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Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Paradigms of 5th Dimension

One version of a paradigm shift
My intense 22 year connection with Tarot is shifting, dramatically. Traditional Tarot is part of the old 3D (third dimension) paradigm and I’m letting go. We’re moving into 5D. Dragging the old paradigms with us hinders our passage. A new door has opened.

Barrier Pierced
This drastic change began around year 2000. A barrier was pierced and a different energy became available. But like so many changes, when one is in the shift, it is difficult to see it or its outcome. Just ask a caterpillar in his cocoon, soon to be a butterfly. It trusts its DNA driven need to change; without knowing the outcome. We too must trust our light activated, DNA driven transformation.

The change with Tarot was startling at first; pointing to a Universal metamorphosis. Signs began occurring telling me to release the old way of thinking, of earning income, of doing. More and more difficulties reinforced the urge to change, encouraging me. So many signs from Spirit happened it became laughable. I could have chosen not to listen to this guidance; but my world is linked to Spirit, my best friend; so I listen.

Credit card machine, housing while traveling, Expo booth mates, flight schedules and more each broke down. With that many signs, I paid attention. A last minute Tarot reading caused me to cancel a Chicago trip, even though I was unable to recoup my costs. It feels unnatural when things like this occur; like you’re out on a limb.

But either you trust or you don’t. It’s that simple.

Expo Archetype  

For a few years I’ve known the Expo archetype was ending. Still, Expos are a doorway for some. We are all at differing points in the path. Some find safety in an Expo crowd to begin breaking away from old stranglehold patterns, instead of seeking alone.

What do I do?
I looked at this big shift and saw uncertainty. The safe, old ruts were eroding. Change was happening. I had to let go, allow and trust. I did and I came to a standstill. The old paths seemed closed. This is the scary part. What do I do?  But I’ve been down this path before and I trust my relationship with the unknown.

I wait.

This is a not an easy task. Our old pattern is to do something, fill time, work towards a goal or take action.

I wait.

The hard part is not knowing what’s next, but trusting I’d be shown, eventually.

I got caught up in studying Tarot yet again, in a new way. Then a breakthrough occurred. I saw a map of this shift in the Tarot; a bridge to 5D and how to make that happen.

In old Tarot readings, people wanted predictions; or to be ‘fixed’; told what to do and how to do it; or to pretend someone else made their decisions so they didn’t have to take the responsibility for them. But my work is about self empowerment. I believe no one needs to be ‘fixed’. I know each person is a creator and exactly where they need to be right now. 

 By sharing this new map, they begin to see their own path and their vibrations soar.

The Map is Glimpsed
One Giant Step

On the Cutting Edge
Everyone is moving into the new paradigm’s vibrations and those on the cutting edge of consciousness: metaphysical healers, counselors and lightworkers; have an important role to play. To the extent and speed we let go of our attachment to the old wisdom, we can embrace the new paradigm and experience 5th Dimensional energy.
The Changes Happening
Our DNA is changing. Our connection to our higher self is being redesigned. You may have strange aches and pains, odd occurrences in your life, big shifts and releases. All  presages change. Allow it. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually we are under construction. The neural pathways of intuition and self awareness are being downloaded and upgraded. For these new teachings, we must apply the enlightened tools of the 5th Dimension: Love, Allowance and Compassion; for ourselves and for our 7 billion other-selves on Earth.

What To Do
I will listen to my intuition. I will allow new choices and new knowledge to arrive. I will trust they are perfect and in alignment with our quantum growth. Guidance will prepare me for new perspectives in my thinking and for release of attachment to old, familiar ways of being. I must let go.

We will be shown why and how we are more than just a human living in this space and time. Our multidimensional higher selves are instructing us as we enter 5D galactic consciousness.

Just wait. Be patient. It is already happening.
We are more than we think.