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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Button Pushing


Boy did I get my buttons pushed yesterday. Another awful hair cut was enough to set me off and running. Anger. Injustice. Stupidity. Frustration. Not wanting to make a public scene. Wanting acknowledgment by her of her error and my displeasure. Receiving none.

How petty of me. How human. Then the secondary wounds of her defensive and insulting comments like “It’ll grow out and in a month you’ll like it.” I wanted to scream at her “I have to live through this for a month!

My mind wars with my awareness. It argues this is just a tiny, short lived thing in the sum of my life. This is not life threatening. This is so temporary I’ll probably forget about it.

None of this helps my anger. Why, I ask myself. Do I just want to be angry? Is this just the straw that broke the camel’s back and points to something deeper I’ve not looked at?

In the middle of my writing this I receive an email removing me from a practitioner listing because I did not take a non-required, new, additional course. More button pushing. Clearly something else is going on if a second, ‘injustice’ button is being pushed and I need to get a handle on it. But what? And How?

First, I know consciously there is a gift in this situation. (Like a pony in a roomful of pony manure.) 
I know I’m still in a manure mood because my focus is still manure, not pony! It makes me think consciously, makes me become truly aware and then I know I CAN understand it.

I look inside to get clarity, but it’s a mess inside locked in the emotion of anger.
I look to an external guide: tarot cards. Its wisdom will give me a way back into myself to understand. I begin to get a glimpse, but most is clear as mud. This lets me know I’m still stuck in an emotion that duck tapes over my intuition! Not a good thing.

Back to basics I go: Stay conscious. Know. Keep working at it and allowing the anger. Choose Love.
I do know not to stuff it or pretend it’s not there.  It’s just raw energy.
So I tear the label off that raw energy and it’s just energy.
I ask myself how I want to use the energy. I have choices.

I know unhappy things happen, but indeed it’s the way we respond to them that makes us who we are. I see my highest response: allow, don’t judge and seek the higher path.

Long ago, I was in an amazing space of constant higher vibration, connection and love. It lasted for a very long time. I am realizing that higher vibration place is a wave form. Sometimes we’re there, sometimes we’re not. As life events shift, so do we.  It certainly makes me better appreciate the times I am in that higher space!

So I’m just in allowance of it all. I watch my silly overreactions and allow them. I know I can move back into my feel good space by my intention and practice of all the basics to achieve that feel good space.  So I read, listen to music, laugh, create good times with or without friends, meditate, reflect and constantly choose joy. I do this over and over until I achieve that feel good space.

All those triggers simply reminded me to look deeper, find the metaphor, see what’s really going on. It makes life ultra interesting.

Choosing to hold on to my anger serves the energies of darkness adding to the sum total of discord on this planet. It is clearly Service to Self (which separates and judges).
As I choose Service to Other Selves (which acknowledges others and I are one), I know I am adding to the sum total of Love and Light that heals this planet. Acknowledging this, the choice is easy.

My mood shifts and I see inside and outside much more clearly.
It was just a ‘bad hair day’ and it’s gone now.
Very Bad Hair Day!

I pushed different buttons: love, light and joy.


 If you find yourself in a similar low vibration place, push some of your own buttons and let your heartlight out.

Together we are changing the world. We are reflections and magnifiers of the new Light on this planet. Choose.

It is always an option.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Being Responsible for the Good Stuff Too

Take a Bow!

Recently someone complained to a friend that I was egotistic. Indeed from her perspective it is true. While in a conversation, I stated I was really good at something.

We have been taught to take responsibility for being stupid, making mistakes or being unkind. As spiritually mature adults we get to be responsible for our successes too. 

For too long it has been ok to acknowledge only our faults.

We appear humble then. That’s the game. However, many reveal a fault to have others rush in to rescue them, to bolster them and tell them they are wonderful.

It’s ok to have others acknowledge your abilities but oh dear, you’re egotistical if you do it yourself! Why? It’s just an old pattern of not seeing ourselves as whole, remaining separate from our true self. It’s part of the game of false humility. 

Once you recognize you are part of God. Creator, Oneness, how can you deny any aspect of yourself? 

The intent behind your comments: ego, false modesty, separation or higher awareness, may be interpreted wrongly. It matters not. It is simply perception and as spiritually aware humans it is our job to allow all perceptions. 

