboard to a new life. Chaos and depression were experiences to acknowledge, embrace, and nurture consciousness. My whole next 20 years proceeded in unimagined ways from the foundation of total failure. Thank god I lost everything. Yes, it was painful and there are more benefits from having experienced that shift than I could ever have imagined as I was passing through it.

Because I moved into this strange world of peculiar knowings, intuitions and medical intuitives; I was diagnosed and healed of cancer all within one week. Had I never lost it all, the diagnosis would have come long after; the potential healing would have been a totally different path and who knows its outcome. I have often wondered if my properties, all in inner cities, would have survived the meth labs and lead paint and mildew problems that plague older, inner city property. I loved what I did, but certainly the stress had its impact.

My life is much simpler. My life style has changed little. My only real indulgence in the old days was dining out. I still love it but with all the fatty, starchy, fried restaurant foods, I actually prefer to cook at home using healthier ingredients. I am happy. The basic tenets of my first and most beloved teacher on this new path were “Drink Water. Choose Joy and Live in the Now”. It has become The Way for me.

I recommend failure highly. Use it well.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Recently I was hired to do a ghost busting in an apartment complex. During the last six years there had been two stunningly strange residents there. The manager shared only this information with me. I’ll walk thru it as I experienced it.

When I am scheduled to do a cleansing of a unit I do some preliminary work first. During the previous few days I had sensed, felt and worked with the energies there inside AND outside the unit. Like aromas, energy doesn’t just stop at the door or wall but permeates a larger area. The extent of that area depends on the strength of that energy, just like aromas. Think of bread baking and you’ll see what I mean.

The unit was on the top floor of a two story building. The manager was aware of energy or she would never have contacted me. I told her she could be there while I worked if she wished. It turned out she was very sensitive and aware. Such a person is a big help in these situations. One more energy to assist and support and strengthen a focus to cleanse.
You know the old adage, “where two or more are gathered together…”;it certainly compounds our potency.

Immediately upon walking in the doorway I was aware of a formidable presence, like an armoured warrior, tall, hulking, arms crossed, feet spread apart, defensive, but not really threatening, just stalwart. I was surprised by the immediacy of the connection. Usually leftover spirits are in the building somewhere but rarely ‘greet’ you at the front door! So I asked silent permission to enter the apartment. This was simply a request. I am a strong personality and so it was not a meek request. The spirit stepped back and I entered.

In the work I had done prior to this appointment I was told by inner guidance to bring several tools. So I brought things that represented Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These are the four elements that create balance and grounding. Each one can become a doorway for a lost spirit to exit the premises. I had brought sage and cedar to burn. These things are ancient ways that in their burning reflect the shift of energies into smoke (transformation) and that smoke is offered as prayer and cleansing and a way out for the spirit. It is a very Native American way to use. I had also brought sea salt to be used in a glass bowl. Salt is of the earth; so is glass. Its dissolution in water is another form of transformation… another doorway out. Salt water also acts as a magnet for energies. After clearing the bigger energies, it would collect the ‘breadcrumbs’ that might be left over.. residual echoes.

I immediately surveyed the tiny apartment and saw there were four or five spirits in there: the guy at the door, one in the Living Room up on the wall; one in the bedroom cowering back in the corner and one in the bathroom. The kitchen was clear. Ultimately it turned out there were only four, because the guy in the bedroom was frantically running back and forth to the bathroom. It is unusual to have so many, no wonder they’d called me. It must have been very difficult to live near all that. To relate, think: noisy neighbors, activity at odd hours all night and weird, chaotic behavior.

I placed the salt in the glass bowl and filled it with water from the kitchen there (water and earth combined). Then I put that bowl at the front door, between the legs of that big guy I’d first met. The intent was sort of like the genie returning to the bottle… sucked in, so to speak. He was gone by the time I left without doing anything more. I actually feel he was a guardian for those other spirits, giving them a space to exist and simultaneously, unfortunately, keeping them there. When they were gone, so was his job. Poof, genie back in his bottle, or salt bowl!

Then I lit two small candles I’d brought and placed them per inner guidance; one in the Living room on the baseboard heater and one likewise in the only bedroom. (fire, air and earth combined). My conscious mind wondered why on the heaters? It would be revealed in its own good time. My job is to trust my guidance and stay focused on connecting and healing. It doesn’t matter that a physical person isn’t there; the energy is in need of healing; so that is my task. I was placing the candles to anchor the healing energies.

