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Monday, December 8, 2014

Reading the Other Self

Recently a client was in tears when I told her she was judged as not being focused on anything, but in truth she saw the higher vibration in all the emotions as they passed by her, seeing them as metaphors for their true spiritual meaning. It was like someone finally acknowledged her.

This work of doing readings is endlessly rewarding because when you base it on love, it is effortless and just pours light on people. What could possibly be better.
What I do before a reading is simple. I surround myself with the highest vibration of white light possible through intention and imaging.
Then I open my heart and connect it to the heart of whomever I’m reading. This is the ‘other self’ since we are all One.  All this is done thru intention and imagination. Thus, open hearted readings occur. How can we be small spirited if we do this all the time?

I’m sure men and women from all walks of life that are truly heart connected have felt the same thru the ages: St Francis, Neem Karoli Baba, Michelangelo, Quan Yin, St Theresa, Marcus Aurelius (yes a Roman Emperor… read his meditations some time); and so many others that come from the heart. I have to remember to make my life about living from the heart.

You can do it too. It’s very simple.
Imagine yourself bathed in the highest vibrational Light or Love.
Open your heart.
Silently, within you, ask the other person to open their heart.
Connect to the other self you are thinking of or whomever is there before you.
An everyday image of some kind will pop into your mind. Pay attention to it.
See the image as a snapshot of something meaningful to the other self.
Know that you are able to interpret that image. It’s just like dream image meanings.

If you are unsure what the image means, look in a good dream book or meditate on it or ask the other self. They will interpret it as it will be highly relevant to them. Let your mind flow like when you are watching a movie or creating a story for a child. This way you stop editing the seemingly unreal portions of your imagination; for your imagination is a truer guide in this work.

Try it with a friend. Ask them to hold a question in their thoughts. Then follow the process of opening, imagining and connecting. You will be thus connecting with the subconscious portions of you and them. This is our true place of knowing.

A long time ago I was the one who held a question in mind. The ‘reader’ used this process and imaged my Father speaking to me but my back was turned to him. A reader can put various interpretations on this picture. Just by telling me what the image was, my own heart knew what it meant. It was a meaningful connection to my own subconscious. And it had all happened because we opened ourselves to the process.

Practice. You’ll be amazed.

Friday, November 7, 2014

How YOU Make a Difference

By your joy, laughter, positive thinking and embracing of opposites you make a difference. By your willingness to forgive, your love offered to others and your intentions and desire for planetary peace and balance you help create the web of reality that makes these things real.

You are anchoring these concepts into our reality.

We are all connected. Consciousness is unified.
Overcoming the quagmire of media negativity and personal and global conflicts is tough. But we are called to do so. There is always a balance of sorts that is being sought. By your laughter and joy you give this planet a resounding gift, a basis for anchoring and growing the consciousness of enlightenment. It’s why we came here this time. Keep choosing joy. Choose to turn away from negativity or transmute it. Change a topic. Interject a smile. Say something fun or complimentary.

Consciousness has its own physics. One day there will be many tools that can measure it.  Some of the groundwork done by Gregg Braden reveals how the outpouring of compassion after 9/11 was reflected physically in earth’s resonance. It was measurable.

If you want peace you must be the source of it. You must find a way to navigate stresses with neighbors, co-workers and friends.

Recently a client asked about workplace clashes. The reading showed she was a critical key to offering a new way to effect change in her reality. She was to begin a grassroots unification process, simple and effective based on bringing many together in small groups of joy: pot lucks, get togethers, musical entertainments and other small events in order to find commonality of interest instead of divisiveness.

As we move into 5D we are seeing that each knows innately when things clash and when they gel and that central leadership is not always useful. Each small group will come together in ways that offer balance, harmony, unification and growth, personally and for the workplace so all will benefit. 
Eventually this will become so highly developed that hierarchies will simply fall away as they prove to be unwieldy and ineffective.

Hierarchies in neighborhoods, governments, corporations, military and churches no longer address individual needs; but only the needs of the few elite. Members are simply groomed to be useful tools by the elite in these structures.

My client asked her superiors “When do you show appreciation for the employees?” The boss was stunned, quickly recovered and replied “At the end of the year at the party. Then in 5 years you’ll get a badge of acknowledgement.” Clearly in that mid-sized business there is a problem.

Dale Carnegie, one of the greatest business minds taught “Be hearty in your approbation (approval) and lavish in your praise.” This is a key to cooperation within families, co-workers, politicians, leaders and neighbors. Everyone wants to be approved of, included and appreciated. So start now.