I must insure the intent behind my self awareness comment arises from acknowledgement of the Source within.

Know you are related to, part of and irrevocably connected with god, creator, oneness, whatever you want to call it. Relax into it. 

Stop being less. 

Claim being positive, good, whole and One. 

Your awareness affects everything. Don’t verbalize your fears and less-than feelings until they become your persona. Become even more by embracing all you really are, in wholeness. See the creator in otherselves too. This will anchor the paradigm shift for the next step in human nature. This is your accountability for being a piece of God, Oneness, Allness, Creator. 

The old rituals, traditions and rules aligned your body and life and were sustained by the old energies. Those old energies are gone, literally gone. Set new traditions of alignment with the new energies.
The New Alignments
Create enlightenment traditions that will set standards for the future. 

Traditions are made by humans and it’s time to rewrite them. Base them in joy and love and you cannot be wrong. Base them not in subservience, lack, insecurity or fear. That was the old paradigm. You have only to look at myriad familiar rituals, memorized catechisms and songs in every belief to see the hidden triggers fostering hierarchy and separation. 

With new traditions there’ll be no judgment, no ego, no hierarchy or separation. We will exalt being balanced, comfortable and enlightened within our own amazing selves as an aspect of Allness.

 Instead of losing ourselves in a greater awareness, we can acknowledge our excellence and individuality.
Unique aspects of the Whole

So we can say “I’m a good artist.” or “I created that fabulous meal.” and be even with it. Sure, some will not agree with your declaration and that’s ok too. But help set the new energies in claiming your godself.

Instead of humanizing god, godify the Human! That is the more accurate new tradition to create.

You are more than you know.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The effects of Love and Light

The old ways just aren’t working any more. I had to do a small biography blurb for an upcoming event and the old one was just…. Old! I couldn’t even relate to it any more so I wrote a new one, more fitting to the current reality, more reflective of the Unity of all consciousness.

I know Love is always the answer.

Even the old stuff: the old knowledge and the old ways, the old religions and the old prayers, the old fears and the old hatreds all find balance and harmony in Love. Our job is simply to love these old things to death.

In every situation we can find something to love. I’m not talking here about loving a car crash, or the boss from hell or the abusive parent; though love will eventually be the result. I’m talking about loving what you can in such situations. Love that you have a sense of feeling, even though there was pain. You don’t have to love the pain. Love that you get a paycheck even though you dislike your job. Love that they gave you life, even though your parents frustrate you. The common elements in all these situations are imbalance and an offering to you to apply love where it is clearly shown to be missing.

There is always, always something we can find to love.
Maybe it’s not obvious, but it is there if you wish to seek it. The seed of love that you offer is the first step on your path back to balance. First find wholeness within yourself, then wholeness with others will be revealed. Balance is achieved. Unity consciousness begins.

Even if someone does not resonate with or respond to your offer of love, respect their choice and free will. Honoring the free will of others is one of the greatest laws of the universes. Each being chooses for itself. As creator aspects of God, our highest awareness is to honor all choices, even when those choices could harm us or others. Creator does this for us. Likewise we can offer this to ourselves and others.

This is the basis of finding love in some aspect of negatively oriented actions. Each of us is a creator. Choice lies in how we respond to such actions. If we feel lessened or victimized by someone else’s actions, then we have given up our Creator aspect and embraced victimhood. If we honor another’s choices, applying compassion, then we have honored the Creator within our own selves too.

Seek love in everything that seems unlovable.
Such love grows and encompasses more and more, transforming first you and then things and people around you. You are the source of that love and all because you chose consciously to plant your seed of love in one little thing. Your chance to seek love in a challenge and your resultant soul growth because of it was the whole purpose of your involvement in the incident in the first place.

When you offer love or light to a situation or a person, you create a judgment free zone. For yourself it is immediate by virtue of your choice of offering. For the other, it is a vibration surrounding them that presents a choice to their free will to accept the higher vibration or not.

Hindsight gives us 20/20 vision and we can finally see the point of it all. Simply hold awareness there is a point to it all and you have begun the journey to finding it. 

Eventually in the midst of a crisis, it will become easier to find the love within. Ultimately there will be no more crises and no need for hindsight vision because through us love will be present in each moment. Our light will shine forth on its own. Thus will we know we have ascended.

Poets have written, “Love conquers all,” so, be it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bumps and Bliss

Bumps are sometimes fun!

