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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Middle Path: the Way of the Heart

We often feel boxed in by limited choice, but there are always other options that we don’t, won’t or can’t think of. 

Long ago my sister had a house she had fixed. She didn’t know what to do: live in it or rent it out, thinking those were the only two choices. But when she opened to other options like sell it, let an agency handle it, do nothing or leave it vacant a while and decide later; she was able to make a better choice.

When we can’t see alternatives we get stuck in the mire of either/or limitation. It’s an emotional blockade. We feel trapped in our feelings and our mind gets stuck in bouncing back and forth like a yoyo.

We have the ability and power to create a third path. One way is to pretend you’re giving advice to another person. This helps to free your emotions from imprisoning you and engages the brain in creating new ideas and solutions. Another way out is to talk with someone you trust about your two choices and your frustration. Airing your thoughts and feelings opens doors and soon another path will appear.

When faced with difficult choices such as ‘Do I put my aging relative in a care facility or take care of them at home’, we must open our heart to love. This doesn’t mean sacrifice. Love of self is equal to love of others. Caretaking is a difficult business, often with the caretaker dying earlier due to the stress. Talk to professionals. Many others have been down that path before.

Years ago a dear friend had always said she wanted to die by stepping out during a meditation. And so she did, creating a very peaceful, aware death. It was so loving and joyous for her.

Another said she always wanted to go in her sleep, and so she did. Like the Shaman she was, she died the body in very few hours and stepped out pain free and peacefully into her full consciousness and connection with Infinite Oneness.

Both of these are examples of creating a middle path to exiting their bodies by using their creative intent and focus; truly a way of the heart.

This year Americans face a choice between what is perceived as two candidates for president. Media creates distractions that engage us in the details of rhetoric, promises, lies, deceit, games and showmanship while speech writers put spin on it all. But a third pathway is a better focus here.

The election process itself slowly funnels us to perceive limitation, a very disempowering perception that we are limited to a choice between two or three candidates.

But we are creators and we can create a middle path through our focus on an intention to do so. We desire a leader who embodies integrity, wisdom, love, peace and balance. By focusing the way of the heart to have such a candidate, we can create it. By focusing on creating those vibrations, and withdrawing our attention from the media rhetoric, we can create a third path that allows for the creation of a true alternative.

We do not have to know who or how this happens. It is our intention that gives it form. It could be a surprise candidate, a change in the law, a change of heart of a candidate, a write in vote, or something else totally unexpected. Do not get stuck in trying to predict the form. Do your creation process.

Activate your power by withdrawing from the either/or scenario offered by the media. Focus your creative energy on feeling Love, Light, Joy, Balance, Honor, Integrity and Peace. Surround this planet with these feelings and watch the world shift.

We have the power and ability to create middle paths everywhere. It is such important work to know we are creators and to take responsibility for putting our energy to work in the creation of the world we’d like to see: Love, Light, Joy, Balance, Honor, Integrity and Peace.

There is an ongoing and relentless effort to shape and use our consciousness, and especially to control our ability to be creative with it. The goal is to make us think we have no power in creating our world. The use and application of combined consciousness is so powerful that if only one tenth of one percent of the global population focused on Peace, it would be the reality. 

Conflict, hatred, separation and drama are offered as a form of psychological warfare which creates more drama, conflict, disempowerment and negative energy. Endless watching of the media circus takes your creative power from you and uses it to their ends. Take back your power. Make a decision to be creative. With awakened humanity’s combined efforts we will achieve our heart’s desire.

There is a consciousness war for the power of your Light Force. Will you acknowledge it and use it yourself or allow it to be hijacked and used by an elitist group with its negative agenda. Open your heart and mind and look behind the curtain the media presents. Better yet, turn off the media. Your intent and focus is an immense power. Take charge of that current running through you to create the Eden this Earth was meant to be.

Gregg Braden has done the consciousness research to prove how consciousness and love physically affect our reality. He has great videos on you tube. So too, Tom Campbell’s ‘My Big Toe’ videos have garnered over four million views showing how consciousness affects our reality and makes real what we have focused on. 

There is a great awakening going on all over the planet. People are waking up to seeing their reality as a mirror of themselves and their thoughts. There is a powerful saying “All is One and All is Now”. As one, our consciousness is the key to a powerful, magical, loving Now.

So, join enlightened beings all over this planet and universe in visualizing and bringing forth the world we’d like to have. Put your loving, healing energy into the grid of consciousness surrounding our planet. Our conscious creation is the middle path; the way of the open heart that we came here to be.

Dolly Mae is an intuitive offering consultations by phone, skype or in person. 206.992.2074 dolly@dollymae.com www.dollymae.com

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hang in There Lightworker

Hang in There Lightworker

Here are two related questions from my inbox.Hope you enjoy,.

