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Friday, April 30, 2010


Light falls without preference or prejudice.
Light gives definition, form, clarity.
Light creates shadow in the very same moment it appears.
Light uplifts, renews, engenders hope and joy.
Light relieves the oppressiveness of darkness.
Light exposes and darkness withdraws.

Light and Love
Replace all the ideas above with the thought of Love. Love does the same things, even more so, for Love comes from within, coupled with feeling. So too as we embrace more and more light, our bodies raise their vibrations and our DNA changes to enable us to hold even more light. The light that we are embodying is the reflection of Love; both divine and human, for there is no difference.

Two Rooms
Think of two rooms separated by a single door. Imagine one room filled with Light and the other room completely dark. When the door between is opened, which room is affected? Light shines into the dark. Darkness does not move into the light! When light even a little light shines, it dispels darkness.

The Edge
We stand at the edge of the shift where shadow and light meet. It is always darkest at this border because the contrast is exaggerated making visibility beyond the perimeter appear more obscured. This false dark is merely contrast; for when the dark gets darker, the light gets lighter. Those of us standing at the edge may find it difficult to see our compatriots, brothers and sisters who seem to also stand alone. But we are there and in great numbers. Consciousness has encouraged us to arrive at these moments of immense change. We participate simply by our presence. We need do nothing. Simply acknowledge All is in Divine alignment and perfect as it is.

We are no longer in the realm of simple duality: good and bad, light and dark. We have chosen to be here now, at this time of the great shift in consciousness, to witness and partake in it. It is driven by Love, Light and Joy, a potent triality. There are many shades of grey, variations of judgment and other options to perceive. Our choices are unlimited.

There are many dark machinations occurring now that would be easy to focus on. We hear of this group and that shady situation from well intentioned Lightworkers seeking to create awareness and educate us. Such discussions often excite fear within us. Once activated, this fear only adds to the sum total of fear in the universe. Fear is only one choice. Simply be informed and refrain from fear by choosing to focus on forgiveness or love or joy or something happy.

Working With Darkness
As we acknowledge darkness in all its forms: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual; our job is to embrace that darkness into wholeness, without resistance. Should we chose to resist, war against, exclude or remain separate, we have added to the strength of that darkness. Darkness is all about separation, lack, resistance, non-forgiveness, fear and all that is non-loving. We are in the process of creating our realities through consciousness.

It is of great importance how you choose your focus, for the time of instant manifestation draws near. Your choice to focus on Light, though you know not the exact outcome of these times, feeds myriad pinpoints of Light in the Universe, creating more and more balance and movement towards wholeness. Your constant choices to re-center yourself in the Light are very important in this time of shift.

The Work
Acknowledge the existence of fear based things but embrace them into wholeness. This is the real job of Lightworkers. Nothing less than transmutation off all that appears to be in shadow is The Work. It is done by allowing and loving the existence of shadow workers; surrounding them with Light and Love. Resistance and hatred are not of the Light, they are merely lacking Love. It is within your power to give them love. Stop resistance; for what you resist persists. Do not condone or participate; simply allow and Love. All prayer raises the vibrations surrounding a situation. Ho’oponopono, a Huna teaching, has extraordinary and immediate results. See
http://www.thereisaway.org/Ho. Prayer gives an opportunity for those participating to accept higher vibrations surrounding them when they choose to. This is how miracles occur.

The Love Foundation
I honor the founders of The Love Foundation and Global Love Day, which is celebrated annually May 1 (or simply choose a day/days and make it yours) and whose theme this year is “Love Begins With Me.” With gratitude for Harold’s permission to share with you the beautifully expressed message:
We recognize this day as a symbolic expression that we can choose to love each and every day as we gather together and unite as a collective humanity through unconditional love.

We are one humanity on this planet.
All life is interconnected and interdependent.
All share in the Universal bond of love.
Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.
With respect and compassion we embrace diversity.
Together we make a difference through love.


In Summary
So what do we do? Say Yes to it all. End resistance. Love simply and unconditionally.
P.S. If you missed May 1st, simply choose another day to create the experience. We cannot have too many of them!

Friday, April 2, 2010

To Tell or Not To Tell

As a psychic, I am often asked what I do with information I get about the potential for trouble for someone else. Do I have to inform the person they may be facing a difficulty shortly?
I do not, for several reasons.

