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Monday, December 5, 2011


Consider that we envision guides and angels and dimensional beings in a certain way. Those imaginings are the result of art from past centuries and from others. Consider such concepts are merely a cloak used to grant us less fear. Some of these beings have humanoid forms under their cloaks. Some do not.

We ourselves are wearing such a cloak. We begin now to see our own true natures. Some of us have humanoid forms under our own cloaks; some do not.

The humanoid form is the most prevalent template in all the universes, though it has variations. Some have enlarged heads due to increase in brain capacity. Some forms are hairless. Some have more or less digits: toes and fingers. Some are different colors. Eyes may be larger or smaller. Noses, ears and mouths may be non existent or merely slits. Some have no form at all but are globes or arcs of swirling or static energy and light. Some are simply sensed with no visible form.

So much of our imaginings are images imposed by external sources: art, conversations, religious training, misinterpreted ancient scripts or modern graphics.

To create original thought we must put away old ideas and simply allow for new ones to appear. Original thought is not isolated or unique in consciousness. Many inventions appeared simultaneously worldwide by those able to draw in the energy to make them real, to give form to their impressions and insights.

Use your internal eyes and peel off your cloak.

You did not originate from this planet. Your star brothers and sisters will remind you as they soon put in their long awaited appearance. We are to be welcomed into the arms of the greater universes as our consciousness rises above the third dimensional cloud of unloving behavior. We are being welcomed back into Love, compassion and Unity. We will be more aware of our multi existences without being overwhelmed. Simply compare these coming times to your dream states. Things aren’t sequential. Many disconnected things happen as you rapidly shift your focus in your dreams. We get along just fine in our dreams. It’s easy because our dreams allow us to experience our real multidimensional selves.

Because you are multidimensional, you exist in other places right now, in our waking state. We just don’t give it our focus, or belief. Nevertheless, it is real. You may not understand physics or microwaves or photosynthesis of plants exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide, but they are real. They exist here now and are processes going on without your need to focus. Your body is running without your paying attention to it. Soon we will take charge and direct our bodies how we want them to run. Right now many of us are directing our DNA to repattern itself to copy its unconsciously remembered perfect pattern. Simply acknowledge there is a perfect pattern of your DNA existing somewhere, somewhen, somehow. Then instruct your current subconscious to reach out, and overlay that perfect pattern on your now DNA. You can. You are multidimensional. You exist everywhere, everywhen, everyhow. Don’t argue. There is nothing to lose by the imagining of it. We are moving into the place of creation by choice. We thus step into our true power as galactic beings.

So take off your old cloak and see one of your galactic selves that exist simultaneously under it. We are so much more than we yet think.

Don’t worry. You can put your old cloak on if you scare yourself and pretend you are limited. It’s an option. But the imaginings to be explored are mind boggling. We are creators in creative universe. Create. Play. Uncloak. It’s an option.

These are truly exciting times to have chosen to be here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Threshold of a Dream

We stand now at the Threshold of a Dream.

We have taken back our power through the Occupy Wall Street movement.

We have chosen to raise our vibrations to align with a higher and more aware, universal consciousness.

We acknowledge ourselves as creators and begin to direct the outcome for this planet.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, OWS, is a clear statement of intent to the ‘powers that were’. It tells them we will no longer be enslaved to their greed, lies, deceptions and manipulating global agenda. We have chosen to express our desire for their accountability, for our freedom and for a new way to conduct business and government with compassion and heart.

Critical mass has been reached by those who chose to align with their innate spirituality, their direct link with Spirit, Creator, Isness, no matter what name you call it. An extraordinary number of beings on this planet have made their desires felt. They have combined their energies, vibrations and Love into a harmonized web of consciousness surrounding this planet and it reflects love back to us. Not only has the internet made it easier to be connected, but this harmonized web of Love and Light makes us feel connected. We become more heart centered.

