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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Art of Not Healing

You didn’t do anything wrong. You ate well; you corrected your negative thinking. You made choices to be loving. You walked a high vibrational path.

Then why do you have this illness? What’s wrong? Why don’t you fix it?  Standard questions we ask ourselves and others ask us.

On the metaphysical pathway, sickness becomes suspect. The assumption is that if you are doing things right, you won’t get sick.

All of our bodies will eventually die…of something. But we’re afraid of death and we equate it with failure. Sickness is simply being out of balance. Sometimes we’ve worked so hard and so long and used so much energy to stay in balance we just aren’t able to move our healing forward and realign even one more time.

Many high vibrational people have great difficulty maintaining a physical body. Their higher vibrations constantly need to shift down to remain physical. 
That is extremely difficult and a constant source of irritation to the body’s entire system. Constant shifting and re-balancing of extremes wears the body out faster than normal and many abnormalities or dis-eases may occur. It is uniquely different to each being.

Oddly enough, sometimes the need to pay attention to the discordant vibrations in the body, aka, illness, is what actually keeps the higher vibrational person in their physical body. It keeps the communication constant and focused. What we don’t realize is that a person may literally have moved mountains to stay in their body for those last few days or years or hours. These are indeed miracles.

It’s easier to understand if you think of taking a finely tuned car, a Rolls Royce,
 and drive it over 4 wheel drive terrain… for a lifetime. The car would need constant, almost daily adjustments and it would wear out sooner because it’s highly tuned mechanisms wouldn’t stand up to the daily wear and tear. But it would look awesome! 

In ancient Lemuria and Atlantis it was well understood the mind, body and spirit had difficulties integrating into this 3D vibration. Foods, flowers, herbs, aromatherapy, energy work and myriad modalities were created at that time to assist the spiritual body’s alignment with the physical vibration of this planet. It was and still is a learning process. We now begin integration into the 5th Dimension and our bodies need delicate re-balancing again.  

Each person chooses to stay or to go, sometimes well past the optimal time for leaving this reality. Native peoples used to know how to die the body when that time came. They simply shut down its operating system: neurological, glandular, organs, sympathetic, parasympathetic and brain. Within a few hours they let go and consciously stepped out, back into their non physical selves.  Brilliant.

In addition to our internal balancing of thoughts, fears and joys, there are numerous things affecting us externally. Earth’s vibration, (The Schumann resonance), is increasing due to solar changes. Our bodies are tied to its old 7.83 hertz; but many areas of the planet are now vibrating closer to 12 hertz. Again, constant body recalibrations are necessary.

We are affected by microwaves, pollution, food issues, news, jobs, computers, cell phones, family and friends. Everything around us is a catalyst for choice to draw us toward the positive or toward the negative. The body responds to and is affected by all of them, based on your interactive choices.

Adapting to new catalysts constantly wears out of the physical body. We cannot totally prevent it, but we can continue to choose light over dark; say no to unhealthy input from foods, media and conversations. We can meditate and surround ourselves with higher vibrations through art, books, music, quality foods, associations and quiet time.

Healers want to help but often rush in saying their special brand of healing will fix you right up. If they are rejected, they are hurt and respond with “If you really wanted to heal, you’d let me work on you.”  Or “Spirit told me I was to heal you.” Then they tend to get really obnoxious because they don’t get to do their thing, use their skills, prove their abilities, show off, rescue, heal, fix, be superior.

I am always amazed at these so called ‘healers’ using guilt and ego in equal measure. There are people you want work with energetically and others you don’t. There is such a subconscious attitude of superiority by these healers. They believe they know better and have the right to tell anyone obviously ill how to run their lives because the ill person is ‘broken’, needs to be fixed and the healer is obviously superior. Apparently we need to remind ourselves that each person is a creator, not a victim; over and over until it sinks in.

Success in living is not how long you live, but how joyfully and lovingly. Being able to medically ‘save’ someone is not always a good thing. Often medicinal ‘cures’ are more destructive to the body than the dis-ease was.

We’ve lived and died so many times already. The pre-life and after life are much more familiar to us. Only in this in-between stage, called 3D, do we even have these bodies. We are the beings who agreed to come here during this time of great shifts on this planet. There is no one ‘doing it to us’. We are creating!

We came here to learn how to be responsible creators in the manipulation of energy. Even if we are geniuses at manipulating energy (thought and matter) success doesn’t mean staying in your human form eternally.  

So don’t judge those amazing souls who are dealing with health. There is nothing amiss. It is all exactly as it should be. This human life is a short walk in physical form; just a small part of a long spiritual journey.

Think of not healing as being reborn into your higher vibrational self again. Aaaaaaaah, that feels so good.