Then I lit the small cedar bough in a shell ‘ashtray’. I used a feather to waft the resultant smoke all over the apartment. Occasionally I’ll chant and felt a need to do so here. I used a Native chant and later a Sanskrit chant. Two very different energies were there and required different applications. The voluminous smoke affected the spirit in the bedroom mostly. Cowering in the corner he was yelling “Burn! Burn! Burn!” I asked the manager why he’d be saying that; had he started fires? “Yes”, she replied once in this apartment and once in another one there. Ah, that’s why the candle on the heater… all about heat and fire. In a strange way, it seemed reasonable, sort of like an underscore of hot, and anger and fire. He was very afraid, but not of me. I sensed he’d been cowering in that bedroom many times. He was very mentally ill. He darted into the bathroom. I followed and he ran back and forth, bedroom, bath. I kept wafting the feather and cedar smoke cleansing in that corner. I talked with him, like you would a child, soothing, loving, caring; telling him he could let go now, he could leave, he needed to leave. More smoke, more talk, more chant, more focus.

Then I lit the sage and using the feather wafted it everywhere too. In closets, cupboards, all over. I used the Sanskrit chant now. He was softening. In the bathroom I sensed the toilet as a huge problem. I asked the manager what was the story about the toilet, did the guy have terrible diarrhea or what, that there was a big focus on the toilet. She replied that he kept shoving things down it and they’d have the plumbers there regularly. Fetish perhaps or metaphorically, trying to get rid of aspects of himself.

To do this work, you need to realize that much of what you’ll experience is a metaphor for the spirits’ perceptions of reality. So I can interpret much like I would a dream. Look up toilet in a good dream book and you’ll see what I mean.

The cleansing of the bathroom, a focus on healing, the chanting and the two kinds of smoke seemed to be enough that he faded away and was gone.

The manager informed me the former resident was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. Ah, no wonder. His chaotic energies caused the whirlwind of dysfunction that still remained energetically here. Each of us leaves an energy trail… happiness, joy, anger, chaos or love in varying degrees based on intent and focus. This unhappy and ill man was severely focused and intentful and left his negative energy big time.

Next the entity on the Living Room wall appeared to be feminine. She was an adult but with the mind of a child, maybe 4 yrs old. I took the salt water in the bowl and dipping my fingers in it flicked water droplets up into the air, not on her. All the while I was talking with her. The water, which I had blessed, appeared to her as multicolored soap bubbles. I was connected with her and seeing from her point of view as well as mine. She was fascinated by the bubbles and relaxed enough to tell me her story. Now this isn’t in complete sentences, but in images. She whimpered “Pain! Pain!” She’d been gang raped and a knife had been used. She was wounded indeed on many levels. But she remained fixed on the ‘bubbles’ which I continued to flick with the water. I relayed this to the manager who asked “Would any of this be influenced by me, because I was gang raped and they held a knife to my throat.” Oh my, I thought. This was not her as the entity on the wall, but was an energy drawn in to this place by the chaotic forces at work. Because the manager had that personal experience she would be much more empathic to another’s. So a door was left open to magnetize such. Knowing this now, the manager can close that door to any future matching entity.

All the while the manager was wonderful. She was holding the space just simply being present and focused. She wasn’t in fear. She held the space of love and allowance. She was wonderful.

I had brought my favorite Nag Champa incense; lovely Tibetan stuff. I never felt the need to use it, but asked the manager if she needed it. She said it was her favorite and she’d just run out of it. Perfect.

So the woman on the wall was now gone, soothed as a child, and told to go to the light where they would love her and she would be safe.

The burn, baby, burn guy was gone from the bedroom, directed to the light and no longer needing to cower and fear. He was the entity in the bathroom too; so there’d only been three in the apartment.

The big guardian at the door was gone as there was no longer a need to keep the entities in the apartment.

I did a little prayer of thanksgiving and closing, removed the candles, and all my paraphernalia and we left.

Driving home I felt severely nauseous, like I’d need to pull over and throw up. Instead, I imagined that same, but huge lovely soap bubble. I move all the entities’ negativity that remained within and around me to the edges of that beautiful multicolored bubble and then burst it. POOF! All gone.