Many changes are happening on this planet right now. As the dark forces (the powers that were) are being blocked, many are abandoning their involvement with those forces. The new Light, solar and galactic, that now shines on to this Earth, is causing a soul wiggle, an awakening, a questing towards unconditional Love. As the Light gets lighter, it shines into the dark areas revealing the hidden agendas, the deceit and rampant power mongering by those dark forces. A desire for things to improve is visualized. In some areas: economic, healthcare, government, food and water quality, things may get worse before getting better. Like a fever, it must peak and then the worst passes and relief comes. And wondrous things are and will begin appearing in quick succession.

Many astonishing things are in store for us within the next year, even before the end of this year. Over five thousand secretly hidden patents for environmental clean up, clean power, alternative fuels and medical cures will be made available. A new monetary system, already devised, will be put in place. You can relax. People will be fed, cared for and responded to. Life will improve a hundred fold and fairly quickly. The perpetrators of crimes against humanity will be brought to justice.

We must remember that as we increase our personal vibrations to embrace Love and Light more fully, we must extend Love and Light to those who sought to destroy those dreams. It is our job as Lightworkers to remain calm when others become confused by all the suddenness of transparency and exposure of the far reaching lies they have been fed. Then the dawning of a new awareness will occur. Revenge, greed, hostility and separation will be things of the past. We are moving into an era of Love and Compassion towards all beings. Open your hearts and welcome it. It is our true galactic heritage.

Concepts such as guilt, judgment, abuse and disempowerment will no longer exist. This is a golden age we will welcome in through our raised vibrations. Our individual, planetary and universal DNA is shifting. Have you not felt those odd joint aches, strange sleep patterns, fleeting but odd, intense pains and other ‘ascension’ symptoms? They will be relieved. We will be well and healthy. We will feel vibrant and whole, loving and loved. We will be embraced lovingly into the arms of the universe as it was intended to be.

We will soon all have telepathic, psychic and other intuitive abilities. We are on the threshold of a dream. As we continue to passion for these higher states of awareness we are bringing them about. We are part of a community of beings in the universe who have assisted us throughout our planetary, human existence. Their presence will soon become known to the entire populous instead of only the governments and elite. It will be like a joyful reunion of family. Many people have never felt they fit in here on Earth. They will finally realize who their real brothers and sisters are. It will finally be home.

Dream the dream of connectedness, joy, love, peace, health and abundance for all. It is within our grasp. Dream. We stand on its threshold.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Favorite Occupy Image

This is undoubtedly my favorite image of OWS, the Occupy movement. I have no idea who did it or I would happily give them credit!

The origin of course for all you Dune fans is Frank Herbert's 'Dune' books about the planet Arakis and the 'elite' Harkonen!

So subtle!!! and brilliant!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Change and Constancy

Flat, cold, asleep; the earth lies untouched by the warmth of rays.
Featureless but for pools of deep velvet, the land reveals not her secrets.
Jagged white-capped peaks suddenly thrust upwards and her first wonder is revealed.
Golden peach hues hug the dark smoky blue horizon, promising light and warmth, teasing the senses.
Hues hang heavenward, longingly, lingering in anticipation of the change to come.
Lights gathered together for comfort and safety appear nested in a valley along a ribbon of intense, cold blue.
The horizon’s light muddies; its passion dulled. Smoky clouds hold its light at bay, finally engulfing it in the moment of dawning.
A single strand of crisp blue is revealed.
A solitary line of dazzling light appears.

Day has awakened.

Water, land, islands, flora and civilization breathe themselves into the dawn. Another interval of reality blooms into consciousness.
Awakening to warmth, the slumbering land exhales and shrugs off the fog, now drifting slowly upward, exhausting itself in the new day’s eagerness.
Colors slip slowly down mountain peaks and in due course seep into the abyss of yawning gorges.
Change has come to this part of the planet, moving stealthily along until the entire planet awakens, and then returns to sleep each a scant half day later.

Night falls.

Change is the only constancy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Information or Disinformation

When I was little and our family gathered to watch TV, we’d watch the ads since the mute button hadn’t been invented yet. My mother would point out the omissions in them like “What aren’t they telling us?” or “What about the other choices?” or “Why don’t they try that beauty product on a 50 year old?” Through her constant awareness and outspoken comments we learned not to trust advertisements and to look beyond what we were told. We learned that what wasn’t said was as important as what was focused on. We learned to look for the bigger picture. That lesson has served me well.

