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Monday, October 29, 2012

What About Death

Another friend’s memorial is past. He has been birthed into a different reality.  It is however a reality we have experienced over and over between lifetimes. It seems many are deciding now is a good time to leave the planet. We all seem to know some who have transitioned. They’ve done their jobs. It’s time to go. They’ve played their parts on Earth stage in this crucial time of dimensional shifting.

My friend didn’t believe in life after death. He thought he had one shot at it and then it was over. Nothingness. He wasn’t sure though, because it was all so unknown. So his wake-up on the other side took a little longer, a week instead of just 24 hours.  When we die, a cornucopia of options can occur. It’s all based on the individual’s beliefs. What you think you’ll experience for a short while. We are, after all, magnificent Creators.

My friend’s death started out in darkness. Then a sort of window in his consciousness opened up and he began to see around him. He tried to touch people and things around him; and when he couldn’t, he realized he was dead. Then guides came to him within one week. This was the most beneficial experience based on his expectations and his fear of the unknown. He was scared of the unknown and had a ‘lets wait and see’ attitude.

In general for all who die, they experience being non physical first. That’s quite a shift since we’re so attached to our bodies. For most, within 24 hours, guides meet them and they access their own higher wisdom and choose from the following options for their next best path. We have four main options, though there are a few others that might be chosen too. 
a) Go right back on the same ride, i.e. redo a very similar life;
b) Take a different ride; i.e. go be a student, go teach, go prepare to learn a higher wisdom. At this point, the person’s beingness is opened back up by guides and their own higher self and they will not be heard from for a long time. (I know you want to be contacted or use a medium, but the departed are often very busy and focused on the other side. Loved ones become like distant childhood friends we only occasionally think of.)
c) Create something new. Guides teach you how to do this with a team of assistants just for you. You embrace your Creator abilities in this experience. You might even create a new universe!
d) Have fun just being in your new state of non physicality. Explore. Play. Experience.

Less than 1% are stuck behind, lost like ghosts, etc. It takes them longer to move on and sometimes they need help to do so. It’s fairly easy, just point them to the light and tell them they have options and people waiting for them there.

Sometimes they can talk to a medium or a psychic, if they are in their upper stages of awareness and know they are not physical and are able to make themselves heard. Often we hear only part of their communication as in ‘starts with a J’ because the deceased can’t use sound vibration well enough to make whole words. Often it takes six months for them to be able to contact/communicate with those left behind. Even then, it is more likely in a dream with a phone call in it or a meeting of some kind. One to two years after such communication starts, it will end. They are off to other experiences.

Life after death isn’t really all that mysterious. We play a fear game with it but it’s much like going to sleep every night in that we have a variety of experiences, meet amazing beings, download knowledge, go to school or just work out our daily lives a bit. Much of our dream state we have not tried to remember or think we can’t. But we can. Just try.
Next month I’ll write about interpreting your dreams, easily.