Later the manager emailed me saying she felt terribly nauseous and had severe diarrhea. I told her this not unusual and how to use that soapbubble to poof it away. She did and it was gone.

So now you know what it’s like doing a cleanse, commonly referred to as a Ghostbusting. It’s not spooky. Just open yourself and create a loving space for communicating. Turn them towards the light and give a little loving nudge. They are lost. Show them the way home. Mostly just speaking to and nurturing, loving and suggesting are your tools. Don’t forget to cleanse yourself after the connection. Very simply, command it “I am cleansed”. And so you are.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boundary Dispute

(After many years using a common gravel road access to their home, a neighbor has blocked it off.) In an email the client writes:
“Well we have NO rights.
They called the police, said I gave her the bird....I didn't, but basically we are in the wrong....we have NO rights.
The policeman was very nice, but had a copy of our NO rights...Basically our road stops at the house just before us.
Called title company, talk about B.S and no help.....basically we have no rights......and we can't pick and choose the way we want to get to our home. We talked with the manager; same story and so on and so on and so on.
I have diarrhea so bad, this is not going away....wish we had never bought this place.
I am so crying, and there’s no way out.....head hurts heart aches and I'm just plain beaten....We are talking to people on phone, but no one is saying we have rights.
The guy that told me I can't pick and choose a way to our home, also said the REALTOR should have had all this info...It just goes on and on and on...
I'm crying again, and I'm going to close....this is awful...just awful...”

In one way or another we have all experienced this kind gut wrenching fear. My reply seemed universally applicable so I include it here for you.

It's horrible feeling beaten.

The biggest thing to do now is to NOT do anything. It is very hard to give up the feeling of being victimized.

I know you want to do this all logically, and there truly are more avenues, but I recommend letting them go right now.

You are dealing with an irrational person.

Your goal here is to keep the standard access. Keep that in mind. Focus on seeing good access restored to normal. Focus. Visualize. Focus. The more you give free rein to negative thinking the more it increases. I know this is hard but you will get through it.

Every possible resolution already exists in your energetic field. Pick the one you truly want to have and give it all your energy, focus and visualization. Bring it out into the light and play with it, feeling, seeing, smelling and visualizing it. Breathe life into it. Make it as real as you can.

There is always a ‘way out’ of every situation. It may not be the one you thought of or wished for; it might even be better. The only way we can ever be disappointed is when we hold on to needing our own outcome. Surrender, let go, give it up to a higher power to create the best solution and then align with knowing in some way it really is the best.

August will prove to be one of the most challenging months... and you will live through it. Resistance will create more resistance, as you have seen with the lie about flipping the bird... just one more on top of his irrational behavior. Use the back way for now. It works for now. That is all you need to focus on. Stay focused on this now... this very minute. You are safe. You do have an alternative way to reach your home. You are all right NOW.

You are not alone. Right now there are boundary and border disputes going on all over; neighbor to neighbor, country to country. Your personal situation is a reflection of the irrationality of conflict, no matter how big or small the scale. Do not make this a war. It WILL be resolved but probably not until after the unsettling energies of this August.

Continue to do Ho’oponopono, pray and find anything to be loving about: your beautiful yard, you pets, your relationship, and your health... find anything to appreciate... it is the first law of shifting your perspective. Allow yourself: body, mind and spirit to breathe and you will find you have shifted just a tiny bit. Continue to pray, do Ho’oponopono and find things to appreciate. You will shift just a little bit more. Make that your focus: small steps. It will pay great dividends.

I have used these methods in dire circumstances. It's hard for you to just jump in here and believe it, but I know you believe in prayer and its power. Its purpose is to give you focus on love and gratitude... don't simply recite the problem. Use prayer to find peace and love. This is done by keeping a tight rein on your thoughts. Do not go where angels fear to tread! In other words, do not slush about, repeating the situation, dwelling on it, drowning in the problem. These things only give it energy, life and power. Pay attention to your thoughts. This is not denial; this is retraining your mind.

You are stronger than you realize. You have a fertile and powerful mind. Use it to create, allow, forgive, love, and peace. Be in gratitude. Let go of the war.
Miracles happen when you choose to give focus to these positives instead of focusing on negatives. They are still there, but you are refusing to empower and enlarge them. Use that powerful mind as God intended you to.

Now is always the time to do this.