Ads and news media operate with the same goals. They both intend to guide you in the direction they want you to go. They lead you into their agenda, not necessarily the best one for you. Ads tell you you’re not loveable if you don’t use their brand of mint; wear their jeans; or use their perfume. Their products may not be healthy, of good value or even well made. The hook is emotional; a fear of unlovability. They happily lead people like sheep to the slaughter on the altar of credit card debt, lack of self worth and impressing others in order to be loved. Truth in advertisement is almost non existent. They offer information but are really offering disinformation.

News media tells you a version of the reasons for wars, debt, spending, crime and drugs; but these are only the rationale they want you to believe. They may have nothing whatsoever to do with truth. You are being guided and directed, slowly, a little lie here, a little untruth there, using confusing disinformation, until you buy their big lies. We are now realizing that the secret agendas of those who covet money and power have manipulated information regarding politics, big business and military cover-ups. We only need look at Enron and Roswell to see the tip of the iceberg as to how we’ve been fooled and lied to. The truth is available via discerning sites on the internet and via your own knowing. But you have to turn off the news to reach your quiet, internal knowing.

These well trained manipulators use a dollop of truth to cover up the many falsehoods in their stories. Best of all is when the reporter believes what they write is ‘in the best interest of the public’ and becomes a pawn in someone else’s agenda by rearranging one or more facts. Believing they know best what the public wants, can handle or needs, keeps them giving editorial prozac to us. We can choose to stop taking these drugged stories by turning off the TV or radio. Limit your bad-news addiction.

Have you noticed that in order to attract viewers, TV shows have become increasingly graphic? Recently, bored in a hotel room, I watched CSI for the first time. I was shocked and by the end I felt sick. How do people watch these graphic horrors I asked myself. They had to be inured to it. Little by little with graphic news, graphic movies and horror films, fear is instilled, then constantly resupplied, causing these junkies to need another fix. Shows that raise the shock level, leaving nothing to the imagination, are created to satisfy that addiction.

You can wake up! Ask yourself why such shows don’t bother you? Millions of acts of kindness, generosity and love happen daily. The media chooses to focus on a minority of dreadful things. They are not the norm; yet media would have you think them commonplace. Why? Fear sells. If you are fearful, you can be manipulated and lied to easily. If you are fearful you will buy their products to stop being afraid. If you are fearful you will look to others to make your choices for you. If you are afraid, you cannot connect with your internal peaceful guidance that alerts you to lies. If you stay afraid, you become stuck in their agenda. That is the real goal of disinformation, your willing obedience. For many, being scared is an addiction that makes them feel alive. Personally I’d rather feel alive by having homemade cookies, a great meal or wild laughter with friends.

When you turn off the media and the external input, you are then free to ponder, to ask questions inside yourself and to reach that part of you that has wisdom. Your heart. Your feelings. Your gut. You are a storehouse of imagination and feeling. By mulling things over you can begin to notice the holes in the information you have heard. You become wise. You learn to trust your intuition.

There is an old bumper sticker saying “Question Authority”. Perhaps it should read “Question Information”.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Concept: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Do you remember The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis’ beloved story?

Project yourself into the world behind the wardrobe, behind the veil; the one you’ve forgotten. Project yourself forward into the times that are coming: the golden age. Remember.

See, feel and experience the peace, the love, the compassion and your remarkable, personal growth. Imagine you have had amazing experiences of leadership, of wisdom, and of knowing; of the ability to teleport, to move through wormholes and to speak telepathically. Feel what that was like. Know that you have had years, maybe lifetimes of such experiences that have transformed you into a wise and loving being. Bring that wisdom back through the wardrobe, into the you that exists here, now. This is your true self; your rightful heritage, the real you. Remember.

You are much more than you realize. All that you imagined you experienced in that other dimension is real. It is up to you to bring it forth and anchor it into this now experience, this reality. You have raised your consciousness, changed your DNA, and removed the veil. Now, step into your own personal power; the power that comes from love and compassion. This is who you really are. Remember.

Go ahead, imagine. And thus you have begun its creation.