Being happy is a start. But this is about making happiness a way a life through practicing it. Consciously reminding oneself that joy is an option available to you at all times is a good way to start. In my book I show ten ways to make happiness real in your life. The first step is gratitude.

Gratitude is simply feeling grateful for something when you are in fear or anger or anything that is not loving. It is a giant step forward. It is a constant daily practice worthy of you and who you really are. At any moment when you are not happy, realize you have a choice; then choose to be grateful for something, anything! One bit of gratitude brings on another and soon you are standing in a state of gratefulness and no longer in anger, low esteem or frustration.

You did not have to conquer the anger or esteem issue. You simply stepped into a higher vibration by choosing. Stay aware of what you are choosing. Your subconscious offers options. Train your conscious mind to make the choices. Don’t let your subconscious run the show and repeat old unhappy patterns just because it always has done it ‘that’ way. Choose consciously.

Personally I use a mantra to keep me reminded of the higher vibrational choices. I now use the Gaia Mantra as sung by Deva Premal available on YouTube. Lovely chant. Took a while to learn, but so worth it and helps me create a focus. Sometimes I use shorter, simpler ones I’ve learned over the years.

The sum total of all peoples’ thoughts at any moment is reflected in the global peace or conflict that is happening at that moment. Do you see how important you are? YOU affect the whole.

Use that ability consciously by staying vibrationally tuned to your higher self through joy, laughter, love, appreciation, gratitude. Know our planet has already chosen to move into higher awareness. We are amazingly supported by humans of like mind and by ETs here to assist our growth.. in form and in presence without form.

Simply align with a desire for your own higher consciousness. This is powerful stuff. The thoughts you send out, the vibrations you offer each moment help create movement forward or not.

Each moment moves humankind to a place of more peace or not, a place of accelerated awakening or not. The input is you and me, each and every one of us. We can make the outcome happy by our consciousness in each and every moment. Choose joy. It’s always an option.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Perspectives

The energies of October put us in touch with our old unfinished stuff. We had a grand opportunity to revisit old situations that showed up front and center on our plates. We were being offered an opportunity to see those situations from a new aspect.

This is an understatement about what many experienced in these last couple of months.

We are revisiting old stuff that clearly isn’t finished yet, even if we thought it was. I kept wondering what the point was and I soon discovered many were in similar old business visits. Why?

One of the hallmarks of our further movement into the 5th Dimension (5D) is perception. We get to see things in the universal hologram from a new perspective. 

This may look like we’re repeating old bits and pieces of our lives but it’s with new knowledge and awareness and with different perceptions. It doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily do it well, but we’ll do it differently and certainly more consciously and eventually learn something about ourselves.

One of my greatest tools when dealing with drama is not to repeat the story line more than three times. When you tell a story more than three times, it owns you. You lock in the aspects of the experience in such a way that it becomes difficult to extricate yourself. It is so easy then to play a victim role.

Our journey becomes one of relating differently to the experience. I’m not saying it’s easy. I would hear others’ stories and know that in comparison mine was easier. But crisis is crisis and the pain of a joyful childbirth, for example, is not lessened by the knowledge it is a wondrous thing; it’s still extreme pain.

Another way to handle drama is these triangles. For over 20 years I have worked with and taught Triadic Creation: these two triangles showing how we create either from Love or Fear.

Most people either can’t Give to themselves or Receive or Accept an issue, a thing or a feeling and fall onto the Victim point in the lower Fear triangle. Of course we can play all three roles in each triangle simultaneously.

The universe has changed. We’ve moved into the 5th Dimension and I have now added a third Triangle.

In the first 2 triangles we see the duality of 3D with the either/or of Love or Fear.
In the third triangle we see the 5D Triality of Beingness. 5D is all about unity, wholeness, inclusiveness and things without opposites. In 5D opposition is resolved into wholeness. Hence we move beyond either/or into a variety of possibilities/perceptions. There can be no non-Being. Forms can change. Beingness does not.

5D means moving out of Duality into Triality. We move forward by taking these baby steps in our understanding:
First we think something is done To Me
Then we realize the universe is rearranging itself doing things For Me
Then we glimpse our oneness with the universe and see things are done By Me
Then we embrace wholeness and unity with all that is, and know the doer Is Me

So I applied these concepts to revisiting old business.
I cannot be a victim. Nothing was done to me.
I am an aspect of the Holographic Universe that is already at one with all that Is.
I am whole. I am creator. I am originator. I have done all this in order to grow.
No one did anything TO me; it is all Me; I am the true author of all that occurs in my universe.