Remember that the depth to which this is affecting you is the depth of love you are capable of. Tear off the labels of anger, hatred, and frustration. Recognize the raw power source that it is. Redirect it into healing, love, allowance, forgiveness and most of all into visualizing an amazing resolution.

You do not know how this will turn out... why wallow in thoughts of it's being bad. For all you know, the city could come in and build you a road! The universe and all the angels can figure this out and make an outcome much, much more amazing than you can even think of. Surrender it to them. You'll be in good hands.

Our problems really are universal. They say there are only seven plots in all the stories of the world. So I hope you can use this to put a happy ending on your story lines. We always have the choice of how we interpret and respond to every situation. Each of your choices creates of your reality. May you choose joy and love each time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cry For Happy

I just watched my umpteenth movie that makes me cry, but I figured out a little secret.

When you get to those amazing parts of movies and books that make you tear up or sob you have fallen in love with life. I am powerful in these moments; I feel it. So I seek them out now. I used to hide from any sentimental, tear jerker movies or books. I actually read them alone in the bath tub or anywhere else I would not be vulnerable to others’ judgments. Now I recognize their power and I don’t have to hide from it any longer. I can tap into it and use it to create joy.

When I am in those peak moments of feeling love, I seek out anything not loving in my world, personal or global and visualize it in the center of all that love. I surround it with love like a nurturing womb and the non-loving stuff simply disappears. I was doing this many times daily with the oil spill. That’s the big stuff. But I do it with a neighbor that has noisy pets or loud music. I do it with a pain in my ankle. I do it with anything my subconscious is drawn to.

It works like magic. Love conquers fear. We’ve all heard that phrase, but how does it actually work? Years ago I had a terrible scare that a loved one was going to be wrongly arrested. I used every technique I knew to overcome my fear. I read uplifting books; I meditated and I listened to spiritual music. It worked each time, but the fear returned. I spent an entire day moving from the low vibration of fear to higher vibrations but nothing lasted. Then I watched a late night movie. In the final scene the woman gives birth, the child is laid on her breast and she dies. Well, I lost it. Tears all over the place, the sobbing kind. I knew it was love and I put that giant fear into the middle of all that love. It simply dissolved. It was gone and I knew it was gone permanently. I knew the situation was totally done and we’d never be contacted with any other notice of outcome. It was a deep and abiding knowing.

So now I have discovered romance novels. I’d never read them until a month ago, but here I am, reading at least two a day, using the power that wells up. There are so many people reading these love stories and watching loving movies and having loving experiences of their own. Combined, we are very, very powerful. I tap into all those lights experiencing love and join with them directing my intention for this powerful, loving energy to heal the planet or take care of a conflict, personal, neighborhood or global.

So next time you Cry for Happy, tie into all those others who are feeling love and direct your intention to a healing of some kind. We are so powerful, so much more than we realize.

Go ahead. Cry for Happy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gulf Oil Response

Just as Mother Earth renews herself, we too are changing, renewing ourselves. Much that was repressed and forgotten, deeply buried within us is bubbling up. The oil from the depths that has the power to change a great deal is a metaphor for the great shifts within the human life form. We are changing to light beings that can handle 12 times more light than our original DNA could. To do this light will inevitably shine on our darkest aspects. Planetary hate, greed and abuse of people and power will come to the light, as we see daily happening. The oil spill, welling up from below, is its metaphor.

All is not lost. In fact, newness surrounds us; comes from deep within us.

Liken this to Mt St Helen's eruption. Scientists could 'prove' its devestation woul take aeons to recover. It took less than 2 yrs to begin; and 10 yrs it was astounding. Twenty five yrs later, we must be reminded it ever happened. Lives were lost, tho very few, but important to each one. The old man on the mountain, sitting in his lodge, represents the old way of hanging on no matter what the level of change being offered. He was resistance incarnate.

In this event too, there will be loss of life and other things of great value. The earth is birthing her own change….as are we.

You have a choice here to add to the sum of love on this planet or of fear. Love is simply letting go of fear. You cannot fear and love at the same time. Choose. We know our focus is an aspect of creation; so simply shift focus to what is loving. Know that our Mother Earth will heal. The animal life will recover. Things will change. Shift your focus to love. Love what is. Love what will be. Love the changes. Fear and judgment stop the flow and refuse to see any possibilities for positive outcome. We do not have to know what that outcome is. We have only to remain in loving trust that there is a greater story and that the larger picture is positive, for it is. Trust the process.