This email from a dear friend touches on so many of our own fears and feelings.

Dear Dolly,
I seem to be giving myself a bumpy time physically, mentally and moneywise!!!! I think I've sorted something out and something else pops out of the wood work. I am up and down like a yoyo very contented and almost blissful then down in a deep pool of treacle mud. Spiritually I have no idea how I'm doing or where I'm at.
Death is in my mind quite a bit but I think it’s more a fear of going into a hospital. We hear such horrid things about the neglect of the old. This all sounds gloomy as a re-read my writing BUT mostly I am very positive in my outlook. What I want is to release all blockages and go to my next adventure free of all baggage. Blessings E

Dear E,
Your journey through the muddy treacle is just one way of experiencing. We choose ups and downs in order to compare and experience extremes on the continuum of life. It makes life interesting. We might be bored otherwise. And we make more informed choices.

We each do this to some degree. Hence one person’s life seems dull and plodding. Others blaze through an incarnation like a fiery comet. Finding balance between the extremes is the point of the journey. Some choices are holdovers from prior lives influencing our desires for calmness or excitement in this one. Other times they are simply this life’s choices.

When you are in pain or feeling down in the dumps, it is imperative to continue your spiritual practice, even only ten minutes a day, but regularly. If you don’t see daily gain you may wish to quit; but the overall result creates both a safety net in times of distress and offerings of breakthrough and growth.

As to death, your thoughts seem quite normal to me. I do not know what I will think and feel when I am your age, but death might figure in my thoughts more often. We dream ahead, peeking in at a possible future: after college, after marriage and after life. They are important stages of transformation and it is natural.

I am intrigued by your desire to release all blockages, as if that were possible. Those on this planet who have attained something approaching that live apart, outside of the consciousness of the masses. They are Lamas, monks, or ascetics. 
Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Das
For me, occasional times of complete detachment suffice; rather than a steady diet of separation.

Movement away from blockages is achieved by movement towards inner knowing of ourselves as aspects of God. Thus conscious thoughts, words and conduct become our daily practice in self improvement.

We are both human and divine. We can choose to see ourselves as multi-dimensional, incorporating past life personality aspects as part of our consciousness now. As multi-dimensional beings we exist not only in our limited human body, but simultaneously as other selves with higher awareness. To live more fully and embrace these grander parts of us is the goal, rather than to release things as though they are holding us back.

To focus on releasing our problems keeps us focused on our problems. To embrace our divinity keeps us focused on bliss.

When we die we will naturally and automatically have ‘released’ our blocks! Such baggage will simply disappear in the light of our re-attained higher vibrations. If we choose to re-experience these limitations we can take them on again in another life or aspect. 

Whether in a physical body or in our spirit form, our focus is best applied in embracing our divinity. Love is the guide. Bliss is the result.

We are much more than we think.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Paradigms of 5th Dimension

One version of a paradigm shift
My intense 22 year connection with Tarot is shifting, dramatically. Traditional Tarot is part of the old 3D (third dimension) paradigm and I’m letting go. We’re moving into 5D. Dragging the old paradigms with us hinders our passage. A new door has opened.

Barrier Pierced
This drastic change began around year 2000. A barrier was pierced and a different energy became available. But like so many changes, when one is in the shift, it is difficult to see it or its outcome. Just ask a caterpillar in his cocoon, soon to be a butterfly. It trusts its DNA driven need to change; without knowing the outcome. We too must trust our light activated, DNA driven transformation.

The change with Tarot was startling at first; pointing to a Universal metamorphosis. Signs began occurring telling me to release the old way of thinking, of earning income, of doing. More and more difficulties reinforced the urge to change, encouraging me. So many signs from Spirit happened it became laughable. I could have chosen not to listen to this guidance; but my world is linked to Spirit, my best friend; so I listen.

Credit card machine, housing while traveling, Expo booth mates, flight schedules and more each broke down. With that many signs, I paid attention. A last minute Tarot reading caused me to cancel a Chicago trip, even though I was unable to recoup my costs. It feels unnatural when things like this occur; like you’re out on a limb.

But either you trust or you don’t. It’s that simple.

Expo Archetype  

For a few years I’ve known the Expo archetype was ending. Still, Expos are a doorway for some. We are all at differing points in the path. Some find safety in an Expo crowd to begin breaking away from old stranglehold patterns, instead of seeking alone.