Sacred Individuality
To understand this seeming lack of caring, please understand I believe each of us is a master. This is sacred and inviolable; a prime directive. Each of us is the creator of our own individual realities. If someone is on a path of self destruction, that is their right. And it is only a potential. Everything can change. No one knows better how to live a life than the individual soul. You would not want someone, even well intentioned, to interfere with your life choices. We love our parents but at some point we want them to stop giving us advice. We want to blaze our own trail. Our individuality is sacred, guided by our own soul’s plan as we created it while still in spirit form. A person may have to hit bottom before awakening. If we keep giving them parachutes, they may not reach their turning point.

To interfere with another’s life is to disempower them. It says “You are living wrong and I know how to run your life better than you do.” I may see important things about someone. So do you. But unless and until they ask you for help, clarification or input, they are not ready to hear it. Good intentions often translate as rescue. And rescuers need victims. They need them to validate their identity as rescuers. Although it makes the rescuer feel good, it reinforces victim mentality in others. It is not your responsibility or your right to change others.

The gift
I know you are thinking what about those who can’t help themselves. There is a healthy and an unhealthy way to assist. Mother Theresa’s gift was to see others as whole, not as victims. In placing herself in the heart of such neediness, she was a light for those in the dark. Light does not judge. It doesn’t intend to save others. Light does not inflict. It is simply available, impartial, and present. Let this be our guide.

Seeing Mastery in Others
To see even those lying in the gutter face down as magnificent masters is to empower them. Consciousness is a living thing, communicated even without action. They know how you feel about them. Helping someone who stumbles is a natural act born of the understanding we are all One and s/he who stumbles is in truth You. But to prolong the queries of “are you alright now” while sending unspoken communication of “you poor thing” is disempowering. Authentic help is love and needs no reward or acknowledgement. It is impartial, available and present.

Pay attention to your motivations as you see others. For example, take the street beggar. Do you avoid them with a “get a job” thinking? Do you see a victim? Do you give them money fearing it could be you or resentfully, haughtily, impersonally? Can you look them in the eye as an equal and be loving with composure and calmness? Your motivations are as important as their circumstances. Their beingness is a gift to you to for self awareness. Through their simple act of being in their situation, they have volunteered, on a higher level, to be a nudge to your consciousness to look at the Oneness of all things in a compassionate and even handed way. These angels of the streets have chosen to be a gift to you. When you come across such an angel, go within to determine your own impulses to give or not give.

However you act, there is no judgment but what you place on yourself. No one else knows your internal thinking and feeling process. Great compassion may simply beam love to them, or connect with a word, a touch. Kindness can mean more than money. If that street angel is playing the role of a victim, that is their concern. You do not have to reinforce it by responding as a rescuer. Be even. Be aware. Be conscious. It is such a little thing, but huge in impact.

I have always figured that if God/Goddess does not swoop in to rescue someone, neither should I. Acknowledging each as creator seems to honor the Creator in each of us. If you really want to know something you will ask. First, go within and ask yourself. If you do not receive clarity, there are other choices. Let go of the need to know. Learn how to find clarity. Ask someone. When we are at a crossroads, it is good to open windows and get a fresh perspective.

Wordlessly compassion speaks “I feel your pain. I honor your journey. I see you as Creator, a Master. Blessings on your path.” Our job is to love. Love people as they already are, not as they could be, should be or might be. Love yourself first. Fill your own cup of self, a drop at a time until you overflow. Such freely expressed love blesses everyone and everything.

Refrain and Validate
It is a hard thing to refrain from giving advice when not asked. We do it all the time in conversations with friends. Listen to yourself. When a friend tells you of their pain, be compassionate, loving, validating. Acknowledge their feelings. Save your advice for only when you are asked. I often compare this to a child throwing up. You pet their head, make loving comments, touch their back, validate, coo, love. You do not start giving advice. They are in the process of disgorging something painful. Allow their process. Hold your well intentioned advice until they ask for it. It’s tricky, but you will both be better (more empowered) for the experience.

Divine Timing
If someone is facing a potential crisis, I believe their consciousness aligns with Divine Timing and they will either avoid the experience or embrace it depending on their highest and best path. It would be presumptuous of me to interfere with their creation.

In summary, open yourself to knowing and feeling. Seek to understand your own motivations. See others as perfect creators no matter what their situation. See yourself that way too. You don’t have to share what you know or be validated for it. In your own life ask for input when you are ready. Allow others to do the same. To tell or not to tell; it’s up to you.