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Friday, August 28, 2009

Energy Cleaning

My sister didn’t like going into her bedroom. It’s beautiful and usually restful. She’d go to bed and then start to feel uncomfortable, mostly in her stomach area. Then she realized it wasn’t something she ate, it was coming from the horrible apartment building next door. Someone had moved out and the repairs were taking over three months. The repairmen had released some of the vacating tenant’s icky energy and it was loose in the neighborhood!

It’s easy to clean up the energy. We’ll talk about how to do it a little later in this article. That's what the cedar tree pix is about.

I wonder about those affected who had no idea what was affecting them or how to dissipate it. We are constantly impacted by the energies around us. This is not in a victim way, but in an interactive way. For instance, you can smell yummy odors wafting from a restaurant or bakery. You can also smell unpleasant things passing a public restroom.

My pet peeve is those ‘fresheners’ people tear off and throw in their dryers. Their scent is carried on the breeze and fills the area. These and indoor ‘air fresheners’ produce some of the most destructive allergens. They cause breathing difficulties in many people, especially youngsters, who develop asthma and COPD, a serious pulmonary disorder, from them. I wholeheartedly recommend throwing them away and finding a healthier way to clean odors. How about just opening a window or turning on a fan.

Pay attention to your moods and responses to surroundings. If you’re inexplicably depressed, feel upset, emotionally or physically, feel closed in, nauseous, antsy or excessively tired; you might look to your surroundings. Have you walked into someone else’s energy? Ask yourself “Is what I’m feeling coming from inside me or outside me?”

In either case you can help yourself feel better. If it’s coming from inside you, ask what you can do about it… ask your body what it wants or needs. It may be as simple as you’re dehydrated and need water. It may be you’re exhausted and ignoring it. You may have taken on disagreeable energies around you and need to clear them, simply by thought and intention. Sit down and run energy to clear yourself. The simplest way to run energy is to imagine golden light pouring down from above your head, falling like a waterfall, slowly down your whole body, cleansing it of any negativity. Let that waterfall of energy fall all the way to the ground and offer its unjudged energy to Mother Earth. You can do this daily in the shower too, imagining the water cascading over you cleaning you energetically too.

If it’s coming from outside you, see if you can locate its source, consciously, visually or intuitively, although that is not really necessary to know. Then block that source by putting up a visualized screen of loving energy all around you. In some cases, like my sister’s apartment, she put up a visualized mirror that faced the other apartment and the one below her, and just let those energies be reflected back to their source.

Advanced healing involves your accessing your own heart centered love and sending it to the source of your discomfort. In other words, love the energy you’re affected by. Remember, we really are all one, and what you feel as outside of you really is still a part of you. Love changes everything. It is the missing secret ingredient in all imbalance.

If the unpleasant energy has filled your room or home there are many easy cleaning solutions (no, not the ammonia or bleach kind!). My favorite way to clean a room is to imagine a huge vacuum cleaner above your ceiling. Make it the entire width of your ceiling. Now imagine take off the ceiling and vacuum the entire room. In one visualized pull of the vacuum, across the ceiling area, you suck up all the negative energy. Poof! Gone! I do this in hotels as there is often left over stuff in the room where all sorts of emotions have been dumped. Makes sleeping there much better.

Another way to clean an area, a room or yourself is smudging. You light some small, dried cedar boughs, or dried sage which you can purchase pre-bundled or loose. A third way is to light incense; though sage and cedar (see tree above) seem to cleanse an area much faster. If you have none of these things available to you, light a match! The sulphur in the match head is a cleansing agent too because of its intense odor. You’ll probably have to light a few of them. Waft the sage, cedar, matches or sweetgrass (sold in braids) around the room, paying special attention to getting the smokiness into the corners which trap energy. Remember you’re cleaning. So think of it as a high dusting cloth and just visualize its being cleaned by the smoke. Here’s a good link to know more about smudging http://www.asunam.com/smudge_ceremony.html . Remember, keep things simple. Sacred doesn’t have to be complicated.

It’s best to be a little more unobtrusive in cleaning one’s office, unless others are familiar with smudging. Therefore use a bowl of salt, yup, just salt. You can put it in your drawer, on your desk, on the floor. Salt collects negative energy. Throw it away once in a while, and voila, easy cleaning.

So think of the areas in your home or office that could use an energy cleanse. It’s easy and inexpensive. Happy cleaning of you and your surroundings.