I have been offered a gift (by myself) and choose to accept the growth within it.
I may not always understand the gift, the why, the subtleties; but if I know it is all in my highest interest and in my soul’s growth and that on some level, somewhere my highest self has created this and helped rearrange the universe just for me, I can begin to glimpse the perfection. I can align right now with knowing there is a jewel within and accept the gift of understanding it all at some future time.

In the first two triangles, the point is upward. Also the triangles are red in color. Historically, in Alchemy, that means Masculine and Fire.
In the third triangle, the point is down. The triangle is blue. Alchemically that means Feminine and Water.

We are accessing a return to Feminine energy dominance with 5D. That means more intuition, open heartedness, allowance, acceptance, receptivity and emotional availability. We get to feel more instead of staying in our heads thinking. All these things embrace rather than exclude and involve the heart.

For now it is enough to know I am on the path. All the rest will unfold.

For more information on the triangles, my book “Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis” explains in detail and shows concrete steps to move out of the Victimhood triangle into the Love triangle. Click on the book image on this blog to learn more.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Art of Not Healing

You didn’t do anything wrong. You ate well; you corrected your negative thinking. You made choices to be loving. You walked a high vibrational path.

Then why do you have this illness? What’s wrong? Why don’t you fix it?  Standard questions we ask ourselves and others ask us.

On the metaphysical pathway, sickness becomes suspect. The assumption is that if you are doing things right, you won’t get sick.

All of our bodies will eventually die…of something. But we’re afraid of death and we equate it with failure. Sickness is simply being out of balance. Sometimes we’ve worked so hard and so long and used so much energy to stay in balance we just aren’t able to move our healing forward and realign even one more time.

Many high vibrational people have great difficulty maintaining a physical body. Their higher vibrations constantly need to shift down to remain physical. 
That is extremely difficult and a constant source of irritation to the body’s entire system. Constant shifting and re-balancing of extremes wears the body out faster than normal and many abnormalities or dis-eases may occur. It is uniquely different to each being.

Oddly enough, sometimes the need to pay attention to the discordant vibrations in the body, aka, illness, is what actually keeps the higher vibrational person in their physical body. It keeps the communication constant and focused. What we don’t realize is that a person may literally have moved mountains to stay in their body for those last few days or years or hours. These are indeed miracles.

It’s easier to understand if you think of taking a finely tuned car, a Rolls Royce,
 and drive it over 4 wheel drive terrain… for a lifetime. The car would need constant, almost daily adjustments and it would wear out sooner because it’s highly tuned mechanisms wouldn’t stand up to the daily wear and tear. But it would look awesome! 

In ancient Lemuria and Atlantis it was well understood the mind, body and spirit had difficulties integrating into this 3D vibration. Foods, flowers, herbs, aromatherapy, energy work and myriad modalities were created at that time to assist the spiritual body’s alignment with the physical vibration of this planet. It was and still is a learning process. We now begin integration into the 5th Dimension and our bodies need delicate re-balancing again.  

Each person chooses to stay or to go, sometimes well past the optimal time for leaving this reality. Native peoples used to know how to die the body when that time came. They simply shut down its operating system: neurological, glandular, organs, sympathetic, parasympathetic and brain. Within a few hours they let go and consciously stepped out, back into their non physical selves.  Brilliant.

In addition to our internal balancing of thoughts, fears and joys, there are numerous things affecting us externally. Earth’s vibration, (The Schumann resonance), is increasing due to solar changes. Our bodies are tied to its old 7.83 hertz; but many areas of the planet are now vibrating closer to 12 hertz. Again, constant body recalibrations are necessary.

We are affected by microwaves, pollution, food issues, news, jobs, computers, cell phones, family and friends. Everything around us is a catalyst for choice to draw us toward the positive or toward the negative. The body responds to and is affected by all of them, based on your interactive choices.

Adapting to new catalysts constantly wears out of the physical body. We cannot totally prevent it, but we can continue to choose light over dark; say no to unhealthy input from foods, media and conversations. We can meditate and surround ourselves with higher vibrations through art, books, music, quality foods, associations and quiet time.

Healers want to help but often rush in saying their special brand of healing will fix you right up. If they are rejected, they are hurt and respond with “If you really wanted to heal, you’d let me work on you.”  Or “Spirit told me I was to heal you.” Then they tend to get really obnoxious because they don’t get to do their thing, use their skills, prove their abilities, show off, rescue, heal, fix, be superior.

