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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

This week someone asked me what I see for the coming year. In general I see there will be scattered pockets of joy and fear, abundance and poverty. This is the very real time of creating our own experiences based on staying aware, conscious and open. Which one will we choose to be in? It is literally our choice.

A dear friend’s husband was just laid off. In her email she said “Wahoo! A vacation!!!” Now THAT’s attitude! Such attitude will bring another excellent job soon.

Recently I had a conversation about a mutual friend. Just by talking about things, I could see a custody battle and lawsuit coming up, an increase in income and many other surprises. Months later it all turned out to be true and our mutual friend now wishes he’d had a conversation with me too. Why? Because he wished he’d been prepared for what was coming.

The most personal information comes when you and I have just such a conversation. Mental pictures freely download into my consciousness with insights into the twists and turns of events to come. Nuances are shown to me in visions and metaphoric images
Our own minds play hide and seek with information we are too afraid to look at. Not that it will be bad, we’re just afraid it might be, so we hide from knowing.

With me, you’ll be getting a reading from someone who is not afraid to look and who receives insight that can be most helpful in getting unstuck and being prepared.

It’s like opening a window for fresh air.

These times of change are amazing and exciting. The changes will be different for each person based on their personal veil of love and self worth and fear. This is what we discover in a session.

A breath of fresh air can happen over the phone, in an office or a restaurant and usually involves a cup of tea too! Fresh air is very healing.

I look forward to our heart to heart conversation with insights.