You have a choice before you. You can sit in the gut wrenching pain of fear; or you can take conscious control of your mind and find something to love and focus on that. Know that the Mother is having contractions prior to the birth. We are with her. As midwives to this miracle, we are attending the coming change. Nothing like it has ever happened in the universes. Humans are waking up, taking their own consciousness in hand and directing it into creation of the next step. Choose well. You are the co-creator of the next moment in this event.

Bless this birthing. Ho'oponopono prayer is easy and amazing.

Please remove whatever it is within me that has created this experience.
I am truly sorry.
I ask forgiveness.
I thank you.
I love you.

Always you have choice in your reaction.
You are powerful, not powerless.
Your addition of love to this planet is powerful.

Believe it or not, this experience is so much better than what would have been happening had consciousness not gotten to this point!
Still it is difficult to watch death and dying. Still it is only the illusion of the temporary physicality of us. We are so much more.
All life is sentient, some more than others.
Our job is to love.
The heart expands to take all comers.
Let your heart open...

The answers to the problem are not to be found at the level of the problem. You can connect with the problem from the level of your open heart; Love. It heals.

It is your powerful choice.
Hold steady in your truth.
Know your love heals.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Light falls without preference or prejudice.
Light gives definition, form, clarity.
Light creates shadow in the very same moment it appears.
Light uplifts, renews, engenders hope and joy.
Light relieves the oppressiveness of darkness.
Light exposes and darkness withdraws.

Light and Love
Replace all the ideas above with the thought of Love. Love does the same things, even more so, for Love comes from within, coupled with feeling. So too as we embrace more and more light, our bodies raise their vibrations and our DNA changes to enable us to hold even more light. The light that we are embodying is the reflection of Love; both divine and human, for there is no difference.

Two Rooms
Think of two rooms separated by a single door. Imagine one room filled with Light and the other room completely dark. When the door between is opened, which room is affected? Light shines into the dark. Darkness does not move into the light! When light even a little light shines, it dispels darkness.

The Edge
We stand at the edge of the shift where shadow and light meet. It is always darkest at this border because the contrast is exaggerated making visibility beyond the perimeter appear more obscured. This false dark is merely contrast; for when the dark gets darker, the light gets lighter. Those of us standing at the edge may find it difficult to see our compatriots, brothers and sisters who seem to also stand alone. But we are there and in great numbers. Consciousness has encouraged us to arrive at these moments of immense change. We participate simply by our presence. We need do nothing. Simply acknowledge All is in Divine alignment and perfect as it is.

We are no longer in the realm of simple duality: good and bad, light and dark. We have chosen to be here now, at this time of the great shift in consciousness, to witness and partake in it. It is driven by Love, Light and Joy, a potent triality. There are many shades of grey, variations of judgment and other options to perceive. Our choices are unlimited.

There are many dark machinations occurring now that would be easy to focus on. We hear of this group and that shady situation from well intentioned Lightworkers seeking to create awareness and educate us. Such discussions often excite fear within us. Once activated, this fear only adds to the sum total of fear in the universe. Fear is only one choice. Simply be informed and refrain from fear by choosing to focus on forgiveness or love or joy or something happy.

Working With Darkness
As we acknowledge darkness in all its forms: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual; our job is to embrace that darkness into wholeness, without resistance. Should we chose to resist, war against, exclude or remain separate, we have added to the strength of that darkness. Darkness is all about separation, lack, resistance, non-forgiveness, fear and all that is non-loving. We are in the process of creating our realities through consciousness.

It is of great importance how you choose your focus, for the time of instant manifestation draws near. Your choice to focus on Light, though you know not the exact outcome of these times, feeds myriad pinpoints of Light in the Universe, creating more and more balance and movement towards wholeness. Your constant choices to re-center yourself in the Light are very important in this time of shift.

The Work
Acknowledge the existence of fear based things but embrace them into wholeness. This is the real job of Lightworkers. Nothing less than transmutation off all that appears to be in shadow is The Work. It is done by allowing and loving the existence of shadow workers; surrounding them with Light and Love. Resistance and hatred are not of the Light, they are merely lacking Love. It is within your power to give them love. Stop resistance; for what you resist persists. Do not condone or participate; simply allow and Love. All prayer raises the vibrations surrounding a situation. Ho’oponopono, a Huna teaching, has extraordinary and immediate results. See
http://www.thereisaway.org/Ho. Prayer gives an opportunity for those participating to accept higher vibrations surrounding them when they choose to. This is how miracles occur.