What do I do?
I looked at this big shift and saw uncertainty. The safe, old ruts were eroding. Change was happening. I had to let go, allow and trust. I did and I came to a standstill. The old paths seemed closed. This is the scary part. What do I do?  But I’ve been down this path before and I trust my relationship with the unknown.

I wait.

This is a not an easy task. Our old pattern is to do something, fill time, work towards a goal or take action.

I wait.

The hard part is not knowing what’s next, but trusting I’d be shown, eventually.

I got caught up in studying Tarot yet again, in a new way. Then a breakthrough occurred. I saw a map of this shift in the Tarot; a bridge to 5D and how to make that happen.

In old Tarot readings, people wanted predictions; or to be ‘fixed’; told what to do and how to do it; or to pretend someone else made their decisions so they didn’t have to take the responsibility for them. But my work is about self empowerment. I believe no one needs to be ‘fixed’. I know each person is a creator and exactly where they need to be right now. 

 By sharing this new map, they begin to see their own path and their vibrations soar.

The Map is Glimpsed
One Giant Step

On the Cutting Edge
Everyone is moving into the new paradigm’s vibrations and those on the cutting edge of consciousness: metaphysical healers, counselors and lightworkers; have an important role to play. To the extent and speed we let go of our attachment to the old wisdom, we can embrace the new paradigm and experience 5th Dimensional energy.
The Changes Happening
Our DNA is changing. Our connection to our higher self is being redesigned. You may have strange aches and pains, odd occurrences in your life, big shifts and releases. All  presages change. Allow it. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually we are under construction. The neural pathways of intuition and self awareness are being downloaded and upgraded. For these new teachings, we must apply the enlightened tools of the 5th Dimension: Love, Allowance and Compassion; for ourselves and for our 7 billion other-selves on Earth.

What To Do
I will listen to my intuition. I will allow new choices and new knowledge to arrive. I will trust they are perfect and in alignment with our quantum growth. Guidance will prepare me for new perspectives in my thinking and for release of attachment to old, familiar ways of being. I must let go.

We will be shown why and how we are more than just a human living in this space and time. Our multidimensional higher selves are instructing us as we enter 5D galactic consciousness.

Just wait. Be patient. It is already happening.
We are more than we think.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Lemon Meringue Fable

The little girl woke up in the middle of a lemon meringue pie. At first she was so shocked. She couldn’t see very far at all. Was it a veil or a fog? She didn’t quite know. Then she began to open her senses and she smelled something tart and delicious. She stuck her tongue out and tasted lemon meringue pie!  It was so good. She ate and ate and was so happy. Then she got bored. She longed to know about this pie world and what was beyond it. She needed help.

She decided to contact a greater wisdom to guide her and asked a higher knowing to connect with her. A group of guides arrived immediately. But she didn’t see them. They sat on the edge of the crust. They waited, patiently, as they had for eons before her calling.

The little girl was confused, thinking they never responded to her. She thought she’d asked politely. She wondered if she’d done something wrong. Maybe she needed instruction to get them to come to her. She yearned to communicate.

Finally she got angry. She was locked in a pie fog. She felt abandoned. Her lemony world was dense but every now and then as she moved around she could glimpse light and it tantalized her. Finally in desperation and in great fear of being forever lost in this yellow denseness, she moved upward and the light got brighter. The lemon veil thinned.

Now she could see through slits in the crust. It was clearer and lighter from this higher perspective. Full illumination seemed just out of reach. Disheartened; she thought she’d merely been dreaming and that made the brightness seem further away. She doubted herself. The light she had glimpsed couldn’t have been real. She wondered why her guides didn’t come to help her. Every now and then she thought she heard wise words or felt a sort of guidance, but she ended up resolving it was just a trick of her mind. She wondered if there really were any guides for her and if so, why they hid.

One day she began to think differently. Thoughts just seemed to pop into her mind. It was amazing! She was imagining being free outside of the lemon universe. She thought about all the ways she could move beyond the lemony existence. Just thinking like this felt illuminating. She began wondering where these ideas had come from.

She realized if she just changed her perspective and got a bit more creative, it was within her own power to shift and make a true connection with that higher guidance and to really be free. She closed her eyes and envisioned herself on top of the crust. Outside. Free. And so she was.

