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Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Not Your Same Old Dimension Any More

Dolman in England focusing Ley Line Energies

We’ve changed.
The planet has changed.
The Sun has changed.
The light waves coming on to this planet have changed.
The forces of Light are unstoppable.
We are what was foretold. We are the change.

Our consciousness is expanded with new ideas, new awarenesses, new dreams and new perspectives on old beliefs; and brand new beliefs.

Old gateways for consciousness:
Avebury, England Stone Circle portion

Stonehenge in England

Tijuanaco, Colombia   Gateway of the Sun

Our DNA has been upgraded. The new genetic program was downloaded by the Light. We are shifting from carbon based to silicon.
Silicon is the basis of crystals.
Like crystals, we are becoming able to hold, reflect and refract more Light. This is a very good thing. We’re on our way to Light Bodies.

The grip of Third Dimension (3D) reality has been disintegrating for a while. Now the Light supports only dimensions higher than third. 3D will have only a little longer to experience itself here. It’s available other places in the universe for those not done with it yet.

We asked for Extra Terrestrial (ET) assistance. We asked for more enlightened leaders. We asked for peace, love, brother and sister hood. We are them.
Step into your new shoes. The Fifth Dimension (5D) came while we were looking; we just didn’t realize it was happening.

The good news is we didn’t have to die to get there. That was the old way. Before us. Before this amazing shift in our DNA that has never happened in all the Universes. No wonder so many non-physical beings are here to watch and offer support.

Our true history has been revealed. Disclosure has happened. Did you miss it? It wasn’t on the regular news. If you’re still watching that you won’t see it because news people still use the old 3D thought forms.

The actual information is all available. Put your discernment cap on and read the info on the internet. There’s lots of old operators pushing new fears; but trust your gut. Whatever feels like fear or brings up fear in you is still tied to 3D. Find a different info site. There’s lots of them. Email me dolly@dollymae.com and I’ll be happy to send links.

5D isn’t Paradise… yet.  We’re only in the first stages of it. Each dimension is like an octave, with different steps as we move through it. Look back at 3D. The people of the middle ages are early stage 3D. The new genius kids worldwide are 5D. Many levels in-between.

Have you seen Yif and his ‘magic’ on YouTube? He’s at least the top level of 5D, maybe more, touching into 6D or 7D. His work isn’t magic. He’s showing us what our future reality looks like. Remember only the Shamans could see the explorer Magellan’s ships; not the fearful natives. The Shamans had opened themselves to viewing and accepting possibilities. You get to choose: Fear vs Fresh Perspectives.

Here’s one of the new gateways:

Putting the truth in plain sight

That’s where we sit right now; open to possibilities. We’re on the cusp of a grand new adventure. Limitless possibilities in every area: science, health, intergalactic travel, extraordinary wisdom; understanding reality and creation. When we get to 6th Dimension, we’ll understand even more. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I’m practicing Beingness; it’s the access door. 

More Signs of the Fifth Dimension

As we shift more and more into fifth dimension (5D) our perspectives change. We have more understanding. More awareness. More wakefulness. Our dreams change. They don’t make sense if we use 3D definitions of imagery. We see things in new ways, finding a common ground for understanding. We are more aware of myriad choices. We arrive at a middle path instead of just either/or choices. 

Nothing makes sense if we continue using third dimension (3D) references, guide books and interpretations. They were just jumping off points or starters to get you to access inner wisdom, your higher self. Everything takes on a new meaning. The old information sources are only pointers to a higher perspective.

I received notice in the mail of a certified letter from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). I was home but the mail person didn’t deliver it to me. Now I wait. I have opportunity here, an offering to view this letter in 3D or 5D. My 3D self wants to know NOW what’s in it; to be released from worry, stress and not knowing.

My 5D self says I have an opportunity to bless, cocoon it in Love, and create my reality it each moment. I can see it from a 5D perspective knowing it has no real impact on my 5D self. Then the fear flips in saying “yes, but omg what it can do to my 3D self!”  5D says “Really?” 3D wakes up and says “I guess not, unless I feed the fear…. But.. but.. but…”  5D offers opportunity to shift my energies and put weight behind my choice/ creation.

So I’ve decided to create the reality the IRS has discovered a mistake resulting in a refund to me!  I don’t know what’s in the letter. It feels better to envision that and helps me let go of my fear. In support, my logical left brain jumps in saying “You must be right; the IRS doesn’t send you notification of an audit by registered letter”. They might however send a refund as certified mail!   I choose that perception. Now it’s my focus. I embrace my new perspective.

Fear is only one option. It is so 3D. 3D wants to know how things turn out! 5D chooses a perspective and creates a different trajectory. Easy choice isn’t it. A bit of a walk to get there: soothe my fears, make choices known and felt and then embrace the 3D fear into wholeness from my 5D perspective.

All this metaphysical stuff is either useful in times of stress or worthless to me. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt it is useful, accurate and love based. Hence I choose to apply these knowings to soothe my fearful 3D self and embrace my higher version of my Self.
I spent time envisioning other scenarios. I kept choosing how I wanted to spend my energy; where I wanted to focus; what I wanted to feed: Fear or Love. I know whatever I feed increases. Over and over I chose.

To make it more interesting, the mail wasn’t delivered again; so I waited another day. Now I had two more choices. I could myself as being tortured, a victim consciousness, or I could see the universe was allowing me another day to get my vision straight! What a gift! More time to feed my new perspective.

Today the letter came! It was addressed to someone with the same name but a different social security number!!!  It wasn’t even for me!  

Exactly concurrent with receiving the IRS letter, I receive a phone call from a friend having a very 3D fear based experience. It was such a great outpicturing of what ‘could have been’ if I had decided to feed the Fear option. 

In explaining this to her she understood what she was creating with such an intent focus on the potential drama aspects. She began choosing from a higher perspective, embracing Love, envisioning a different experience.  She let go of her negative visioning and began seeing and feeling a new one. She let go of her fearful outcome and chose to feed her new perspective with love and light. 

Allow yourself another idea of possibility and you change your trajectory.

The outcome of her story is irrelevant; though we want to know ‘what happened’. As the reader, are you feeding the drama or the new perspective? It’s a choice. There is important internal work to do. You get to choose what is true in your reality. Shift your perspective and your world shifts. Then indeed you will ‘lighten up’!