The Love Foundation
I honor the founders of The Love Foundation and Global Love Day, which is celebrated annually May 1 (or simply choose a day/days and make it yours) and whose theme this year is “Love Begins With Me.” With gratitude for Harold’s permission to share with you the beautifully expressed message:
We recognize this day as a symbolic expression that we can choose to love each and every day as we gather together and unite as a collective humanity through unconditional love.

We are one humanity on this planet.
All life is interconnected and interdependent.
All share in the Universal bond of love.
Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.
With respect and compassion we embrace diversity.
Together we make a difference through love.


In Summary
So what do we do? Say Yes to it all. End resistance. Love simply and unconditionally.
P.S. If you missed May 1st, simply choose another day to create the experience. We cannot have too many of them!

Friday, April 2, 2010

To Tell or Not To Tell

As a psychic, I am often asked what I do with information I get about the potential for trouble for someone else. Do I have to inform the person they may be facing a difficulty shortly?
I do not, for several reasons.

Sacred Individuality
To understand this seeming lack of caring, please understand I believe each of us is a master. This is sacred and inviolable; a prime directive. Each of us is the creator of our own individual realities. If someone is on a path of self destruction, that is their right. And it is only a potential. Everything can change. No one knows better how to live a life than the individual soul. You would not want someone, even well intentioned, to interfere with your life choices. We love our parents but at some point we want them to stop giving us advice. We want to blaze our own trail. Our individuality is sacred, guided by our own soul’s plan as we created it while still in spirit form. A person may have to hit bottom before awakening. If we keep giving them parachutes, they may not reach their turning point.

To interfere with another’s life is to disempower them. It says “You are living wrong and I know how to run your life better than you do.” I may see important things about someone. So do you. But unless and until they ask you for help, clarification or input, they are not ready to hear it. Good intentions often translate as rescue. And rescuers need victims. They need them to validate their identity as rescuers. Although it makes the rescuer feel good, it reinforces victim mentality in others. It is not your responsibility or your right to change others.

The gift
I know you are thinking what about those who can’t help themselves. There is a healthy and an unhealthy way to assist. Mother Theresa’s gift was to see others as whole, not as victims. In placing herself in the heart of such neediness, she was a light for those in the dark. Light does not judge. It doesn’t intend to save others. Light does not inflict. It is simply available, impartial, and present. Let this be our guide.

Seeing Mastery in Others
To see even those lying in the gutter face down as magnificent masters is to empower them. Consciousness is a living thing, communicated even without action. They know how you feel about them. Helping someone who stumbles is a natural act born of the understanding we are all One and s/he who stumbles is in truth You. But to prolong the queries of “are you alright now” while sending unspoken communication of “you poor thing” is disempowering. Authentic help is love and needs no reward or acknowledgement. It is impartial, available and present.

Pay attention to your motivations as you see others. For example, take the street beggar. Do you avoid them with a “get a job” thinking? Do you see a victim? Do you give them money fearing it could be you or resentfully, haughtily, impersonally? Can you look them in the eye as an equal and be loving with composure and calmness? Your motivations are as important as their circumstances. Their beingness is a gift to you to for self awareness. Through their simple act of being in their situation, they have volunteered, on a higher level, to be a nudge to your consciousness to look at the Oneness of all things in a compassionate and even handed way. These angels of the streets have chosen to be a gift to you. When you come across such an angel, go within to determine your own impulses to give or not give.

However you act, there is no judgment but what you place on yourself. No one else knows your internal thinking and feeling process. Great compassion may simply beam love to them, or connect with a word, a touch. Kindness can mean more than money. If that street angel is playing the role of a victim, that is their concern. You do not have to reinforce it by responding as a rescuer. Be even. Be aware. Be conscious. It is such a little thing, but huge in impact.

I have always figured that if God/Goddess does not swoop in to rescue someone, neither should I. Acknowledging each as creator seems to honor the Creator in each of us. If you really want to know something you will ask. First, go within and ask yourself. If you do not receive clarity, there are other choices. Let go of the need to know. Learn how to find clarity. Ask someone. When we are at a crossroads, it is good to open windows and get a fresh perspective.