From this new perspective, the pie was beautiful with its white fluffy meringue on top. She thanked it for having fed and nurtured her. Now she felt unlimited and a whole universe opened to her. Then she felt something strange and wonderful inside. She knew it was her guides. She knew they really were there and realized that words of encouragement had come from them all along. She wondered how she could ever have doubted them. She hadn’t been abandoned.  She was ready and could hear them now, to connect and to see differently.
Her new higher awareness told her the lemony veil was all a dream she’d made up. Her guides greeted her happily. She could easily understand them now.  She had paid attention to her thoughts and yearnings. She had doubts but her passion overrode them. The desire to be more and know more led her to her own higher wisdom, her guides.

That guidance felt so familiar. She realized it had always been there but she’d thought it was outside of her . Now she realized it was within her and she was more than just her human self. Her guidance was the best part of her; a higher aspect. She was amazed. Everything was different now she had awakened to this perspective. She had changed and so her world had changed.

Such is the wisdom within each of us.
Passion moves us.
Love and light guide us.
Trust shows us the way and we become our highest selves.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When is a Chair Not a Chair?

My friend was driving down the road and had an AHA moment and called me.  “I was thinking about calories in food” she said. “Someone just made this stuff up, didn’t they? I mean, it’s just a number! Why is everything someone else’s idea of how things should be? This is crap!”

I replied “This is default thinking.”

For example the chair in your living room is what you purchased as a chair because its creator designed it as a chair, the manufacturer produced it as a chair and you purchased it as a chair. You have chosen by default to retain the creation, purpose and idea of ‘chair’ in your ownership and use of it. Others coming into your home don’t have to recreate a chair from their own thoughts in order to use yours. (Your pets probably see it as a bed.)

Just Going Along
They go along with your presentation of your perception of ‘chair’, by default. In someone else’s home a chair could be an upended crate or a stack of books, or a fireplace hearth. 

Some default thinking has purpose. We don’t have to take time and energy to enter someone’s living space and create a chair for ourselves. It’s easier to default to their view.

As Applied to Art

When we apply this to art, we begin to understand how we can perceive other than by default. The art in your home is what you have determined to be art. But others may not see it so. They use their own perceptions to determine it as junk, worthless, valuable, and artistic, etc.       We acknowledge that everyone else may not view our wall hangings or ceramic pieces as art. No big deal. We’re used to individual perceptions in things requiring sensual interpretation. We are not used to individual interpretations of things we take for granted, like tables or chairs.

Someone Else’s Thinking
Once you realize you are in someone else’s thinking, like calories that may or may not have value to you to go along with, you can change it. That’s the big AHA! You simply tear off the label called calories and experience calories as energy (which is a perfect example since calorie means heat output converted to energy). So in that moment of conscious awareness, your AHA moment, you get to choose how you wish to apply the now unlabeled energy.
Contemporary Bean Bag Chair

Application Options
You have loads of options for applying the unleashed energy. Use it to lose weight or gain muscle. Use the energy to heal an old scar. Use the energy to enhance your psychic abilities, your senses, your abundance, your health and your relationships. To see, feel, hear or know more. Get the point?  It’s unlimited. Pure potential! And you just unleashed it.

Raw Energy
You’ve just touched into the basic creation force of the universes: raw energy. It has been laying there in front of you your whole life, just waiting for you to recognize it. It has always been offering itself to you for use in any way you see fit. Free energy is available all around you. Everywhere.

It’s Your choice
Stuffed Chair
Next time you look at a chair; decide if you want it to remain ‘chair’. It’s perfectly alright to do so. It’s your individual choice.

One day, as we move through the notes in the octave of Fifth Dimensional reality, we will create in each moment anything we desire. It will be as second nature as walking or breathing. It is just a thought away. Meanwhile, practice unlocking your default perceptions.

Things do not always have to be as they seem. The choice is ours. One day we’ll just use the energy in the moment to create our own perfectly comfortable chair out of that available energy, while we visit a friend.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grasping What 5th Dimension Is

Thank heavens for email. People sit, ponder and ask. Here’s one you might enjoy.
Dear Dolly,
I still can't seem to grasp going into the 5th Dimension. It’s more a feeling isn't it? I mean I get a feeling of complete contentment and joy and sometimes bliss but it just happens. I am still finding it difficult to hold it in my reality. Is this what you call 5th dimension? Before I even started to become aware I always thought we could have heaven on earth. I couldn't see why not. People thought I was nuts, but isn’t that exactly what ascension is about. It’s very exciting. E
Dear E,

The idea of the 5D (fifth dimension) being a place of complete contentment depends on your perspective. It’s still business as usual for most people. But with an uplifted perspective as we view our surroundings, we can achieve that reality for our individual selves. It might feel like being in the eye in the storm. No matter what is happening around us, we remain in our perspective of allowance and joy and light. That is the individually created ‘heaven’.

