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Monday, September 29, 2008


Got back from Canada.. had wonderful time in Calgary. We ate at my favorite restaurant, The Sultan’s Tent, a Moroccan family owned Mid-Eastern gourmet place. They have a chicken ‘pie’ for an appetizer that I would fly there just to eat. My mouth is watering thinking of it! Spices and sweetmeats in a filo dough ‘shell’. Dinner with good friends from different parts of Canada made it like home. The dessert was homemade ice cream with mango puree over it.

My god that city is abundant! I had 2 or 3 clients quitting $90,000 a yr jobs to go on contract and make $180,000 yr!!! doing the same work! I love it! They are truly an abundant province and country. Alberta leads that nation’s economy.

Real estate sales and values are down there too... as much as here, slow slow slow sales. I had advised a client to sell their home immediately some months ago saying there was a small window of opportunity before they couldn't. I didn't know it was the whole real estate thing... this was way before the mortgage problems... but they didn't sell and now are stuck. But it does mean that the place they want to move will have lower prices too when they can finally sell and buy.

My friend, Val, lives in Atlanta but is here on a contract job for 3 months. She was called back to deal with issues in her previous job, caused by the sudden quitting of her replacement. She manifested well. She had just quit a hateful job in Atlanta. She was doing her manifestation work… focusing on what she really wanted, making a list, putting the energy out there. The very next day after quitting, voila!!.... the old job called and she jumped on a plane and came here. She was my best friend for a long time and I miss her. So it's really cool to have her back for a while.

Her Atlanta neighbor called telling her you can't get gas in Atlanta. Apparently the refinery that provides the gas to them was in Houston and it's down due to Ike, the hurricane. What a mess. I feel this kind of thing will go on sporadically world wide, but especially in the 'land of plenty', the US and probably England too... tho they have such good public transit. The lack will be in disrupted supply: food, money, loans, jobs, etc. Many areas MAY have lack and whether or not it affects YOU will be determined by your fear level... that alone... YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE. What you focus on you will get more of. So, hey, focus on abundance! Feel it, think of it, but mostly FEEEEEEL it! that's the real creative power.!! See http://www.dollymae.com/articles/17%20Seconds.html to learn how to create... for real!

Anyway it really is fascinating about how we will/are each creating our own realities. Val is here being very abundant. Her fear based friends and family in Atlanta, are in distress, creating chaos due to lack (of gas, etc.).

This is how the worlds shift to create Terra (the next dimensional place) and Earth (the old fear based reality). If you are not affected or much less affected, you've got more of your being in Terra. We are truly in the 'end times', that is, the time of the ending of being stuck in fears. There will be challenges, but the way we ride through them, IF they occur to us, determines our path. What we have been privileged to have been taught makes us teachers by example, thought, word and deed.

Isn't it exciting!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Recent Client in great Resistance

The lady came for just one question: She asked "What is blocking me? I was the highest ranking person in my industry. I was a successful, sought after speaker. I've written a book. I can't get it published. I've run out of money. My speaking engagements have all died out." She was intense. She sat back, separate and distant. She was a take charge person, a problem solver, an intelligent woman. So what was her problem?

She resisted hearing anything she didn't want to hear. She resisted that someone might have information for her. Yes, she came asking questions but her real agenda was to validate no one knew anything but her. She needed desperately to validate she was doing the right thing when all along she was going in the wrong direction but wouldn't listen to herself.

Many times I've come across people who are so committed to their own way of doing something even if they know it's not getting them where they want to go. They stand in their own way and they are not ready to hear about it. They are getting ready or they wouldn't have come. Sometimes we can get through. Sometimes we can't. When the time is right, she'll be able to see and hear the new truth. We needed lots more time, to sort of sneak up on the fish just under the surface, lazily swimming just out of reach. The answers are always there. It's just that sometimes the sun is at the wrong angle or we are creating a shadow ourselves and cannot see.

What goes on around you reflects you. If things aren't going per your bidding, you might want to look at what you are truly creating, what your focus is, where your intent is, where your resistance is.

Everyone is a mirror for me. So I must look at this situation and ask myself, "Where is my resistance? What in my life has results that are not what I'd prefer or planned?" By constantly checking within, we redirect ourselves back onto our highest path.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's Name per Nameology

Obama’s Name
I was lecturing on Nameology, see www.dollymae.com/Whatisnameology.html . Someone in the audience asked me to do a name reading on Obama and that became very interesting! In essence here it is.

Vowels on Both Ends
The vowels on both ends mean he is very open to feelings… he walks through the world with heart, not head.

The ‘A’ on the end of his name means he is empathic, he senses into other people’s feelings and wears his heart on his shoulder. In other words, he’s not your typical shut down, left brain sort of person.

The ‘O’ means family is important; not just personal family, but the extended family of friends, associates and neighbors. He will make community at a grand scale, connecting globally. People will feel included.

The ‘B’ means he is interested in connecting one on one with others. The ‘A’ in the center of the name means he has a healthy sense of himself, a good perspective. He relates to others easily and to work easily seeing who he is through those connections.

The ‘M’ is his nurturing self. He is not here to rescue or to simply be someone’s puppet… he is clear about who he is and who others are. Very interesting man. A rare one in having more vowels than consonants in his name; and those vowels well placed.

First Names not Last Names
Ordinarily I use first names, unless one is called by one’s last name as he is.

Durango Trip

Altitude and Durango
Just got back from Durango, CO. Gorgeous place near Four Corners in S Colorado. I learned altitude and I don't do well... 6,512 feet and the place I stayed was considerably higher. I had a problem breathing well and terrible headaches beginning shortly after arrival. I didn’t realize what was happening until next day when someone told me. You must drink loads of water (and take Excedrin!!). I kept thinking my back needed adjustment having been pulling luggage through airports all day. Silly me.

Pretty Little Town
The scenery was beautiful. Many buildings were turn of the century. The weather was stupendous: 78 daytime; 43 at night. Lovely for sleeping.

Poverty Consciousness
There is an amazing poverty consciousness in Durango. I find this especially weird in view of the fact that millionaires abound. There are many 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 million dollar homes for sale in the area and very few lower price homes. I often overheard “I can’t afford that.” In all my travels I have never heard it as much as in Durango.

Usually I take daily walks. Working all day, it had to be in late evening, but I couldn't walk at dark because of numerous black bears that roam the housing areas! If the altitude hadn’t gotten my breathing, the bears would have!

Ate excellent food at a great Nepal/ Himalayan restaurant. I had traditional Nepal yak stew... very good. Wonderful garlic and cilantro Naan (bread) too. The food and spices are similar to East Indian and the chef was excellent.

Walking the talk
Had nice time with my new friends there: the young lady who hosted me and her other house guests. They were conscious in their thoughts, actions, attitudes, conduct and conversation. Rare is the group of people like them who ‘walked their talk’; it was a delight to be around them.

Obama's Name
Read the next post about doing a Nameology reading on Obama's name while lecturing.