Wordlessly compassion speaks “I feel your pain. I honor your journey. I see you as Creator, a Master. Blessings on your path.” Our job is to love. Love people as they already are, not as they could be, should be or might be. Love yourself first. Fill your own cup of self, a drop at a time until you overflow. Such freely expressed love blesses everyone and everything.

Refrain and Validate
It is a hard thing to refrain from giving advice when not asked. We do it all the time in conversations with friends. Listen to yourself. When a friend tells you of their pain, be compassionate, loving, validating. Acknowledge their feelings. Save your advice for only when you are asked. I often compare this to a child throwing up. You pet their head, make loving comments, touch their back, validate, coo, love. You do not start giving advice. They are in the process of disgorging something painful. Allow their process. Hold your well intentioned advice until they ask for it. It’s tricky, but you will both be better (more empowered) for the experience.

Divine Timing
If someone is facing a potential crisis, I believe their consciousness aligns with Divine Timing and they will either avoid the experience or embrace it depending on their highest and best path. It would be presumptuous of me to interfere with their creation.

In summary, open yourself to knowing and feeling. Seek to understand your own motivations. See others as perfect creators no matter what their situation. See yourself that way too. You don’t have to share what you know or be validated for it. In your own life ask for input when you are ready. Allow others to do the same. To tell or not to tell; it’s up to you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Healing Little Wars

Lately I have noticed so many little eruptions of ‘war’ between people. I see flare ups with people defending a position, lines drawn in the sand. I was caught up in a couple of my own. Each triggered an incendiary reaction in me: fireworks anger!

The Rude Response
The first example was an unloving and unsolicited rude comment. It reminded me of the abuser saying “I’m only hitting you because I love you.” I immediately removed the person from my contacts, energetically killing them. I was at war. Then I wrote my scathing response and sent it to someone else, a good friend who would let me ‘throw up’ on her and still laugh and allow my anger.

What I Needed
All the while I knew I needed to get back to Love. I had to somehow convert these feeling of anger, resentment and betrayal to love. I know all the tricks but I was caught up in the feelings… stuck and reveling in them. I was sick. I needed help.

The Story Line
When you tell an ugly story more than three times, that story owns you. I did not want to let it become like a bad cold and take root in me. I needed to get rid of this sniffle right away. So first, I threw up by writing my unloving response and dumping all my anger in a healthy way. I got it out of my system. I didn’t stuff it and let it fester. And I sent it… but to a friend. I called my true blue friend the next day. Instead of “Hello” she said “Send the letter to that bastard! He deserves it!” You gotta love such unconditionally supportive friends. We laughed big time.

Already Cured
You see, by then I was cured! And within twenty four hours! It was fascinating to watch myself as to whom I selected to tell this outrage. I was afraid there was some truth in it and I wanted only support. Aren’t we sneaky? I had called another friend in England with my story. My wonderful Brit friend never thinks she knows enough or counsels well, but she has taught me so much through just being her authentic emotional self. She quoted an old teacher “I love you unconditionally, but I may not always trust you.” Well, that did it. I realized that was my how to regain a loving state.

Loving Doesn’t Mean Being Stupid
I could be totally loving but aware that I was unable to trust this person. I didn’t have to lie in the middle of the road and get run over by any more rude comments. It didn’t even matter if the comments were true. This was how to love again. I could breathe again. It was all about my reactions. It was about what I chose that told more about me to myself than anything else would have. I was proud of me. That ugly, icky feeling was gone.

The Bank Error
In the second situation, my bank charged me incorrectly. No one there would take responsibility. I dug in and began my calling campaign to resolve it. I was at war. Bad me. I needed help fast. I had to shift back to love. But how? Ok, I know the secrets, the ways and the methods. This time, after my third upsetting phone call, I did Ho’oponopono on the situation and let go. I let it do its magic.

When I say I did Ho’oponopono, I mean I simply said the little prayer that reminds us we are all One and whatever is happening is because it is an aspect of us that we have chosen to be reminded about and to heal now. It goes like this.
“Creator (that’s YOU, since all is One and nothing is outside of the greater You.)
Please remove whatever it is within me that has created this situation.
I am truly sorry.
I ask forgiveness.
I thank you. (You again)
I love you.” (You again)

Shortly, I received a phone call from the bank manager totally resolving the situation. I have seen amazing things with Ho’oponopono. It is applied to the situation, not the person. It is about Oneness and healing the self, which once healed is reflected in all those around you.