We can do that now, in each moment. It is ours to choose. Seek allowance within. It is a beginning. Seek to see things in a new way. Eventually, as we evolve, moving through the levels of 5D, like notes in an octave, we will achieve such peace and contentment in our mass consciousness. The more each person practices, the closer to the tipping point we come and that place of contentment will be the standard reality.

The hallmarks of 5D living are Choice and Perspective. 

Choose over and over to be the path of Love, Joy and contentment; not to have it in the future, but to BE it now. Choose often and consciously. Practice choosing until it becomes your true expressed nature. Indeed it is truly your unexpressed soul’s nature.

We are headed towards that overall heaven on earth you speak of, but it takes more awakened consciousness of more human beings. We are getting amazing help from sky friends (aka ETs), fabulous channelers, more internet information sources and more light of higher vibration available on the planet. There are new genetics in children and in others who have been continually choosing this path. We are growing into expanded versions of ourselves. This is what was called ascension.

None of this enlightenment is really new; it is our awareness of it that makes it seem so. Thus it is available to us.

All potential genetic coding, intuitive awareness, our expanded selves, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and other enlightened abilities, is already within us.

It is all about perception and practice, not arrival. There is no place to go. There is just a new perception of what is your Beingness. You are unleashing the power within you that is already there. This moves us into unity consciousness through allowance of all perspectives.

Unity consciousness is about seeing God in each ‘other self’. Each is an aspect of oneself. Ascension puts us in the mindset of Being in the heaven of our perspective. If you still hate your neighbor or blame your parents for their behaviors; then you are not in your own heaven. Your separation from your ‘other selves’ is what keeps your perspective 3D. Your allowance ushers in the broader, higher, wider version of 5D.

It’s your perspective and your choices… over and over. This is the most important work you will ever do and the one you came here to be.

Does this help?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Not Your Same Old Dimension Any More

Dolman in England focusing Ley Line Energies

We’ve changed.
The planet has changed.
The Sun has changed.
The light waves coming on to this planet have changed.
The forces of Light are unstoppable.
We are what was foretold. We are the change.

Our consciousness is expanded with new ideas, new awarenesses, new dreams and new perspectives on old beliefs; and brand new beliefs.

Old gateways for consciousness:
Avebury, England Stone Circle portion

Stonehenge in England

Tijuanaco, Colombia   Gateway of the Sun

Our DNA has been upgraded. The new genetic program was downloaded by the Light. We are shifting from carbon based to silicon.
Silicon is the basis of crystals.
Like crystals, we are becoming able to hold, reflect and refract more Light. This is a very good thing. We’re on our way to Light Bodies.

The grip of Third Dimension (3D) reality has been disintegrating for a while. Now the Light supports only dimensions higher than third. 3D will have only a little longer to experience itself here. It’s available other places in the universe for those not done with it yet.

We asked for Extra Terrestrial (ET) assistance. We asked for more enlightened leaders. We asked for peace, love, brother and sister hood. We are them.
Step into your new shoes. The Fifth Dimension (5D) came while we were looking; we just didn’t realize it was happening.

The good news is we didn’t have to die to get there. That was the old way. Before us. Before this amazing shift in our DNA that has never happened in all the Universes. No wonder so many non-physical beings are here to watch and offer support.

Our true history has been revealed. Disclosure has happened. Did you miss it? It wasn’t on the regular news. If you’re still watching that you won’t see it because news people still use the old 3D thought forms.

The actual information is all available. Put your discernment cap on and read the info on the internet. There’s lots of old operators pushing new fears; but trust your gut. Whatever feels like fear or brings up fear in you is still tied to 3D. Find a different info site. There’s lots of them. Email me dolly@dollymae.com and I’ll be happy to send links.

