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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Channeled Messages

I received an email asking the following: Are channeled messages always coming from loving beings or are there beings who are not so loving and whose messages are not to be trusted? Are there some ‘ET’s’ for lack of a better word, who are out to do us harm where the message and the messenger are just pulling the wool over our eyes and we initially think they are here to help us or save us or protect us? How do we recognize which are sources of truthful information?

My response

Love doesn’t create fear; so all messages that create fear do not come from loving beings. Some come from beings with a lower vibration that includes distortion and fear. The higher vibrations can communicate truth without all that fear stuff.

For example

When well intentioned parents prevent their children from being informed about ‘family secrets’ that will blow up in their face, were they doing it out of love or fear? If a parent teaches a child to behave or the boogie man will get them, is this love or fear? It’s not always so easy to distinguish. However, they meant well. The same is often true for non humans too.

Yes, there are some ETs (Extra Terrestrials) out there with a different agenda, aligned with their own purposes for chaos and disruption. Just because an ET race is technologically advanced or highly intelligent does not mean they are spiritually advanced. Just like humans, some are loving; some aren’t.

Learn to discern truth by how you feel about any communication, including TV ads, news, and messages from in body or out of body teachers. In channeling there is always distortion because info is coming thru a human instrument.

Some channels can be good almost all the time: Abraham-Hicks (http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/about_abraham.php), Jani King channeling Pta’ah (www.ptaah.com), Steve Rother channeling ‘The Group’ (http://www.lightworker.com); and David Wilcock using dreams like Edgar Cayce (www.DivineCosmos.com). Some channels I used to like have become VERY uneven and engender fear with great distortions and some are all fear based now. The people channeling them have not maintained a high enough vibration.

So it is all about how you feel, in your gut. Ask yourself as you listen to something “How much of this is true?” if you get a sense it is below 90%, you might want to rethink giving credence to the speaker. Many speakers are 30-70% truthful... That makes them useless and their information destructive; disseminating fear, lies, etc as truth.

ET’s with high vibration and spiritual awareness engender empowerment. Loving beings are interested in raising our vibrations and our enlightenment... that is: Awakening the Light already residing within each of us. High vibration channeling does not do predictions of fear. Remember what you focus on you will get more of. They do not give dates of events; perhaps they give a time frame approximation, but time is very different from their perspectives. If there is a specific date, it is definitely the channel’s human input/distortion.

Words and phrasing that engender superiority, separation, chosen few and prejudice are all low vibration rubbish.

Phrases to watch out for and what they really mean:

1. “assigned the task” sets the speaker above and superior to the listener. This is done to gain control and power and authority over, which no loving being does.

2. “cannot allow” or “will not permit” interferes with choice and advanced beings do NOT interfere. We are not victims to be saved nor children who cannot make decisions and choices. Free will is a sacred gift and truthfully, the amazing thing that brought us to this place of transformation of our planet! We are already awesome!

3. “they/we activated special codes” again speaks of elitist separation, interference and rescue of us poor things who have no abilities when quite the opposite is the real truth.

4. “you will be guided” is again disempowerment as though beings outside of you will guide you. Real channeling speaks to the guidance within and learning how to trust it.

5. “do it now” again implying fear and an agenda timeline. Not allowing for choice of NOT doing something.

6. “telling you NOT to do” such and such. Guidance never says NO. Guidance always says ‘you might want to consider this as a better choice, but it is always your choice’. If you are hearing NO, it is your internal self. This is not a bad thing, it is your knowing (get the pun?)

Truth rings true. Learn how to discern for yourself. Do NOT go into fear over this. Simply start by surrounding yourself in the highest vibration of light and love. Then distortion will find it difficult to exist in your personal energy field, as it will be incompatible with your location, timing, desire, energy, vibration, intent, etc. Your own higher vibrations will attract high vibrational speaking, internal and external. It is that simple. Put yourself in that high vibration through reading uplifting books, music and meditation.

Remember, when all else fails, and you find yourself in fear just love your fear. Embrace it all. It is a part of you and thus it is all divine. Just love it.

Since we truly create everything in our reality, it does mean that you ‘brought’ good emails to you. It is a reflection of your consciousness and the powerful positive vibrations you emit. Since we are truly all ONE and thus everything is an aspect of us, we may bring fear emails to us too. That is the time to embrace the fear, thus transmuting it. You may wish to delete it, but just love it and let go... and then it’s changed.

We are all messengers and will be needed more and more as fear amps up! People need an alternative and those of us holding soothing information, awareness, calmness and love will be guided to send those messages and guided to teach, lead and be in the forefront of one, few or many at a time!

One at a time you will help calm.. just by being on the planet. A word, a look, a comment, a forwarded email. All is divine, thus we must accept that which we have judged and by loving it, transmute it to its higher vibration.

Trust your gut. If it feels bad, upsetting and fearful, love it and let it go. If it feels loving and joyful, pass it on. If you wish to see a truly loving, soft, soothing video about the times coming, I recommend this one: The Year of Illumination by Lee Harris http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr4TC32XUTE.

The greatest thing you can do on this planet is to be in joy; an astounding vibration. Just laugh and you’ll see what I mean. Can’t laugh? Then smile and here’s something to smile about.

The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!”

In joy,

Dolly Mae, author and speaker.

Tea, Insight and Straight Talk www.dollymae.com dolly@dollymae.com 877.246.9569