My sister managed apartments. One resident became verbally abusive about a parking situation. She immediately did Ho’oponopono on the situation. She was smart enough not to even bother with getting angry. Within an hour the man came in apologizing profusely.

War begins with you. The big wars in our world can be alleviated little by little because you heal a situation with your neighbor, business associate or friend. Start small. It’s really huge work you will be doing. Healing your self, healing the planet, it’s all the same.

You are the key.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It occurs to me while on holiday that many people never really get a vacation. They have an ill loved one than needs constant care; they don’t have enough money; they are afraid of leaving home or a hundred other reasons.

In a paradise setting I see extensive and filthy makeshift communities of homeless people. Tents and tarpaulins litter the beachside park. My heart goes out to them in compassion for their choices and willingness to accept such limitation; but I do not see them as victims.

Saying Yes
Our job as enlightened beings is to say yes to it all. We often feel sorry for homeless people or minimum wage workers. Compassion is one thing. It is lovely, aligning and conscious of our at-one-ment with others. Feeling sorry for others is another thing. When we feel sorry for people we have simply forgotten they are creators, not victims. We have judged their circumstances as awful.

Oftentimes we do not even know the real story behind their situations. For some, such ‘housing’ is a step up from something. It may represent freedom from abuse, bills, burdens, family, debt or even isolation.

Just One Choice
I’m not being Pollyanna here, but we need to see these makeshift communities as just one choice in our reality. In the midst of such wealth and abundance they have made hundreds of thousands of small decisions that resulted in their reality being what it is. And so have we. We are, for the most part, comfortable in the one we have chosen. Yet we are living in a reality that is would be deemed substandard from a $5,000.00 per night hotel room.

If a wealthier person felt sorry for you in how you live your everyday life, you’d be insulted, and rightfully so. Such condescending attitudes make many presumptions about what pleases you, your comfort zone and your perceptions. It says everything you think and all you have become are wrong. How pompous and arrogant is such an attitude! The same is true when you feel smug and superior looking down on the tent dwellers.

All is One; All is Now
If we but remember we are all one and all is happening now, we will understand things differently. Everyone else: filthy, wealthy, grieving, mentally ill or deliriously happy is an aspect of you. They are offering you an opportunity to see a facet of yourself in a different mirror, through different eyes. Embrace that awareness of the choices you could have made in this lifetime… that some part of you did make since we are all One; and be grateful. Be grateful that you have decided to emphasize a different facet of your beingness this time around that suits your comfort zone..

Because we live in a world of duality everything is looked at in comparison to something else. We do this to make informed choices. However, if we make comparisons to feed ego, to feel superior to someone else or to create separation, we have failed in our job as enlightened beings. Judgment separates. Acknowledging facets of the crystals we are unites us in a common bond of oneness. Preferences are not steps up a ladder; just choices based on myriad experiences that brought us to the now moment. Live in that now moment, make informed choices and remember the seed of each of us is in each other.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air 2010

This is the year of Transparency. What was hidden will be revealed. Personal and global revelations will surprise, shock and delight us. This is the time of creating our very next step only a moment before it happens. We must stay conscious and open.

A dear friend’s home recently burned down. She exclaimed “I’m free! I can start over!!!” Now THAT’s attitude! Her next step will surely provide the perfect home.

Recently I had a conversation about a mutual friend. Just by talking about things, I could see a custody battle and lawsuit coming up, an increase in income and many other surprises. Later it all turned out to be true and our mutual friend now wishes he’d had a conversation with me too. Why? Because he wished he’d been prepared for what was coming.

The most personal information comes when you and I have just such a conversation. Mental pictures freely download into my consciousness with insights into the twists and turns of events to come. Nuances are shown to me in visions and metaphoric images.

Our own minds play hide and seek with information we are uneasy about. Not that it will be bad, we’re just fearful so we hide from knowing.

With me, you’ll get a reading from someone who is not afraid to look and who receives insights that help get you unstuck and prepared.

It’s like opening a window for fresh air. This new year and these amazing times of change are exciting.

Schedule your breath of fresh air and we’ll have a cup of tea too. We can talk over the phone or in my office. Fresh air is very healing.

I look forward to our heart to heart conversation with insights.

Dolly Mae
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Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.
-Oscar Wilde-