I am always amazed at these so called ‘healers’ using guilt and ego in equal measure. There are people you want work with energetically and others you don’t. There is such a subconscious attitude of superiority by these healers. They believe they know better and have the right to tell anyone obviously ill how to run their lives because the ill person is ‘broken’, needs to be fixed and the healer is obviously superior. Apparently we need to remind ourselves that each person is a creator, not a victim; over and over until it sinks in.

Success in living is not how long you live, but how joyfully and lovingly. Being able to medically ‘save’ someone is not always a good thing. Often medicinal ‘cures’ are more destructive to the body than the dis-ease was.

We’ve lived and died so many times already. The pre-life and after life are much more familiar to us. Only in this in-between stage, called 3D, do we even have these bodies. We are the beings who agreed to come here during this time of great shifts on this planet. There is no one ‘doing it to us’. We are creating!

We came here to learn how to be responsible creators in the manipulation of energy. Even if we are geniuses at manipulating energy (thought and matter) success doesn’t mean staying in your human form eternally.  

So don’t judge those amazing souls who are dealing with health. There is nothing amiss. It is all exactly as it should be. This human life is a short walk in physical form; just a small part of a long spiritual journey.

Think of not healing as being reborn into your higher vibrational self again. Aaaaaaaah, that feels so good.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Unintended Perfection

I made a really embarrassing mistake with humbling repercussions. A private email was forwarded in error. I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, but it wasn’t my first time. You’d think I’d learn. Then again, maybe it was really unintended perfection.

Unintended perfection knows nothing is an accident. We may not always know why something occurs and it may still bring pain unintentionally. If we don’t stop the experience and slam the door, we may just achieve personal growth.

As Lightworkers it is imperative that we stay conscious and know it is all perfect; that we are already healed; that there is no real separation; that All is One already; and that events were prearranged by us for a larger purpose. Before we ever incarnated, we agreed to be each other’s angelic reminders; to offer opportunities to surmount hurts and grasp unity, love, allowance and forgiveness. On the human level this may cause pain at first but the ultimate rewards can be astounding, even unto awakening.

Compared to violent abuse this incident is a small thing indeed, a mere awkwardness. If we as Lightworkers cannot love such small errors into perfection, how can we expect the planet to achieve peace, balance and harmony? This is our real job. It must begin with us; with whatever shows up on our plates. Chaos and drama are not my preference. I prefer small discomforts in my growth. I need to remember to always ask for this growth assistance in the vibration of peace and joy.

I learned long ago healing does not have to be in person. A friend rebuffed my three attempts to heal a thorny situation.  The unintended perfection that subsequently unfolded was so stunning it changed my life forever. So many amazing miracles and happy coincidences occurred, I felt carried away in a tide of wonder.

We are under immense pressure to shift and change, shake up and let go in response to energies coming onto this planet right now. The lunar and solar eclipses of April and the astrological Grand Cross in the heavens have had huge effects on us; specifically the bringing light to secrets: personal, governmental, religious and global. Ultimately nothing will remain hidden.

It is time to shine our personal light of awareness into the dark corners where secrets live. Thus we assist in raising the vibrations of this planet. Use your light to look into the dark places of secrets. Great gems are hidden there. Be grateful to the discomforts that lead us there.

As Lightworkers it is our job to create and hold healing space; to be loving; to see from a higher perspective; to find the good in all things; to remember all is One; and to look deeper to find the profound truth.  
I do not see victims in this scenario and my human self so wishes I could reach the hurt person’s heart to heal us and our friendship.  I can only hold the consciousness of Oneness and send love. In loving space there is no separation, so I simply love.

When ideas no longer resonate with you, know that gems are hidden within. Each situation on your plate holds the seeds of unintended perfection.

O Lightworker, will you seek it?

Dolly Mae

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Upward Spiral

Recently a client wanted to know how to best deal with his constantly negative and overwhelming thoughts. They seemed to be running amok and spiraling out of control. They interrupted sleep, caused stress and ultimately physical discomfort.

Many people have a similar question. What to do about stress. How to handle the overwhelming horrors they see in the news. How to deal with personal and societal crises. 

The single thing you have control over is how you respond to a situation. You cannot always control the actual event but you can always choose your response.

Your conscious mind is not in control. Your subconscious is. Most let it run willy-nilly continually pouring negative and fear based thoughts into the consciousness. 
That way creates a downward spiral leading to stress, depression and ultimately physical distress. That is only one way.