Dear Dolly

I find it [global news] all very alarming what can one do? Love has a big fight on its hands; a bit ironical. I hear about all these good things that are supposed to be happening, but when? I’m tired of waiting.

Dear Tired of Waiting,
Hang in there, it will happen! It is happening. We are poised on the edge of change. Your thoughts, acts of kindness, loving heart and conquering of your fears is the way to a truly golden age. Our consciousness is far more powerful than we’ve ever been told. Fear mongers would have you believe differently. People all over the world want the same things, peace, prosperity, health for their loved ones. We are alike in so many ways.

Divide and conquer was the old way. It is dissolving and becoming unity and connection. Do you attack others or support them in your conversations and thoughts? Like a beloved dog or a wolf; which aspect within yourself do you wish to feed? You and your consciousness are invaluable and oh so powerful in this movement toward peace.

Lightworkers; do not be disheartened when you feel or see discord. Open your heart and send forth love. That is a major reason we assembled here on Earth at this time. Our non Earthling friends arrived long ago, per our request, to assist us; but not to rescue us, for we are not victims and they do not see us as such.

Now they have come again by request to help in new ways and so no nuclear bombs be exploded; disclosure of long hidden truths will happen and there will be no WWIII no matter how the media wishes to convince you.

The actual fight is for your control of your consciousness for it has the power of the atom in it, ready to explode into quantum abilities to create a truly Golden Age. The method and timing of peace, medical cures, technological advances, free energy, clean water and food for all depends on your focus, your consciousness.

Turn off the TV, stop reading a misguiding media’s output and begin going inward to access clarity and Intelligent Infinity. You are in charge of how much fear you take in. Fear simply gets in the way. It divides. Love heals and unifies. The faster we shift into love and allowance and forgiveness, the faster we will bring on our amazing future.

Our journey here is to make a thousand choices a day for love, constantly standing in consciousness to be love, send love and see love.  People want to feel they have a mission, usually to save others or the planet, but the real mission most came for is to be the highest vibration of themselves they can be. That alone is an enormous contribution to the ascension of this planet and life will be so much more aligned with joy on such a path. As a Lightworker, this is what you came to do.

Dear Dolly,
I don’t get what a Lightworker is supposed to be doing?   Just Curious.

Dear Just Curious,
A Lightworker is one who is aware s/he is a beacon, a lighthouse, shining the light of love.  This light can be used to heal, to feel and to just be. It is the vibration of Love and Joy. It does not have to be pushed at something or used to do combat. A Lightworker may seemingly do nothing, yet by virtue of being present, that presence calms, awakens, increases and shifts others in subtle and wonderful ways. A lighthouse is simply light shining. What others choose to do with that light is their choice.

Light calms those not understanding what is going on in this ascension process: the awakening of energy centers in the body, sleeplessness in the extreme, odd joint or muscle aches, dizziness, memory lapses (no, it’s not dementia), and various heart palpitations, headaches and fleeting oddities. Those who experience these things are most likely just moving the body through shifts into a higher vibration.

Clients call, worried about the specific group of things happening to them: joint pain, vision shifts, headaches, stomach discomforts, food and eating habit changes, sleep disturbances and dizziness. Their worry and fear is really just the excitement of the new ‘movie’ we are in and we’re glued to the screen watching, seeing and being slightly freaked out. Call someone and get answers, calm your fears and concerns. Better yet, go within and speak with your own higher guidance and be calmed. You’re really ok.

You’re right on target with your original life plan/contract you created before coming into this third dimensional lifetime. You chose to be here at this time of Earth’s shift. Your body is literally shifting from a carbon base to a crystal base. Science proves this by watching as the individual cells shift their DNA and the carbon element changes its atomic weight.

We are physically and energetically shifting into holding more light in our cells.  Becoming a crystalline light being is not going to happen all at once, but gradually so you can become used to it in body, mind and spirit. Your soul already knows where it’s headed.

A Lightworker’s job is to be aware of darkness and corruption, but not drown in it.That awareness is for the purpose of showing where light is needed. It reveals what has been hidden. Light gives the greedy and corrupt an opportunity to switch from ‘Service to Self’ into the higher vibration of ‘Service to Other Selves’. By holding the light, we offer a way to shift.

Lightworkers hold the space for forgiveness instead of demanding penalties and retribution. Lightworkers choose Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. We try to remember we are all One and the scalawags agreed to play their roles in this lifetime for a purpose. They get to show us the depths of the shadows within us all. It has all brought us to this hour of awakening.

Things are changing. It’s an exciting time to be here on Mother Earth. I sense lasting Peace, Love and Joy just around the corner. Together we will make this real and this planet will go forward in its higher vibrations, cleansed, whole, loving, free of hunger and disease and full of abundance and light.

If you’re reading this, you too are a Lightworker. Welcome home.

Dolly Mae is an intuitive consultant. You can schedule a session
for personal insight and direction. www.dollymae.com  dolly@dollymae.com 206.992.2074