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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eclipses and Your Emotions

Have you been reflecting on the past lately? Past relationships, grandparents, old lovers, prior homes, trips you took, or the way things used to be when you were young? The power of these three eclipses (Solar: June 1 and July 1, 2011. Lunar: June 15, 2011) triggered these reflections. Don’t be surprised if it continues for a time, then just fades into your being here now. Eclipses have a powerful effect on our physical and emotional bodies. Just as the Moon affects the tides and monthly cycles, human and animal, and all planting cycles on the earth, it affects your body. Large heavenly bodies affect us. They are supposed to. It is being done FOR us, not TO us.

The Lunar eclipse, in the middle of the two solar eclipses created a fast flowing stream of emotions like a lazy river that comes to a narrow passage and being forced through becomes turbulent, white water. Very scary. Very necessary. Very exciting. Very perfect.

It was time to look at those old emotional patterns; to let them surface up from the subconscious. Perhaps you were fired from a job, left behind in a relationship that ended unexpectedly or began wondering about your great grandparents and what life was like for them. Being able to see your past in terms of patterns is an excellent opportunity to see what is unfinished emotionally.

Recently a client realized her unexpected memories of a long ago love were being brought up into her consciousness so she could see those unresolved causing her health issues today. They began then, a complex dynamic of self worth blows leading to chronic health issues: unmarried and pregnant; abandonment by her parents and fiancé, a quick rebound marriage, an abortion and a divorce. Rejection, abandonment and lack of control were internalized. Her willingness during the time of these eclipses to remove the veil of forgetfulness will lead to her healing of this chronic health issue. Using the energy of the eclipse to embrace the shadows and light of her emotional wounding has triggered her healing.

The Moon is our nearest orbiting heavenly body and so it has its very powerful effects on us. It has triggered many mysteries attempting to understand and explain its influence on us. In Latin it is Luna, the root word for lunacy and lunatic; reflecting the emotional upheaval of a full moon on humans. Police reports show increases of suicides, irrational behavior and violent outbreaks during the time of the full moon. Earthquakes, high tides and flooding are more apt to occur during full moons as its affect on water occurs. The human body is mostly water, thus we are greatly affected.

The Moon has no light of its own. It only reflects the sun. The Sun is solar, male energy because it actively pushes energy out, heat, light and solar flares, and is dynamic in its nature. The Moon is passive in its nature, feminine. It does nothing in and of itself. It simply reflects the light of the Sun; but in doing this nothing, it controls all life cycles on this planet. The power of this passive, nurturing, feminine nature is easily seen.

The Moon affects the subconscious and is connected to Sleep and your dreams. In ancient teachings it is associated with the back of then neck. This is considered to be the place of reception of spiritual information, often through the neck and throat area. This ability we have to use the lunar energy to bring information up from the subconscious for observation and review is most useful by analyzing our dreams. Learn to wake up and write them down. They are an invaluable and free tool to self understanding. Your dreams speak to you in metaphor, using images particular to you that help you understand what is going on daily for you. Dreams help you work out everyday events.

Amazingly the moon affects the involuntary body functions: breathing, heartbeat, reflex actions and reflective thinking. It governs those subconscious actions of the body just as it governs the automatic actions of the Earth: tides and tectonic energy movements. The Moon lets us experience the twilight part of our reality; our subconscious. In doing so, we get to choose either to hide in the shadows with uncertainty, poor vision and half truths; or to seek the light of clarity. Many on a spiritual path take a turn at this junction choosing to move into ego, pretending they are superior to others and they simply ignore their shadow sides.

A spiritual path cannot be completed without embracing one’s shadow side, that hidden part of our nature that stumbles, fears and has self doubt. On the ascension path, all of us, dirt as well as shiny halo, go together or we don’t go. Our job is to embrace that shadow into the light of allowance, acceptance and love. If this had happened earlier for my client, she would not have her chronic illness. The same is true for many others. But we can set aside these issues and move beyond them by embracing it all now.

We do not have to fix anything, simply love it. We do not have to dwell in the shadow; simply use its half light energy to begin awareness and acceptance of ourselves. We are all doing it perfectly, no matter what we are doing. We can’t get off the path of enlightenment; we just take detours.

As we awaken from the dream of illusion in this third dimension reality, we become aware the whole purpose of our existence was to awaken. The moon has done its job. It has let us glimpse our shadows and our light. It has shown us our subconscious. We now choose how to proceed by choosing the low vibrational path of service to self or the high vibrational path of service to other-selves, for we are all One. Everyone is a reflection of some aspect of you.