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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grasping What 5th Dimension Is

Thank heavens for email. People sit, ponder and ask. Here’s one you might enjoy.
Dear Dolly,
I still can't seem to grasp going into the 5th Dimension. It’s more a feeling isn't it? I mean I get a feeling of complete contentment and joy and sometimes bliss but it just happens. I am still finding it difficult to hold it in my reality. Is this what you call 5th dimension? Before I even started to become aware I always thought we could have heaven on earth. I couldn't see why not. People thought I was nuts, but isn’t that exactly what ascension is about. It’s very exciting. E
Dear E,

The idea of the 5D (fifth dimension) being a place of complete contentment depends on your perspective. It’s still business as usual for most people. But with an uplifted perspective as we view our surroundings, we can achieve that reality for our individual selves. It might feel like being in the eye in the storm. No matter what is happening around us, we remain in our perspective of allowance and joy and light. That is the individually created ‘heaven’.

We can do that now, in each moment. It is ours to choose. Seek allowance within. It is a beginning. Seek to see things in a new way. Eventually, as we evolve, moving through the levels of 5D, like notes in an octave, we will achieve such peace and contentment in our mass consciousness. The more each person practices, the closer to the tipping point we come and that place of contentment will be the standard reality.

The hallmarks of 5D living are Choice and Perspective. 

Choose over and over to be the path of Love, Joy and contentment; not to have it in the future, but to BE it now. Choose often and consciously. Practice choosing until it becomes your true expressed nature. Indeed it is truly your unexpressed soul’s nature.

We are headed towards that overall heaven on earth you speak of, but it takes more awakened consciousness of more human beings. We are getting amazing help from sky friends (aka ETs), fabulous channelers, more internet information sources and more light of higher vibration available on the planet. There are new genetics in children and in others who have been continually choosing this path. We are growing into expanded versions of ourselves. This is what was called ascension.

None of this enlightenment is really new; it is our awareness of it that makes it seem so. Thus it is available to us.

All potential genetic coding, intuitive awareness, our expanded selves, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and other enlightened abilities, is already within us.

It is all about perception and practice, not arrival. There is no place to go. There is just a new perception of what is your Beingness. You are unleashing the power within you that is already there. This moves us into unity consciousness through allowance of all perspectives.

Unity consciousness is about seeing God in each ‘other self’. Each is an aspect of oneself. Ascension puts us in the mindset of Being in the heaven of our perspective. If you still hate your neighbor or blame your parents for their behaviors; then you are not in your own heaven. Your separation from your ‘other selves’ is what keeps your perspective 3D. Your allowance ushers in the broader, higher, wider version of 5D.

It’s your perspective and your choices… over and over. This is the most important work you will ever do and the one you came here to be.

Does this help?