5D isn’t Paradise… yet.  We’re only in the first stages of it. Each dimension is like an octave, with different steps as we move through it. Look back at 3D. The people of the middle ages are early stage 3D. The new genius kids worldwide are 5D. Many levels in-between.

Have you seen Yif and his ‘magic’ on YouTube? He’s at least the top level of 5D, maybe more, touching into 6D or 7D. His work isn’t magic. He’s showing us what our future reality looks like. Remember only the Shamans could see the explorer Magellan’s ships; not the fearful natives. The Shamans had opened themselves to viewing and accepting possibilities. You get to choose: Fear vs Fresh Perspectives.

Here’s one of the new gateways:

Putting the truth in plain sight

That’s where we sit right now; open to possibilities. We’re on the cusp of a grand new adventure. Limitless possibilities in every area: science, health, intergalactic travel, extraordinary wisdom; understanding reality and creation. When we get to 6th Dimension, we’ll understand even more. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I’m practicing Beingness; it’s the access door. 

More Signs of the Fifth Dimension

As we shift more and more into fifth dimension (5D) our perspectives change. We have more understanding. More awareness. More wakefulness. Our dreams change. They don’t make sense if we use 3D definitions of imagery. We see things in new ways, finding a common ground for understanding. We are more aware of myriad choices. We arrive at a middle path instead of just either/or choices. 

Nothing makes sense if we continue using third dimension (3D) references, guide books and interpretations. They were just jumping off points or starters to get you to access inner wisdom, your higher self. Everything takes on a new meaning. The old information sources are only pointers to a higher perspective.

I received notice in the mail of a certified letter from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). I was home but the mail person didn’t deliver it to me. Now I wait. I have opportunity here, an offering to view this letter in 3D or 5D. My 3D self wants to know NOW what’s in it; to be released from worry, stress and not knowing.

My 5D self says I have an opportunity to bless, cocoon it in Love, and create my reality it each moment. I can see it from a 5D perspective knowing it has no real impact on my 5D self. Then the fear flips in saying “yes, but omg what it can do to my 3D self!”  5D says “Really?” 3D wakes up and says “I guess not, unless I feed the fear…. But.. but.. but…”  5D offers opportunity to shift my energies and put weight behind my choice/ creation.

So I’ve decided to create the reality the IRS has discovered a mistake resulting in a refund to me!  I don’t know what’s in the letter. It feels better to envision that and helps me let go of my fear. In support, my logical left brain jumps in saying “You must be right; the IRS doesn’t send you notification of an audit by registered letter”. They might however send a refund as certified mail!   I choose that perception. Now it’s my focus. I embrace my new perspective.

Fear is only one option. It is so 3D. 3D wants to know how things turn out! 5D chooses a perspective and creates a different trajectory. Easy choice isn’t it. A bit of a walk to get there: soothe my fears, make choices known and felt and then embrace the 3D fear into wholeness from my 5D perspective.

All this metaphysical stuff is either useful in times of stress or worthless to me. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt it is useful, accurate and love based. Hence I choose to apply these knowings to soothe my fearful 3D self and embrace my higher version of my Self.
I spent time envisioning other scenarios. I kept choosing how I wanted to spend my energy; where I wanted to focus; what I wanted to feed: Fear or Love. I know whatever I feed increases. Over and over I chose.

To make it more interesting, the mail wasn’t delivered again; so I waited another day. Now I had two more choices. I could myself as being tortured, a victim consciousness, or I could see the universe was allowing me another day to get my vision straight! What a gift! More time to feed my new perspective.

Today the letter came! It was addressed to someone with the same name but a different social security number!!!  It wasn’t even for me!  

Exactly concurrent with receiving the IRS letter, I receive a phone call from a friend having a very 3D fear based experience. It was such a great outpicturing of what ‘could have been’ if I had decided to feed the Fear option. 

In explaining this to her she understood what she was creating with such an intent focus on the potential drama aspects. She began choosing from a higher perspective, embracing Love, envisioning a different experience.  She let go of her negative visioning and began seeing and feeling a new one. She let go of her fearful outcome and chose to feed her new perspective with love and light. 

Allow yourself another idea of possibility and you change your trajectory.

The outcome of her story is irrelevant; though we want to know ‘what happened’. As the reader, are you feeding the drama or the new perspective? It’s a choice. There is important internal work to do. You get to choose what is true in your reality. Shift your perspective and your world shifts. Then indeed you will ‘lighten up’!