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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air 2010

This is the year of Transparency. What was hidden will be revealed. Personal and global revelations will surprise, shock and delight us. This is the time of creating our very next step only a moment before it happens. We must stay conscious and open.

A dear friend’s home recently burned down. She exclaimed “I’m free! I can start over!!!” Now THAT’s attitude! Her next step will surely provide the perfect home.

Recently I had a conversation about a mutual friend. Just by talking about things, I could see a custody battle and lawsuit coming up, an increase in income and many other surprises. Later it all turned out to be true and our mutual friend now wishes he’d had a conversation with me too. Why? Because he wished he’d been prepared for what was coming.

The most personal information comes when you and I have just such a conversation. Mental pictures freely download into my consciousness with insights into the twists and turns of events to come. Nuances are shown to me in visions and metaphoric images.

Our own minds play hide and seek with information we are uneasy about. Not that it will be bad, we’re just fearful so we hide from knowing.

With me, you’ll get a reading from someone who is not afraid to look and who receives insights that help get you unstuck and prepared.

It’s like opening a window for fresh air. This new year and these amazing times of change are exciting.

Schedule your breath of fresh air and we’ll have a cup of tea too. We can talk over the phone or in my office. Fresh air is very healing.

I look forward to our heart to heart conversation with insights.

Dolly Mae
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Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.
-Oscar Wilde-