You are in charge of your thinking. So take charge! How? By paying attention to what you are thinking and choosing a different thought. Yes, really. It’s that’s simple. Peacefulness is a thought away. When you are in the midst of the downward spiral of thinking, pay attention; see what you are doing. It is then you choose to insert a happy thought. But what? It seems tricky. It can be, but here is one surefire thought: Love your downward spiral! That’s it, just that one thought and the feeling of love attached to it can change everything.

Love and fear cannot exist in the same space. It’s either one or the other. Keep finding something to love and you’ll begin to lighten up. Find things to appreciate all around you: the heat, a roof over your head, friends, clothing, nice hair, a computer, a library. There are myriad things to appreciate. Once you start looking, thoughts spiral upward. Once you begin loving your frustrations, downward spiral thinking instantly shifts. Thus it begins. It is then up to you to create more appreciation and loving thoughts and feelings.

Right now begin writing down thoughts that bring you joy. You might write about things you have done, will do, would like to do, things you can never do but sound wonderful. Every hour, on the hour, for five minutes write about what brings you joy. You will begin to train your mind. Then when you catch yourself in that downward spiral, you will have a list to refer to for instant shifting into joy and the upward spiral.

Events such as the Merrie Monarch Festival, the Seahawks celebration parade, the Olympics festivities, Mardi Gras Carnival, birthday parties and anniversary galas all serve the Light in Love and Joy. These massive outpourings of unity consciousness, happiness and Love create such strong global vibrations they lift the consciousness of all. To share in such joy as an observer or participant moves you along that upward spiral.

When you laugh, give a compliment, help another, pet a kitten, play in the great outdoors, happily read a book or feel joy watching the sunrise, you affect the vibrations of the earth. You help create that upward spiral for all conscious beings. Indeed, you are much more than you think.

It is not necessary to delve into your fears because whatever you focus on you get more of. So you don’t want more fears. Instead, just replace the fearfulness with joy, appreciation, gratitude and love. Just love the fear!  That shifts it all. 

When you diet, if you focus on not being able to have that delicious apple pie, you feel lack, another word for fear. But if you focus on fresh apples and fresh pears and maybe try a melon or a new kind of fruit you seek out, the new focus becomes joy and again you shift it all. Yes there may still be desire for that pie AND there is joy in the new fruit. 

You are so much more than a negative thought. You are so much more than you think you are. Any negative or fearful or unhealthy or angry aspect of you is only one teeny tiny aspect of you. It is not the whole of you. You are so much more. Your true essence is Love. So love your fear. Love your anger. Love your indecision. By choosing to Love, the upward spiral is yours.

In every spiral is an upward and downward direction. It's up to you!

Choose Joy. It’s always an option.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Old Friends

Recently I met an old friend for lunch. She had changed. Or was that me who had changed…dramatically. I had always enjoyed her intelligence, humor and sharp wit.

This time she was full of viperous hatred and anger; so highly judgmental it was palpable toxicity in the air. She spouted nonsense, attacks and prejudice about many things.

I kept redirecting the conversation away from almost every topic trying to find some common places. Our politics, thoughts, intentions and life experiences were so dramatically different I wondered how I could still like her.
Later when explaining this experience to a friend, he said “How can you stand to be around such a person?” That question was an eye opener. On some level I still like her. Does that make me stupid, a masochist, or what?
I have always found unusual people fascinating. I know there is something to be experienced and learned from them. I know me; and I want to know ‘not me’.
I realized that was an easy reason to be less judgmental.

We may be odd friends but we are still friends.

Since we really are all One, the ‘not me’ is just an unexplored aspect of me and it’s time to explore and embrace those parts too.

No difference from having an infection or even just a hangnail. It’s still a part of me, perhaps foreign to my normal self, and always worth loving. In fact, if we don’t love those foreign aspects, we create even more disharmony in our own body.

Well, I know I choose the pathway to harmony that takes a few unfamiliar and uncomfortable twists and turns; whether it’s a hangnail or a friend.

One appears to be inside my physical body; the other appears to be outside it. But everything affects all parts of existence; and Love levels the playing field, reducing it all to the common denominator of connectedness.

Loving and our relationship to it all are the hope of joy and peace in the world.

If you want to see an old friend, an old idea or yourself in a new way, just do it. Maybe you'd like to schedule a Breath of Fresh Air Reading with Dolly.